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[Interest Thread] Pretty Pretty Slaughter (Sci-Fi Dark Magical Girl Horror RP)


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
The Dark Future

2030 was the year that humanity fell victim to an apex predator. A special interest group, Nightingale, seeking impossible ideological principals - accidentally made humanity a dark-forces dinner. Impossibly large, and powerful, bio-mechanical monstrosities knows as Gheists were awakened seemingly with the flick of a switch. These impossibly large weapons of war were created with one goal in mind: beat humanity into apathetic submission. "Cease war! Embrace the future! Turn to the sky!" Psychic speakers blared on and on from the maw of the Gheists, directing this message of "progress" to the minds of every man, woman, and child. Twenty years on and on this message blared over and over. Never ceasing for even a single moment - it broke the will of every human. Eventually, its message extended to tap into the mind of any living organism on Earth.

Over that twenty year period of psychic broadcasting, every living organism crawled to the feet of the Gheist closest to them. They laid down, and watched the sky. Within the radius of Gheists, biological organisms are put into a sere stasis. Their minds warp, and they begin to dream whatever reality they desire - their bio-matter eventually becoming a jelly, blue-black mass. This ritual suicide persisted until Earth finally gave in, and the last organism submitted. A loud chime, akin to a dinner bell, radiated through the atmosphere. This signaled that it was time for the Gheists to "chow-down." Piles and piles of biological, succulent, nectar once known as "life" were scooped up by the handful to be devoured by the Gheists.

Not all piles of disgusting biological mass were created equal. Some Gheists had more bio-matter than others, and like the humans who once infected precious Gaia, they began to fight over resources. War ensued, and they fought with weapons that dwarfed the power of anything humanity ever created. Millennia and millennia passed until the last Gheist stood on a hollow, shattered, rock once known as Earth - it was doomed to starve.

That was the vision you, a high-school aged girl, received on the new year of 2029.

A Voice In The Dark

"Please - take my power. I failed already. I was so stupid! So very stupid! I thought I could stop them alone!"

These word of dread came from a girl who's words could not live up to her failure. Somehow, through some mysterious act, this voice sent a peculiar power back in time to several teenage girls. The power to transform into their idealized self, and possess a set of fantastical powers - a Magical Girl. This was something that was never before-seen in human history. Girls who could transform and develop a set of powers based on their personality. Unfortunately, anything 'good' in the world will inevitably be exploited by special interest groups. Whatever girl sent her power back in time had not anticipated this, or did she? Who says you can trust the voices in your head?

Voices aside, reality was that humanity is on the verge of becoming dinner, and the world is reeling over the sudden discovery of these girls. Militarys all over the world apprehended many magical-girls, or cut deals with them. Many fought reluctantly in-wars, wearing bomb collars to keep them in line, all while knowing the impending future no-one wanted to believe. Some girls, despite the visions, either denied them, or chose to ignore them. They would band together and use their powers for self-gain.

This is where you come in. A small, ideologically-sound, group of magical girls determined to stop this dark-future. You searched and searched - the year 2030 came, and nothing happened. No Nightingale, no Gheists, and only an increasingly destabilizing world.

Girly Revolution

A prideful Magical Girl, 'Tinkerbell', has stimulated technological growth in the world with her power to 'believe' things into existence. A warmongering Magical Girl, 'Bloody Bull', is still convinced the world is ending, thus she travels battlefield to battlefield to sate her carnal desire for war while she can. A benevolent Magical Girl, 'Mary', travels country to country healing those who have no right to be alive. In-short, this Magical Girl revolution might be the start of a new ending. The world was being altered and changed too quickly for its own good.

That possibility of a "magical-girl esque" ending ceased when the first Gheist of this new-timeline appeared from the Atlantic Ocean, right off the coast of New-York city, and began to broadcast its horrible message.

"Cease war! Embrace the future! Turn to the sky!"

RP Rules and Guidelines

1.) Magical girls only - This will be a RP that stars young female characters.

2.) Expect disturbing content - Includes (but not limited to) body horror, gore, mature subject matter, and cosmic-horror. These will all be kept within RPN guidelines.

3.) Posting Requirements - Unless we are doing dialogue heavy scenes, I am expecting at-least one well thought out paragraph. The more the merrier though.

4.) Purposeful Power rather than Overpowered - Our magical-girls will have their ability sets based off their personalities. You can, and should, go wild with this. I will be limiting the starting amount of powers to give ample room for our girls to develop, but keep in mind that you should try to imagine purposeful powers. For-example: powers such as reality warping and generating death-explosions are cool, but give little room for neat interaction. Basically, just be creative with powers.

5.) Help out with the story - This will be a living, breathing story that can go many different directions. As the GM, I will only reign in the story, but you can help flesh out the world by character actions or fluff. Want to introduce a new faction, go-ahead! Have an idea for a new cosmic horror? Share it with me, and I might be able to work it in.

6.) Collaborative role-play over competitive - Always try to focus on advancing the story in favor of all players, rather than trying to out-do other players. If you end up getting into player vs player combat, try to seek a peaceful, or mutually satisfying conclusion.

7.) Keep drama IC

8.) If you have any issues with the RP do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your interest. Please help us save humanity :(


Endless Dreams
This looks really interesting! Love magical girls! I look forward to the actual roleplay and creating my character! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧
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Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Just a quick update to you guys. I'm working hard on a lore page right now which ideally will be up late tonight, and a character page will follow shortly after. Be sure to look over lore before making your character. You do not have to examine it closely, but try to get a general idea of what is going on.


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
The lore and character sheet is going to take a little longer than I anticipated. Here is the lore-thread that is a work in progress to maybe help generate some ideas



Ippen, Shinde Miru?
I got the CS up. I will allow one more person to join the role-play, leaving it at a maximum of 10 people. This way we can evenly split our magical girls into two teams of 5 when on missions.

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Ippen, Shinde Miru?
One last bump for good measure. We still have room for one more lucky person! (Although do not be afraid to declare your interest because people might dropout)

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