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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

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(I think he we will be happy, at least for a time. When he marries the assassin lady then he’ll feel like his life has calmed down a bit, until the truth about him and Caroline gets revealed of course and messes it all up again.

Yeah I think she’d try to keep the baby away from him too but I can see Lance going to the king to request part time custody or something, he doesn’t want to not be a part of his child’s life although he’d also wonder if maybe it would be easier not to pull the child in two like that but he wouldn’t want the kid to think he doesn’t love them. I feel like she should think he betrayed her but maybe like what happened after Gareth she starts to come round to him after seeing how caring he still is, how sorry and depending on when the baby is born how he does actually look after the child or if not he’s just sweet to her during the pregnancy checking she’s okay and if he can help, and that draw and spark between them might still be there and Gareth, depending on how long he’s about could tell her that it wasn’t Lance’s fault, that he’d been helping him. So it could be the whole enemies to lovers thing again almost except maybe just when Gavin feels she’s ready to give him a second shot the assassin comes on the scene and Lance is with her. Also I can see Gavin not being very happy to hand over the baby to Lance when he’s with the assassin which is understandable But also maybe hypocritical.)

Agravain was not shocked by the contents of the cellar. No, he gazed coolly at all the horrible evidence, noting the heavy duty chains and what was likely blood. If anything it was a bit tamer than whay Agravain had imagined, there was only one body after all and the walls weren’t painted in blood. James had said that some of the kids had managed to escape though so maybe that was an explanation. Still, he thought maybe Loth might’ve trashed the place in his anger once his experiments walked out on him.

He took the offered notes, reading them carefully. At one point in his life it seemed Loth had had some remorse, didn‘t want to be a killer if he’d been trying to wipe the blood off his hands but those days must have been long ago and certainly before marrying Morgan. And speaking of, he was mentioning a son of his and Agravain couldn’t help but be curious who it was referring to. It might not be any of the current brothers, it could have been that child he killed for all they knew and Agravain wasn’t sure they’d ever get the answers. They did have something to go on though: “sir Martin” Agravain voiced. “That’s at least one accomplice” A big list of names might've Been nice but the chances of that were basically zero, no it seemed they needed to do some more investigating.

Agravain let his gaze sweep around the room once more, letting his eyes linger on the body before jerking his head. “Come on, I doubt there’s any clues in those bones” he muttered. “We best get back and then continue our search another day” Maybe he‘d talk to Morgan, see what her reaction was when he mentioned Sir Martin. He did wonder just how much she really knew about all this and just about Loth in general, how much had that old man told her whilst he’d been tormenting her?
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(oof, Yeah, I imagine Gavin would not be eager to let Lance near the child. Because frankly she's terrified of something happening to them. But I could picture her eventually realizing Lance wasn't at fault. But by then things are to late. Lance is with the assassin and Gavin realizes she needs to move on.
How do you think Agravain would react to the kid? I imagine Gawain would feel betrayed by Gavin a bit. But he wouldn't take it out on the kid and I figure he'd be a doting uncle to them. )

It seemed the cabin had little to tell besides a name. Chris soon glanced towards Agravain, Frowning. "He must be rather old now. " The man could very much already be dead. But they'd just have to look and see, It was something to off of atleast. Even if Sir Martin was dead, He likely had mentored someone who might know more. Or maybe his kin would be of help? Chris didn't know. But Agravain seemed to decide it was time to leave, Chris wasn't going to argue. The sight of the place was grim and he was happy to leave it behind. Limping after Agravain. Soon heading back up the stairs. Chris then noted. "I can't imagine those were the only documents left behind. Maybe Loth has some elsewhere? Did he have a office or something at the castle? " He was one of the best knights after all. But, Would Loth leave something there? And if there was, It was possible the king had searched it by now. Still, Couldn't hurt to check.

