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Fantasy [Isekai Hell][Ciu'nan]Orson's Feast II


The morning of the second day of Orson's Feast came early for those who had stayed up late binging their meat and drink the night before. Clouds had rolled in during the night and stacked themselves three or four stories high, however, so at least the sun would not upset those sensitive from overindulging their drink of choice. A wind had wandered into the mountains as well, stirring the refreshing fragrance of the pines.

While many were content to sleep off their carousing from the previous night, day two of the feast brought with it the contest of strength, which brought out the athletes and health fanatics. A small group of bearkin were already warming up with a brisk jog around town. In the square, a monk was stretching as he saw fit. Even though they did not seem to be very physically inclined, there were two catkin in robes casually sipping cups of warm milk in the tavern lobby.

Crymaria, Boris, and Hathaway are all currently in the tavern just waking up and making their way down to the lobby. The bearkin tavern keeper has porkchops and eggs frying in addition to a pot of porridge available. He suggests adding some of their specialty honey if you take the porridge.


Time: mid morning
Weather: overcast, breezy


Hathaway's robs swathed about as he maneuvered his way past the other customers within the he tavern. He had come a day late to the festivities due to catching a cold on his way here. The illness of course wasn't anything serious but it did bring painful memories of the nature of his death from his previous lifetime.

He was a longways away from his time as an orphan that died freezing to death with hate in his heart. Still, as much as he'd like to forget about it, that old icy flame of resentment would creep up in him sometimes. It caused the usual carefree priest to give an uncharacteristic air of cynicism.

He prefers not to be that kind of person, despite his best intentions. So rather forcefully he wore the pleasant smile that would always cause others to be at ease around him. In a desperate need to focus on something else, Hathaway's eyes found the visage of the tavern keep behind the counter. Before even fully sitting down on the stool, the young Priest was already chatting away at the tavernkeep.

"Hello there. I know you probably get this sort of question pretty often recently, but I need to ask; what kind of contest will this strength testing event be? Are there any notable favorite's to win? Don't worry I'm not trying to gamble on whose going to win, the Church wouldn't look to fondly on that. I just want to know who should I be excited about."

Hathaway spoke with the keen interest of a young boy half his age. He was typically nimble and soft-spoken, however that was contrasted by how fascinated he was by incredible feats of strength that was impossible for himself.

His eye lids bounced up with the energy of someone that had forgotten something. "Oh right, and if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to order some eggs, please."

Crymaria pressed her hand against her throbbing head as she walked down the stairs followed by Borris. "Comrade Boris, why didn't you stop me, my head is throbbing, Comrade," she complained as she made it down to the lobby looking around it seemed like most people were already up. She looked back over her shoulder as she looked at Boris before slowly making her way over toward the barkeep. Letting her hand drop to her side as she slid into one of the bar stools next to what looked like a priest of some kind.
"I'll take the porridge and some of the honey," Crymaria requested as she then rested her head on the top of the bar closing her eyes for a moment. "Comrade Boris, never again this hurts worse than vodka and I didn't think that was possible," she complained as she reached back to pet the bear between the ears. Opening one of her eyes she scanned the area for the Elves she had met yesterday though she didn't seem to find them from the quick glance. She was curious to know if they gave up and went home or if they were still in the city.

"Say Comrade Priest, you wouldn't be able to cure me of this headache would you?" Crymaria inquired as she picked up her head and looked over at the priest that was next to her. Though based on the questions he had asked looks like this was his first time being here as well. Though there was still much to find out as she turned back to the barkeeper. "Comrade Barkeep, would you happen to know what happened to the elves that came to speak to the council?" She inquired.

Kenju Law Kenju Law Clyvelle Clyvelle
| Fae | Merry |
Merry - character is frequently overcome with fae like merriment. While more respectable individuals may try to hide their amusement at improper times, character freely displays their amusement. It is often contagious.
In an upper room of the inn, the occupant of a corner room sat quietly upon her bed. She had been up for an hour or two but had remained in her room. On her lap sat the animal skull that now adorned her head instead of her antlers. Her hand softly caressed the bony headdress as she contemplated the changes she had noticed since arriving at Kruhrin.

The most noticeable change was that her antlers had been replaced by this skull. She had been through two separate skirmishes on her way to Kruhrin, yet neither encounter caused damage to her antlers. What's more, there was no sign her original antlers had ever been attached to her head. The place where her horns had sprouted from had been completely covered with flesh and hair.

Her wardrobe had also changed. Even before donning the armor she salvaged after her last battle not far from Kruhrin, the foliage she had been clothed with had severely withered and partially fell away like a tree losing its leaves in the autumn.

Ciu'nan let out a sigh. She had arrived at Kruhrin too injured to pursue her goal immediately. The fae had ended up in the care of Lady Bao herself, who had been monitoring and facilitating her healing. Once she had healed enough, Bao passed the observational duties to Beni.

Ciu'nan glanced at her arm where a red scar now served as a reminder of her encounter with the mercenaries. Of course, the armor she now wore also was a reminder but in a more 'spoils of war' sort of way. Who were those guys anyway?

Shaking her head briefly, Ciu'nan carefully placed the skull on her head and stood up. Straightening her clothing, she instinctually reached for her spear to holster it on her back, but her hand stopped short of grabbing it. She stared at the spear for a moment before her hand retracted. Instead, she grabbed the sling she had been wearing while she recovered and slung it around her shoulder. Curling her arm in it, she shook herself a little to fully let her arm relax and go limp in the sling. Going to her door, she paused in front of it as her "good" hand rose and tapped the bottom of her chin then one cheek then the other. A smile blossomed as she opened her door and stepped out into the hallway.

Ciu'nan softly greeted the few people she met as they stumbled sleepily from their own rooms. Coming out to the balcony overlooking the lobby of the tavern, she examined the room below, seeing who was up and about. Her eyes locked onto the cats sitting together and chatting over their morning milk. It wasn't until her stomach grumbled that her gaze wandered over to the bar where the tavern keeper was already handing Hathaway and Crymaria their food orders. She began making her way to the stairs, carefully descending to the ground floor while her good hand held onto the railing.

The barkeep answered the questions from Crymaria and Hathaway in turn.

"Three elves? Oh, the ones from Houisil, you mean? They might have been housed with the council members. Representative types like them are sometimes given that privilege," he said to Crymaria before turning to Hathaway. "I believe the first contest is a hike. The contestants will pair up and carry each other up part of the mountain behind the village. There's a meadow back there where other events will be held throughout the day. As far as favorites go...my money is on Daichi personally." The barkeep leans towards Hathaway and lowers his voice. "You didn't hear it from me, but there's a betting pool if you'd like to wager. I won't tell if you don't, but please, for the love of Orson, don't tell Beni...or this one approaching the bar now for that matter." The barkeep straightened up as Ciu'nan drew near.

As she approached the bar, Ciu'nan waved to the bearkin tending it. She walked right up and sat next to Hathaway. When the barkeep looked to her expectantly, she said, "Good morning! I'll have the porridge with honey please." The bearkin nodded and went to the pot behind him, ladling some porridge into a bowl. Returning to the bar, he slid the bowl in front of Ciu'nan. Reaching under the countertop, he retrieved a small jar of honey that he set next to her bowl.

