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Fantasy ♞Legends of Leohain♞ (Medieval High Fantasy - Info page - CLOSED)



Sleepin' on the blacktop


The sounds of hurried footsteps echoed through the high kings tower, dawn had only just broken and King Kester had already called upon his advisors. The king was known to have a short temper, and he did not like to be left waiting.
Kester stood in front of a large fireplace, his gaunt face cast in shadow. Heavy furs and expensive fabric hung from his sickly frame. He raised a hand and motioned to the chairs. “Sit, we have things we need to discuss.” His voice was deep and smooth, almost pleasant to listen to.
His advisors exchanged concerned glances, but obeyed and took their seats and the weathered oak table. “What is this about? Why have you called us this early?” Lady Thelind asked, an edge of annoyance in her voice. She did not appreciate being woken so early.
“In time, Thelind.” The king waved a dismissive hand as he sat down in his ornate high-backed chair.
“I am sure you’re all familiar with my wife, and her unfortunate death.”
The advisors nodded, of course they were. The whole continent knew at this point. The queen’s funeral was quite the affair.
“She died of illness, a wasting disease contracted when she visited the Veridipalus. You need to let this go-” Thelind flinched as Kester jumped to his feet, slamming his hands on the table.
“It was not a disease!’ He shouted, teeth bared. He took a breath and slumped back into his chair. “It could not have been a disease. It was a curse.”
“And what makes you think that?...”
“Nobody has ever seen a disease like that in humans. Not here.”
“The mangrove swamps are home to innumerable diseases, things only the Veridians have seen.”
“And the Veridians still couldn’t help us!”
Thelind sat back, searching Kester’s face for any sign of the man that had once been there. But there was none, in front of her now was an old man, consumed with grief for what he had lost. She didn’t think less of him for grieving, how could she? But he was not a fit king anymore, not by any means.
“...So. What is your decision?”
There was a pause, it lasted only for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity.
“Every mage on this continent will be dead or exiled by the next frostgrip. We will ensure this never happens again,”
The silence in the room was heavy, another advisor spoke now, Spymaster Zoja.
“The other kings will never agree to this, it violates laws put in place to protect mages!”
Thelind nodded in agreement, “They will take it as a declaration of war.”
“Then so be it, we will go to war.”
The other advisor, who had been mostly silent before then spoke up, he was a young lion catfolk, with a sparse mane and a heavy build.
“What of your own battlemages? How will you tell them?”
“They will be the first to go. I will make examples of them… You will make examples of them, general Shatter Roar.”
The catfolk gave a low, rumbling growl.


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About Leohain
The continent of Leohain is separated into three countries; Anan, Thoigard, and Saphia. It is a world of magic, danger, and adventure. There is rarely a dull moment in Leoahin

To the south lies the kingdom of Saphia, the smallest of the kingdoms, known for keeping secrets and producing strange technology. They once had an incredible library, and the best mage college on the continent.There are a few towns dispersed around the kingdom, but the most populated is the central city of Tamora, the kingdom is ruled by King Lesios Lamon and Queen Leto.
Despite its small size, Saphia has one of the most technologically advanced and most powerful armies on the continent.
The largest of the three, and also home to the crown city of Khipia. It is a land of lush jungles, savannahs, swamps, and marshes. Khipia sits along its coast, and is the largest and most populated city in Leohain. It is a major center of trade and home to one of the most prestigious academies on the continent. The country itself also holds the Veridipalus, a city built in the mangrove swamps in the southernmost region of Anan
Thoigard is the westernmost kingdom, the kingdom is home to acres and acres of rolling grassland and ironwood forests. Their main exports include horses, wheat, and lumber. The most prized of those being their horses. Sturdy steeds who are said to be able to canter for miles without rest. Horses from Thoigard are highly prized and are the mounts of choice for many kings and great knights. The most common races to find here are fauns, centaurs, and humans. Though any race can live here. the capital is Alban, home to Queen Calida Echethier.
Wild and treacherous, the outlands are home to an array of beasts, from direwolf to dragon. It is also home to some beastfolk and humans who were pushed north when the new kingdoms were established. The people are generally not welcoming of outsiders, though few people bother trying to visit anyway. The land is unforgiving and difficult to traverse, there are no maps of the outlands, and unless you have a guide or you've lived there your whole life you will surely die.

Leohain is a diverse continent, with many different races and cultures all intermingling.

Humans, just generic ol humans. You know em, you might love em.

Elves are a common race in Leohain, and are found in most every area including the outland. They are known for being very beautiful, graceful, and intelligent people who live lives far longer than most races. It is said they were some the first men to walk the earth, and are blessed by the Gods. They have the same range of appearance as humans, and are often naturally skilled with magic.

