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  • the day when you reach 1,000 replies in a 1x1 rp thats lasted for only three months is the day when you recognize your obsession with shipping ocs and torturing their mental health at the same time
    Catch me spending two hours studying architectural styles in-depth just for a single throwaway line in a story that sounds slightly cool,,
    The amount of literary references and useless (but interesting) information I use in my RP replies is, frankly, appalling
    (Catch me referencing Paradise Lost in a self-indulgent Maximum Ride quotev fanfiction lmao)
    Paradise Lost is the Shadow the Hedgehog of Christian Literature
    "The true default emotion of an author is wishing that their story existed for them to read instead of having to write it themselves." - Luciel Stardust (Me)

    I'll know I've succeeded when I can read poorly-written fanfiction about my OCs romancing the "Y/N" reader-insert.
    This is ... My fantasy (LOL)
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