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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] September 2023 World Training Event



Elysia Wentworth from Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~What a beautiful memories~
Mentions: Novama Novama | Squink Sona Radar Sona Radar
Languages: Common | [Terran] | {Sylvan}

He actually had some time now, as he made his way to the mirrors. He'd not be able to cast again immediately, so he looked around while heading there a bit. It was far busier than he liked. There was one creature (Glacier) that looked sort-off ethereal. Almost in a distracting manner. He'd best not look at it for too long and start to ponder about its existence. There was a raccoon-guy samurai thing (Yukan), which he started at for a bit. Normally he'd see such creatures as house-pets. He didn't seem them free, let alone so warrior-like. Peculiar, but that was the extend of his interest.

There was, however, one outlandish looking creature that stood out even more than the others. Perhaps she was from Crustaton? That's explain her odd fishy appearance. Either that, or she wasn't for this realm to begin with. That would be fairly revolutionary, would it not? He figured it was worth asking. “Excuse me, ma'am in the black dress, are you perhaps from Crustaton?” She'd probably just say 'yes' in an annoyed manner and that'd satiate his curiosity, allowing him to focus on the next task. That was the plan, at least.


Action 1: Move to the mirrors to wait for the next part of the task to start.
Action 2: None
Action 3: None



"Common" "<Beastial>" "[Analog]" 'Internal Thoughts'

With the proctor's further advice, it was evident that Glacier had failed to pass yet again; he felt exasperated at himself at his incapability to accomplish a single task. Resolving to get it right this time, Glacier moved over to an armored melee dummy, before sitting a few yards in front of it.

Instead of simply going straight for it like the previous attempts, Glacier sat there on his haunches unmoving, his vision closed; though no one would be able to tell. Glacier's raw power had been commented on both times, meaning it was not a failure in strength. Glacier's choice of target must have been correct as well, considering he was not led to believe otherwise. 'Analyze' The proctor had said, '...then strike.' Thinking through his options, Glacier realized that he had been missing appraisal, wasn't he? It was also mentioned that he had more, and was to 'Seek it.' Glacier concluded that it was not about the power itself, but how to wield it effectively.

Glacier now understood that he had failed to use everything at his disposal, instead following preconceived notions that led to a rigid and inefficient approach; realizing that in a true combat scenario, this could be a fatal mistake.

Glacier would make sure to end that now, and treat this training with utmost earnestness.

Reopening his vision, Glacier would swiftly run to the armored dummy, before turning at the last couple yards. Utilizing the momentum, he'd run circles around it[1]: 'This would work to disorient the target, and give me more time to determine a strike.' Having completed a couple quick loops and reaching the dummy's front again, he halted his momentum, skidding on the floor with his ice paws. As soon as Glacier began to slow down, he gleamed information on the target through [Appraisal E]; using what he acquired in that second, Glacier would make an informed jab with his muzzle, attempting to strike any vulnerability in the dummy's armor[2-3]: 'Having then disoriented the target, I could use the brief time of respite to appraise them, consequently attacking any vulnerability before they can react effectively.'

Action [1]: Movement (Looped around armored dummy)
Action [2-3]: Used Ability [Calculated Frozen-Jab E]

E Grade Cooldown: N/A (Narrator Override)
  • Speed D
  • Strength E
  • [Natural Weapons] Body of Ice F - Glacier can hit, stab, and/or bite opponents with his legs, tail, muzzle, and jaw, all of which are solid ice.​
  • Calculated Frozen-Jab E - Appraisal E, Whirling Ice [Natural Weapons] F, Blight [Cold] F - Glacier abruptly and speedily appraises his target, using the garnered knowledge to then jab them with his muzzle, doing so as best suited to the circumstances. If successful, a frigidness seeps into and through the target. - Grade E - 1 Post Cooldown - 2 Actions​

Character Grade F - [Martial Artist]
Shere took a moment to sweep the remains of the training dummy out of the way with his foot and moved on ahead, strolling with nonchallant air to the next stage. He was, despite appearances, well focused on the task now and took less notice of the people around him and how they were doing. He barely even registered Elandril's words, not out of disrespect but more because they were things he had made the core of his self years ago.

Every day he strived to perfect himself, to become even a little bit stronger, a microsecond faster, ever so slightly smoother, straining and suffering to chase an unattainable ideal by tiny increments. Every day, for years he had done this and with neither sword nor shield to hide behind, taking only what he had been born with and elevating it beyond the limits of reason or sanity. To surpass oneself first and foremost was the truth of his heart and soul.

So he stood in front of the mirror, took up a loose stance, and waited. And as he waited he could not help himself, and he started to trace back the motions he had just performed on the practice dummy, watching himself intently, forcing the reflection to adjust the raise of the shoulder, the angle of the elbow, the position of the heel on the pivot, the bend of the knee, the height of the chin...

Rios felt himself get pulled back from his attack by the Proctor. Apparently his reckless abandon in pursuit of defeating this doppelganger wasn't what the Adventurers Guild were looking for as part of their test. Looking on at his mirror copy while it stood there motionless. Rios was confused on just how he was meant to deal with the situation. Looking at the sword in his hand. The wannabe adventurer questioned just what he was supposed to do. Unlike many of the others taking advantage of their skills. Rios had never developed any sort of special powers. All he had was this body trained via grueling exercise and a whole bunch of luck. In fact, until now he had tried to use his luck as little as possible. Luck was a fickle mistress that favored some and not others. Delilah, Goddess of Luck was the patron of gamblers and men of fortune. Rios had chosen not to offer his prayers since he believed relying too much on something as unknowable as LUCK was bad. Right now, he needed the uncertain if he wanted to make any progress in his training. He offered a silent and solitary prayer to the Luck Goddess since he had been blessed by luck thus far. Clutching his chest and sucking in air. Rios activated both his [Lucky D] and his [Appraisal C]. His hope was that by combining luck and his observational skills. He could see a path forward, bound not by skill but by fate itself. The whims of causality would be his guide.

