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Fantasy Keepers of Reality

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Mother Earth had sunk into the grass, and now sat cross-legged, palms against the Earth as the delicate blades laced between her fingers. Her eyes were closed as she remained one with the Earth, lending her own power and strength as it weathered Time’s interference.

Mother Earth did not answer Luck at first, remaining still and unmoved as she felt across the plates. She waited, listened, and then opened her eyes and shook her head.

“All is well,” she assured. “For now. I do not know if the Earth will survive too much more of that.” She pushed herself to her feet and slipped back into her heels. She glanced over at Luck. “Are you alright? I am sure it is not easy to...manage Chaos.”

While everyone felt the exhaust of energy, and were left to catch their breath, Chaos felt energized. Her eyes were wide, her pupils dilated, sparking as she was lost to the overwhelming feeling of pure ecstasy. A shiver raced down her spine, and her hair was on-end. She felt like running, like forgetting the world around her and running, the wind in her hair, fresh air in her lungs. She would run and run until her lungs seized, and then she would run some more. Her pale skin would flush and the blood in her veins would pulse until she heard nothing but thudding in her ears. She needed to run. Somewhere, anywhere. Away.

Love’s shout penetrated the electrified haze that had come over Chaos. She blinked, shaking her head as her eyes drifted about the clearing, settling on one Keeper after another, realizing then the toll their efforts had had on everyone else. She drew in a breath, shut her eyes for a moment, and exhaled slowly.

Hera, just this once, you couldn’t run with it? Who cares about these freaks—you’ve done your part, it’s time we move on. It’s not like they wanted you here in the first place. Eris was back.

Chaos reopened her eyes, which had returned to their muddy plainness. She saw that Change was attending to Seraphina, and Death to Time. She looked down at her own hands, which had calmed and were no longer sparking with the excitement of her release. She dropped them back to her side and turned her attention to Love.

“Why should she not touch her?” Chaos questioned, eyes expressionless as she studied the younger Keeper. “Death would not knowingly harm a human, and yet you say he is wrong for asking this human’s assistance. There is something you have failed to disclose.”


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Luck grinned at Mother Earth. "Oh, darling, I thrive in situations like these--uncertain outcomes, high stakes, a balance that can be tipped either way with the tiniest of nudges!" She gestured grandly. Her smile began to fade, her arms slowly lowering to her sides. Sighing, she shuffled her stole about her shoulders. "Yes, I think we should not try it again, however, you are right. Best not tempt Fate."

Death nodded encouragingly to Seraphina as she said she would have to touch Time. "Hers is not based on touch, she won't harm you," he promised.

The promise turned to ashes in his mouth as the human grimaced in pain, and then collapsed. He reached for her, but jerked his hands back. "I'm sorry!" he gasped, horrified. "That should not have--I didn't mean--I didn't--"

Emryss was by his side in an instant, checking over the girl. "That should not have happened," Emryss agreed as if the Keepers had asked for her two cents. She laid her hand on Time's bare hand as to indicate her point.

Nothing changed for a moment, but then Time stirred. Blinking, she looked up into Death's face. Instantly, she sat up and looked wildly around. "Who's died?!"

Sitting up--and so quickly--had been a mistake. Groaning, she fell back against Death.

"No one's died," Emryss huffed.

"I thought Seraphina could stabilize your form," Death said miserably. "And now..."

Time groaned and shifted so she could withdraw an intricately designed watch from beneath her shirt by its chain around her neck. Opening it, she checked it. Then, she held it up for Death to see. "There, see? She's not dead. She still has Time."

"Ooo, do me," Emryss said with an impish grin. "How much Time do I have left?"

Time snapped the fob closed and tucked it back under her shirt before it could display Emryss' life clock. "Too much."

Time raised her eyes to Death, who still looked like he might confine himself to his bedroom and not emerge for the next few weeks. "She will recover." She slid her eyes to Love and did her best to look stern from her position collapsed against Death. "I echo Chaos on that. How are you acquainted with this human, and what do you know that we do not?"


Love watched in horror as Seraphina collapsed. “No, no, no. This cannot happen.” She mumbled to herself, biting at her lip. There was utter chaos in her head trying to find a solution when Chaos themselves interrupted her thoughts. She stood straight at the keepers question and blanked.

“Uh.. humans shouldn’t touch Keepers? They’re not strong enough to handle the power they emit” Love lied but was quickly proven wrong when Death explained that Times body couldn’t harm humans. Time asked her the same question and Love sighed. “Love doesn’t lie.” She groaned, her bubbly personality faded into seriousness and she slowly made her way over to Seraphina.