Over in front of Crymaria, a similar arrangement was produced. In front of Hathaway, however, the barkeep set a bowl of uncooked eggs still in their shells. After setting everything down, he examined their arrangements and did a double take on what he had given Hathaway.

"Oh, uh, my mistake. I'll have your eggs out right quick, sir." said the barkeep apologetically.

Since the man seemed otherwise unoccupied, Ciu'nan shyly beckoned to him.

"Pardon me, sir, but could you assist me? It's hard to pour the honey in and stir with only one hand." she said in a similarly apologetic tone. "My name is Ciu'nan by the way."


Hathaway was all the more welcome to ingraciate himself with a stranger in order to recenter himself. So his smile at the young lady before him was an earnest one. Still he couldn't help but be a bit surprised at the bear that was casually along side her. Strange folks with strange companions was a pretty normal sight within Ryke but even Hathaway was sure he'd never seen someone travel with a fully grown bear before.

The more he thought about, the more he thought about how fun it must be to have around. Even more than that, the fur must also be pleasant. Noticing himself rudely starring a bit too long at the bear, Hathaway refocused his attention back on the girl herself. "Of course, miss. It's good that I remember being a cleric is more than just giving a pretty smile to everyone I meet." While making his remark, he raises an open palm towards the girl. His other hand reaches behind and grasps the wooden staff on his person, channeling the mana necessary. A moment after, a soft, harmless ray of green light emits from his hand and sends comforting waves of healing magic to sooth the pain within Crymaria's head.

While this was going on, Hathaway was listening to the barkeeper's info that he was pleased to hear. The entertainment was sure to be an exciting event from the sounds of it. The very fact that this barkeep was so informed about the happenings, showed him just how important this festival was for it's residents and how pleased they were by it. If that's the case, the maybe as a priest that sought to make the lives of people more fulfilling and pleasant, perhaps he could learn something.

"I see,..'Daichi' then. I'll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for when he comes up. Maybe I can even get a chance to talk to him if I play my cards right. Ahh, maybe I can even get a chance for him to give me some tips on growing muscles!" He chuckled to himself at the thought of being a large and muscular priest. Hathaway was about to respond to to the barkeep's comment on the betting but before he could, the aforementioned person sat beside him.

Seeing the woman, the things that stood out were without a doubt the animal skull that adorned her head. He wasn't affluent about his animal knowledge to ascertain which creature the skull belonged to. There was also the noticeable sling that carried one of her arms. Obviously, this person carried quite the story with them and it garnered all the more interest for Hathaway.

"It would be my pleasure. I wish more people would come up to me for help honestly, makes me feel like I'm actually doing my job." Upon saying that, Hathaway proceeded to pour the honey within the porridge and stirred it casually. "I'm Hathaway Peacecraft, officially I'm here to expand my knowledge, but personally I want to enjoy the festivities," he spoke loud enough so both Crymaria and Ciu'nan could hear him.

"Well Ms.Ciu'nan, I'm sorry to say I'm not skilled enough yet to cure broken or fractured arms but If It'll help I can assist you today in the things you need both hands for. How's that sound?" He suggested it as if it was only natural. Such a matter was commonplace for him to aid others. The fact that someone of higher ability was needed to heal her did make him feel somewhat annoyed at himself.

Nevertheless, Hathaway continued with his smile and turned toward Crymaria, "Miss, sorry for eavesdropping. I know it's an unpleasant trait that I have but I couldn't help but hear something about three elf representatives from Housil? It's none of my business. It's just that it seems like you're here for more than just a fun time."
The winds lead, thon follows.
  • After the sky had turned from black back to its cerulean shade, and the clouds rained no more unto a small village somewhere in the world, Ophenia had decided it best to be wandering adrift in the general direction of the winds. In time, she would eventually be led to Kruhrin. She had long since heard of someone's "Feast." Although she had less than no interest in feasts, the excitement exuding from it piqued her interest.

    If she was fortunate, it may just be fun! And where there was excitement, there were people, and where there were people are the perfect places for holding a performance!... Although it was only polite to first receive the permission from whomever was hosting this supposed feast. After touching a pretty-looking orb and being allowed to entrance in the village, the sylph had ultimately decided it best to stay the night in the tavern. After all, she had arrived at the least lively time of day.

    Ophenia, of course, started the morning in high spirits. She had to get up extra early to prepare everything. Her room was alight, decorated with colour and flowery motifs... This wasn't particularly the tavern's room, instead, this was the sylph's personal space temporarily pulled up by her [Belt of Things], otherwise known as the Angelique Suite. Thon had just finished dressing and restyling her hair. It was all the more tedious with how long it had become over her time in upper-land. Her morning would be quicker if the sylph had it cut shorter, but, that was not for her to decide.

    Sitting in front of the vanity's mirror, Ophenia struggled to apply the pink rouge matching her hair's shade to her brows and lashes. They were white like her hair was, however, unlike her hair, they weren't so easy to just dye. Although, even her hair still bore the habit of lightening with time... Once sufficient, the sylph took a peer into the glass. A tad cakey, but... It was fine. With a sigh, Ophenia stood and twisted the heart-shaped buckle on the belt she wore 'round her shoulders and with a gleam, the colourful and alit room around her disappeared into the air—Revealing the much more in-place room of the tavern.

    Ophenia opened the room's door, closing it behind quietly. With a wide smile, the sylph walked through the hallway to the balcony, her heels clicking and tapping with every step unto the floor. Ophenia went to the balcony's edge, extended her head out and leaning over the rails. Ophenia hummed, looking down at everyone in the tavern. Thinking about how people are getting up and starting to move again, preparing for their own things...

    Ah~ How truly delightful! She'd think, twirling back from the rails, the sylph headed downstairs with flittering steps and tapping heels. Glittering chiffon and ribbons fluttered briefly as the sylph seemingly bounced from one step to the next. Upon going down the final step, she'd take a momentary stop. It was than that with a glitzing stride, Ophenia would go around the lobby saying her "Hi"s and "Goodmorning"s to all the people, just as a means to get acquainted with the folks. She made her way 'round the tavern and would find herself stopping by the bar, raising a hand as she'd wave to group sitting there.

    "Good morning~♫" She'd chime, Ciu'nan caught the sylph's eye. It was the skull the person before her wore, a strange choice of accessory which... honestly disturbed Ophenia. Whatever! It was just a fake... People... People would not truly wear the skull of another... Right? After uttering a soft sigh, the chanteuse clasped together her hands and tilted her head with a smile, "Salutations! It is nice to meet you!" Said she, noticing the persons beside the fae, "Good day to you too~☆ Ah! and you two aswell!" She'd wave, greeting Hathaway, Crymaria and her companion.

    Ophenia took second glance at Ciu'nan, and noticed the sling around her arm. her eyes widened, as she'd pull back. Covering her mouth for a moment with a hand, "By the winds!" She'd utter, pulling the hand her way from her lips, "How did you receive such an injury, Miss?" The sylph asked, leaning a bit forward...

