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Multiple Settings Looking for a 1 on 1 roleplay partner!! [Always Open][Multi Fandom]

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epic gamer
Hi there, the name’s Jojo, and I’m just looking to broaden my roleplaying horizons by finding a partner or two!

A few things about my roleplaying style:

- I prefer literate paragraph, most cases multi paragraph replies, my length usually indicates how much I am enjoying the rp or how much I’m given to work with.
- I do expect an attempt at spelling, punctuation, and grammar, however I won’t blow up if you make a mistake, (I tend to missclick at times too)
- I am open to Canon x OC, and OC x OC, however, I will only play a canon character if doubling!!
- That being said, rps in no way have to be strictly romantic, I’m a sucker for complex relationships, and a definite sucker for found families, so we can just chuck a brunch of characters in a pot and see what cooks!
- I am happy to do multi character rps, it actually helps me build the world better.
- I expect some planning to be done beforehand, and if it need be some ooc planning whilst the rp is going on.
- I CAN BE FORGETFUL!! Please bump me (nicely) if I haven’t replied for a considerable amount of time, I will most likely tell you if i’ve lost interest, so a lack of reply might just mean it has slipped my mind.
- I’m totally into OOC chats, they are half the fun, I love making art of the characters, sending memes, all that jazz!!
- In regards time OCs, let’s revel in each others characters! I will love your character to death but I’d want you to show that same interest in my character! We’ve both worked hard on them, so let’s shower them both with love!

Alright! now all that waffle is over, these are my fandoms, (a * next to it means I have a character or plot in mind, and Bold is craving! A <X3 means i am unfortunately not looking for that fandom atm! But even so I’m willing to hear any ideas!!)

- Pokemon *
- Marvel * (MCU, Comics (mostly spiderman, and netflix shows)<X3
- TLOZ * (BOTW, Skyward Sword, Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time,)
- Doctor Who
- Fire emblem (Three houses, Awakening, Fates, Echoes and Binding Blade) *
- FMA(b)
- Soul Eater *
- Harry Potter*
- Star Wars<X3
- Hetalia*
- Gravity Falls*
- Mob Psycho 100
- Mystic Messenger*
- Miraculous Ladybug*<X3
- Merlin*
- Vocaloid
- Ni No Kuni
(There are definitely others, just hit me up and ask)

I also have Original plots as well, mainly being fantasy, but I have a few more WIPs, so if there is something you wanna do, just ask me, and we can build something together !! ^-^
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