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Of course.

Can you just clarify to me Maggie's positioning? You were quite specific I guess but I still find myself unsure if she is playing the vanguard or rearguard.

Asher and Battojutsu are going ahead to make sure the way is clear. Auri will be in the middle with Dina, Laurolf closely behind them accompanied by Violet's adjutant (whom she instructed to protect Dina at all costs). That leaves Meric and A'kal to cover the rear. Violet is lagging behind just to make sure everyone is moving, but she will likely relocate any second. Keep in mind that currently the only danger is from behind, with the enemy at about 150ft and closing. They are in ranged weapons range.

Where does Maggie fit in?

She waved Auri to go before her, remaining safely ahead of Violet and the line of rearguard defenders ("ahead" if one was running away from the oncoming soldiers, that is) but not wanting to go too far in case she was needed.
Of course, of course. Though it's not really meant to be "Maggie's move" simply because Violet happened to say that just then. She's merely referencing what Maggie and her were talking about earlier. It's anyone's move.

Though yes, I suppose it does feel like Maggie's the one supposed to react first.

In truth, we're at the end of the chapter. Another two posts per player, I think, and that'll be that. At this point there's nothing that can be done to really affect the outcome, but that's only because we've been building towards this outcome for a while now *woof*

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