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Knight Ascends {DC}






Crime rates in Gotham City are at an all time high, inspite of the resilience and comittment of the GCPD. Indeed, local civilians cannot refrain from questioning whom has true power, within this abysmal darkness. Murder has begun to lose shock factor, reduced to the severity of a playground punch. With the GCPD so overloaded, the perpetrators scarcely seem to get a smack on the wrist. Would it matter? Everybody knows that the true criminals are untouchable; they’re political puppeteers, pulling the strings of every significant individual, event, or misfortune.

Detective James Gordon, an aspiring newbie cop, has begun to try and cleanse corruption, both within and out of Gotham City Police Department. Little to his knowledge, organised crime runs much deeper than mob bosses and petty illegal dabbling...

Meanwhile, playboy billionaire philanthropist, and notorious orphan, Bruce Way struggles to come to terms, still, with the loss of his parents. He yearns for justice, thirsts for it. Behind a confidence facade, lies a broken heart and a mind that cannot — will not — rest until it has answers. Using all resources that he has to hand, Wayne begins to probe into the long ago murders of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

The orchestrators watch, not with concern but, with intrigue. The Court of Owls — an exclusive, secret group for the elite and ancient families of Gotham City — hire petty criminal Selina Kyle, to allure Mr. Wayne and keep a close eye upon him. As the mystery begins to unravel, and Bruce uncovers piece by piece of the most puzzling moment of his life, will Selina be swayed to help? Or, will she do what she does best, survive?

Can they all succeed? Doubt remains. Will James Gordon be a force to be reckoned with, a mighty wrath, against the clench fists of the Gotham Mobs? Or, will his quest for peace be diminished, like a small candle within the winds of eternal darkness? Who is Ra’s Al Ghul, and what does his League of Shadows have to do with the omniscient Court of Owls?

You decide.


League of Shadows
Member of Al Ghul family {taken}

Court of Owls
Member of Gotham elite family

Carmine Falcone
Sophia Falcone
Oswald Cobblepot
Fish Mooney
Don Maroni

Detective James Gordon
Detective Harvey Bullock {taken}
OC cops or detectives

(Please remember this is an origin story).
Pamela Isley / Ivy Pepper
Edward Nigma / Nygma
Jonathan Crane
Harvey Dent
Selina Kyle {taken by @Kassandra Rose}

Bruce Wayne {taken}
Acquire about other Canon or OC characters.​
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Elder Member
I swear I NEED to have a scene like from the Dark Knight Returns where he just straight up cripples some dude and is like "He's young, he'll walk again" Just calm af while the thug is screaming about how bad it hurts xDD

On another note, I think that Grayson wouldn’t be an unbelievable character to incorporate. He’d probably be starting out too. You’re better asking Zach, since they’re Wayne.
@Zachy1993 @Rusty of Shackleford

We’re actually diverting a little from Canon here. On the Discord server I admin, our Richard Grayson has their own unique story, separate from that of Bruce Wayne. He’s never been Robin, but is delving into Nightwing. So, I personally do not see why not. You’d have to find a way to nestle into the storyline though :)

Also, gold star for Rusty getting his reply up. Hehe.

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