.Gamblers Glance Over D = [Lucky D] + [Appraisal C]
Yukan Koyake
Languages: "Common", "<Beastial>"​
Mentions: Novama Novama

Yukan saw the ability from his reflected self coming his way, knowing full well that it was going to hit him soon at the range he had chosen to stand if he didn't act fast, but he had thought this through in his mind, the Yari wasn't as a effectve when the opponent was so close, of course this generally applied in person to person combat, which this was similar too, a mirror or not. Yukan knew that if he tried a traditional block on this attack, the penetrating nature of his ability would prove to be problematic, his eyes gleamed with anticipation seeing the attack start to head toward him. First as soon as he saw the ability being engaged, Yukan used Fast E + Acrobatics F to dodge at what he deemed the last safe possible moment so it wouldn't have achance to pivot toward him easily, he then dodged to the left of the ability, and back, backing up 6 ft before he countered quickly countered with his own Transcendent Transpierce. He'd leverage his waist forward, while his Yari gleamed yet again

"< Falling Spear Style: Transcendent Transpierce!>" He'd call out in Beastial once again, feeling the power flow through him in that moment.

Yukan figured that simply dodging the attack wouldn't do, using the full capabilities of his current arsenal was the way forward. By backing up he'd get the full effectiveness range advantage, and even if it hit him before he moved it would be less effective than otherwise. After doing this move and seeing how effective his follow up ability if anything was, he'd be on the ready to react again just incase this trial wanted to throw another attack his way. Hopefully like the first trial these strategic on his feet decisions would be enough to gain the approval of master Elandril once more. With Yukan being actively attacked in that moment, his focus was consumed with the task at hand, tuning out in his battle trance what was unnecessary, otherwise he might have greeted the others who made to the trial he was on to be polite had he not been so preoccupied.

1. Dodge the incoming Transcendent Transpierce ability with Fast E + Acrobatics F.
2. Counter attack Mirror now at most effective range for Yari using his own Transcendent Transpierce.
[Specialize] Fighting Style [Falling Spear] Transcendent Transpierce - Reach F, Penetrating D, D Grade Ability - 2 round cooldown.
Yukan attempts to stab his foe with a great penetrating force ignoring up to three grades of opponent's defensively used item.
E: (0/1)
D: (0/2)
DbhfTSAVQAATC3c (1).jpg

Mentions: Novama Novama Perdict Perdict (second paragraph)

At first, Seth worriedly assumed that he was too late. The throw had been good, but there was only silence from the Guild Master. However, he soon caught Elandril's gaze and almost felt his evident approval. Really, it was astounding how much the man was capable of conveying without uttering a single word. It would appear he was deemed worthy of progressing to the second test. With a light jog, he got closer to the dummy, which still had his spear stuck through. A propped foot against the chest of the target and a sudden pull was enough to dislodge the weapon, and yet the mercenary still sighed. He had to find a way around being disarmed every time he threw. Lugging ten spears around was silly, but magic… Well, we wouldn't call himself inept, but he just couldn't wrap his head around it.

On his way towards the mirrors, Seth once again looked around the assembled adventurers in the room. Some seemed already engaged in conversation, while others were immersed in the task at hand, already engaged with their reflection or carefully examining it. The mercenary squared off against his own, waiting for it to come to live, but he couldn't help but notice the black-haired man standing nearby. Seth glanced at him, admiringly. Now that was a proper fighter. Complete focus seemed to emanate from him, stillness ready to become lightning fast violence in a heartbeat. His form was excellent too, a martial artist's stance. Seth considered addressing him, but he didn't want to disturb the man, so he simply watched and readied himself for the next test. Conversation would have to wait until both warriors were done.
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Character Sheet
Character Theme

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TLDR: Squimkins says hi to Deliverance and compliments his hat rizz, tries to convince Shere as her third attempt at the first trial

Squink was once more devastated to find that her attempts to try to surpass the first trial had failed. It was atleast worth a shot, but as Master Elandril had pointed out that trying to seek a direct weapon was not the suitable answer for her. Sighing quietly as she tried to change her focus into what the Master had said in order to give her some advice, she heard the voice of someone else asking her about her place of origin. Turning to meet the gaze of Deliverance, whom at close inspection was rather refined and sensible in appearance which made her question for what reason he decided to use his own time to send questions her way. The fact that it was a question about where she originally came from wasn't a simple one to answer however.

"Uh-, well, I don't really knooow where that place is, but I think that I am not from there... " Squink answered awkwardly as she fiddled with her hands, having a questionable distraction with still trying to bypass the first trial to concentrate on giving a concise answer. Realising that she should probably focus on catching up with her own attempts rather than getting distracted with those who were already ahead and doing fine, she just laughed nervously as she slowly turned her body back to direction of the training dummy she was working on, still facing Deliverance as she continued speaking.
"I have to get back to.... this, for a moment, so I'll get back to you on that. I like your hat sir" Squink finished softly as she gave him a half-gleeful look in response before diverting her full focus back to the dummy. Her expression was not that of any negative assumptions towards him, but with trying to handle how she was feeling over her fears of failure. Trying to think on the Proctor's recommendations on how to change her approach, she tried to think on learning from her past two failures before coming to another idea of an attempt and panicking as she looked around to find someone who could help her with it. Deliverance was very much a face who had just walked up to her to strike conversation, although she was too busy with her own troubles and she thought such a confident and capable straight-face would not take any attempted nonsense from a purple cephalopod person.

Nervously looking around to whom was a good fit, her eyes returned back to Shere who had attempted to help her prior and hurriedly scooting over to him before he was busy with challenging a mirror. Considering he had been nice to her before out of his own interest and that he wasn't one who was being overly flashy with considerably bright and flashy methods unlike others, perhaps he would prove a suitable target for some convincing. She didn't want to manipulate anyone else who was just taking such challenges like her, but if it was what she had to do then she would try to do it on someone who might forgive her if she explained it.

"H-hi there again, it's... me. A-again. Do you mind if you come and help little me doooo the first dummy? I know you can do it easily and it'd make me very happy, good friend?" Squink asked in a soft voice as she fidgeted with her hands behind her back and gently swayed as she asked. Her two front-most tentacles were being poked against eachother at the tips like she was nervously pushing her fingertips together to look innocent and ask nicely.