Minotaurs are large humanoid monsters who are part man part bull, they tend to be broad shouldered and bulky with a barrel chest. They can have the appearance of any breed of cow you’d like, they are not an extremely common race in Leohain and often live in the outlands.

Zon created minotaurs to guard his halls and fight his battles while he still roamed the overworld, they were mindless creatures, bound to Zon by magic. That is, until one Minotaur fell in love with an elven man named Voth, his love for him was so deep that it broke the spell that Zon had set upon him. He would go to see Voth in secret, forgetting that Gods were all seeing beings. Angered at his creation's betrayal, Zon sent an auroch to kill Voth. Wrought with grief at the murder of his lover the minotaur sought help from Diolix, who was angered by Zon’s actions, sent his own warriors to attack Zon and send him back to the underworld. With Zon gone, the minotaurs were freed from him. Most went about trying to make lives for themselves, others returned to the underworld.

Catfolk are an ancient and secretive race. It is said the first catfolk were gods themselves, though minor, who were cast down from godhood for crimes that have since been forgotten.
Catfolk are feline in appearance, and can range from four to eight feet tall. They can look like any sort of cat imaginable, great or small. The largest being lion and tigerfolk and the smallest being "domestic" catfolk.


Often called the children of Aphy, centaurs are hardworking and strong folks. There are two different subtypes of centaur, mid-weight warmbloods, and heavy, coldblood drafts. Though their name has nothing to do with the temperature of their blood.
Family is very important to centaurs, and they often hold large gatherings. Everyone watches each other’s back, nobody is ever left behind.


Scalefolk are a reptilian race commonly found in the warmest regions of Anan and Saphia, much like Catfolk they have a wide range of appearances, and can stand from four to eight feet tall depending on type. They are often found living together in villages or nomadic tribes, it is said they are the last race to hold the knowledge of "biomancy". Though it is a very closely guarded secret.


Said to be the children of Zon himself tieflings have a “demonic” appearance, though that appearance can vary widely. Some have hooves rather than feet, or snouts instead of noses. They can be any color, from normal skintones to hot pink.
All tieflings are naturally resistant to fire resistant and have an affinity for fire based magic.

The fae
The fae are the elemental spirits created by the Gods, they are naiads, Nereids, dryads, sylphs,and fauns. They can harness elemental magic and often make excellent musicians, healers, and battlemages. They have much longer lifespans than humans, but are not immortal.

Dryads are tree spirits who preside over forests and fields. They are tall, graceful humanoid creatures similar to elves, they have a strong connection with nature and make good healers and alchemists. Dryads are not known to mingle with other races much, most of them see them as lesser beings. But that isn’t the rule, some dryads are perfectly happy to live among other races and offer their wisdom to them

Naiads are water spirits who preside over wells, fountains, rivers and streams. Basically any body of freshwater. Their cousins, the Nereids reside in the ocean and other bodies of saltwater.
Fauns are half human, half goat, or half human half deer. They are found all over the continent living alongside all races. Sociable and friendly they are known to be excellent rangers, guardians, and artists. They do well in any class.
Fauns like to feel needed and fill the roles of guardian and soldier very well, the first fauns were created by Imphia as a gift to Hys. She blessed them with grace and cunning to move through the forest and join Hys on his hunts, and the wit to entertain him in their downtime. They were his dearest friends, and so he sent them down into the mortal realm so that they could multiply and live their lives as they wished.

Sylphids are air spirits, winged fae that rule the sky. They do not have many special abilities aside from flight, though they may be skilled in magic. They value freedom, loyalty, and justice above all else and make loyal and valuable warriors. When the world was young Sylphids were guardians of knowledge, serving directly in the courts of the Gods as scribes and storytellers.

The Gods

There are two main pantheons in Leohain, the Old Gods and the new, The old Gods are not as widely worshipped as the new but they are not entirely dead, they are still commonly worshipped in the outlands. The new Gods are more well known and were brought over when the continent was settled. Most people worship some sort of deity, but you don’t have to.

Gaea is the Earth Mother—the sustainer of all that lives, incarnation of wisdom and nature. Gaea is commonly depicted as a handsome woman of middle age, with an inviting smile and a gentle, forgiving demeanor. Prayers to Gaea typically revolve around protection and security—blessings for plentiful rain, a good harvest, health and prosperity.
Gaea is the most noble of the gods; she is loving and sympathetic and honestly cares about the needs of mortals.(written by Dovahbeat)

Cronus, the God of Time, fate, harvest, Justice and Evil, Cronus is sometimes depicted as a tall, powerful man with a black or grey hair and beard, blessed with well proportioned features and dressed in simple robes. Alternatively, he is depicted as a skinny old man with wispy grey hair and beard and a wicked expression. Prayers to him bring about plentiful harvests..

