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Hi I'm Salty (ze/hir)! I'm living out my best life and writing in my free time! I'm a literate / novella style RPer (10yrs+ exp.) and I prefer to write/receive at least 500 words, I am happier in the 1000+ word range, but quality over quantity! I value three dimensional, believable characters above all else - I want to fall in love with your OCs. Playing more than one character at a time is a must. A diverse cast is essential (gender, sexuality, cultural upbringings, religions/faiths etc). I bore quickly playing only one character (or with only one type of OC). Usually I write one character per scene/post. I love weaving intricate stories with a clear trajectory. Sub plots which merge into larger concepts are lovely - as well as planning on the fly. I'm not much of a point A to point B Rper. I love the twists and turns. Throw me your best curve ball, seriously!

It's a must for us to share in plotting together! I don't want to be the only person driving the story, nor do I want my partners to feel as if they're leading! Plots can be made on the go but I want to share labor, please! Not everything has to be predetermined, surprises are what makes RPs fun. However, I greatly appreciate planning OOC. Some OOC is a must as I love to get to know my partners outside of RP. I find I struggle to write with folks who I do not share a social relationship with. If we don't jive as people I find it unlikely we will write well together. But, first and foremost I want to craft a story which is fulfilling and fun for the both of us.



  • Must be 21+ (Sorry, I'm not comfortable RPing with anyone younger, OLDER IS BETTER).​
  • Expect to be RPing LONG term. I love to have longstanding RPs with potential for character development. Many of my RPs have lasted a year or more.​
  • Doubling, tripling, etc. I really can't stand 1x1's. I want a whole world of OCs ♡​
  • Must be open to playing / interacting with Queer OCs. If you have an issue with this, hard pass.​
  • I'm not interested in hetero-normative or binary stereotypes in RP. (Unless its relevant to an OCs development).​
  • Must be okay with topics which touch upon Societal Deconstruction, Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality and Trauma (not a focus), Etc. - I want to discuss potential triggers BEFORE we RP.​
  • I will not tolerate bigotry, and scenes which require nuance will be treated so.​
  • Consistency with posts - once a day, twice a week, once a week etc. (Min x1/week). I CANNOT jive with RPs that are less then once a week. I can commit to posting at least 2-3 times a week, likely daily.​
If you want to take a break or are done with the RP please just tell me. I would rather you communicate over ghosting. It really bothers me when folks don't communicate, so please do!
That being said - real life happens! If you need to take a break / pause and want to come back to the RP later just let me know- I'm understanding!


I'm interested in topics of : ORIGINAL OCS, Queer Romance, Music Careers, Bar / Club Scenes, Fist Fights, Gender, Identity, Mafia/Gangs, Organized Crime, Addiction, Contrasting Grit and Softness, Platonic Relations, Coming to terms /w self etc., Growth, and Interpersonal relationships.

I am NOT interested in : School / Academic Settings, Cishet pairings. Fandom RP or Suicidal / Depression* based RP.
*Characters HAVING those thoughts and feelings is okay. I just don't want it to be the focus of an RP.


Plots / Concepts of Interest:

(That doesn't mean I will ONLY do these. These are just some vague topics of interest. Have an idea? Pitch!)​