“I haven’t told many, but the majority of my powers were restricted years ago. As a result, I cannot be in contact with humans nor can I use my keep on them as much as I used to. That is because of her.” She said, sitting on the ground next to Seraphina. “Phina isn’t just some witch who wondered her way into the company of Keepers. She’s my daughter.” She sighed, confessing her biggest secret.

Love ran her hand through Seraphinas hair, holding a strand in her hand. “I didn’t want her touching you, not becuase it would harm her, but because a Keepers touch would awaken her deeper powers. In result, she would remember who I was and the memories I falsified so she could live a normal life. Sounds cliché but it was too risky to let her live a life as a forbidden child.” She said, a small smile crossed her lips but faded away, remembering the situation at hand.

The few flames that were left on Seraphinas body quickly died and her skin went cold. The strand that Love held in her hand turned a light pink and Seraphinas body glowed blue. Seraphinas bright green eyes shot open to find herself on the ground next to multiple Keepers. She quickly sat up and groaned. Her head was pounding and she looked down at her hands. “What the hell happened and why am I blue?” Seraphina asked, looking around and meeting Loves eyes.


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change smiled sweetly at love... when she began explaining that Seraphina's wasn't exactly entirely human.. as if change had already known somehow? as was always with change, it seemed to always appear like it knew something yet never really said anything. "ooh love... I expected it... you're an interesting one.. so much change in love no? yes maybe? possible?" change moved closer to love " but did you think such a change was wise? what is out of dear I say it, love? or perhaps something else" change asked curiously turning around when it heard Seraphina question her new appearance change turning around giving her a smile "well my your our friend you have changed... well you where never any different, yet you are"
If Mother Earth knew anything about Fate, it was that she loved to be tempted and teased. The humans had a nasty habit of giving her just what she wanted, and they often paid the price for it. Mother Earth herself was no stranger to taking a waltz with Fate upon occasion, but she never did so without being fully aware of every possible outcome of such a collide and having a plan for each and every one.

“Unfortunately, I have a feeling this was not our last dance. Fate has more in store for us, and I’m not sure we shall all come out unscathed. Change is Lucky to have had you on their side.”

Chaos stared back at Love, muddy eyes unblinking as she processed this information.

I did not think this was possible. Is it possible?

What in Hades was she thinking?! And with a human, no less!

Why do you say it that way? Who else would she have borne a child with?

Just the thought of laying with a human—I swear, if you ever even think—!

has not crossed my mind, Chaos assured.

Whether it was deemed possible or not, we must face the truth of what is before us. This human is Love’s child, and she appears to be a sort of Keeper of Love. We must further understand.

Wait, so does this mean the whole Protector of Keepers nonsense was just some story Love made up so she wouldn’t have to tell the girl who she really is? That’s a relief, I was not ready to accept the existence of such a ridiculous faction of humans.

But you will accept that she is Love’s half-human child.

Whatever. It’s disgusting, but it’s better than a group of humans having the audacity to presume Keepers require their protection.

“Why?” Chaos ignored the Change the girl was obviously going through and kept her eyes fixed on Love.
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"She what," Death said, his melancholy horror turned to shock at this revelation. Seraphina was Love's daughter.

Time was scowling. There were rules to being a Keeper, and not getting involved with the humans was a big one. Time was entirely sure that having a child with one definitely fell under the umbrella of "getting involved". However, her consternation was quickly interrupted by Death, who had pressing questions.


Time rolled her eyes. "Shall I describe it to you?"

Death didn't seem the slightest bit sheepish at his friend's snide comment. He had collected souls in plenty of compromising situations, and his question was more aimed at Love, anyway. So he rephrased, "We can do that? We can have children?"

"Not typically, no," Time said. She flicked her eyes to Love. "But if a child can be borne of any of us, it's Love."

Death arched a thin eyebrow. "Are you being poetic?"

But Time was narrowing her eyes at something, and Death followed her gaze to the rip in Reality. "No," he murmured. "This isn't because of her. This is too large a rip for that. And anyway, she's Love. Love does odd things by definition."

Had Time not still be resting back against Death, she may have begun pointing fingers and making accusations. Instead, she just eyed the Keeper with suspicion as Love explained herself.


Love grimaced at the other Keepers reaction. She gave a small smile to Change but it faded when Chaos spoke.

“My keep got the best of me. I fell in Love with this wonderful warlock. He wanted to know more about Keepers and how we lived our day to day lives. Quite the charmer.” Love smiled, thinking back. “He was then taken away from me once the news that I was with child got out. A punishment towards me, actually. They killed my beloved so I had to trick them into thinking I lost the child. I had to hide her for years but she was getting too old to lie to so I had to forge her memories and abandon her in a nearby town.” She confessed, a small tear streamed down her cheek. Love watched as Seraphina sat up and her heart sank.

