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Fantasy Innocent Blood Pt 2


Link to Full Overview.

Enter the World of Darkness as one of of several character archetypes - humans of the mundane world. A new evil threatens to tear the Veil asunder as pawns are manipulated. Even the Elder vampires that compose the band, Innocent Blood are being manipulated.

Characters may become ghouls in the course of the RP - or even vampires. However this will be at the discretion of the Moderator. There are certain qualities the vampires look for. Yes, they are considering bolstering their forces to help quell the civil war that threatens to flare up between the Camarilla and Sabbat. But they won't go and create headaches for themselves. (Short tempers are typically frowned upon for example as they indicate a potential vampire that will devolve into a serial killer.)

Up to 6 slots available. NO, you may NOT reserve a slot. Sign Ups close 8/17.
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