Use Cunning Charm on Shere. Cunning Charm: Seduction (F) + Empathy (F) + Telepathy (F) - Persuade or influence someone through exploit of sex appeal, social understanding and knowledge of their current emotions (F Grade)

John Doe
Human [Mundane] | Mage | Ryken Adventurer [F]

Amidst the grandeur of the adventurer's guild training hall, John observed the bustling activity around him. The place buzzed with excitement, ambition hung in the air like an overzealous bard's lute solo. John couldn't help but take note of the motley crew that had gathered for this illustrious trial. There were the burly warriors, probably hoping to turn those leather and straw dummies into piles of dusty confetti. While the spellcasters, like himself, were more ready to weave their arcane tapestries on those shimmering, elusive magical targets.

Despite recognizing a few familiar faces, John remained an observer. He watched with a raised eyebrow as others took their turns, some with grandeur, others with a touch of clumsiness. It was a true spectacle, like watching a street magician pull rabbits out of their hat, only with more magical fireworks and less fluffy bunnies.

He absorbed the lessons hidden in each attempt, their successes and failures etching a roadmap in his mind. When he felt that he'd learned enough, John finally decided to join the ranks. With a subtle smile playing on his lips, he raised his hand, the universal signal of "I've got this."

Mana coalesced in his open palm, forming a shimmering sphere that shot forward. Mid-flight, it split into multiple projectiles, each homing in on a different magical target. The air crackled with potential as John's mana-infused missiles closed in on their elusive prey, promising a grand spectacle that would either dazzle the hall or end up as the latest addition to the blooper reel.

  • Bang - Grade D - 1 Post Cooldown
    Magic D, Componentless Magic D, Energized D, Magic Range F, Magic Area of Effect F, Magic Targets F, Multidimensional Affinity F
    John conjures a mana sphere and fires it forward [30 feet]. During its trajectory, it divides into smaller spheres, striking separate targets [5 targets]. Upon impact, these spheres expand, causing damage in a larger area [15-foot radius].
Mentions: @Sepokku DSLIX DSLIX Perdict Perdict TheTimePiece TheTimePiece gmimperfecti gmimperfecti Sona Radar Sona Radar @Gwen_Temi Voider Voider Swagkage Swagkage Tattletale Tattletale Elvario Elvario Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia saxon saxon Ice Ice Ice Ice Ice Ice
OOC: Half way through. Who will make it to the end?
Time: 8:30am
Weather: clear blue skies with the occasional lazy white puff. cool, comfortable temperatures for the morning.
TLDR: some pass 2nd trial barely. Some pass their 1st trial finally. Others have their's underway
Post Listening:

Adventurer's Guild Training Hall



Mirrors glimmered with an otherworldly light, each casting a silvery reflection of the participants, revealing more than just simple images of the onlookers.

Sasuke, ready to deploy his Sensory Synthesis, found he couldn't sense his doppelgänger's movements. In a flash, his copy teleported him high above, leaving him suspended momentarily against the vast ceiling. The sudden freedom from gravity was short-lived, and the reality of the fall became clear. He plummeted to the ground, a descent that would have spelled doom for an average man. Yet, as he made contact, Sasuke's healing ability enveloped him, ensuring he remained unscathed. Master Elandril, observing the spectacle, nodded approvingly, gesturing for Sasuke to progress to the subsequent trial.

Deliverance's mirror shimmered, producing a figure nearly identical to him. Without hesitation, the reflection conjured five ethereal orbs, each pulsating with energy before being launched at Deliverance. The projectiles streaked through the air, closing in rapidly. Deliverance would know he must defend against the impending onslaught. [D grade]

Glacier, having earlier taken the time to study and appraise his target as he assaulted it, was met with the Master's acknowledgment. Elandril's nod was all Glacier needed to know he had passed this stage of the trial.

Shere's mirror produced an uncanny twin, a glassy reflection that adopted an eerily similar loose stance. The copy lunged forward, aiming a sharp jab towards Shere's ribcage, followed by a swift uppercut targeting his chin. The reflection continued seemingly anticipating Shere mounting resistance, attempting a roundhouse kick aimed at Shere's temple and then a sweeping low kick targeting his ankles. Each move was a calculated attempt to find an opening, to create an opportunity for a devastating combo. Shere, ever vigilant, would need every ounce of his expertise to parry, dodge, and counter. [F grade]

For Rios, it appeared as though he was doing very little. Yet, in the subtlety of his actions, Master Elandril saw value. The mere act of breathing, of staying grounded, was sometimes the wisest course. Elandril's words of affirmation confirmed Rios' advancement. He was now ready for the mirror.

Yukan, despite his strategic thinking, found himself less fortunate. The clone's assault mirrored Yukan's earlier attack on a melee target. The swift dodge, while helpful, wasn't enough to completely avoid the piercing thrust of the spear. The force shattered Yukan's lighter armor, leaving a painful mark. [2 HP damage] Despite this setback, Master Elandril acknowledged his efforts, while expressing concern for his well-being.

As Seth faced his reflection, the doppelgänger's intentions became clear. With a swift motion, it hurled a spear straight at Seth using the "Long Fang" technique. The spear whistled through the air, its trajectory making it a challenging attack to evade. [E grade]

Squink's unique ability found its mark on Shere. However, before any harm could come to him, Master Elandril intervened, dispelling the mental influence with a mere gesture. Praising Squink, he permitted her to proceed.

John's spectacular multi-target spell caught the attention of all, including the observant Master Elandril. The magical display earned John his passage to the next trial.

Finally, to those who had surmounted the second trial, Master Elandril unveiled the next stage of their adventure. They were to venture into the guild hall's arena, accessible through a dimly lit hallway. The faint glow at the end of the corridor hinted at the grandeur of the arena beyond. Though Elandril had to remain behind, he encouraged them to advance. And with a cautionary note about the training's active nature, the adventurers were reminded that their challenges were not confined merely to inanimate targets or magic items. The true test had only just begun.
Yukan Koyake
Novama Novama

Yukan felt the brunt of his own blow against him, which was unfortunate to say the least. He had been hoping he had enough speed and agility to dodge his most powerful ability as of current, but it had become apparent he hadn't been fast enough to dodge the whole blow, getting somewhat hit, he'd let out a sound of restrained sound of discomfort. Perhaps whatever this mirror thing was had softened the blow so he wouldn't be actually skewed by an imitation of his own Yari. Whatever the case, he was still standing even if his armor was no longer going to protect him from a ton.