    It was then that a star shot across her eyes, "Ah♫ If you would like, Miss, I could try my voice at restoring it! Only if you would like to that is," Ophenia's eyes were sparkling, and her smile was wide as she awaited an answer. Yes, this was a perfect opportunity. What better way to start the morning than with a song? Mayhaps with an encore. More importantly, it may liven up folks' moods, help with any wounds they may have sustained... Oh, and if she were lucky, she may accrew a few new fans! Of course, she may require the permission of this inn's owner...


Crymaria closed her eyes as the priest put a hand on her head as the pain slowly went away then vanished she sighed. "Thank you, Comrade Priest, don't take these bears lightly they will drink you under the table," she thanked him as she waited for the food to arrive that she had ordered when the Priest and the barkeep spoke about the betting pot that was going on for who was going to win. However, she had no real reason to care for such a thing at the moment. So she decided it was best to sit there and wait for something interesting to happen. "Say you wouldn't happen to know where I could find out where they stayed at would Comrade Barkeep?" She inquired, looking at the bear for a moment.

That was when Crymaria noticed the new arrival that looked like a fae. She noticed the wounded fae and then reached back to pat Boris on the head as the bowl was placed in front of the Fae, and then the second bowl that held her food had finally arrived. When Hathaway introduced himself, she was about to grab the honey but was a little too slow as it was first poured into Cui'nan's bowl. After which, she grabbed the honey herself and poured it. Grabbing the spoon she started to mix it in with the porridge and then looked at Hathaway as he spoke.

"No, Comrade I think you are mistaken, I allowed Comrade Boris to pick the path I was simply along for the ride, I have no reason to be here, really. Simply right now I'm here to watch the festival but I was curious to the outcome with the elves," she explained shaking her head and taking a bite of the porridge when another individual walked in. When Crymaria looked at the new arrival she thought the girl was a bit strange and seemed to be singing a lot.

"Hello Comrade," she replied to the girl who still hadn't told them who she was, but that was secondary at the moment as Crymaria was more focused on eating her food.
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Merry - character is frequently overcome with fae like merriment. While more respectable individuals may try to hide their amusement at improper times, character freely displays their amusement. It is often contagious.
As Hathaway readied her meal for her, Ciu'nan thanked him profusely, apologizing for inconveniencing him. When he in turn apologized for not being able to heal her, she simply shook her head.

"Not at all, Priest Hathaway," her good arm cradled the sling, "it's nearly healed up. The medicinewoman here, a bearkin named Bao, has been most attentive to my healing. Maybe this sounds strange, but the experience of healing naturally as opposed to magically has been nice. It gives you time to think. If you're offering your aid, however, you should see Lady Bao. Being a healer can be busy work at times."

While the priest talked to Crymaria, Ciu'nan tucked into her porridge. The sweetness of the honey was particularly pleasing, but for some reason, it was the warmth of the dish the fae found herself most thankful for. She drank in the sensation of the sweetened oats sliding down her throat and settling in her stomach where the heat radiated a moment before dissipating. The next mouthful would have the sensation return. Ciu'nan's eagerness for the next bite caused a bit of a mess as some of the porridge dribbled down her chin.

At some point, a vibrant pink creature had appeared in the lobby and was making her rounds to wish every creature in creation a good morning whether they liked it or not. As she went around the tables, many responses were understandably less than enthused. Upon reaching the pair of catkin sipping their warm milk, however, she received a more amicable response.

"Ah, good morning, my dear," said one gray cat before brightly commenting to the other, "My, look at her! As lovely as a blossoming carnation, isn't she?" The other, a white cat, nodded. "Like a blushing vine of foxglove, she is!" said he, lifting his cup in toast to the sylph.

Her path wound around to the bar where Ciu'nan, Hathaway, and Crymaria were seated. Upon her approach, Boris decidedly moved away, "hiding" behind one of the bar stools. Occasionally, his head would poke out above the bar to survey the pinkette's location. The barkeep chuckled and tossed a porkchop his way, which pleasantly distracted the bear. Stools could be seen scooting out of the way as he rooted around for the morsel of meat.

Ciu'nan turned her porridge dribbled face towards Ophenia at her salutation. She froze a moment as she beheld this unreasonably pink being. Slowly swallowing her latest mouthful of porridge, its pleasantness was lost on her transfixed as she was by Ophenia. Ciu'nan tensed as the fae girl took notice of her injury and endangered the threshold of her personal space while forcefully offering...aid? At least, that's what Ciu'nan could gather. It wasn't unheard of for fae to speak oddly, but Common was obviously this fae's third or fourth language. Besides that, there was something Ciu'nan didn't like about the look in this fae's eyes.

"I'll pass." Ciu'nan said flatly. She returned to her porridge without another word.

The barkeep returns to the counter with Hathaway's eggs, apologizing as he sets the plate before the priest. Wiping his paws on his apron--out of habit rather than actual need--the bearkin turns to Crymaria as she inquired further about the elves. He scratched his head for a moment before answering.

"Well, I'd suggest talking to the council members, since they're the ones who likely housed the elves. In fact, I can guarantee there's someone at Lady Bao's home since she's taking care of Master Jia and his assistant after their accident. That's where I'd look first if you're wanting to find the elves." he said. The barkeep suddenly noticed the pink fae in his lobby and jumped a bit at the sight of her. Calming himself down, he addressed Ophenia, "Ah, pardon me, young lady. Can I offer you breakfast? Perhaps a porkchop or three? I hate to see a creature wasting away to nothing."

Hathaway listened to Crymaria's explanation as he received his eggs. He didnt detect anything suspicious at all about her answer. Looking at her small stature and slightly odd manner, the girl truly did look as genuine as she appeared to be. "So that's how it is, hm. Well I have to say that the idea of going where the a bear's nose takes you does sound like an entertaining venture. There's plenty you could learn about the world and yourself when faced with the wilds. Danger as well, though I'm sure that means you must be pretty resourceful,.. and of course there's Boris to lend you aid." As he finished trailing off with his statement, the priest lightly waved and smiled at the bear. Though he was a bit nervous once he remembered her mentioning something about the bear drinking.

While trying not to think of the bizarreness of it all, another kind of bizarre entered the fray. To merely describe her as 'pink' sounded rude to Hathaway. Yet, that would be an astute assessment with her garb, not he knew anything about fashion in the first place. Still it was more than her appearance, her bombastic energy was enough to wake up anyone who still had some drowsiness in them. While it was a lot, Hathaway thought it was rather pleasant to have someone so upbeat, it tended to lend that same energy to others around them.

"Hello, I'm Hathaway. Good Miss, I have to say, you know how to make quite the entrance. It's rather impressive! Would you happen to be…an entertainer perhaps?" Hathaway tried to guess her disposition as he rubbed his chin. There was a quirkiness about her that reminded him of the mermaid musician that he met at the Adventurer's Guild. While he was in the middle of his thoughts, he was suddenly struck by Ciu'nan's flat out rejection of the other fae.

Hathaway, always hoping in the good nature of others, wasn't so distrustful. In trying to save whatever tastefulness there could be of Ciu'nan's bluntness, he gave a wry smile toward Ophenia, "I..believe what Miss Ciu'nan's trying to say is that she prefers the art and practicality of natural healing. There are some things that only time and careful attention can fix after all." He spoke pleasantly before taking a bite out of one of his eggs.

