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Fandom Let's get Cooking! (a dungeon meshi/delicious in dungeon search thread, lgbtq+ friendly)


mental health hiatus. Be back soon!
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Howdy Howdy All!

I'm Ellie! I'm 26, use they/them pronouns and have been roleplaying for 16+ years! I'm very disabled and sometimes go a month without replying due to my health(not often, its usually like a week and i do my best to communicate when that happens!), but lately i've been getting replies out every day, and sometimes every other day. I'm down to chat outside of the roleplay/OOC chat though! Don't be afraid to ask for my discord! I'm hella active for OOC chat and love to make friends with who i'm rping with! I make playlists, talk about headcanons, all that fun stuff!^^

💗No minors, 20+ only.
I don't talk to minors, sorry. I'm 26, and think its weird to talk to and roleplay with someone possibly a decade younger than me.

🌷Be ok with LGBTQ+ and disability topics and characters. Obviously its part of the site's rules to not be a bigot, but all of my characters are LGBTQ+ and a majority of them are disabled in some way.

💗No godmodding. I'm fine with mary sues as long as our characters share the spotlight, but if they are going to be skilled, they gotta be balanced out.

🌷Tell me your triggers and no-goes. If a topic triggers you or upsets you, please let me know. My triggers are SA, homophobia/transphobia, and Domestic abuse. I'm fine with and enjoy writing most dark topics though.

💗Please plot with me! Nothing kills a roleplay faster than a one-sided plot. I want to be able to plot with you and talk about our headcanons and silly things like that!

🌷Mostly Ghost friendly! I get that roleplays die off or interest is lost. All i ask is that if we have been roleplaying for months that you tell me you aren't interested anymore. Generally speaking, If we're friends outside of the roleplay, i'll be fine just dropping the roleplay and keep being friends^^ If I haven't replied in a while, please reach out! I try not to ghost, I just also have ADHD and physical disabilities that get in the way sometimes.

💗Grammar. As long as I can read and understand it, I'm not too worried about grammar.

no one liners. Give me something to go off of, please. More than a paragraph (unless its a really beefy paragraph?) . I write 300-800+ words per side consistently and would love have someone who also writes longer replies.

I think thats all! I roleplay 3rd person point of view, past tense, or present tense, and paragraph style. I totally double friendly!

I don't have a specific plot in mind for this, but i have a few plot bunnies that might work 😁 got a cool idea? Tell me! I'd love to hear it and work on expanding it with you!


I'm caught up to the current episode on the anime, I have not read the Manga!

Looking for: Namari
Who I Can play: Laios, Chilchuck, Senshi, Marcille(in a poly situation where she dates two separate people, since she is absolutely in love with Falin lmao)

Anyway, Hope you all have a great day or night, and hope to hear from yall!
Hi! Are you still searching for Namari? :D Id be down for a double up with Laios for my oc! Id also be down to be friends on discord!

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