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tumblr_b378a56f392a18f50851a2918c7b0309_bf61b782_2048.jpeghi there!
name's replay, radio, whatever you want to call me. i'm a long time rper putting on a fresh face after quite the hiatus, and would love to roleplay with - YOU! yes, you!

about me:
20 something from the US finishing up my last year of college. i do lots of artsy things other than writing including painting, poetry, and music. i've got a month until summer break ends and would love to set up some roleplays for me to dig my teeth into before school starts, so that way they're running smoothly once my schedule gets busier.

about my writing style/stipulations:
i'm a 3+, 4+, maybe 5+ paragraphs kind of gal. i love character building, zesty drama, romance, and angst, and can almost guarantee i will never give you a reply without any meat on its bones, i.e, leave you wondering how to respond. if i'm stumped, we'll talk about it. communication is key. i want us both to be eager to collaborate, and we'll work as a team to make that happen!
i prefer more character-driven things than world-driven, meaning, i prefer to start with our character ideas and build the world around them, rather than vice-versa. i would also say i'm somewhere in between a planner and a pantser, though i lean more on the side of pantser. once we come up with a plan, however lengthy it may be, i like to dive in and see where the journey takes us, rather than plot out every story beat before we start!
i post often and prefer to communicate on discord, but i would say at minimum, i respond weekly. if we get in the groove, it can be daily!

what i'd love to write:
i prefer m/f pairings and can play either gender, though i usually lean towards m. i like romance weaved into every plot, but it doesn't need to be the main plot.
genres i would love to do are: modern fantasy, urban superheroes, witchy/ghosty things, dnd-inspired worlds, post-apocalyptic, basically, anything with a strong helping of the supernatural
some things i'm currently reading that will probably inspire me: x-men (krakoa era), nightwing, invincible (yea i'm on my comic book superheroes bs right now) but i prefer not to do direct insert fandom rp
also just watched spiderverse. cmoooooooooooon that was awesome

who you are:
18+! communicative! excited! love drama, supernatural stuff, romance, angst! you use discord for ooc chat, hopefully! you write a super lengthy response, apologize, and then i tell you there's no need to apologize because if you write a lot, it makes my writer heart happy c: let's geek about our characters together... let's make awesome exciting stories together!! send me a pm if interested!

after all we're alive.jpeg

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