Outside, Chris limped to the doorway. Outside, He peered around. It was hard not to be a touch disappointed, Chris might not have been as invested in this. But he had hoped for a bit more. Still, It was something. Glancing around, Chris then looked towards Gaheris. Expressing. "I'm afraid there wasn't much inside. " Gaheris didn't need to see that corpse. It wasn't needed. Sadly they probably weren't going to be able to do much more searching today. Chris's leg was still injured and probable should be more properly cleaned. He didn't exactly want the wound to get infected or anything!

So Chris then after a moment huffed and looked towards Agravain. "Do you want me to join you heading to your place. Or should I head back to the palace. " Caleb would certainly be concerned if she saw the wound. Might ask questions. But Chris didn't need to exactly lie. He could just say he was in the woods and stepped on a trap someone had left out. Simple. Except Chris still felt that was sorta a lie, The thought was a bit uncomfortable. Really, Chris couldn't help but wish Agravain would just go and tell his wife!

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(Gavin could even potentially not tell him she’s pregnant, he only finds out because it becomes obvious. Like they could get engaged because they’ve become a lot closer, she finds out she’s pregnant, is about to tell him then finds out about Gaheris and so just doesn’t. Would cause a bit more drama. Yeah I’m not sure they should hate each other forever, Lance at least wouldn’t hate her although would She ever marry someone else or just stay single forever? I think the assassin lady won’t care too much about keeping Lance for herself, would maybe encourage him even to spend time with other people she know he has feelings for whilst she’s out of town and away on missions but Gavin might not be up for that understandably.

Agravain is going to be furious, at least at first. She’s the one preaching about Lance being the enemy and then she almost marries him and has his kid? He’s going to be really conflicted about the child, he wants to look after his family but also he hates Lance, is going to try and kill Lance after Gaheris. He would Probably come around though and be protective over the kid and tell them not to listen to Lance.)

Old? He was probably ancient if not dead but someone might know something so it was better than nothing. Agravain frowned at the suggestion. “Loth wasn’t exactly a man you'd expect to use an office” he commented but it was possible there was some room he’d used. Alexander might’ve searched it but he hadn’t been looking for the same things as Agravain was. Loth had worked for the royal family practically his whole life, maybe he’d had a set of rooms back when his grandfather had been king? It was worth enquiring about even if it turned out to be fruitless.

Agravain nodded in agreement to Gaheris, not much had been there snd he didn’t really feel like sharing that name. Gaheris, for his part looked disappointed but accepting snd not overly surprised, they all knew Loth to not be the clearest character. “We’ll escort you back to the palace” Agravain decided with a pointed glance at Chris’ leg. They didn’t need him falling off and getting stranded in the woods, plus he figured it’d be good for Gaheris to maybe hang out with some other knights. Obviously he didn’t know Caleb and Lance were looking for them but it was possible they’d meet them on their through and out the woods.

Gaheris led the way back to the horses and Agravain hung back next to Chris. ”Caleb will kill me if I left you on your own with a wound like that” he said as a way of explanation. It needed to be cleaned snd properly dressed which could be done once back at the palace but Agravain likely wouldn’t be able to supervise what with Morgan in labour. Hey at least he’d probably find the medic though. “I’ll admit you’re not my favourite knight but you took that bear trap like it was a thorn” and he actually gave Chris a grin and nudge with his elbow. “maybe there’s hope for you yet and you’re not the wimp you come across as” Maybe a bit backhanded but he seemed like he wasn’t trying to be mean.