After hearing the barkeep's words with Crymaria, Hathaway shifted his attention back towards Ciu'nan. "That reminds me, you mentioned this 'Lady Bao' too. Sounds like quite the accomplished healer. If she needs assistance, I'd be happy to help. I might even learn something." He continued his train of thought while his eyes scanned from person to person around him. Landing his fist in his other palm, an idea has clicked together.

"Ciu'nan, you know where Lady Bao is at and I'm sure you need a check up, correct?" Then he spoke to Crymaria "You need to head to Bao's for your own reasons right?" Finally, he aimed his attention toward Ophenia, "And from the sounds of it, you're very capable at healing. If you're offering your aid, then there's a place!"

Hathaway left some coins on the counter for the barkeep and proceeded to stand from his seat. His priest robs swaying back and forth from the movement. He gestured an open palm toward each of them. More than just his normal warm-hearted smile, was also one of excitement."What say we all go to Lady Bao's together. Not only will it be more efficient, but it should be entertaining with such a colorful cast. This is the sort of thing feasts are all about….At least I think so anyways."


Character Grade - E

Crymaria nodded as she was told to talk to the council members; as she continued to eat her food, she glanced back over her shoulder to take in the tavern. She noticed there were a few people from the night prior. "Though maybe if I found Comrade Beni she would be able to tell me more specifically, she seems to know everything the council does at least that how it seemed," Crymaria concluded with a nod of her head as she finished the food that was in her bowl. Turning around she faced Boris where she started to pat the bears head as Hathaway spoke now.

"Yes Comrade Hathaway, sometimes Boris's nose can lead to many wonderful things, though I think sometimes he just walks in a direction of his choosing more often than not until we reach or get close to a town," Crymaria chuckled as Boris let out a snort of disapproval at her words. There was much to be said about Boris. "Yes, though not many would see someone walking around with a bear either though, many interesting things me and Comrade Boris have experienced," she acknowledged.

"Yes, curiosity has gotten the better of me comrade," Crymaria agreed as she stood up from the stool as Hathaway gestured toward the group. She was curious to see if they had gotten what they came for or at least some kind of deal. Though there was a part of her in the back of her mind to go and see the contests and see what they were really like. "Traveling with comrades even if its a short trip always makes things far more entertaining," she chuckled patting the side of Boris.
A much more glamourous entrance.
  • It is not very often that one gets compared to things as dainty and lovely as a flower... Although to be compared to the genitals of plants, in the opinion of Ophenia, was rather strange. Not that she has the right to judge, she doesn't have any in the first place. Although last the sylph heard of it, being compared to genitalia isn't often a good thing... Although those feline folks didn't sound very negative in their tone.

    But wait! Flowers are oft' quite showy to attract pollinators, so rather than the specifics regarding such things, it was more than likely they were comparing her to the aforementioned solely in appearance. Seeing not beneath the petals is usually not the best, but... Hm. If it was a compliment, in the end, Ophenia's cheeks couldn't but redden a bit and her smile only widened. She'd cover her face if not for how long she'd spent on her makeup...

    Ophenia looked to the verdantly-dressed priest with eyes in glitz. His question was a mistake. "An entertainer? My~ How incredibly rude of me, you are quite right dear mister! Yes, a moment~ Best it would be for me to introduce myself!" Ophenia backed a slight bit away from the bar, heels clicking with each step on the floor. With a spin, Ophenia would bring out a glinting object, her [Resonator].

    "How often I embarrassingly do this upon first meetings, to call myself an entertainer... Ah! It must be an insult to all who entertain!" Ophenia raised the [Resonator] in the air, and without a moment to pass, the crystalline object had been brought alight. It glittered, sparkling with a pale yellow light. "Now, although my days as a songstress have been long, I am not much of note~♫ However, I will be sure to give you a truly dazzling introduction nonetheless~♪" She'd again twirl, with a gently sparkling light following her right hand as she held it out.

    "Without any further ado, I shall now be presenting...♪" Suddenly, the sylph would raise thons right hand high into the air, "Tadah~!" She'd snap her finger, efflorescent lights glittering off into a small burst around Ophenia's hand. [Holography] The [Resonator] hovered beside the performer, shining faintly as the image of a pink heart and brightly coloured text appeared in a space behind the sylph. "By my fanfare, Du~☆ Couer~♡ Pur~! and by me, Ophánia♫ Walking beneath the fluttering wings of the wind, I am the [Chanteuse] who shall sing as the agent of peace, love and happiness!" She'd claim, straightening her posture as she'd slowly place her hands, clasped, onto her chest.

    "With a song, accompanied by dance, I shall warm your heart until it is filled with smiles and happiness! With love and gentleness~♡" She'd add with a wide smile and wink, as she'd stretch out her shimmering arms. With two gentle claps, Ophenia relaxed into a more usual posture. "It is my greatest pleasure to meet you all! Ah~♫" She'd clap again, "It makes me so glad to have made new and dear friends! It is my joy to meet you, Mister Hatterday~☆" The [Resonator] beside the chanteuse gleamed orange.

    Although that orange would seldom last as it quickly waned into an azure, and then into a deeper blue, with Ciu'nan's flat rejection. The chanteuse couldn't help but droop her head as the sparkle left her eyes, as they would fall onto her twiddling thumbs. "Ah..." She'd utter, "My, I must apologise. I meant not to cause you discomfort--" She'd say, blinking as a soft sigh left her.

    The priest's interjection would save Ophenia from spiralling into an agitated mess, as she'd raise her head at his comment. The [Resonator] glimmered into a yellow again. "Ah~ I see! True that, after all..." Ophenia clasped together her hands and smiled, "Time can heal all sorrows!" She'd say, before turning to Ciu'nan again, "However~♫ If ever there be a need for a song, it would be the wind's wings if you ask me! I will be sure to sing the most loveliest one I can~♡" The sylph chimed with the tilt of her head.

    Ophenia looked at the bear, her eyes blanking out for a moment. Right. Eating... Ophenia held her arm up, snapping on another with it as she'd smile with proud eyes at the barkeeper. "You need not worry, dear sir~! It is quite early in the morning for me to be eating! I have to stay light and airy to ride along the roads of the wind~♫" Ophenia twirled, "Although, I do appreciate your kind offer! Ah~♪" Her eyes sparked, "It would be my joy to take any leftover charcoal! If not, a cup of water would be lovely for this day~☆" The sylph would reply.

    The [Resonator] sparkling beside Ophenia alit with a gradient of pale yellow and orange. The sylph's eyes sparkled as she'd look to Hathaway, "My! That sounds like a truly delightful plan! I would absolutely love to take you up on that offer! Ah~☆ But that is only if everyone is indeed fine with it as well, I mean not to impede anyone." Ophenia nodded, as she'd clasp her hands together and smile.

| Fae | Merry |
Merry - character is frequently overcome with fae like merriment. While more respectable individuals may try to hide their amusement at improper times, character freely displays their amusement. It is often contagious.
Ciu'nan was content to ignore the pink entity at her back, especially as she went through her gratuitous introduction. It was easier allowing Hathaway to speak for her rather than address the fae herself. Sipping on spoonfuls of her porridge, she instead listened in on the conversation of Hathaway and Crymaria. She glanced at the small girl on the other side of Hathaway when she mentioned Beni, but otherwise silently tended to her food.