(My OC (V) is a hacker / smarty smart who is happy to do someone's bidding in exchange for protection, housing, safety etc. I also think there is a lot of possibility in forming alliances with other gang members / folks on the street. This has a chance for romance or not as well) I have a gang boss I am happy to play (he's nasty and a great time to write). So I'm open to however you want to interact with him and V. Being in the gang, being on an opposing side. Hunting V down, tricking him into a friendship. I'm open to talking!
(My OC's (Lance and V) are BOTH band members, one is a bassist the other a vocalist. There is a lot of possibilities for plots with this. Rising to fame, getting lost in fame, drug use / party life, perpetual drama within the band / with one another, romance etc. Road trip??? Interested in having them interact with other gang members / fans or managers. I'm just a sucker for rock and roll, what can I say? Would love to write / play with relationships with other band members / possibly fans! Would love to add a 'dark spin' on this RP - as just writing a music isn't quite enough to keep my interest.
(My OC (V) is sometimes smart while fighting for his survival sometimes not. But what he is always lacking is companionship and a sense of belonging. It could be interesting for he and another OC to find themselves and explore the world and themselves together. There is a lot of possibility for platonic / romantic stuff. Likely will loop this into a mafia style RP - V just can't escape from his bad attachements.
An emotionally constipated, emotionless (not really) bassist begins their discovery of self. From grappling with their origins to dissecting what it means to be a man, a woman, and everything between and outside of those terms. Thick skinned and tough this up and coming artist (and hair stylist) surely doesn't need a friend at their side. Nope, nope! Would love a slow burn romance looped into this idea of discovering self - bonus points if your character is figuring themselves out too. *Please be nuanced in your understanding of sexuality / gender. Lance is a gem, but they never get quite enough attention. I'm itching to do an RP focused with them as a main. They're my fave!
I have an OC (Lance) who is a raging addict and like many other people struggling they turn to whatever vice they can find to feel better. Whether that is smoking a joint, using in a bathroom stall or picking up a lover at the club they have no shortage of vices. I'd love to do an RP to pull them out of their shell and to show them that they are worth loving, just as they are. Despite their crappy attitude they'll do the same for your OC too. They are a person with a rough and tough attitude but they have heart made of gold. I COULD go romantic with this RP but would honestly prefer something platonic (they can still cuddle / kiss just maybe not a formal relationship). They can be persuaded into romance but a special type of person is needed to catch their eye. T4T vibes. Would love to match them up with another Queer OC.

Honestly just want to RP something that feels like this video - Most likely with V. The RP will probably have some sort of relation to houselessness / being in a gang and possibly in a band too? Ride or dies - enemies to lovers etc. I want our OCs to grow together / be inseparable - toppling insurmountable tasks together. Would love a caring, soft little relationship in the middle of a tumultuous situation.
I've got an absolutely lovely 'modern day cowboy' OC I'd love to RP. Their name is Amani and they are the sweetest bundle of joy. They're got their own idea of what justice looks like and they aren't afraid to clean up the world as they see fit. For the right sum of money their services can be bought, bonus points if you want them to hunt down some rich asshole! Would be a little bit of a 'road trippy' RP. I think it would be really, really fun if this RP was Target x Bounty Hunter . Or Heck, even bounty hunter x bounty hunter - as Amani has a hefty price on their head for all the lucrative people they've taken out. At the ripe age of twenty six they've made quite the name for themselves. But, that doesn't stop them from smelling the flowers now and again. :)
Think Cowboy Bebop vibes, kinda post apocalyptic - Earth is probably dead / dying. I've got an absolutely lovely 'modern day cowboy' OC I'd love to RP. Their name is Amani and they are the sweetest bundle of joy. They're got their own idea of what justice looks like and they aren't afraid to clean up the world as they see fit. For the right sum of money their services can be bought, bonus points if you want them to hunt down some rich asshole! Would be a little bit of a 'road trippy' RP. I think it would be really, really fun if this RP was Target x Bounty Hunter . Or Heck, even bounty hunter x bounty hunter - as Amani has a hefty price on their head for all the lucrative people they've taken out. At the ripe age of twenty six they've made quite the name for themselves. But, that doesn't stop them from smelling the flowers now and again. :)

Info Here

I have two main muses I am looking to RP at this time, either separate or together! They are two troublesome punks who have their own band (yes you can be a member!) and are climbing their way towards success. They both have an eye for trouble and seem to find their fair share of it. Between gigs, getting into fights and dope it seems that they just can't find any peace.

V - Is an upcoming vocalist in his band. He is a self described tough boy (he's not) with a soft heart (don't tell him I told you). He spends time making music, drawing, and selling drugs all while hacking for hire. If you can offer him security and protection he'll do anything for you~

Lance - My favorite OC with a never-ending craving for intimacy. Emotionally distant but highly intelligent this enigmatic fool is sure to keep everyone guessing. They're a grade A asshole but they'll throw hands for those they care about. <3

Amani - Wonderful ray of golden sunshine! Self appointed cowboy and server of justice. Sure to wow those they meet, but equally likely to piss them off. Forever craving closeness, but always on the move. At least they leave a lasting impression!

I think its worth saying here - Lance and V are TYPICALLY partners. If you are looking for romance I /am/ willing to split them but there would have to be NATURAL chemistry between our OCS. Also expect some level of drama should Lance and V be in an RP at the same time as both of these OCs tend to have a hard time letting one another go when they're in other relationships. I DO like to do romance RPs with these OCs, the romance just needs to fit. I don't like cramming my OCs into situations / relationships that I don't feel are true to their characters. I DO have other OCs too - so don't shy away from RPing with me based on Lance and V being a couple in some cases.