Orius, the Old God of death, peace, and sleep. He said to ease the pain of mortals before he carries them to the afterlife. He is a mostly benevolent God who does not meddle in the affairs of mortals. He has no children, demigod or immortal. Prayers to him are usually only uttered in times of war, or over the dying.

Vith, the Goddess of magic and wisdom, It is said she still roams the Outlands where magic is strongest. She watches over young mages, and chooses who will be blessed with the gift of magic, prayers to her usually bring protection and good fortune. But get on her bad side and you might find yourself cursed.

Aphy, Old Goddess of the wind and mother of all horses, she is often depicted as a woman with a horse’s skull for a head. She is said to have given horses to the native tribes of Leohain, every year during the winter Solstice a celebration is held for her, in hopes she might bring good luck to the clans.

Ocus, Goddess of death, Ocus protects the dead from the curse of undeath and carries souls into the afterlife. She is known to be a benevolent goddess to most, unless you practice necromancy, prayers to her bring security in the afterlife, and assurance that you will be protected from necromantic practices.

Zon, God of punishment, Monsters and necromancy, Zon is thought to reside deep underground, where he creates undead and other monsters to unleash upon the overworld. He is also the father of Minotaurs and other beast races. If you dare to practice necromancy and are barred from Ocus’ halls you are cast to the underworld to serve Zon for eternity.


Imphia, goddess of light, storms, and wind, said to be one of the most beautiful goddesses, she is the mother of Pegasi, fae, and all other celestial and flying creatures. Her mortal children are known to be beautiful and swift, they are talented musicians and healers. Prayers to Imphia Are often said to bring mild weather and rain in times of drought.

Hys, the God of the wild, the God of the hunt, he is the patron of all hunters and rangers, he protects all those who wander lost through the forests, and punishes those who take more than what they need. His children are great hunters and rogues, though some receive the gift of magic.

Diolix, the God of balance, justice, and Wisdom, Diolix is the king of the Gods, he is often called upon during times of war for guidance and fortune in battle. He is one of the most popular Gods to worship and he has a shrine in most cities.

The Calendar
Leohain has four seasons, each lasting three moon cycles. During the first and third full moons there are usually festivals and games to welcome or say goodbye to the season, every festival is different depending on culture.


The first season, the ice begins to melt and the earth slowly begins to awaken once again. The season is welcomed by the Frostmelt festival, and closed by the Festival of rain.

The warmest of the seasons, dayreign is dedicated to planting crops, holding festivals and games, The beginning of the season is marked by the Day of the Phoenix, and closed with Bright Harvest

All of the trees begin to change color and lose their leaves during this season, the last of the crops are harvested and stored before the first frost. The beginning of Harvestwane is marked by a festival of colors, celebrating the beautiful trees, and closed by a day of giving, where food and gifts are exchanged.


Every year the world goes cold and dark, some attribute this season to Gaea dying, and being reborn during Icewane. The season is opened by a festival of lights, and closed with a celebration honoring Gaea’s return.

Magic is everywhere in Leohain and it is not fully understood even after years of study, though some races have a more innate talent with it. Almost anyone can learn to harness magic with enough practice, it’s so prolific that it has become an integral part of everyday life for some people. Though it does take a toll on the users physical energy.
What can magic do?
Magic can heal minor wounds, be used to lift heavy objects or move chunks of earth. Battlemages harness elemental magic to cast powerful and deadly spells, scholars and artificers can use magic to translate texts written in long lost languages. Some wizards, however, have less than pure intentions and often turn to necromancy. Raising the dead and creating hellish creatures.
Magic is not without its limits of course, there’s always a catch to these things. Magic cannot; Heal fatal wounds, bring back the soul of a person, or be used to break the minds or free will of unwilling creatures.
There are a number of laws created to protect the practice of magic, and to protect others from those with malicious intent.
You may select two of the following magic skills

The first will be your primary skill, it's what you are best at, the second is your secondary skill, it is not nearly as powerful.
Elemental magic
Elemental magic is just how it sounds, the manipulation of water, earth, fire, and air. Most mages will be skilled in one of these, especially battlemages, but they also have more practical uses even as secondary magics. Earth can be used to churn the earth faster than a horse and plow, water can be drawn from trees and cacti for clean and safe drinking water, fire can cauterize wounds or warm a tea kettle. Magic is not always destructive.
Divination is the art of reading between the lines to uncover a persons fate, often with the assistance of Cards, tea leaves, or bones. Diviners can often help decode dreams as well, whether their own or someone elses, not every dream has a meaning but if it bothers somebody quite a bit they may seek the counsel of a diviner. They cannot see very far into the future, usually only up to a few months, and their answers may be vague.