Boris allowed Crymaria to pet him, but soon wandered towards the tavern's door, pawing at it. He appeared to have potentially urgent reason to leave. Just as well since Hathaway stood, suddenly volunteering Ciu'nan as their guide to the council abode.

She looked up at the priest thoughtfully as her mouth removed the last of her porridge from her spoon. Instead of answering him, Ciu'nan silently grabbed the jar of honey and drizzled another helping onto her spoon. Spinning the utensil around as the honey lazily flowed, Ciu'nan toyed with the golden treat before promptly inserting it into her mouth, savoring the sweetness at the expense of her company. Once the last of the honey had dissolved on her tongue, she withdrew the spoon and sat it next to her bowl, satisfied.

"Alright, then. Let's go before the bear makes a mess in here." Ciu'nan said as she withdrew a golden ryke from a pouch on her waist and set it on the bar next to her bowl. She stood and went to the door as the barkeep collected the coins from everone and put them in a pouch beneath his apron.

Ciu'nan opened the door and stepped out into the morning, Boris quickly following after her. While the bear darted off to take care of business, Ciu'nan took a deep breath and stretched her arms out to either side. Raising them and clasping the fingers overhead, she further stretched them towards the overcast sky, arching her back as she did so. Release of the stretch came with a gratuitous, shrill sigh. An involuntary smile blossomed on her face as she looked over her shoulder to see that everyone had followed her.

"The council members all live in a giant manor built into a cliffface overlooking the town."
Ciu'nan explained walking down to the corner of the tavern building and pointing up to a cliff further into town. "It's on the opposite side of town, not to mention uphill, so we better get going."

The roasting fires had been doused sometime in the night--or, more likely, the wee hours of the morning. Whatever remained of the carcasses had simply been offered to the fires before being extinguished. Bones protruded from the ashen mounds. Many bearkin were laying about on the ground near these smoldering remains, kegs and barrels of varying sizes cradled up to them like lovers.

In contrast to the layabouts, not a few bearkin could be seen taking morning runs and performing various forms of stretching and exercises. Even foreigners were among these--many humans and elves, but sprinklings of various other beastial races as well. A third type out on the streets of Kruhrin that morning were those in neither of the other two camps: having neither caroused the night before, nor woke up early to train for the day's events, they simply sat and basked in the gray morning or actively made their way up the trail leading into the mountains behind Kruhrin.

Ciu'nan and the others joined the throng travelling up this road, but turned off onto a terrace to the left before entering the mountain pass. This terrace held many buildings carved into the cliffface. The ones closer to the main road appeared to be various shops. All the buildings were made of stone; those directly carved out of the cliffface likely supplied the stone that constructed the neighboring buildings. After the shops they came to the town hall entrance, which was a half circle carved into the cliffface. Thick, wooden double doors banded with iron covered the entrance, but one side was standing open as they approached.

As Ciu'nan was about to enter, she suddenly stopped and backed away. From within the town hall emerged Beni. Her ears were laid back and her expression was downcast until she realized there were people outside the door.

"Beni...? Is something wrong?" Ciu'nan questioned uncertainly.

As she looked to Ciu'nan and the group that had come with her, the white rabbit struggled to make her expression more neutral. Finally, Beni sighed. "Jia's assistant...died last night."

While preparing himself to set off for the day, Hathaway took note of this councilor named 'Beni' that Crymaria had mentioned. He was surprised that they would get to meet someone of that level. Not only that, but the fact that Crymaria was acquainted with them already. She was far more of an adventurous girl than he thought. "It really does seem like you're just full of surprises. At some point you're going to need to tell me some stories about your adventures."

As he finished his remark, the fae, named Ophenia had proclaimed her existence before them all with a song, dance and colorful magic that left himself and others stunned until it was all over. After a short moment, Hathaway promptly began to clap and smile. "That was wonderful! We don't tend to get such…uh, colorful music at the church! I particularly liked your message of peace, love and happiness. Ophenia, was it? I think I'm a fan." He spoke cheerfully before giving a bit of an annoyed expression, with a forced smile "and by the way, it's 'Hathaway'".

"I'm sure everyone is happy to have you along."
Hathaway added as they began to set off throughout town. Allowing Ciu'nan to lead them, he observed the town and the areas he hadn't noticed when he first made his initial trek. Once they made it before town hall, Ciu'nan came to notice the individual that was named Beni. From the look of her face, Hathaway could have predicted the words that came out of her mouth.

Upon hearing the death of someone, Hathaway's rather temperament died down into a somber one. He proceeded to approach the councilor harmlessly. "I'm sorry for your loss. Their name was Jia, correct? Judging from the feelings you convey, I can tell that they were very much loved. Take solace in that knowledge. For love and peace is something that all souls wish to attain. In life they received your love and in the next, they shall have peace. Remember that."

Hathaway's occupation was one where he dealt with and faced the sorrow of many people. No short of it was because of death. So it was an instinct of his to naturally lend a warm gaze for any pained souls he saw around him. He slowly and calmly placed a hand on her shoulder, "Anytime or any day you wish, my arms and ears are always open for you."

Character Grade - E

Crymaria once outside watched Boris move go to take care of his business as she kept up with the group. What was going to happen next was something that even she didn't see coming. As it was explained where the council members stayed, Crymaria simply nodded her head. Well I suppose that does make it easier to have all the leaders under a single roof. Especially when there is a bunch of guests that are staying. She thought to herself as she continued to follow the group. She was curious to see what the out come was going to be with the elves. Though from what she heard from the night before it didn't seem all that promising. "Comrade Hathaway, I doubt my adventures would be that interesting, I have simply traveled," She admitted.

As the group moved through the town, Crymaria took in the scenery as they passed through the city on the way to their destination. The bearkin seemed to exercise fairly regularly though she wasn't sure if that was due to the festival or if that was part of their normal day. Though that didn't really matter too much as they continued along the path and ran into a familiar rabbitkin from the night before. When there was mention of the death Crymaria cocked an eyebrow at Beni. "Comrade Beni, would this death be the natural kind or something else?" Crymaria inquired as she was curious on the matter.

"You wouldn't happen to know if the elves are still here? The ones that were asking bout the building techniques," Crymaria inquired as she took a few steps forward as the matter was on her mind. The resolution hadn't been met yet from that night. Though there was much that still was left to discuss as it seems the councilor in question was injured and wouldn't be able to help the elves. But, that didn't mean that they couldn't get what they were coming for but on the other hand she didn't know if they were still here or not.

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Arkham Koenig

After his bitter parting with the people from Haeddre, Arkham wandered off aimlessly, claiming a couple of bounties as he traveled. However, by now he wanted a bit of a change of pace. And it just so happened that he caught wind of a festival of sorts taking place nearby. A town named Kruhrin, somewhere along the mountains. Having not much else to really do, he headed there. Unfortunately, despite planning to take advantage of the moonlit night to arrive on dawn or so, he got somewhat lost. After taking a more scenic route that required some climbing, jumping, and balancing, not to mention backtracking. Nothing out of the norm for him, fortunately.

