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Multiple Settings Looking for Active Partners! (Updated 3.16)


Diamond in the Rough
Some stuff about Me:

I'm a 22-year-old college student studying music education and clarinet performance!
I got into roleplay years and years ago when I was about 12-13 and it's been YEARS since I've been able to write anything. Felt the urge to get back into it so here we are!
I usually write about 2-4 paragraphs per post and add a lot of detail and dialogue in so I'd really appreciate it if you could do the same or more!
Usually, I'd be alright with some quick one-lining for fun, but I'm looking for some partners who love to write and improve my writing!
Romance usually makes its way into my writing, but I don't necessarily need it to have a good time.
PM me if anything piques your interest or if you have another idea you want to chat about!​

  • Anything with a heart is something I'm always willing to write and anything listed regularly is still fair game, but I might have to politely decline depending on the day.
    I'll also include the characters I write the most, but I'm always interested in writing new characters. I don't do a lot with OCs.
    If I don't put anything, I don't have any preferences!

    <3 Black Butler
    (Ciel, Alois, Elizabeth)
    (CielxAlois, CielxElizabeth, CielxSebastian)
    <3 Naruto (And Shippuden)
    (Temari, Konan, Sakura, Ino)
    (TemarixShikamaru, TemarixIno, KonanxPein, SakuraxIno, SakuraxSasuke)
    <3 Ouran High School Host Club
    (Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru)
    (No particular matches, but I just ask that if you want to write Hikaru and Kaoru, that it not be incest-y and that it actually just be brotherly love)
    Death Note
    (Misa, L, Light)
    (LightxMisa, LightxL)
    (Celty, Izaya, Shizuo)
    (CeltyxShinra, IzayaxShizuo)
    Soul Eater
    (Liz, Patty, Maka, Death the Kid, Medusa)
    (MedusaxStein, DeathxLiz, MakaxSoul)

    <3 Vampire Academy
    (Rose, Lissa)
    (RosexDimitri, RosexLissa, LissaxChristian)
    Harry Potter

    <3 Miraculous Ladybug
    (Chat/Adrien, Ladybug/Marinette)
    (MariChat, Adrinette, LadyChat, Ladrien)
    <3 Teen Titans
    (Raven, Starfire, Blackfire)
    (RavenxBeast Boy, RavenxRobin, RavenxStarfire)
    Anything Disney

    <3<3 Overwatch (get ready, kids)
    (Widowmaker/Amelie, Tracer, Moira, Mercy, Pharah, Ashe)
    (WidowxTracer, WidowxMoira, WidowxMercy, WidowxAshe, TracerxEmily, MoiraxMercy, MercyxPharah)

    Alice: Madness Returns

    <3 The Heathers
    The Addams Family

PM me if you've made it this far and something piques your interest! Or PM if you have another idea you want to talk about!
I can RP through a thread, PM, or discord. All good to me.
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