As a result he felt somewhat disappointed in himself, all that it meant was he needed to get stronger and grow his options for a stronger defense, as right now they were limited. This test was helping him to see his own limitations in that regard which he appreciated, he just wished that he could have performed even better in front of Master Elandril. Even so his efforts were acknowledged even if the end result felt not satisfactory in his mind, since he knew he could do even better if he could just get stronger, thankfully it had been enough for him to pass on to the next trial. He thanked Master Elandril, and informed him that he wanted to become much better. Seeing how grand some of the other participants had been in dealing with their trials, it made Yukan want to be able to do similar feats, it's the type of power he needed to achieve his aspirations.

Now Yukan was in a situation where he wasn't sure if his armor was going to be restored at any point for the rest of the trials or if this painful mark was going to leave him anytime soon either, but regardless, he listened attentively, to what Master Elandril had to say next for the next trial. After the brief, Yukan gave Master Elandril a respectful bow once more, before he carefully advanced down the dimly lit hall into the Guild hall arena space after getting the okay. Due to his Darkvision F Yukan could probably see better in the dimly lit area than some, looking around cautiously.

If it was possible, Yukan upon entering the arena space did not go in far, he used his Heightened Sense [Smell] F + Darkvision F, to see if he could sus anything of interest out, keeping his Yari out in a defensive stance, not wanting to get too ahead of anyone else who was coming, figuring that they'd have a much better chance of working together against would be common threats should this next trial require it.

1. Listen to Master Elandril, thank him, and proceed down dim hallway carefully after getting the okay.
2. If able to Enter Guild Hall Arena space, stay near entrance, use Heightened Sense [Smell] F + Darkvision F to gather any potentially additional relevant information for the new environment. l

Character Sheet C3BEE6

Standing [F Grade Character] Titles [Construct, Homunculus, Visitor] Point Booster [Narrative Booster F]
Sasuke's heart raced as he experienced a moment of bewilderment, left momentarily speechless by the actions of his mirror doppelgänger and the proctor's acknowledgment. It was a humbling encounter, one that filled him with gratitude, both for the lessons imparted by his mirror self and for the healing abilities that had spared him from a disastrous fall.

Observing his mirror doppelgänger's unique utilization of their shared abilities, Sasuke couldn't help but be amused. It was a remarkable display of ingenuity, and he felt compelled to turn to his mirror self before it vanished, bowing slightly as he uttered his thanks for the enlightening experience. "Until we meet again, you handsome devil."

As he glanced around at the other adventurers, he realized that several of them had also demonstrated spectacular displays of their own prowess. However, as he advanced through the trials, Sasuke felt the need to focus more on his own path, recognizing that time was of the essence.

Listening to Master Elandril's words, Sasuke's excitement grew for what lay ahead, but he took to heart the notion that their next trial might already be unfolding, hidden from their immediate perception. While the Proctor slowly followed behind, Sasuke took the initiative. With a deliberate clap of his hands as he stomped forward, he engaged his ability and whispered, "Sensory Synthesis". The echoes he sent forth allowed him to scout for any concealed challenges and visualize what lay ahead, all the while maintaining a cautious mindset.

Turning to Yukan who was beside him, Sasuke figured that he, too, possessed heightened senses of some kind. He couldn't help but inquire, "Friend, did you notice anything unusual ahead?" For Sasuke, these trials were not only about personal improvement but also about forging bonds and assisting others on their journeys.

While awaiting for his response, Sasuke noticed his damaged armor and couldn't help but suspect that their last trial had left its mark on him. He couldn't bear the thought of a comrade facing the subsequent challenges at less than optimal health. Curiosity and concern welled up within him, prompting Sasuke to inquire, "Pardon me asking, but are you well? Did the previous trial inflict any harm upon you?"

Mentions: TheTimePiece TheTimePiece
Ability Used:
  • Sensory Synthesis | Supersense [Echolocation, Seismic Sense] + Energized E + Appraisal F + Feature: Eidetic Memory | Grade E | 0 Post Cooldown
    By merging seismic sense and echolocation, I intricately map and commit my environment within a 100 feet radius to memory.

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Mentions: Novama Novama | Squink Sona Radar Sona Radar
Languages: Common | [Terran] | {Sylvan}

If his calculations were correct, he should be able to take himself on, even if he was too tired to cast a spell of the same intensity. All he needed to do was to immediately cast the same spell at a lesser intensity [Ethereal Blight E] at the incoming targets to lessen the incoming blow. Afterwards he should be able to fizzle out what force remained with a simple [Magic F] mana ability the moment the orbs were closed in on him enough to counter them all at once, seeing as how they'd all been aimed at a singular point. That was, at least, how he hoped the scene would play out, as he was in the process of seeing it through in practice.

Whether he'd be able to get off scoff free or not, he'd not be able to move after focussing as much. He should probably work on getting better Focus or being a bit more Energised, but that would have to wait. He wondered what or who would lie in wait for them next, shortly debating if trying to team-up with some people would be wise. That said, he wasn't good at making connection and the only one who'd drawn his attention thus far was the purple woman. She didn't seem all that reliable as an ally though, the badger man might be better for that. Although that one already moved on.

He sighed, deciding to try his changes with the lady from before. Upon hearing she'd succeeded, he spoke up. “Congratulations.” She'd also complimented his hat. Right. It was normal procedure to give a compliment back, was it not? He observed her a bit, trying to come up with one. Until he found one he believed might be most excellent. “And I like your dress. It suits your form and colours.” Yes, that was probably going to be taken well enough to increase his chances of teaming up and thereby getting through this trail. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly.

Ethereal Blight E – Magic E, Magic Range F, Magic Targets F, Ethereal [Blight] Affinity, Focus F – Character uses [Ethereal] Blight magic against up to 5 targets within 30 ft. Blight adds 1 damage if effective. - Grade E – 1 Post Cooldown.