Having set foot on the city, it was clear that festivities had begun the day prior, at the very least, but there was still something to enjoy today. Arkham had not had breakfast yet, and after his morning exercise, a hearty meal sounded wonderful. He made his way to the local tavern, taking note of the large amount of bear folk wandering about.

He was greeted by an awful sight upon setting foot on the tavern. This world's equivalent to an annoying, self-obsessed pop star. Entering just in time to witness her over the top self introduction to a small group, which might as well be the whole tavern with the excessive noise and lights. Regardless of the unpleasant experience, the group left, and it would seem it was time for Arkham to actually relax. Seeing what was on the menu, he was quick to act. "Boss?" he called out to the barkeep "Two pork chops and three eggs, please."

Were the barkeep to show some sign of being somewhat free, Arkham would ask "Say, boss, what exactly is going on here? I just came because I was told it was some sort of celebration..."
A much more glamourous entrance.
  • The sylph could see in Ciu'nan's reaction or lack thereof, that she didn't particularly care for Ophenia's minute performance. The magical graphic behind Ophenia's prompt dispersed into specks of light, and the resonator blinked bright pink. Perhaps the sylph had come off as overbearing, perhaps she was acting as a nuisance. She suppressed a soft sigh from leaving her lips, as her catalyst waned in a deep plum shade.

    The chanteuse's head would've likely sunk into a flop, if not the sound of Hathaway's clapping and praise had perked her up like rain lilies blossoming all of sudden. Her eyes sparkled, as she'd clasp her hands together. A smile unsullened her face, as the resonator fluttered beside her as the catalyst flashed into a sparkling relief of orange and yellow gradiating together.

    "Oh my! Are you from a church? And by the winds, did you say you are a fan?" Ophenia squealed as she'd lean toward the priest. "It would be my joy to perform hymns at your faith's house of prayer~ Ah--♫ But only with your permission, of course... And...!" Ophenia turned, quickly reaching into the left pocket of her glittering skirt, she'd pull something out...

    LOVELOVELOVEANGELPIN.png"Tadah~!" She'd present the item to Hathaway with wink, a small heart-shaped pin with Ophenia's signature and text embossed into it. "Ofandom branded, heart-throbbing speciality item, distributed by your public admirer: Me~♡ Made with love by a dear friend of mine, a blacksmith called Marissa! I pray you cherish it, Mister Haliosay~☆" The sylph would say, once again failing basic memory even after being corrected, with a rose-cheeked smile, before placing it gently into Hathaway's hand. In the name of all simplicity, it was a glorified autograph.

    With that whole debacle over and done with, Ophenia would follow closely behind the group, trying not to be as noisy as she'd been in the tavern. It seemed like the other fae was going to guide them, she seemed to be quite privy to this area. The sylph smiled upon noticing Ciu'nan's more relieved expression, it seemed like her mood had bettered. From this point, the sylph made sure to keep in mind not to worsen the other fae's mood again. That likely meant being less loud and overly bubbly. Ophenia's shoulder's relaxed as she'd follow behind everyone, listening to what Ciu'nan had to say.

    The syph subtly floated along the group in thons steps, taking in her surroundings. The thing she noticed first, was the atmosphere of the dead. It unsettled her a bit, but she tried not to show it on her face. Was this ordinary for this place? A las, she knew less than little of this village, it wasn't her place to assume or make up stories in her head.

    On the other hand, the scenery of folks of all kinds exercising... It truly exhilarated Ophenia, all of a sudden she felt quite lazy. Was she truly putting energy into her job? After all, she often felt out of breath after a performance... No, it was more like she felt so overwhelmed by her audience's reactions that it took a toll on her energy. She'd wonder what everyone was exercising so heartily in the morning for. Perhaps, this was part of the festivities of this event? It seemed quite fun.

    As the group made their way to this Council's manor, Ophenia couldn't help but marvel at all the houses and whatnot built into the side of a cliff. It truly amazed her that the creatures of this world could create such wonderful things. Sure, in the See, fae often lived in living trees or large flowers or just made their own subspaces via magic, all things which may seem extraordinary to others, but to the fae, wasn't that merely ordinary? The stories behind the methods of these buildings' creation were far more enchanting than any fairy's cottage built with magic and rituals.

    Although, the sylph's starry-eyed gazing would come to an end once the group met with someone, who Ophenia assumed was of importance. There was discomfort in the air, the sullen face of the leporine standing before the group made it quite clear. The hovering resonator slowly shifted into deep violet. Ophenia's back stiffened, as she'd clasp together her trembling hands. That person said to Ciu'nan that someone whom the sylph didn't know, was dead.

    As Hathaway expressed his respects and Crymaria asked about the death's circumstances, the sylph couldn't help but freeze up. She wanted to be of help, but even so, these past few days, all her 'help' or offers of it have caused nothing but to worsen moods and act as a nuisance to a greater goal. Ophenia knew that it was likely her magic was capable of bringing the dead back to life by now. Yet, did anyone even want that? It was unnatural and... It'll be disrespectful.

    The sylph took a deep breath, doing her best to relax her posture. "Uhm, Miss..." Ophenia spoke up, "If you are in need of anything, I would also be glad to help! And... Uh," she'd say with a slight quiver in her voice, she looked at Beni with glossed eyes, "I do not mean to wound you, and I must apologise if it is not appropriate, but--" Ophenia pointed to Crymaria, "As she had asked, is it alright for you to relay to us the circumstances of the deceased's means of death?" The sylph would ask.

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Merry - character is frequently overcome with fae like merriment. While more respectable individuals may try to hide their amusement at improper times, character freely displays their amusement. It is often contagious.
"Died?" Ciu'nan repeated, stunned. She said nothing more as her hands busied themselves with tugging on a strand of her hair. Beni seemed equally lost, though she was trying to put on a brave face. When Hathaway approached offering his condolences, her facade shattered.

"His peace? HIS peace?! What of MY peace, clergyman? While he lay drifting between sleeping and waking, I and his caretakers were there watching him choke on his spittle! We were there bandaging his broken body! We were left picking up the pieces, while he took his time climbing into the ferry to drift off into the afterlife!"

Beni swatted away Hathaway's hand and pushed past Ciu'nan, running off further along the terrace. Ciu'nan watched her go, still caught up in the revelation of the assistant's passing. Crymaria's and Ophenia's inquiries would go unanswered. Suddenly, a voice came from inside the hall.

"Beni! Beni? Where did you--oh!" The door to the hall was opened further as a hunched bearkin came forth. Lady Bao herself stood before them. Her aged eyes took their time in looking at everyone gathered in front of the doorway. "I had thought I heard Beni out here. Have you seen her?" asked the aged councilbear.

Suddenly, Ciu'nan's eyes widened.

"Beni! Uh, I'll go check on her. Lady Bao these people needed to see you!" said the fae hurriedly before rushing off after the rabbtikin.

Lady Bao slowly blinked a few times as she watched Ciu'nan rush off. Then she turned to those remaining.

"Well, you better come in then." she said as she stepped back so they could enter. Once everyone was inside, the elderly panda closed the door behind them.

