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Multiple Settings I'll roleplay any canon/OC you want (no romance), and a telekinetic kid


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After vanishing for half a year, my time is finally open enough for roleplay.

About our roleplay:
  • Age: If you care about my age, I am 21+. I don't care about your age.. anyone can roleplay with me.
  • No romance: I am not really looking for romance. In fact, I am really bad at writing romance.
  • My character: I can roleplay multiple characters, main or secondary, canon or OC. (Just tell me who I am roleplaying! If you want me to roleplay lots of canons, just send a list!)
  • My character: In addition to the characters you want me to roleplay, I also want to include a telekinetic kid OC, a boy (normally, his age is 10. But can be older or younger if you prefer).
  • Your character: Anyone you want. Canon or OC.
  • GMing: If you enjoy GMed stories, we can do it. I can be GM. Or you can be GM. Both options are really fun.
  • Writing: I prefer semi-literate or literate roleplay (500 to 8000 characters) (120 to 1200 words). Nevertheless, I'll match your literacy (semi-literate, literate, multi-paragrah, novella.).

I can GM if you want. (You can also GM if you want).
If you don't know what it means, the GM controls all of the world, where a single character interacts with the world. If you want a GMed story, let me know. I can world build a completely new world for you, or I can take GM a world from one of the fandoms I know. Can be any kind of story you wish: Isekai, drama, action, character building, etc. If fandom, I can roleplay lots of canons for you.

Fandoms that I know:
  • Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe.
  • Star Trek ( TNG, DS9, Voyager )
  • Star Wars (Clone Wars, Bad Batch, Rebels, Mandalorian, Ahsoka, Andor, .., Basically every Star Wars).
  • Babylon 5
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Marvel MCU
  • Avatar The Last Airbender
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (Disney TV Series).
Any crossover is really fun - let's mix the fandoms and see what happens.
I can roleplay in (almost) any fandom, but, if I don't know it (if it is not in above list), you will have to lead the story.
For example, I could roleplay this character + other OCs, in Game of Thrones, or inside The Boys AU, etc, as long as you would lead the story and roleplay the canons.

Some genres I enjoy:
  • Isekai. Reverse Isekai.
  • Historical. (Any period of history).
  • Slice of Life.
  • Found Family. Foster. Adoption.
  • Action.
  • Sci-Fi.
  • Angst/Drama.
  • Military.
  • Superpowers.
  • Heros, etc.

Some genres I DO NOT enjoy:
  • High Fantasy
  • Horror

Since my character is a telekinetic kid, feel free to choose how powerful would you like my character to be. The [default] option is what I normally choose, but feel free to pick differently!! Here is a loose collection of options, but you can choose some else not in this list:
  1. He can lift a leaf or a spoon.
  2. He can lift a stone, or a phone.
  3. He can lift a person.
  4. [default] He can lift a car or a truck.
  5. He can destroy a wooden building.
  6. He can destroy a concrete building, or a larger building.

You can also choose his mastery in using it:
  1. Needs to concentrate to lift something (especially if heavy).
  2. [default] Needs to concentrate to lift two/three objects and control them accurately (even if very light).
  3. [default] Needs to concentrate to lift two/three objects and control them accurately (only if very heavy).
  4. Needs to concentrate to lift many objects and accurately control them (even if they're very light).
  5. Needs to concentrate to lift many objects and accurately control them (only if they're heavy).
  6. Lots of Mastery!

Some Plots: These are just loose ideas. Feel free to modify them as you wish. Or to come up with a plot on your own.
Isekai plot. For whatever reason MC's starship crashes from outer space into whatever world we want him to fit in. We could go into modern times, and maybe he bumps into your OC. He might try to get back though, and he might have a tough time adapting it. This could work everywhere, in fact, inside nearly any fandom as well. It could also go into Modern, or Historical, or medieval, or other time frames. It can easily be the reverse: your OC is the one who ends up where my OC is.

Spy team. That would be modern. A bunch of kids are selected to a possibly dangerous mission, that only kids can do (perhaps because where they are going only accept children (say, an institute)). If you watched the Mysterious Benedict Society (from Disney), it is more or less what I am talking about. We could even go with it, if you want. Your character could be other kids in the team, or perhaps someone who works there, or whoever you want.

Foster/Adoption. Pretty self explanatory I'd think. I am always open to these kind of plots.

Slice of life. Possibly in modern times, or inside some fandom. Perhaps he is trying to adapt to a normal life: school, etc. It could be a foster kid, or inside an orphanage. Could also be a way of runaway scenario, like Life is Strange 2. I enjoy a lot slice of life, and I am open to many things here.

Babysitter/Nanny Scenario. What would be like to babysit superpowered kids? In this scenario, your OC could be a nanny, tasked to spent a day with one more kids, with superpowers.
I am also open to group scenarios involving this.

