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Realistic or Modern Long Time, No See {A Reunion RP} ((FULL))

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LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


nothing serious
Long Time, No See

It’s reunion time!
You received the invitation to your high school’s 10-year reunion not too long ago, but you looked at it and weren’t interested in going, for whatever reason. But a few days later another invitation arrived in your mail box. This one from one of your old high school friends, inviting you to a more private reunion. This one will be at a cabin by the lake only including your closest friends from high school that you have lost contact with. You definitely want to go to this one!

Okay so to clear up my idea a little…the plot will revolve around a tight knit group of high school friends (6-8 depending on interest) that didn’t exactly stay intact after graduation, being brought back together after 10 years. One of the friends in the group (my character) decides to rent a cabin during the summer for two weeks to try and reconnect the group. Every character will have a own reason to attend, whether they are unhappy in their current lives or there is someone that they really regret losing contact with, maybe they feel bad for losing contact with all their friends, or could be something else. There will be no roles and no gender specifications, but I would like some balance with the genders (not all men, not all women).

◎ All site rules apply!
◎ Acceptance
: This NOT first come first serve. When the character sheet goes up everyone can post a character until the deadline. After the deadline I will accept the best characters
◎ Literacy: Literacy is important to me! Grammar, vocabulary and spelling are necessary to be a part of this rp. I am not going to put a paragraph minimum on posts, sometimes writers block happens, and the roleplay needs to move forward, but I am looking for people who can easily post at least 2 paragraphs regularly. No one liners!
◎ Respect: Please be respectful and polite in all OOC conversations.
Planning: All planning and OOC conversations will be done on Discord. Once you know who your partner is, please begin working together to detail the backstory for your character's relationship.
◎ Posting: Please be able to post at least 2 times a week. I understand that life is hectic for some people right now with the health pandemic of the coronavirus, but please let me know if at any time you are unable to keep up with the post minimum and we will discuss how to work it out. If you are not keeping up with the expectation and have not reached out to me, you will get a warning that you are not active enough, and if that goes unfixed your character will be removed.
/coded by allure/

This is a reboot of one of my original ideas that never really got enough interest. I really hope that it can get up and going this time to see how it plays out.

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Smol Kawaii Bean Bunz Pokemon (。◕ω◕。) (^ω^)
super interested! hope you wouldn't mind having me. I'm finally back after a break due to some hectic life complications, and with the isolation command I have all the time in the world to rp!


nothing serious
We have 6 characters made and accepted into the rp!! There are still 2 spots open for anyone that is still interested in joining (we need more males, but female characters are welcome also). The official start will be Friday, so if you want to get in on the planning before we start, time is of the essence! If you want to join and we have already started that is fine as well.

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