When Seraphina’s eyes met Loves, thousands of memories flooded into Seraphinas head. She drew in a quick breath and tears flooded her eyes. “W-Who are you?” She stammered, not wanting to believe her resurfaced memories. She looked back down at her hands and her body was still glowing blue. Tears began streaming down her face and she quickly wiped them away and stood up. Seraphina took a few steps back and looked around. All of the Keepers were staring at either her or Love. “Why? Why now?” She asked her voice breaking.

Love frowned at Times comments and looked her way. “Maybe if you felt compassion and actually loved someone, you would understand how.” Love snarled, standing up. She took a step forward and Seraphina stepped back. “Who am I?” Seraphina asked, fixing her gaze on the Keeper.
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"hmm why are we so angry? over this, it's an interesting change no?" change said with an excited chorus of voices, another version of itself splitting off to approach seraphina. while the main change stayed next to the other keepers "personally majority we me us think this is a good great fun thing, time you have to see look observe that not everything is clear cut as a straight line, oh and death.. seems we can have children then, an interesting change no?" it spoke almost rushing its words then turning around to mother earth. change giving her a smile "well im on every one side.. after all, i am change" it ended it off with a lot of laughter

the other part of change headed up to love and the now confused seraphina changes form shifting to something more human... kinda in the appearance of a grandmother of some description giving the confused girl a smile before speaking "you well, your one of us i should think isn't that right wrong correct love?"
Well, that was rude. Harmonia did not appreciate Love’s attack on Time. Who is she to say what Time does and does not feel.

Children these days—no respect for their elders.

Chaos’s eyes flickered over to where Time lay against Death, and considered correcting Love herself, but decided Time was perfectly capable of handling such an accusation. Besides, her mind was too caught up on something Love had said.

“Who’s ‘Them’?” she asked, her gaze returning to Love. “The ones who killed the warlock and came for your daughter. Who were they?” Chaos was unaware of any group of beings charged with righting the wrongs of Keepers. Were they still believing in the existence of a Human faction charged with ‘protecting Keepers’, maybe she might be more ready to believe in the other. But, these protectors had since been debunked and Chaos was left to wonder who had hunted down Loves’s Love and child.


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When Love spoke, Time's eyes widened slightly but then narrowed into slits. She pushed herself to her feet, Death grunting in protest and holding his arms out to catch her should she fall again. Time drew herself up and glared back at Love.

"And I see where your compassion and Love got you," she said, her tone dripping condescension. "It killed your 'wonderful warlock' and doomed your child. Maybe if you had been less governed by your Kept your beloved would still be alive."

"Time!" Death snapped, his tone holding more anger than he tended to use. "That was uncalled for and cruel."

Time tossed the strands of hair that had escaped her bun from her face, her expression unrepentant. But Death knew Time well enough to see past the haughty facade.

With a sigh, Death settled his hands on her shoulders and slid his pale eyes to Love. "And what you said was unkind and false--you of all Keepers should know that."

Time leaned back against Death, doing her best not to look like she was doing so. Her strength was slowly returning, but it would take a little while before she had gathered enough to return to how she had been before they froze the rip.

Death glanced around. "We have better things to do than fight amongst ourselves. One of them is explaining things to Seraphina," he said, nodding to the girl in question. "And I think Chaos asked a very good question."

"She can't be one of us, Change," Time sniffed. "There can be only one Keeper of Love, and we have had nothing new born that she would Keep even if she were one of us."


Love huffed and crossed her arms, attempting to keep her temper down. “I’m not angry, just overwhelmed.” She responded to Change.

She watched as Time stood up and narrowed her eyes. She laughed a little at Times remarks. “You’re the one to talk.” She said. Loves blue eyes slowly turned red as she stared Time down. “At least I don’t rely on another Keeper to save me.” She smirked, glancing over at Death.

Love turned her attention over to Chaos and sighed. “I never saw ‘them’ in person just saw glimpses of their shadows and heard their voices. They said they were responsible for keeping order in the world and that I broke one of the biggest rules. So, to make sure I could never break the rules again, they killed Seraphinas father and put a curse on my keep. If I were to use my keep on humans again, they would find my daughter and hurt her.” Love answered.

“Woah, I am not one of you.” Seraphina said to changes human-looking part. Seraphinas body slowing stopped glowing blue and returned to her usual pale skin. “I’m just a mistake used as collateral.” She frowned, another tear slipping down her cheek. Memories ran through Seraphinas head while she tried to find something that she thought was true from the life she lived before she met a Keeper. “I just wish Love would just shut up before she gets herself killed.” She groaned, wiping away her tears.

