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Two Thousand Club
It’s the 19th Century, with the rise of steam technology, day by day more and more inventions are being created by the greatest minds throughout the world. With so many uncertainties when working with such a natural element, there have been many accidents over the years and many lives have been lost in the process. As expected, with how frail the human heart is, with the lost of loved ones comes grieving, and with enough grieving, eventually Akuma are born. Even with the power of steam technology, no ordinary weapon can defeat the growing power of the Akuma, hence where the Black Order steps in.

No matter how the world may advance around them, the Black Order continues to stand to protect the world from the dangers of the Akuma and the Noah. Still to this day, they continue to go on the search for Innocence and its wielders all while still fighting the seemingly never-ending war against the Noah and their leader.

Meanwhile, the Noah continue on their hunt for the Innocence as well, not to protect it but rather to destroy every last one by orders of their leader and the memories of their Noah ancestors. Both sides believe that they are in the right for their actions, neither side seeming to want to see the other’s perspective on what their goal is, all the while the one behind the shadows continues to twist the strings of fate to their own will.

So, this roleplay will be based on the anime D.Grayman, however, it will not be a 1:1 comparison to the show. There will be some differences, there will be no canon characters, and there will be a lore thread to explain mostly everything that needs to be known about the anime to those who do not know about it.
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Nothingness Nothingness Could my character's Anti-Akuma Weapon be a Parasitic Type that takes the form of a pair of wings that she was born with?
OH MY GOD, I have only seen one other D.Gray-Man fan! I'm so in YESSSS
I would like to join
Thank you for your interest!

I believe this is enough to at least start, I have already completed the lore thread and it is on the first post of this thread, if y'all would like to read up on it. I will have the CS thread up within the next day or so.

I will still be continuing to accept new people even once the roleplay starts.
The character sheet thread is up and running. Please be sure to read the rules in the OOC thread prior to making your character(s)!
The link is on the top of this thread, in the first post.

Thank you all for your interest once again!

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