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(Oh, That would be so sad, Honestly I kinda like the idea of them getting back together eventually. Even if he's still with the assassin girl. Like, Maybe the assassin girl even sets him and her up somehow. I just love the imagine of after everything. Them making out and Agravain walking into the room and just freaking out.
The families just gonna be a mess. I feel like right after having the kid tho Gavin might not be in the best mental state. So I could picture either Gawain or Agravain deciding to briefly take over the kids care while Gavin recovers. Like yeah, Lance is the father. But until Gavin regains any trust with him. She'd probable go into a complete panic attack if she had to leave her kid alone with him. )

It seemed Agravain and Gaheris would continue keeping him company. Chris could not think of any reason to argue. Thus was soon nodding. carefully trailing after Gaheris towards the horses. Agravain kept by his side though. Something that did surprise Chris. Normally the man tended to ignore him a bit. He was even complimenting him, Well sorta. His words causing a small blush to form on his face. Chris couldn't help his startled expression. Glancing away as he said. "I uh.. I'm not exactly frail, I'm a knight. " He pointed out. Truthfully he was lucky the trap hadn't broken anything. It could have been much worse then it was.

Still, The trap might not have done much. But Chris was suddenly feeling rather flustered. Was it hot here? It felt hot. That smile on Agravain's face was rather cheeky and Chris did his best to focus ahead of them. Not shifting his gaze. He couldn't help but feel like his emotions were clear on his face. So he tried his best to ignore them. Instead shaking his head. "I didn't expect your dad to put traps in the freaking water. Thats just rude. Who does that?" He had expected them to be hidden in grass. Not the water!

By then, The group had finally reached the horses. Chris couldn't help but feel some relief. Walking towards his horse and petting it a few times. Before finally pulling himself up onto the beast. Wincing as he climbed up into the saddle. His gaze then settled on Gaheris. Saying softly. "Maybe next time we go out, We can do something a bit more adventurous? " He knew this probably had been rather dull for the young man. There hadn't been much fighting after all. But hey, Atleast things had been peaceful! Neither sibling argued or anything!

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(I feel like Lance is going to end up with a harem of women, married to the assassin but still seeing Gavin and still in love with Caroline as well.
Out of respect for Gavin, Lance might not insist he get the child until she trusts him a bit more. He’ll insist that he should get to spend time with them but will realise that looking after them alone would really stress Gavin out.
I can see the assassin encouraging them to spend time together, maybe even the same with him and Caroline, she can tell he still has feelings for them and really isn’t bothered about sharing. Imagine her helping him get ready for a date or something. Like he wouldn’t see other people without her permission,
wouldn't even think of it but it’s her suggestion)

Agravain knew a number of knights who would’ve reacted worse to that bear trap yet Chris was being modest, he appreciated that. Humility was not something found too often among the knights. Agravain gave Chris a pat on the back in commendation. “Thats the attitude” he agreed still grinning and going towards his own horse. Maybe he noticed that Chris was looking a little red but well, Agravain didnt give our compliments often and Chris probably wasn’t used to receiving them.

”Loth does, did” Agravain replied. “Expect the unexpected and all that. But more importantly expect the downright nasty“ Loth would lay Traps where they wouldn’t be seen or expected, where it was inconvenient to rescue yourself from and horrible to even lay in the first place. Gaheris gave Chris a funny look as their gazes met. “Next time?” He said dubiously, there might not be a next time. This had been boring, sure he hadn’t argued with Agravain yet but that didn’t make it a good outing. Nothing had much happened and he didn’t really like Chris rhst much, he wasn’t sure he’d accept next time.

”yes next time” Agravain agreed, riding next to his brother. “It’s good to get out of the house. And you need experience working with Knights other than Gawain to improve your standing” he said as A way of explanation which whilst true was just for stop him kicking up a fuss. “Maybe we should actually go hunting“ Agravain mused and glanced at Chris “unless you have some ideas?” A mini quest perhaps for Gaheris to remain entertained. “you sure Caleb will let you out of the house so often?” Gaheris commented, not with his usual sneer or voice filled with hate but still something there, testing the waters, his snark not entirely friendly. Agravain narrowed his eyes slightly but kept his voice even, not rising to the bait ”Do not worry about that. I always have time to spend with you” he insisted. Gaheris gave Chris a sideways glance “and for your new partner? I had not realised you’d taken him so into your confidences. Will Caleb not be jealous of the time you two spend together?” It was Agravain’s turn to glance at Chris with a slight frown. “Oh I don’t think she’ll begrudge me a friend.” Agravain murmured which maybe wasn’t the term he’d normally use but for now it was the simplest. In his opinion it didn’t seem like Caleb was the one that was jealous.