Action 1: Ethreal Blight E
Action 2: Magic F
Action 3: Talk to Squink



"Common" "<Beastial>" "[Analog]" 'Thoughts'

Glacier let out a metaphorical sigh upon seeing Elandril's nod, fearful for a moment that he wouldn't even be able to pass the first test.

Walking over to the mirrors, Glacier briefly observed the other participants. Two had already passed from the second, their strength evidenced by the powerful blows they had mitigated from their counterparts. Many seemed to be on the second trial as well, which at least meant that he wasn't falling too far behind the rest.

Standing on his four paws of ice in front of one of the mirrors, Glacier would talk to the clone that'd materialize, "I know not the nature of your existence... nor if you are truly capable of understanding me... but know that I am ready to face you nonetheless, mirror of myself." Glacier would give a bow of his head, before slightly raising his muzzle up at the clone; a gesture of both respect and determination.
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Tupu Maa

Tupu was traveling through the lands to make his way back to his confidant The Elder Dragon Crysanthara , and was feeling rather focused yet bored currently as he merely heard about some event going on at the Adventurer's Guild and stopped to have a look at it while traveling to visit the Elder Dragon Crysanthara. His curiosity and the fact that it was on the way were the only reason he stopped by and luckily it seems Crysanthara had no issues with it either her voice entering his head when she detects his slight change in direction to head towards the Guild from her heart-stone "That is fine but do not dawdle long we have much to discuss." He smirked and quickly set off to the Adventurer's Guild with hastily as he felt pretty good to be able to run free for a little. He traveled quickly to the Guild's quarters and underwent the process of signing up for the event. A few speeches here, some explaining rules later, and entering a rather nice open area which seems to be where the special training are taking place. Tupu hears the overseer Elandril give one last speech before introducing them to their first trial which was simple enough choose a target and strike true. This trial was a quick and easy as one strong front kick to a dummy's skull put a dent in it.

The second trial comes along and Tupu stands among the others somewhat bored as he listens to the instructions of the next trial seeing some participants converse among each other so for the advantage of having allies which was a smart move but Tupu feels no need to exercise such precautions as how the trial has been going he would be able to pass without uttering a word until the end. Instead of ending his trial immediately like the first one Tupu actually waits to watch the others handle theirs before moving on to his somewhat curious about their abilities. Using a simple [Appraisal] see if anything interesting will pop up though his expectations on the information collected are low at least knowing their name would be useful. Tupu then looks over to the mirror-like apparition of himself and approaches with a heavy but bored stare wondering how would I attack myself and then imagining the easiest ways to finish it. Tupu then decides to use his [Heightened Sense: Sight] to observe the slightest movements and read his mirror copy's eyes trying to spot any familiar quirks of his the clone might mimic before using a certain technique.

Heightened Sense: Sight E - 1 post
Appraisal F - 0 post


1. Quietly participate in the training
2. Scans over his fellow participants with Appraisal
3. Uses his Heightened Senses to try to read the copy's attack by watching it's body language
DbhfTSAVQAATC3c (1).jpg

Mentions: Novama Novama , Sona Radar Sona Radar (only mention, first paragraph)

As Seth looked at the other warrior's form, another figure parted from the adventurers assembled, approaching Sere. It was the young octopus lady he had noticed before. The mercenary didn't want to eavesdrop, but he couldn't help but hear her speaking with a soft, enthralling voice. Curious, how even beyond her polite tone, her request had a strangely compelling quality. He was almost tempted to go and help himself, except for the fact that he had his own test to worry about.

Distracting himself observing those two almost cost him the second trial, and he barely caught a glimmer of movement before his clone emerged from the mirror, ready to attack. Though he knew of his weakness in the grand scheme of things, the warrior had seen battle before, and he was experienced enough to recognize a blow he could not avoid. He knew his capabilities well enough, and he had trained hard to improve the strength of his throws and their accuracy. However, his defensive abilities were less polished. In the fraction of a second before his mirrored form's spear skewered him, he had a choice to make: try a desperate dodge, or grit his teeth and bear the attack as well as he could? Unless… Unless took a third option.

“All or nothing.”

Seth couldn't help the manic grin that spread across his face as a stupid, reckless idea came to his racing mind. If he succeeded, he would be unharmed. Failure, however, would probably end with both of them impaled. He couldn't help it, though. Not even consciously thinking about it, his body had already assumed the position. With a second burst of speed today, he released his own [Long Fang], mirroring his own reflection. His target was clear: The tip of the other spear.

He didn't wait to even see the result, as soon as the polished wood left his fingers he was already rushing forward, ready to fight with his fists if need be.

Cooldown E – 0/1

1 – [Long Fang] (Fighting Style [Spear] E, Accurate E, Penetrating F, Range E)
2 – Movement towards the reflection

John Doe
Human [Mundane] | Mage | Ryken Adventurer [F]

John, having earned his place in the next trial with his multi-target spell, didn't let success go to his head. He knew it was just the beginning of the grand adventure. With the determination of a squirrel stashing acorns for winter, he ventured forward.

The second trial loomed like an ogre with a toothache, demanding resilience. His gaze wandered to the mystical mirrors adorning the stony walls. Each mirror was a unique enigma, a bit like choosing a meal at a new tavern where everything's written in a foreign language.

Now, his mission was self-defense. He braced himself for a symphony of attacks mimicking his own skills from the first test. These reflections of his own abilities were like that nagging inner voice, always reminding him of his flaws.

He watched those before him, taking mental notes like a diligent student in a boring lecture. Calming his nerves, he honed his mana, plotting a game plan to protect himself from his own worst enemy - himself.

Ability Cooldowns:
D - 0/1

Character Grade F - [Martial Artist]

"Of course, be glad to lend a hand! If it is allowed then I don't mind at all." Before he knew what he was doing or exactly why, Shere's focus had broken and he had turned slightly to chat with Squink. A rare thing for him in this kind of situation, but it all happened so suddenly he didn't quite register how it had come about or indeed that it had happened until his mirrored self came at him. And boy it came at him swinging. No time to think, nothing prepared, the fighter acted on instinct born of thousands and thousands of hours perfecting his craft in practice and in a scrap.

