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Tende altum, volare altius
An epic journey, a path to redemption, a quest that will bring the world out of darkness.


art by Rainman Page

Our world was once beautiful. Our world was once blessed with divine rule, and it was perfect. So the gods would have us believe. Looking at the world as it is now; some lands ruthless, lawless and demon-ruled, others reclaimed by the forces of nature, there is beauty in it still. Perhaps it is foolish to hope that our gods will return...bring the demons to heel and restore order and peace, or...perhaps there is another way...

When the gods left the earth, chaos took over. Demons rose to power, enslaved humans, fought amongst each other, raided and warred without end. For a hundred years humans prayed, and for a hundred years, the great gods were silent. Then, the queen of gods made a choice: She descended to earth and used her elite force to subjugate the most powerful demons on earth. One by one she defeated them, and placed an enchanted sealing ornament on their bodies. Their powers now removed, they were given a choice: Flee, and let their power bleed from them until there was nothing left, or, join a quest, protect a band of humble humans on their perilous journey to the farthest reaches of the god kingdom to find the secret that will restore light to the world.

The dynamic here is going to be unique:

  • You can play a human, dedicated to one or more deities, they can be fighters, but there needs to be a spiritual element to their profession, a paladin, priest, monk, healer etc. They will obtain divine powers as the story progresses.
  • You can play one of the demons that has made the choice to join the quest and win their freedom. The demons were some of the most powerful, they aren’t anymore, their powers are sealed at the start of the game. They will regain them slowly as the story progresses.
  • You can play as a neutral spirit who chose to join the quest, a lesser demon or minor deity who have decided to side with the God queen and help bring light to the world. They will also have power increases granted by the God Queen for helping in the quest, and they are not bound by the power-limiting torcs

    **You cannot play: a demigod or half-demon. i.e. half god/demon/spirit and half human. They do not exist.
Generally, the humans are good, pure and dedicated to the quest, and generally, the demons are morally grey at best, but those are not solid rules. Humans can absolutely be bitter about the gods just up and leaving, and some demons might also be remorseful of the destruction their kind caused.

The line between demon and god is very fine: basically both entities begin as neutral spirits, and gain power through natural forces or human dedication. What they use that power for defines them as spirit, god or demon (neutral, benevolent or destructive respectively).

This concept is high fantasy, but this is pretty much a version of Journey to the West, the story of the Monkey King and it’s about redemption, reconciliation, responsibility and the nature of good an evil.
You can base your characters in any culture, this will not be limited to European or Asian concepts, but it will be embedded in a fantasy world, so no real places will be used and characters will all be completely fictional, not pulled directly from world mythology either.

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    To start things off: all spirits, gods and demons can be slain, they simply do not age. This is the meaning of immortal in this world. Even the most powerful gods can be overcome.

    There is a single main pantheon of gods, centered around a king and queen. There are many other gods, from many different lands and cultures, but all defer to the king’s or queen’s judgement.

    The king decreed that the gods should remove themselves from the affairs of mortals, but the queen subtly defies that order, and there are gods that side with each.

    Besides the Great Gods, there are hundreds of minor gods of varying strength and presence. Most are little greater than spirits, guarding a place in nature, representing an animal, or a manifestation of a human concept or tool.

    Each human character must have a god patron they serve, though it does not have to be one following the queen. They can worship one of the gods who has removed themselves, and they still get powers. Logically though, most of the gods actively being served by the mortals are among the queen’s forces, and haven’t forsaken the earth.

    God powers can be nearly anything imaginable, there are gods of natural phenomena, land features, animals, gods of luck, wealth, theater etc. Your human character’s patron god can be any one but the king or queen (for plot reasons), and you will be in charge of describing what they are the god of, what powers they have and what power they can grant to a mortal.

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