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(Everyone is going to be judging poor Lance so much. Though him, The assassin and Gavin could end up being a very sweet relationship. It might take Gavin a while to rebuild her trust with Lance. But I think she eventually will. Meanwhile in the corner Gawain and Agravain our debating ways to kill Lance. Because I dunno, I just imagine Gawain's going to want revenge. Gaheris was like Gawain's child afterall. But I also feel like Gawain wouldn't want to be sneaky about it. He'd want to properly fight Lance. Maybe after his affair with Caroline is revealed he takes that as his chance to hunt down Lance? )

Loth had been a cruel man. He did not play nice or fair. Something his sons knew very well. Chris frowned a bit at the explanation. But his attention was soon on Gaheris, Who did not seem so eager to tag along again. Chris supposed he could sympathize with him. The trip had been uneventful. But Chris was glad things had not been grislier. They could likely seek out something more entertaining next time. Agravain was suggesting hunting, Even looking to Chris for further ideas. Which surprised Chris. Chris wasn't the biggest fan of hunting, But he was willing to do such. Gaheris might enjoy the trip. Chris was just about to speak up, But... Gaheris was expressing more disapproval.

Agravain seemed to see Chris as a friend, Something that made Chris pause for a moment. But he then was looking to Gaheris. gently explained to Gaheris. "I only started hanging around Agravain due to Caleb, She's always encouraged us to get along. " Chris had met Agravain threw Caleb after all. He was Caleb's friend first. A thought then made his feelings feel more muddled. But he focused on the fact that him, Caleb, And Agravain were friends. That was all.

Chris then said. "Hey, How about once I get my leg patched up, I introduce you to some of my other friends? " Gaheris had often during his life been questing with Gawain. He might not be familiar with many of the knights at the castle. Some friends could do him good. But.. Gaheris wasn't the friendliest person. Just because Chris introduced them, Didn't mean they'd get along. Gaheris might also not want to make friends.

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(Yeah, Galahad’s going to grow up with an rather unconventional family. Siblings from all over, his father isn’t married to his mother but is also still seeing the mother of his other sibling. Do you think Carline will get involved again at all? I feel that was the originally plan and obviously in the stories its about them being together and I can see Lance wanting to be with her but if he is maybe not sure if he should let Gavin know, but I imagine the assassin would probably know.
I feel like they’ll try to kill Lance more than once. Once it’s out about Lance and Gavin I think Agravain will at least try to fight him or something or certainly shout at them both and once he finds out about Gavin’s pregnancy I can see him fighting Lance, same with after Gaheris. Caleb might need to intervene but then that might cause problems in their marriage a little. He’ll be glad to have Gawain back to plot with but the king won’t rule Gaheris’ death as a murder, will believe Lance is telling the truth, helped if Gareth confirms this, so when it is revealed about the affair they’ll enjoy the chance to officially hunt him down)

Chris was being pleasant which was more than Gaheris deserved sometimes and offering to introduce him to some knight. Gaheris was stuck up though, didn’t like being seen as a child or weak or anything like that, he’d not been happy when Gawain had told Gareth to introduce his friends to him, but they had been servants, maybe with knights it’s be different? And he didn’t have to rely on his baby brother to make friends, no just his older brother and his friend, still not as embarrassing. Except, Chris was a friend of Caleb’s and Gaheris decidedly was not, he’d not been as venomous to her lately but he also didn’t spend much time around her, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be friends with people who were friends with Caleb.