Immediately put on the back foot he went with the flow by skipping back a single step, right hand held out before his face to simply catch the jab in his palm. The uppercut, a blow with shorter reach by virtue of its trajectory, would naturally fall short after his retreat. And as he retreated he pivoted on his rear foot, drawing his left back behind him, so that suddenly he was leading with his right hand, a stance switch to create new angles for himself and force them on his opponent. That was enough of being defensive for him, and against himself no less, that could not stand.

So rather than shy away he burst straight back towards his foe in a straight line like a pendulum, not into the kick but through it, to take back the intiative on his own terms. Head behind his lead forearm and shoulder raised to absorb the high kick, he sought to crowd his reflection and take away its space to kick with impunity. He took the step back into close range decisively and the next step sent him into the air. Exploding upwards while his reflection was off-balance, standing on one leg trying to attack low, Shere leapt into a flying left knee through his reflection's open side to send a shard of bone crashing into its skull.

1) Countering with ability Formless [F] - Accurate F, Blight F (Bludgeoning), Blind Fighter, Contact F, Continuing F (Pain), Deflect F, Flexible, Hot Shot F, Linked F, Multidimensional, Penetrating F - 0 post cooldown. Strength D (3), Natural Weapon E (2), Weapon Mastery F (1) = 6 base combat effectiveness before Technique Core effects.​

Rios felt as if he had achieved something new, something different than before. He couldn't place his finger on it. However combining all of his rather lackluster talents had somehow given him a glimpse into a whole new perspective. Now he could see something different on Mirror Rios. Picking up his wooden sword once more. A determined Rios was ready to face his doppelganger once again. His copy seemed to take notice of this and readied its own sword. The pair of Rios's stared at each other for a bit before beginning their dash toward one another. This time, Rios had no hesitation in his sword. He didn't think of the moment but of after. He WOULD succeed in this fight so he had to focus on what came after it. Such thoughts could be seen as a sign of arrogance. Rios chose to see it as having confidence in his abilities. He had the acceptance of failure and chose to behave as if he would either die or kill his opponent. The moment both copies of the same amateur faced each other with the weapons about to clash. The original Rios chose to scan his doppelganger before going for a slash to the throat. No need to complicate the matter or employ fancy techniques he didn't know. All that mattered was that he swung his sword with all that he could muster at that one moment. Giving himself over to his sword in that brief span of time before Mirror Rios could properly swing its own weapon. Rios could feel his weapon attempt to shatter given how much force was put behind it.

.Move Toward Mirror Rios
.Swing Sword
Character Sheet

Character Theme

Mentions: Novama Novama Elvario Elvario
TLDR: Squink make friend with Deliverance and smoothly exits stage left before going to the mirror

Squink was much delighted to hear that the first trial was successfully passed, having not wanted to use the susceptible mind of another just for her own use as she turned her attention to Deliverance for his response, to of which he had ended up complimenting her back. Usually people just asked about the face, tentacles and what she was rather than pushing such niceties her way so it struck as a rather surprising change of pace. Unsure at first whether or not he was just trying to pick out something to compliment to match, the fact that he used comparison to her form and skin felt like just a very bizarre way to flirt more than anything. Squink wasn't even sure if it was flirting by that point.

"T-thanks, you too" Squink blankly responded as she chose to not follow up on ner response whatsoever as she just hesitantly fingergunned in the direction of the mirror she was going to head to, her face tentacles also hesitantly pointing like they were doing the same.

"I'm gonna go- and look at myself in the mirror for a moment. Because, of a nice dress and stuff and not because I won't pass, and I'll uh... talk to you afterrr, new- friend, person- acquaintance? Did I mention my name- it's Squink if I didn't" she laughed nervously out of embarrassment as she tried to smoothly move her way out of conversation but not to pass up the chance to get talkative with someone else after she was done.

Heading over to an unoccupied mirror, she didn't exactly know what to expect since she wasn't as combat-worthy as anyone else. More encouraged by her first success and getting to talk to someone else to lift her spirits, she just took a curious look at the mirror while she waited for something to happen.

1. Talk to Deliverance
2. Look at mirror if she can do any smarts or know anything about it Arcana F
Lastly, Gyld's autumn magic had decayed a melee target. It lay in ruin after one of the legs holding it up rotted unevenly causing the target to fall, but Master Elandril approached an adjacent target, pulling a small pin from its back. The target collapsed, a heap on the floor next to the one Gyld assaulted. "Efficiency, Gyld. There are simpler ways to do accomplish what you did. It is not the goal of this test to destroy the dummies but to pick the targets suitable to ones abilities. Remember this: in the field, you may be presented with a number of opportunities. The Most tempting one is not always the one that leads to the best outcome for all. Try again."

Master Elandril's gaze swept over them, a silent call to action.

Gyld's chest swelled with pride as the melee target crumbled to the ground, decayed and destroyed by his Autumn's Lament E. However, the satisfaction was short-lived as Master Elandril approached another target and effortlessly caused its collapse with the removal of a small pin.

"Efficiency, Gyld. There are simpler ways to accomplish what you did. It is not the goal of this test to destroy the dummies but to pick the targets suitable to one's abilities. Remember this: in the field, you may be presented with a number of opportunities. The most tempting one is not always the one that leads to the best outcome for all. Try again."

Gyld felt a wave of embarrassment wash over him. He had been so focused on demonstrating his abilities and proving his worth that he had missed the point entirely. The test was not about destroying targets; it was about understanding one's strengths and using them effectively.

Master Elandril's words were a reminder that brute force was not always the best solution, and that wisdom and judgment were just as important as strength and skill. Gyld bowed his head respectfully, acknowledging the wisdom in Master Elandril's words.

Determined to do better, Gyld prepared himself for another attempt. This time, he would approach the task with a clearer mind and a more strategic approach, keeping Master Elandril's wise words at the forefront of his thoughts.

As Gyld shifted his focus to the mage targets, he called upon the forces of nature once more, this time drawing on the Eternal Glade’s deep connection to plant life. With a determined gesture, he invoked the Entangle spell.

