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Fantasy Looking for Long Term Rp Partner

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~ what if I fall ~ what if I fly ~
A List of Things You Should Know

I'm more interested in improv/soft worldbuilding than nailing out every detail from the beginning. I also don't mind changing stuff if it hasn't been hardcore set in stone via rp. Whatever fits, ya know? If that bugs you, then this ain't for you.

I'm more interested in having multiple "main" characters for each of us to control, but if you want to stick with one "main" character per, I'm fine with that.

I'm not a social butterfly. If you expect to have constant OOC messages, you're looking at the wrong user. I will gladly go over lore and rp posts and send the occasional meme, but I can barely keep up via texts in real life so don't expect me to constantly ask how your day is going. I'm not your therapist either. You don't need to tell me squat about what's going on in your personal life and I prefer it that way. You took forever to post or respond? That's fine with me. I'm not gonna think bad of you. I'm not gonna demand an excuse. Just continue on whenever your comfortable or never show up again. I literally don't care.

I'm not doing romance. I'm not good at romance. I've tried. It gets cheesy really fast. If, somehow, this rp extends for a while and you're interested in exploring different avenues for the characters' relationship to develop, then sure. Or if you want to throw in an NPC love interest, go for it. I might do the same. But definitely not right out of the gate. And I don't do nsfw or any of that stuff. Period.

Personally, I don't curse. I might describe a character cursing, but that's all. I don't get mad at other people for cursing, though. So just do what you're comfortable with in regards to that.

I'd appreciate it if you let me know what level of gore (or if you'd prefer none) you're comfortable with. As well as horror. It has come to my attention that sometimes my descriptions get a bit more violent-y than I realize. If that's something that bugs you, please let me know. I'll be more careful.

I don't mind a few grammar mistakes, but if you're constantly doing run-ons and misspellings and there's barely a period in sight- we're gonna have a problem. And by problem, I mean you shouldn't try rping with me. Like I said, I don't mind a few, but I shouldn't have to decode your posts. I'm not a genius. (This doesn't apply to OOC stuff.)

The Actual Plot Discussion Part

Obviously the main theme is Fantasy, but here are a few spinoffs that I'm interested in exploring:


Could be a mix, could be just one. Maybe there's another you think would be cool.

Here's a few plotlines I've got swimming around in my head:

-The classic adventure in a high fantasy setting: unlikely companions must travel across land and maybe sea to find a kingdom that disappeared in order to get them to uphold their oath in giving aid to the adventurers' homeland. (See I threw in some Lord of the Rings and Dragon Age. Yeah I'd consider that original. It's called "not reinventing the wheel")

-steampunk assassins. No I don't have a plotline this just sounds cool.

-The local group of rowdy teenagers stepped into a fairy circle and got fairy napped. It's down to us to make our way through the Fae world and find out where they are. Their parents prefer we also bring them back alive and not cursed. (this is with the idea of Fae people being more monstrous than beneficial. Sure there's probably a few golden-hearted ones but they're rare)

If you think my stuff is garbage then I'd like to hear your bright ideas.


I don't have any set-in-stone characters, but here are some archetypes I generally enjoy doing:

-comedic relief
-mean on the outside, gooey on the inside
-socially inept

I don't mind branching out from this. I also prefer doing character creation at the same time as plot creation, but I figured I'd give an overview.

(I'm very tired right now and find sarcasm amusing. So sorry if I sounded mean. In my opinion, I'm very nice.)​

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