”I’d take him up on that otherwise when Gawain comes back he’s going to be setting you up on all sorts of play dates” Agravain warned, trying to encourage his brother to actually meet some people. Gaheris, who had been on the fence, frowned but nodded: “Fine, but I’ll keep my expectations low” That was progress at least and Agravain had to hide his smile. He was glad Gaheris was being more responsive. He seemed to have settled down a little, maybe it had been all that stress from in the road or being away from home but whilst his brother could still be unpleasant, he wasn’t being a total nightmare at the moment. He was surprised Chris had volunteered to be honest but he was grateful, maybe Chris really was a friend.

“Didn’t you say you have some siblings” Agravain murmured to Chris, he recalled him talking about them even if he didn’t know them well since he’d been sent to be a page at a young age. “Are you the oldest?” He asked curiously, maybe thats Why he was being helpful. Obviously Agravain wasn’t the oldest but Gawain was not much older than him and they had had to raise the siblings together. Sometimes he felt like the oldest because even Gawain needed taking care of and Agravain was worried about his brother. The letter he’d received from him had reassured him somewhat but he worried about his health, was he eating? And they really needed to work on his fears but AgravIn wasn’t sure how they’d do that with Morgan at the palace and so near. “Life as a youngest child must be so stress free, they have nothing to worry about” he mused, they had their siblings to look after them but with that said Agravain much preferred being an elder sibling. Gaheris looked like he could say a few choice words about being younger but sensibly kept his mouth shut.

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(I'm not sure, Like, I think Caroline would want to be with him again. But thats easier said then done. I think after she has her kid she'd probably believe she needs to put there relationship aside. But there would certainly be a bunch of feelings still there. Things will certainly be a mess once everything is revealed!
Caleb def won't let Agravain kill Lance if she can help it. I could imagine Agravain and Gawain finally catching up with Lance and ganging up on him. Then Caleb catching up, And she knows Lance is wanted, That Agravain hates him, Blames him. But she can't stand aside. So just gets in between the men, Giving Lance the chance to escape. )

Gaheris didn't seem eager, But was eventually urged by his brother into accepting. Causing Chris to smile. He wasn't completely sure how well such would go. But maybe Gaheris would make some friends! It would be good for him to have some friends to talk to. Chris soon paused as he was questioned. Looking towards Agravain and shook his head. Saying. "I have one older brother. And a couple younger siblings. " He explained. Agravain's words were amusing. He had a feeling being one of the oldest had probable been more stressful for Agravain and Gawain then it was for most children. They'd had to raise their siblings after all! But Chris decided against pointing that out.

Chris then confessed. "I... Don't really know my siblings that well, I've always been away too much. " He'd been sent to train at a young age. Of course he did still love his family, He just wasn't very close with them. Chris then considered things for a moment before saying. "My parents don't live too far away. Perhaps if I go visit you could tag along. I know the kids would be delighted to see you. " Agravain was rather famous after all. Hopefully he wouldn't scare any of them! Chris knew very well how scary Agravain could be. Chris though chuckled. "Last time I visited, I had to watch my little sister like a hawk. Everytime I looked away she was trying to reach for my sword to play with it. "

Agravain might be able to relate more with such things. Gwen, Gareth and Gaheris could certainly be trouble makers at time! Chris then said. "Though, I imagine you're going to be pretty busy soon. As soon as that baby is here I have a feeling you aint gonna get any sleep. " He teased. He knew Caleb would likely have the kid any day now. Had a feeling Agravain was excited. He seemed thrilled at the thought of being a dad. It was all rather sweet.

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(I think it’ll be a bit torturous between them. They know they can’t risk anything else going wrong but they’ll still want to see each other and it’s not like Lance can just forget about her since they have a child together. Maybe once she gets pregnant again Lance might suggest seeing her again but it’s not wise and she’ll have her child to look out for. Arthur will feel sad for her though that she doesn’t have someone to be with.