CM-Big-Pixel-cube-V.gifLance Cube Large.gif

Sorry for the really vague descriptions, these kids are hard to summarize in a few lines. They're a lot.

Things I am weak for :
  • Pining for other OCS. Yes. Please.
  • NATURAL ROMANCE. I do not like forced romance, but when our characters have a genuine spark its so special
  • Relationship drama (love triangles / loose relationships / boundaries)
  • Affirmation, tenderness, softness and care. Bonus points if your character tries to pretend they aren't gay
  • Being completely and utterly in love (platonically or romantically) and not wanting to admit it
  • Characters coming to terms with themselves and their pasts / past selves (Gender Identity, Sexuality, Trauma, Abuse etc.)
  • Growing up together - I want to see our OCs grow and change with one another (For better or for worse)
  • Overcoming obstacles / bad qualities - I want our OCs to teach one another and to help them IMPROVE
  • Characters building trust with one another - A progression of OCs getting to know each other
  • Old stories / secrets / histories that come into the open in the RP (I want to KNOW your characters!!)
  • SOFT TOUCHES. Holding hands, stroking hair, cuddling, gentle kisses etc.
  • VALIDATION - Please. I want my characters to love on yours and support them and vice versa (assuming this is applicable to the RP)
  • Basically, I love it when everything is absolute chaos but there are these moments when time stops and characters can just /be/ with one another. I like 'dark' topics with touches of softness that remind us of humanity. <3
  • 65% Angst, 35% Tender

Pairings / Tropes:

Demon x Mortal
Vampire x Mortal
Werewolf x Mortal
Vampire x Werewolf
☆Vampire x Supernatural Hunter
☆Werewolf x Supernatural Hunter
☆Mortal x Ghost
☆Drug Dealer x Drug User
Drug Dealer x Sober
Drug user x Drug user
☆Open x Closeted
☆☆High-rank gang member x Bounty hunter
Experiment x Scientist
Experiment x Experiment
Artist x Muse
☆Model x Photographer


If you are interested in RPing with my OCs you can totally shoot me a PM or drop a comment! :D

Lance wasn't used to getting up at seven am, but the buzzing of their phone across the nightstand was enough to rouse them from their half asleep state. Typically the bassist slept like the dead and hardly anything could wake them, but the night before they had hardly slept. It was hard not to be nervous, who knew what today had in store. This would be the first time they and V had the opportunity to talk with a record company about being branded. Branding. That was something neither of them had ever thought they would seek out, but the longer the pair had made the music the more they found it was essential to get representation. The Rockstar life wasn't all it was cracked up to be and at the end of the day they didn't have the cash power to keep going as they had been.

Sighing loudly the bassist turned onto their side to face the smaller man at their side. His skin was pale against the dark covers, there were dark lines under his eyes making him look years older then he was. Offering the other a sad smile they raised a hand to run their digits along the long hair that hung over the other's ear. V's hair was clipped short on both sides and he wore a lazy mohawk of sorts but when they were in the morning hours like this his hair was just a mess. It had only taken a few minutes for Lance to half straighten their partners hair as he slept. Getting to their feet they opted to let the other get some extra sleep, it looked like he had slept about as well as they had. Normally V got very little sleep as it was, so when something big was coming up every minute of sleep mattered to the singer, and more so his partner. They'd let him sleep as long as possible.

The rest of the morning ritual was completed in relative silence. Lance had taken a shower, brushed their hair and done their makeup in just under an hour. Today they wore black dress slacks and shiny leather boots. Unlike usual their stomach wasn't showing, they wore a dark burgundy button up shirt with the top most button left undone. It was an atypical look for them but today wasn't the day to play around with their gender expression, they didn't know what kind of person they would be meeting and if being a little uncomfortable meant they'd get signed then they'd put up with the stiff clothing. Despite their lack of interest in masculine clothing they easily tied a tie around their neck, cinching it loosely around their throat before they were making their way back to the bedside. Over one arm hung a pair of black dress pants, a cobalt shirt and tie.

Bending downwards Lance pressed their lips to V's forehead, their free hand coming to run along his bare shoulder for a few moments until the other had stirred half awake. He complained and lamented about getting up but eventually he had sat up and propped his forehead against his partner's collar. His voice was still husky from disuse as he continued to whine about the hour and the way the light had spilt into the room through the half drawn blinds. "You'll be alright babe, you act like I'm trying to kill ya." Lance hummed jokingly as they ran they swept his hair off to one side once again. "C'mon, I let you sleep in, you can't make us late now." they urged him to get little response. V was stubborn as all get up and if you told him to go left he'd go right even if it meant certain peril.