Almost immediately, the ground beneath the magic targets erupted with a surge of vines and roots. They grew rapidly, twisting and writhing as they sought to ensnare their targets. The first wave of vines missed, but, guided by Gyld’s will, they persisted, growing and extending in a relentless pursuit.

Eventually, the vines found their mark, wrapping tightly around the mage targets and rendering them immobile. As the vines secured their hold, more roots emerged from the ground, further tangling and trapping the targets in their grasp.

Gyld watched as the mage targets were completely immobilized by the entangling vines and roots. He felt a surge of satisfaction, knowing that he had chosen a more suitable target for his abilities this time. He looked to Master Elandril for his reaction, hoping that he had redeemed himself with this second attempt.


Note: All abilities listed here use Gyld's Nature Domain (Eternal Glade):
-- Grade E; Effectiveness 8 (Magic E2, Componentless Magic E2, Intelligence C4) Cooldown 0;
--E-grade ((Range: 30ft & Duration: 1 hour; Targets: 5 | AOE: 15ft radius))
--Intelligence C4, Magic E2, Domain F2, Selective Magic F1, Componentless Magic E2.

  • Entangle (2 actions): Magic E, Affinity Plant F, Tangle F, Flexible F, Accurate F (-1 Speed), Homing (if miss, try again), Linked (if hit succeeds, hit again).
    • Vines and roots grow and extend, wrapping around the targets indicated, tripping and tangling them. Even when they miss, more erupt to continue the assault. Once they catch hold, more wrap tightly around, holding their targets ever tighter.

  • Bonnie Blaze
    Offworlder, Fae [Mundane], Tinkerer Apprentice, Gunslinger, Attentive Student F

    Bonnie drawled, her western outlaw accent cutting through the tension. "Well, ain't this a fancy setup. Watched y'all long enough, reckon it's time for a little fireworks show."

    As she stepped closer to her chosen target, a straw dummy, she warned those nearby. "Y'all better back up and cover yer ears. I got limited stocks of this stuff, but I'm goin' all out."

    With a sly grin, she loaded her trusty handgun, Peacekeeper, and took aim. "Now, watch closely, darlin's." She declared, her eyes fixed on the dummy. "Here comes Bonnie Blaze's special touch."

    She pulled the trigger, launching a large crimson round that erupted into fiery brilliance upon impact. "Yeehaw!" Bonnie whooped as the fireworks danced and dazzled.

    1. Bonnie approached the straw targets until she was 10 feet away from them.
    2. Used Boomspire F on the straw targets.
    Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

    Components: Energized F, Steady Hands F, Weapon Mastery [Firearms] (Accurate, Area [5 Feet], Blight [Fire], Contact, Contagion, Continuing [Burning], Homing, Hot Shot, Incurable, Irritant [Smell], Penetrating, Range [10 Feet], Selective, Spreading), Peacemaker F

    Description: Utilizing her large, long-barreled handgun, Bonnie fires an explosive round that erupts into a fiery blast on impact, engulfing her enemies in a burning spectacle of smoke, shrapnel, and flames.
Cluilia Calogera.png
Eris Granstone

D Grade Character

Titles: Human, Priest, Holy Smiter, Hero of The Fae See, Mage, Fae, Spirit of the Battlefield Ally F

mentions: Novama Novama Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia Voider Voider Sona Radar Sona Radar TheTimePiece TheTimePiece Perdict Perdict @Sepokku Swagkage Swagkage @Gwen_Temi Elvario Elvario

  • Holfeel's Kiss - Religion B, Magic E, Healing C, Divine Affinity F, Magic Duration F, Magic Area of Effect, Magic Range F- Thanks to Holfeel's caring nature, heal significant injuries, including reattaching severed limbs/organs, fix broken bones are possible in an area around the caster within 10 ft. Healing effect lasts for 1 hour or until canceled. - Grade B - 4 Post cooldown

Eris looked at their proctor as he told her she was holding back her power, to which Eris gave him a confused look for a moment. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she was told to unleash her true power when in truth she had used her strongest attack ability. She stood there as she muttered a silent prayer. Let the light reach the depths of the darkest of places and allow the lost to be found. With that complete she looked back at the target she had looked at earlier and took aim at the target.

As her scripture book pages flipped open revealing the Book of Evitius Verse 12-16,
"Book of Evitius Verse 12-16, huddle around me my child for your wounds will be healed for what was lost will be found once again. For my kiss nurtures the meek and the malnourished be at peace my children!" As Eris finished the chant the magic target started to glow as the divine magic started its effects upon the target. Though she had no idea what it was going to do in this situation.
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TLDR: some pass 2nd trial. Some pass their 1st trial finally. Others are making their way to the '3rd trial'. On the way, Sasuke encounters trouble and Yukan faces a choice.
Post Listening:

Adventurer's Guild Training Hall



Yukan and Sasuke, walking side by side like shadows intertwined, were the architects of their own destiny until an unseen force played its hand. With a whisper of fate, they were struck from behind, the world spinning into darkness for Sasuke as he fell into the realm of unconsciousness (1hp damage reducing character to 0. Character is down. In worlds, they could have died. At this point rp'er may choose to retire from the rp or wait and see if another character can save the character). Yukan (1hp damage), a silhouette against the fading light, remained a silent sentinel over his fallen comrade. If Yukan's first action is anything other than fleeing the tunnel, he risks additional harassment.

Deliverance, a dance of ethereal light and shadow, stood his ground as his own magic cascaded towards him, a symphony of unseen forces colliding. The ethereal tendrils of magic broke through his defenses, the impact resonating through his being, leaving him half his former self but still a silhouette against the tapestry of destinies. Master Elandril, the weaver of this intricate dance, acknowledged his persistence, allowing him to walk the path leading to the next trial in the arena.

Glacier, the whisperer of icy realms, faced a silent echo of himself, a pack of mirrored foxes howling soundlessly. They attacked in unison (5 minions, F grade attack), with the main mirrored fox jabbing at Glacier with a frosty snout (E grade attack), a chilly dispute among construct animals.