Child ruler. A plot where my character has political power for some reason (say, is a child emperor, or a ruler, or some sort of king). He could have been thrust upon the position, or he could have actually fought and grabbed the position himself. This is just a vague idea, and I do not have the slightest clue of a plot here. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Military/War. They deploy my character into war to take advantage of his powers. Your character could either be a friendly soldier assigned to deal with him. Or perhaps, an enemy soldier in which he meets somehow.

Isekai plot. Its simple, either my character is transported to your fandom, or, your character is transported to some fandom.

Life is Strange 2. I think this would be a cool idea: our OCs would be inserted inside the LIS2 world. So they could interact with canon characters (I can roleplay the canons if you want), and perhaps even steer their action into different direction, or, the canon characters and OCs would build their own story, possibly different from the one from LIS2. If you prefer to roleplay canons though, its fine as well!

Star Wars: Clone Wars. My character could be a Jedi Padawan, and your OC could be a Jedi Master, or, a clone, or, a bounty hunter, or whoever you want. I don't have an idea for this one, but, I am sure we can figure something out.

Star Wars x Stargate. My character could be a Jedi Padawan, which somehow got stranded inside the Stargate universe.
This could be: SG1, Atlantis or Universe.
I could roleplay any canon character you want.

Disclaimer: My character is NOT OP, and in general NOT invulnerable. However, if you are open and if you are okay with him being OP or being invulnerable, I enjoy exploring these kind of ironic situations, such as, an invulnerable character feeling the vulnerability of being a child, and other things like that. If you're fine with it, below are some plots.

What do I mean by 'Invulnerable': invulnerable (cannot be physically harmed), and his telekinesis is powerful. In this scenario, for example, if he were to be hit by a train, because the train is much heavier than him, nothing would happen to the train and he would be sent flying. However, because invulnerable, he wouldn't be harmed and would turn out fine.
Below are a few plots with AI help.

Innocence Through Time (Historical):
YC observed with curiosity as a child unlike any other appeared in their historical era. The boy's invulnerability intrigued them, but what drew YC's attention was his childlike wonder towards simple things, reflecting on the innocence he possesses, untouched by the weight of history's harsh realities.

Adventures in Adoption (Found Family):
A loving couple, or a guardian (YC), adopts a mysterious child with extraordinary powers. As they navigate the complexities of parenthood, they discover that despite their new kid's invulnerability, he still needs guidance, acceptance, and a warm family who can support him emotionally. They come to appreciate his need for reassurance and acceptance, realizing that despite his powers, he's still a child yearning for unconditional love.

Beneath the Unbreakable Surface (Hero/Superpowers):
As a hero, YC always heard about the boy's power. But after actually working with him as a hero, beyond the public eye, revealed a different side. His struggles with anxiety and the pressure to be a symbol of strength became evident, witnessing moments of doubt, anxiety, failure, showing that despite his abilities, he grapples with the same human emotions that bind them all.

Unwanted Celebrity (Fame): The telekinetic powers have made him a media sensation. When your OC is hired (for whatever reason), they notice the constant attention takes a toll on his emotional well-being, how he struggles with fame and how he yearns for normalcy and a chance to be a regular kid, leading to moments of isolation and frustration, that YC has to occasionally deal with.

Stranded Partners (Survival):
A plane crash leaves the kid and a wounded soldier (or whatever character you prefer) stranded on an island.
The wounded soldier initially relies on the telekinetic boy's powers for survival. However, as they interact more and more, the soldier senses his yearning for guidance, and still has fears. Despite his invulnerability, the boy's vulnerability as a young child on a deserted island strikes a chord, leading to an unexpected unpredictable friendship (or not..).

Empire's Pawn (Star Wars):
YC played a crucial role in freeing the boy from the clutches of the Empire. While his invulnerability was impressive, it was the irony of how vulnerable his felt as a child that tugged at their heart. YC not only protected him from physical harm but also provided emotional shelter amidst the turmoil, noticing how he grappled with emotional trauma due to captivity, and the struggle due to the marks left by the Empire.

Innocent Pawn and Court Intrigue (Politics):
Courtiers and nobles view the boy as a valuable asset. One noble (your OC), however, sees the child behind the power. YC notices the uncertainty in his eyes, reminding that despite his strength, he's susceptible to manipulation and YC observes how the boy constantly falls victim of the secrets, agenda, and the labyrinth of politics and betrayal from the surrounding adults.

This roleplay is always open.
Just DM me.
I'll reply to all DMs you send to me.
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I would like to do a found family story with the invunelnabre version of the kid! I can GM in the Nanoha universe, StrikerS rewrite. We can also discuss crossing over with heroes and villians from some of your fandoms to spice things up further!

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