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Multiple Settings Looking for a partner for my wuxia character (m/m)

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Dark Horizon

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Hello guys! I am looking for a partner to do a wuxia type of RP with me. I have a character in mind already but if needed I can make a new one. Please be semi literate, OOC talk is important to me so please be willing to plan and plot with me. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Demon kings son

Mo De Xiu aka the dragons son. (some details can be subject to change depending on the plot and setting)
About: On the day of Xiu's birth the high priest of a righteous sect prophesied that the son of the demon king (meaning Xiu) would bring about a big change when he would meet his destined mate.
The leaders of the righteous sects immediately assumed the big change referred to in the prophecy would be a bad one without even considering the opposite and so set out to capture the young prince and seal him into a cave deep in the forbidden mountains where he would be hidden from the world and so couldn't meet his destined mate.

As year's passed and the young prince grew up to be a young man he awoke due to an unexpected visitor.

Possible pairings with:
- Head disciple of a righteous sect
- A sect leader/sect leaders son
- Dragon clan warrior tasked with finding and protecting the dragon prince
- Human crown prince
- Crown prince of the Immortal clan
- Etc...

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