The longer Lance attempted to wake V the more aware they became of the minutes ticking by. They had to be in the car in about fifteen minutes or they would be late, no doubt. Hell they'd already probably have to speed to get there in time. Lifting V's arm into the sleeve they tugged the shirt along his back as he slipped his arm into the other sleeve only being half helpful as broad fingers worked to button his shirt. A tie was effortlessly looped around his neck and carefully tightened. At least he looked dressed on top. Returning to their full height Lance dropped the pants and underwear onto the bed with a smirk. "I'm not gonna change your underwear for you today." they remarked with a playful sharpness as they went to the stand to grab their phone and keys.

V was still groggy as he stripped out of his old underwear and slipped into a pair of simple spandex boxers and then his pants. These sort of clothes weren't his thing either, but he couldn't deny that he looked damn good in them. It had taken the pair ages at the store the night before to find a shirt that was slim enough cut to fit his body and not make him look like a drowned rat, but they did it. Dragging his feet he trudged into the bathroom to find Lance standing with an open makeup palette. "C'mere." they demanded catching his chin in their fingers as he angled his head upwards and began to mask the darkness that hung heavy under his eyes. "You gotta start going to sleep at night, or at least trying, we aren't sixteen anymore." they said with a sigh setting the brush down as V propped his cheek against their shoulder. V was a useless heap against them this morning and it seemed like his mood was weighing him down today. He was going to have to get some pep in his step if they were gonna land a deal. "Here, here. Lemme get your hair in a tie or something, you look like a punk." they joked lightly pecking his cheek as they grabbed a band from the cup on the counter and tied his hair into a 'man bun' at the back of his scalp. "Handsomeeee." they purred looping their fingers around the tie to tug him closer. Their gaze lingered on half lidded icy blue eyes expectantly, eventually he planted a half hearted kiss on their lips before speaking. "Sorry, I just don't feel well this morning." he said flatly.

"You're all good." Lance said with a shrug. "Lets get a move on, I'll pick us both up a latte or something. That'll make you feel better." they said wrapping an arm around his waist as they guided him through the doorway and shortly after out of the house. They knew a latte wouldn't make him feel better, but it couldn't hurt. Once V got to see the other bandmates he'd perk up like he always did. He had just been a rut as of late and it seemed no matter how hard they worked they just kept hitting dead ends, to say he was feeling discouraged was an understatement.

The drive had been uneventful, but the espresso did help the pair. By the time they arrived at the office building V's fingers were shaking as he ran his fingers up and down the length of buttons at his stomach. There was a pit of anxiety in his stomach now and he certainly wasn't feeling tired anymore. Raking a hand along the side of his head his fingers stopped to play with the blue glass that was nestled into his earlobe. "Here we go huh?" he asked his voice wavering as he moved to interlock his fingers into Lance's. "I guess so." they responded with more certainty. Passing through the sliding glass doors the pair ogled at the much too expensive space. This sort of lavishness was nothing either of them had ever known and it led to both of them cramming their hands into their pockets, neither of them could afford to break anything.

Lance was the first to approach the receptionist at the desk to let her know that they had arrived for a meeting. She seemed disinterested in their attendance but fulfilled her duty notifying the agent on duty as to their arrival. She instructed the two to take a seat in the waiting area while they waited for the rest of the group as well as for their potential manager to arrive. V and Lance moved silently, seating themselves out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the busy office. It was painfully obvious how out of place they looked from the looks they had been getting. Nice clothes could only cover up so much 'weirdness'. Both of them still had streaks of color in their hair and several piercings that set them apart from the 'norm'. V looked uneasy, his fingers were looped tightly together, his thumbs endlessly circling one another underneath his palms. A large hand came to rest along his back, out of sight from others as Lance ran their thumb along his spine attempting to soothe him. "...ugh... where are they???" Lance muttered softly under their breath to no one in particular but V shrugged, he was worried too. They were one band member short but if it was just the two of them they'd figure it out one way or another.

The sample above is more of a placeholder then a good example (it's dated). I always write fresh intros for every RP! <3

They are commissioned and or I made them. Thank you!

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