Master Elandril, the bearer of wisdom and guidance, turned his gaze towards Tupu, whispering words of caution and guidance. The myriad targets awaited Tupu's strongest ability, a test to prove his readiness to walk further into his destiny. He would not be permitted to try the magic mirrors until he displayed the peak of his abilities first.

Seth would see as his spear collided with its twin, a ballet of wood and metal and mirror, before the Master acknowledged his efforts and allowed him to walk further down the path with Deliverance, the shadows of the hallway whispering secrets of the trials to come.

John, the weaver of mana, faced the echo of his own bang attack, spheres of magic splitting and encompassing the air around him, a dance of light and destructive power. (D grade attack)

Shere, the martial artist of intertwined fates, found himself in a dance of equal footing with his mirrored self, their martial prowess canceling each other out in a symphony of moves and counter-moves. Master Elandril, the silent observer, stepped in after a time as the mirrored copied dispersed. He would nod his approval and allow Shere to walk further down the hall, the whispers of the arena calling his name and the others that had completed their mirror trial.

Rios, the bearer of unfortunate destinies, found himself thrown back by his mirrored self, the air knocked out of him, a whisper of bad luck playing on the strings of his fate. At some point in his rush, he got off balance and went off course and smacked the wall behind the Mirrored dopple. The practice weapon was destroyed and Rios was smacked back by the force of his own attack getting sent back into him to send himself flying back 2 yards. (2hp damage) Yet, Master Elandril saw he was still standing, so he permitted Rios to take the next step. He would be waived on to the next trial down the corridor to the arena.

Squink, the enticer, faced her mirrored self, a provocative dance of seduction playing in the air around her, the touch of mental and physical caress whispering secrets of unknown pleasures. Squink would need to resist herself. (F grade attack)

Gyld was acknowledged by Master Elandril and his persistence was commended. He, too, would be permitted to face his mirrored self in the Mirror Trial.

Bonnie received a nod of approval for her unusual fiery display. The dance of flames playing on the targets in the area were supernaturally snuffed out. She would be permitted to approach the Mirror Trial to take on her own fiery shot herself.

Eris found herself commended by Master Elandril, her healing abilities a spectacle for all in the hall, a whisper of divine power playing on the strings of fate as she was allowed to step into the mirror trial, the hall whispering caution to those around her. Surely such a brilliant display of abilities would face an equally incredible destructive force in the Mirror Test.
Yukan Koyake
"Common", "<Beastial>"​
Mentions: Novama Novama Swagkage Swagkage

Yukan turned to Sasuke and gave him a slight bow of acknowledgment, someone else who had ventured as far was a sight to behold. He knew from experience that these trals weren't exactly designed to be easy, and given the scaling in difficulty he felt that whatever lied ahead was going to truly test them. For now he would reply in common,

"Unfortunately not, I am unsure if this is because of magic concealing what is ahead of us, or if it is because we are safe for now, regardless we should exercise great caution moving forward.

What he was somewhat surprised to hear was Sasuke's concern about his well being, as it was apart his armor had been heavily damaged. Yukan thought for a moment, before replying, "I faced the last trial to the best of my ability, and was struck with the full force of my abilities..thankfully my armor took a brunt of the attack, while it is true I was hit, I am not down, and will persist as long as possible, What I will say is that I appreciate you asking, are you well?" Yukan replied with a bit of a smile and positive tone, returning the question.

As the pair moved together into the next trial area, unfortunately Yukan did not have much to work with here as he got hit yet again, letting out a intentionally stifled sound of pain, but what was more alarm was when Sasuke fell to the ground unconscious and there was a silhouetted figure. A look of determination fell on Yukan's face upon seeing this scene, after the initial surprise, and he immediately kept his Yari brandished and turned it to the figure. He wasn't about to turn his back on this enemy, not before and especially not now that his comrade had been incapacitated, he knew that in a non trial setting, this would mean Sasuke could have been killed then and there right after, and for all he knew this was extremely dangerous too..but no He wouldn't let them get away after bringing down Sasuke. Whether I fall is irrelevant, pass or fail I will do what I know is right as a warrior. He thought to himself. Yukan would show with actions instead of words that he was [Loyal] as well as a [Triad Allied Leader].

A steely glint of conviction was now in his eyes as he quickly assumed position, whether he fell here or not, he was not going to leave Sasuke here vulnerable with a threat without putting up the best fight possible. He looked with Darkvision F once more to see if he could get a clearer read on his target before he used "< Falling Spear Style: Transcendent Transpierce!>" He said while doing the gesture not even wanting to give the figure a chance to think about what he was doing. Yukan then followed up with a Lesser Transpierce ability attack.

1. Quickly try to Assess Target with Darkvision F
2. Use Ability Transcendent Transpierce on Target.
[Specialize] Fighting Style [Falling Spear] Transcendent Transpierce - Reach F, Penetrating D, D Grade Ability - 2 round cooldown.
Yukan attempts to stab his foe with a great penetrating force ignoring up to three grades of opponent's defensively used item.
3. Attack target again with [Specialize] Fighting Style [Falling Spear] Lesser Transpierce - Reach F + Penetrating E, E Grade Ability 1 Round cooldown.
Yukan attempts to stab his foe with a great penetrating force ignoring up to two grades of opponent's defensively used item.
E: (0/1)

Character Sheet C3BEE6

Standing [F Grade Character] Titles [Construct, Homunculus, Visitor] Point Booster [Narrative Booster F]

Caught off guard and struck from behind, Sasuke was engulfed in a suffocating wave of shame. How had he, the aspiring hero, allowed this to happen? His senses, usually so keen, screamed their disappointment as he realized the depth of his vulnerability.

As the world spun into a disorienting darkness, Sasuke's internal monologue echoed with self-reproach. "I should have been more vigilant. I should have been stronger. I can't let this happen again."

His senses berated him, reminding him that there was still much to learn and improve upon. It wasn't arrogance that had led him astray; it was the harsh truth that there were limits to his current strength, limits he couldn't afford to ignore.

With a profound sense of regret weighing him down, Sasuke surrendered to unconsciousness, his final thoughts filled with despair at his inability to protect Yukan from their unseen adversary. In that moment, his destiny slipped from his grasp, and all he could do was pray for salvation from the darkness that threatened to consume them.

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