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Multiple Settings Looking for some cars to add to my writing train! SUPER UPDATED

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Traveling Bratsche

Nerd Princess
Let's begin with some things about myself:
-20 years old
-located in German
-Fluent (ish) in German
-Confectioner's apprentice aka pretty busy
-Sometimes forgetful aka go ahead and poke me after a few days
not a few hours you impatient cabbages
-I am aware that I am sometimes long winded. It's just my style.

My Expectations:

-Simply let me know of your age range| 18+ or 18-. I don't need exact ages
-Understand that I am a busy foreigner
-Be respectful of my characters and ideas
-Be forward when there is something that makes you uncomfortable/you don't agree with (I will too)
-Provide me with thoughtful, detailed content that I can work with. No one liners please but I also do not expect a novel even if I write one myself.
-Don't be afraid to make suggestions, brainstorm with me or even thrown in surprises to our story. (Then I know I'm not the only one putting in effort)
-Have a grasp on the language (Obviously mistakes are okay. You're not a dictionary)
-Do not worry about "matching my length" if you feel you are providing quality work. I want you to be comfortable.

What I'm into:
Pairings: I've mostly just had experience with MxF but I'm open minded! Throw some ideas at me and I'll try it!
Genres: I really like a nice dramatic romance. But I we can do platonic adventures as well. Adventure/action, fantasy and more are also welcome!
Time Periods: I really really like medieval time periods; limited technology, cobble streets and such. I don't know why but I do.

What I'm not into:
-Horror | exceptions: Creepy is fine. Gore if it deals directly with plot
-Rape is not okay
-Romanticized abusive relationships are not okay
-Mental illness themes should be avoided. Most people (including myself) simply can't pull it off. | exceptions: very minor or deals directly with the plot.
-No fandoms
-Fade to black for sex

If you've read everything, tell me where you would go today if you could go anywhere in the world/universe! Today, I would go to mom's house.

Characters, Pairings and/or Ideas:

A Park Ranger finds something in the woods that makes them question all they've learned about nature.

A baby Ent has lost his family and is not on a treacherous journey across all of the lands in hopes of finding other of his kind.

A young siren had a love affair with a human which resulted in her pregnancy and being sent into banishment by her family. In order to protect the baby (Agatha), she went to a sea witch who trapped the child in a tattoo upon the mother's arm. The price? The moment the child leaves the tattoo and enters the sea, she will be sent for. The witch will claim her as payment. What happens when Agatha is grown and sets out to sea on her own?

Fairy circles exist, though most think they are just natural occurrences so strange and beautiful. Grandmas from time gone by have been telling their grandchildren that if you find one in the forest and step inside, you will hear the beautiful singing of the fairies. When a character is wandering around the woods for one reason or another and finds one of these circles, they think back to their grandmother and step inside. What they hear instead of the beautiful singing are the screams of thousands of tiny magical creatures for help! What is going on? How do they help? Maybe a power hungry wizard has rained terror upon the land of the fairies or there's some sort of revolution. Possibly a prophecy about the wingless fairy who has come to either save or destroy the fairy race? And of course, my favorite, some sort of romance??

A young girl was adopted into a beautiful family but somehow got mixed up with a dangerous society of assassins. For years she lived a secret life being trained personally by the leader of this deadly group. Finally the time came for her to be initiated. Her first target to let her in? Her adoptive family. Mom, dad and toddler brother. What happens when some years in the future she finds out he had survived? (I have a specific character for this. I'll send her sheet if you're intersted)

Artist/Musician x Muse (as in the magical creature)
Doctor x some supernatural being
Time Traveler x A person from past/future
Cupid x Human

I look forward to hearing from you! I'm open to suggestions. I'll get back to you ASAP!

Note: I delete comments for organizational purposes
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The Red One
Time Traveler x A person from past/future

This idea sounds great. I have a few ideas for this as well. For example, the time traveler being from a sci-fi style future, but when he travels through time, he ends up in a historical period of the past. Whether it's medieval ages, wild west, renaissance, the industrial age of anything else, there's lots of ideas I have for this type of setting, and it would involve interactions between not only the two mani characters, but also different elements of both time periods as well. So if you're interested, let me know!

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