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Ursula followed love outside and listened to the keepers quietly not wanting to interrupt. The young magi looked a love with a look of heartbreak when she spoke about her beloved and her child but kept her words to herself as the keepers kept up their discussion.

She didn't really want to listen in but she had nothing else to do except sit in her house alone like usual so she stood off to the side and waited for them to either leave, yell at her or include her in their discussion.


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“Oooh time you don't understand what we you I mean,“ change said shaking its head. “ we you me us see thing differently after all thing can change you never know, well something does just not you” change replied to time seeming all passive aggressive about this “but yes we should find these thing maybe they caused the rip? Or not do you we us knows? Maybe could they be our superiors? could they be our boss? maybe”

the other part of change frowned deeply as it heard Seraphina answers had her tearing up, change hugging the girl instead of something strange happening Seraphina mind would be run through many good changes that could happen with her existing a sort of feeling better sense to it ”don’t think your a mistake nothing is ever a mistake it’s just another change and it’s nothing wrong“
Mother Earth had had enough of Love’s petulance. Bright emerald eyes snapped on Love, and her tone was icy and menacing.

“Take that tone again and you will be the one in need of another Keeper to save you.”

Damn, bitch better listen.

“Please, Mother Earth, Time, Love,” Chaos turned longing and terrified eyes on each Keeper in turn. “We have more important concerns than petty arguments.”

They’ve never listened to you in the past, what makes you think they’re gonna listen to you now?

“We have frozen the rip, but it will not hold long. And now Love speaks of a faction of beings acting as enforcers of Keeper law. Something bigger than ourselves is unfolding, and—” Chaos hesitated—she had never held anyones attention for so long.

You are doing well.

“—and we must set our differences aside, at least until we know that our Keeps are safe.”

Mother Earth turned her eyes on Chaos, watching her for a moment, before turning her attention back on Love.

"The offer still stands. Do not for one second believe yourself to be above the laws that govern us all. This lapse of yours is not your own burden, but one we all must bear. Do not forget this." Mother Earth, whose fists had balled at her sids, relaxed. She was willing to take the high road so long as Love gave her no reason to return to the dirt.


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Emryss, with nothing to contribute to this discussion--Time was getting the flaying she deserved in Emryss' opinion--slipped over to Ursela. As Time's concentration was elsewhere, Emryss was now flickering between a young woman, a middle-aged woman, and an old women every minute or so. "What do you think? You got to meet a whole bunch of Keepers. This bickering is actually entirely normal." She chuckled to herself. "How are you holding up, little Time mage?"

Death squeezed Time's shoulders, but, to his relief, all Time did was shoot Love a look that would have aged a mere mortal before lifting her nose in the air. Hopefully that meant she was dropping it instead of biding her Time for revenge. Time was nothing if not patient.

Time flicked her eyes to Change, frowning slightly. It took her a few seconds to parse what Change was saying, but when she did, she just shook her head. She was getting too tired of reciting the rules to everyone. No one here other than herself and Mother Earth seemed concerned about doing things the proper way.

Lady Luck laughed. "Oh, Change, darling, we don't have bosses or superiors. We govern the natural world--perhaps Reality is our superior, then?"

Love flicked her eyes to Chaos as she spoke. She dipped her head in respectful acknowledgement of the other Keeper's wisdom. "Yes, Chaos, you are correct. These people may very well be connected to this rip. But how do we find them?"

"With a spot of Luck," the lady herself said.

"No," Time said before she could continue. "We've tempted Fate enough for one evening."

Death considered what Love had said. After a few seconds, he cleared his throat. "Love? This warlock--what was his name?" He shifted slightly. Despite being the Reaper, he didn't actually like talking about what he did. "I keep records," he explained quickly. Time smirked proudly about this, but Death didn't notice. "I might have written down who killed him when I, uh--" He glanced at Seraphina. "Collected him."


Love huffed and her red eyes slowly faded back into her normal icy blue color. She took a deep breath and looked over at Seraphina. Loves heart sank when she saw the tears across Phinas face and bit the inside of her cheek. “Time, I apologize for my words and actions. I let my judgement get the better of me and I’m sorry.” Love said, turning to the Keeper. “Charles Burnes was his name. He died 13 years ago.” She answered Death, a small smile graced her face as she thought of Charles.

Seraphina relaxed a little in Changes arms and accepted the calming thoughts change was giving her. When her eyes met Loves, she quickly wiped her face and turned away. “I’m sorry Change. There’s just a lot happening but thank you.” She apologized, giving the keeper a small smile. Seraphina looked at the rip in reality and frowned. She took a few steps towards it to get a closer look at the anomaly. “You don’t think I caused this, do you?” She asked, looking back at change. “Or do you think it was the people who killed my father?” She bit her lip as memories of him ran through her head.

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