Inside was a spacious, two-story hall. Light came from chandeliers overhead, as well as three decently sized hearths spaced along the length of the ground floor. Most of the shell of the room was made of stone, but massive wooden beams arranged like ribs reinforced the structure.

There was a lot of commotion from the upper level on the right. A handful of bearkin could be seen moving to and fro on the balcony carrying linens, water basins, and a tray of food. Muffled shouts could be heard from one of the rooms up there. Lady Bao, seemingly purposefully, shuffled to a door on the opposite side of the hall. She opened it and gestured inside. Those who enter would find a seating area where three elves sat happily sipping tea. Lady Bao would follow them in and make herself comfortable.

"I hope you don't mind: I was having tea with our guests from Houisil when I heard Beni shouting. I do hope she's alright....In any case, make yourselves at home and do try the tea. It's my special blend of flowering tea. The elves generously offered their homemade bread to go with it. Now, what was it you needed me for?" Lady Bao said while sipping her tea.

Back at the tavern...
The barkeep was quick to get to work on Arkham's order. While he waited, several more individuals entered the tavern lobby, either from the external entrance or from the rooms upstairs. Among them was a particular bearkin with his own entourage.

"Time to refuel before the contest of strength starts!" said the leader as he approached the bar. "Hey, barkeep! A dozen raw eggs and three porkchops!"

"Oh, right away, Daichi! We're rooting for you!
Not just because I have rykes riding on this or anything...." The barkeep said before dipping back into the kitchen where the rest of his words were lost. Daichi led his gang to a corner table where they continued to hype him up. After a moment, Daichi proclaimed rather loudly, "Yeah, move over, Orson! Kruhrin's about to have a new feast named after me! Daichi's Feast!"

Character Grade - E

Crymaria watched as Beni got upset and then stormed off elsewhere as she was about to say something, Lady Bao's voice was heard. Seems to be more to this than Comrade Beni let on, she thought to herself, looking behind her to pet Boris for a moment. "Comrades sometimes offering help and consoling ones hurts more than it helps," she concluded with a nod of her head as she folded her arms across her chest. She watched as Ciu'nan then went off after Beni before returning to her attention back to Lady Bao, who was inviting them into her home.

Following the group in Crymaria's mouth dropped at the size of the place and the decorations, it seemed like the bearfolk had become experts in their own craft. She could see why the Elves were curious about the Bearfolk's building methods. As they were led into another room that was a seating area Crymria took a seat and grabbed some of the tea that was on the table. She leaned back and then started to sip on the tea as Lady Bao spoke.

"Were the elves able to get what they came here for? I was curious about the outcome of their talks since we split last night, the bartender said they might be staying with one of the councilors and suggested they might be staying with you. But Comrade, Beni said someone died, and they chocked on their own spit, which has gotten the attention of some of us," Crymaira concluded.

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Hathaway's hand stayed outstretched in the air for a few seconds after getting knocked aside by Beni. It held there as if reaching out toward the woman, but did nothing. With a solemn expression on his face, he reluctantly lowered his hand. And nodded in acknowledgement of Crymaria's words. The priest knew all too well that mourners needed time to process their emotions before comfort. So he didn't pursue Beni, instead he remained with the others and wished her the best until they met again.

While pondering on the mental state of Beni and her words, Hathaway's hand brushed against the small material in his pocket. Reminded of the item, he retrieved the pink pin he had received from Ophenia and considered it. He was used to getting tokens of gratitude that had more sentimental value than monetary. So he didn't mind the trinket.

He actually thought it was rather nice. Just that it was becoming increasingly aware to Hathaway that Ophenia had quite the grand view of herself. He didn't think that was a bad thing, rather instead it made him worry about her. The fae's ego seemed ready to pop like a balloon and seemed quite careless. So naturally he felt some need to watch over her.

As Lady Bao led them into the building, Hathaway admired the furnishings before laying his eyes on the three elves in the room. He didn't know what circumstances were going on but it seemed rather important. While apparently Crymaria managed to make her point known, Hathaway thought it was prudent to introduce themselves ,"I'm Hathaway a Priest of the church, the one that ran off was Ciu'nan; who I think you're acquainted with. This is Boris and their partner, whose name still escapes me. And over here is Ophenia. Some of us were hoping you would assist them. While others, were looking to lend you whatever aid we could in this busy event."
Stars burn. So does Love.
  • Unfortunately, Hathaway's comments and words, although meaning well, did not particularly improve the mood of the leporine, as she'd burst out and run off without answering the questions Ophenia or Crymaria had for her. Yet, it was terribly insensitive to ask a person such questions in the first place. Crymaria's words hit the sylph like a hummingbird being pelted with a stone. Her shoulders slumped forward as Ophenia sank to the floor in a crouch, covering her face.

    The sylph had met many who lost the ones they held dear or cared for most. Despite, thon possessing the ability to understand how and why people felt the way they felt, she had never truly experienced it for herself firsthand. Yet, for some reason, she claims to love everything that lives in this world. How come she doesn't truly know how much it hurts to lose someone you love? Did she truly love every creature destined to die? The resonator hovering 'bove the sylph waned into a deeper and darker blue with a plum shade tinging the indigo.

    She'd sigh. She hoped that she wouldn't have to think such thoughts here in this place, where a supposed festival was occurring. An 'idol' should not be thinking such thoughts. Ophenia is not meant to think such thoughts. She is kind and she brings a smile to people's faces. She had no right to think of such things when there were those suffering a greater grief. To lose someone dear...

    Ophenia sprung up in a twirl, efflorescent as the crystals on her clothing glitzed. Her hair sparkled, as she flipped one of her pigtails back behind her shoulders. She'd take a breath, as she'd meet everyone with a smile, and yet, the resonator still dimly shone its deep shade of the ocean. She'd follow along with the group as the council member, allegedly named Bao, would guide the remaining group into the hall.

    Once more, the fae could not help but marvel at the structure in which thon stood. Yet, the prior occurrence had dulled her star-filled gaze quite significantly. Compared to the stars that floated in the sky, so far from reach we could never dream of holding one; How ungrand this place was, compared to a burning star. Yet, that did not mean that this place was insignificant, for it seemed to be built with such love, and love, transcends both this world, the moon and the stars. Or well, so the sylph perceived.

    Ophenia sat along with everyone else. She gazed at the tea and the bread, eyes subtly widening. For her, it felt horrible to watch. After all, at some point in time, the things these people ate, were alive. Ophenia took a deep breath, and let a sigh escape her. Stiffly, she left her hands to rest on her thighs as she sat, daring not to touch anything. [Starlet's Act] Ophenia would do her best to smile and mask her discomfort whilst attempting to capture the same tone as everyone else, yet the resonator conflicted her feints as it stayed perpetually blue.

    "Yes, salutations...! As Mister Hollyhock said—My name is indeed Ophenia~" She'd smile, with a slight tilt of her head. "I am a travelling songster, who wishes to bring love, peace and happiness to those who listen to my performances! I do also possess magic capable of healing, and—" Ophenia breathed to steady herself, before continuing, "I do indeed wish to assist with any activities or preparations for this event, but, I pray that you do relay to us the circumstances of the death that occurred! An... If you did not yet fully dispose of the body, I believe that I can mayhaps..." The sylph hesitated, looking down at her hands.