Illusion is a subtle art, it can be used to warp someones perception of reality temporarily. Creating smells, sounds, and sensations that aren't there. These illusions are easily seen through, but roguish types may find them handy. Illusions cannot be sustained long, and if inspected or touched can be broken. As a primary ability illusion can be used to put a glamour on yourself or a willing friend, making them look completely different aside from their height and weight.

The practice of necromancy is a close guarded secret, and strictly forbidden except for research purposes. It is perhaps one of the least understood and most volatile forms of magic. Necromancy has the power to not only reanimate the dead, but to create new life from organic material. If a person is reanimated their soul can no longer pass onto the afterlife and is stuck in limbo for eternity.

Leohain’s technology mainly comes from Saphia, where large war machines and very basic guns (usually flintlock) are created and used in battle. Most large machines run off of a magical core, often a gem of some sort infused with magic, which must be recharged regularly. Weapons are regularly exported from Saphia and distributed among armies, but your average farmer probably won’t have one of these expensive weapons.

The Plot So Far

High King Kester has banned magic from Anan after losing his wife to an illness that he believes was caused by a curse, he intends to drag other kingdoms into this, forcing mages into exile or executing them.
Some kings and queens crumble under the pressure and give in, taking hundreds of innocent lives, others take a stand and offer refuge to mages and their families.
A catfolk named Shatter Roar, previously the kings highest ranking general, is gathering an army after escaping with fellow advisor Lady Thelind to a small stronghold in northern Thoigard called Umbra Keep.

But raising an army to fight against the high king himself is not an easy task and he cannot be everywhere at once, he needs a group of people who are brave enough to help him raise his army and dethrone the high king. Along the way, the group may uncover more sinister things brewing in the north...

Word has been sent by an anonymous informant in Anan that the high king is breeding and training mage hunting dogs, with help from a man named Cenred Dunstan and that he is likely going to be targeting the queen of Thoigard to demand her allegiance.

Important NPCs

Old Crow King by TheFearMaster.jpg
Art by TheFearMaster on deviantart
♞High King Kester♞
Kester was born and raised a noble, groomed to be the high king like his father before him. He did not win his title in any glorious battle, in fact he has not once seen a true battle. He was not always an angry, ill-tempered man, he was once a great and generous king. Holding feasts and ensuring that even the poorest of his subjects had their basic needs met. Many say it was because of his wife, the Queen Ilona. She was his light, the only woman he had ever loved. She had a heart of pure gold and a smile that could soften the hearts of even the coldest men. She was well loved in all of the kingdoms, and well loved by her husband.
The queen regularly visited the Veridipalus, she had a fascination with the people of the Mangroves and often spent time among the locals, as well as with the noble Hasting family. That was, until she developed a strange, wasting disease. It slowly ate away at her body and mind, the palace physicians tried everything they knew, even consulting Veridian healers. But no one had seen such a severe disease. The king spent many nights at her side, begging her to come back to him, but she was already gone. Before she even died she was gone, her mind lost to the dreadful wasting disease. She was little more than a lifeless shell.
Stricken with grief, the king did not sleep for days, locking himself away in his study and leaving the kingdom in the hands of his advisors. He blamed the disease on anything he could; himself, the Veridians, magic

Overcome with
madness the king made up his mind, magic had caused the death of his beloved, and now he seeks to eradicate it entirely.

Karolina Nakazato.jpg
Art by Karolina Nakazato
Lady Thelind, advisor, master musician

Lady Thelind was born in western Saphia many, many seasons ago. She was raised, more specifically, on high moon bay. With its sparkling white sand and dark blue waters. She is a grandmotherly figure to many, and an advisor to the king. When she was young she spent many a day chasing fire lizards up and down the beaches, learning songs on her pan flute to draw them near to her, so she might touch their soft, leathery hide. it wasn't long before she caught the attention of her village's masterharper, a lorekeeper who kept up the old oral traditions through songs.
She took Thelind under her wing and taught her all of the stories old and new, and encouraged her to write more.
Thelind quickly took to any instrument put in her hands, and with practice her voice became mesmerizing. Soon she traveled from Saphia's glistening shores to Anan, where she continued the traditions of the masterharpers, her knowledge of the history of Leohain did not go unnoticed, and soon she rose to the rank of advisor.

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