    "I- I could... perhaps rekindle their spirit...?" Uttered the sylph, thons voice slightly quivering.

| Fae | Merry |
Merry - character is frequently overcome with fae like merriment. While more respectable individuals may try to hide their amusement at improper times, character freely displays their amusement. It is often contagious.

Two sofas sat on either side of a low table, while a plush armchair sat at its head. The elves occupied one of the sofas and Lady Bao took her place in the armchair, leaving the remaining sofa for the three new arrivals.

The elves seemed to be enjoying themselves as they sipped Lady Bao's tea in between bites of their elven bread. When they saw Crymaria enter, they alternated lifting their tea cups to her in greeting. One of the elves tapped the seat next to him as he elbowed his neighbor to move down.

"Made some friends, have we?" commented the first.
"Do try the tea--and our bread!" encouraged the second.
"Ihf dewifcus!" said the third through a mouthful of bread.

Lady Bao picked up her teacup and sipped the brew carefully as she listened to Hathaway introduce them all. She would take intermittent sips as Crymaria further elaborated on why they were there. Afterward, Ophenia likewise reintroduced herself and laid out what she had to offer. Once she had heard enough, the aged bearkin set her teacup down on the end of the table.

"We were able to come to an agreement with the elves. The tea was our way of celebrating, you might say." said Bao looking to the elves as she spoke.

The elves nodded their heads. "They're practically sending us an army!" said the lead elf.

"In a manner of speaking," said Bao with a light chuckle. "Though it pains us to leave Kruhrin during Orson's Feast, some have volunteered to do so in order to aid Houisil in their time of need. Those who can will leave immediately with the elves. Many of our artisans are leaving today as their day of contest was cancelled due to Jia's injury. Tomorrow Misha will be taking our strongest bears that stayed to participate in the contests today. The day after that, Mhu'ati will be returning to her home with some of our healers in tow." Lady Bao let out a heavy sigh. "The ceremony at the end of the feast won't be the same without everyone there...but...I'm sure Orson will smile on us for helping other pilgrims in need."
The bearkin slowly straightened her posture. "So Beni told you, did she? Yes, Jia's assistant died last night. He succumbed to his injuries after that statue crushed him and his master. After speaking with Jia, it appears his assistant pushed him out of the way. His sacrifice saved my friend. That said, let me be clear on two things: one, you are to tell no one else about this. We will be announcing the death on the final day of the feast. There's no reason to burden anyone with the loss until then. Two, magical healing and revivification are prohibited. We bearkin do not partake in these crafts, and so we ask that you refrain from using them on us. You are free to heal foreigners, however, as we do not expect other races to abide by our tenets. Am I clear?" Bao's gentle demeanor became uncharacteristically stern as she stared down everyone in the room.

Back at the tavern...
Do fae ever grow up?
  • Ophenia tentatively listened as the council member, Lady Bao, spoke of something thon did not particularly know of. It was something that had to do with the elves, and their place of hailing, Houisil. From the sounds of it, Kruhrin was sending off some support and aid to the place... It did not sound as though it was something terrible. She wondered as to what the elves may have needed help with, however, she felt as though that was not anything to pry on.

    The bearkin had told that Jia's assistant had suffered an injury and had ultimately been lost to what he had sustained... A sacrifice for another's life. The sylph found it wonderful that someone would do that for another, risking their life... However, it was wonderful just as it was tragic. Had he not died as a result, she would not think so. To save someone else's life meant that he truly did care for this Jia. Her eyes sunk, as she hoped, that this assistant did not at all regret what they did.

    With Lady Bao's stern final statement, Ophenia felt a weight lift as her stiffened shoulders relaxed, and a soft sigh would escape her hold. With knitted brows, Ophenia looked up with a subtle smile on her face. "I understand..." said she with a breeze. After all, she did not find it surprising. However, this meant most of all her spells were mute. She never wanted her abilities to be used excluding certain people, henceforth, her recovery spells were all areas of effect which did not exclude anything. She never did take into account that others wouldn't tolerate using magic as a solution to... Despite being ordinary to someone like Ophenia—It was presumably unnatural to them.

    She'd look down and silently chuckle to herself. Perhaps, spending all that time on her hair and makeup was all a waste for today. An elaborate introduction and an outfit glamorously bedazzled; They were unnecessary and only made her seem self-centred, it made her feel disrespectful. How nice it would be if she could just fade away into thin air right this moment... And, she very well could—Yet how childish it would make her seem. Then again, would that not be expected of her at this point? The sylph didn't particularly want to prove the thought.

    Ophenia looked up, her eyes made contact with the council member. "If it does not hassle you, Miss..." The sylph scratched her cheek with a finger, tilting her head slightly to the side. "Can you mayhaps further explain as to why the bearkin do not permit magical healing?" Her eyes wandered to the side subtly, "I may perchance gauge as to why, yet even so... I feel I would only grasp full understanding by listening to your perspective." Ophenia said softly as she placed her hand unto her chest. The resonator hovering beside her glittered gently, as it'd spark into an orange for a few moments.

    Lady Bao was likely much older than Ophenia was now as of current, both in terms of age and maturity. Her years of knowledge and experiences over that term were all likely much more than that of Ophenia's mere months outside the Glade. She was less than a child and the amount of time it would take for someone like her to fully mature would take more than the bearkin's entire lifetime. That was why listening to someone like Lady Bao was important. Even if it meant listening to things that she would feel disheartened to hear.


Character Grade - E

Crymaria chuckled as the Elves made room for her, not one to waste something of this nature. She walked over and sat down taking the tea and the bread before sitting back and sipping on the tea as they continued to speak. "Well, Comrades, I suppose all is well that it worked out in the end. From yesterday, it seemed like you all had come this way and would get nothing to show for it right away," she chuckled as she took a bite of the bread.

As lady Bao spoke on the matter with the craftsmen Crymaria nodded her head, "All things are seemingly ending well or well, well enough considering the circumstances." But there was still something lingering on her mind as she brought the bread to her mouth, as her brows slowly curled. "Some times people do not wish to have things trusted upon them, I will remain quite about the matter, but there is something that is bothering me about the whole matter Comrade Bao," she paused for a moment setting the tea down on the table and closing her eyes before taking a deep breath.

"How did this whole incident begin? I know you said that they were crushed but was it an accident or did something else cause it?" Crymaria stated as she looked their host in the eyes for a moment trying to gauge what reaction the bearkin was going to give. Though she could see where the Idol was coming from however, she could also see where the Bearkin were coming from as well. But for the time being the matter of the accident was on her mind as the Elves seemed to be getting what they had come here for.

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Arkham Koenig

As he waited for his order, Arkham subtly checked his surroundings and eavesdropped on talks here and there. He didn't get much that he wasn't aware of already. That's when this "Daichi" person entered the scene, not as loud or flashy as Ophenia, but still annoying. Though the big talk about winning "the challenge of strength" was scratching at his curiosity. Giving up to it, Arkham asked to the barkeep on one of his free moments "Say, Boss, what's this strength challenge everyone is chatting of about?" While waiting for an answer, Arkham scanned the room, a bit less inconspicuously, while using [Appraisal D]. That, of course, included Daichi and his gang.

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