I can see Agravain getting frustrated with Caleb for getting in the way. She knows how much he hates Lance, what it means to him and he won’t take her defending him lightly. Obviously she’s still his wife and he loves her but he might not feel like she’s on his side as much as she should be. Caleb maybe won’t realise how dark Agravain’s thoughts are sometimes since he’s pretty tame around her.)

He hadn’t expected Chris to have an older sibling, did he know him better than the others since he’d been there before he’d been sent away and what did he do? Why was Chris the knight? He would’ve thought the eldest would be a knight. Chris didn’t really seem to talk about his family much but Agravain supposed he’d never actually asked that much in the first place. He couldn’t quite imagine not knowing his siblings well, even Gavin who he didn’t see as much since she’d been married off he felt he had a fairly strong connection to, ignoring the circumstances as of late.

Agravain raised an eyebrow. “Want to show off your connections to your family?” Agravain rumbled teasingly. It would be interesting to see what cloth Chris was cut from so perhaps, they could visit half a day and then investigate the rest of the day, plus he might learn something useful or embarrassing about Chris which might make it worth his while. “Maybe” he agreed which seemed more like a yes than a no. He very much could understand cheeky children doing what they shouldn’t so by now he should be an expert in supervising kids.

”you think I sleep now? with all Caleb’s tossing and turning? At least with the baby born i Might find my nights more enjoyable. If the baby is keeping us up, might as well entertain ourselves” Agravain said suggestively with a little twitch of his eyebrows. Yeah like Chris didn't Already know too much about their bedroom habits. “I think Caleb will be glad to have the baby” he admitted. “She’s very restless and I don’t blame her but I worry she won’t give herself adequate time to recover, too eager to jump back into being a knight. I think it’ll be a hard lesson for her to find out things will be different from before” her body had changed, it would take a while to get back in the swing if things and even then things might never be the same. The baby weight as well would take a toll and he knew some women complained that it was impossible to lose. If a knight couldn’t lose it then he figured it must be true but they’d have to wait and see. “She never actually planned to have kids, and before we got married she said we should wait, obviously that didn’t work out, but it’ll be interesting to see what she’s like as a mother” would she have a strong maternal instinct? Or would it mostly fall to Agravain? Not that he minded that much but he wondered if having one kid would make her eager for another perhaps. He felt a one child family was rather small but now really wasn’t the best time to bring it up to her, he could imagine her swearing off pregnancy until the end of time, she must be totally fed up with it by now. “What about you Chris, plans for children one day? Of course that requires finding a girl and settling down, well in most cases” Lance hadn’t settled down but Agravain wasn’t going to delve into that.

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(They are so going to struggle. I can imagine Lance is going to go and check up on her a lot. hoping to make sure she's okay. And everytime they both just struggling with there feelings.
Oh Caleb and Agravain def probably going to have some fights over Lance. I can imagine if Caleb tries to stop him things might get more vicious then she'd be expecting. That wouldn't stop her though. )

Agravain seemed atleast mildly interested in meeting Chris's family. It could be a nice little outing! Maybe by then the baby would have arrived so Agravain could bring the kid! Chris figured some of his siblings might enjoy seeing a baby. They'd have to see. Chris soon found his face turning red once again the more Agravain talked. Yeah, He knew far more then he'd like to about what Agravain and Caleb got up to. The two didn't exactly try to hide it. Chris tilted his head as Agravain talked. Before saying softly. "I personally would not want to be in her shoes. From what I can tell, Pregnancy seems dreadful. " Chris then thought for a moment before confessing to Agravain. "Honestly, I think she's struggling a bit with everything. I don't know. She just seemed... Happier before things were revealed. " Which wasn't a surprise, She'd been threw a lot. But even now. Chris didn't think she'd recovered.

The topic was soon on himself. Something that had Chris awkwardly shifting. Focusing away from Agravain. He then told gently. "I uh, Don't see kids in my future. Maybe I'll change my mind eventually. But right now, Nah, Not for me. " He said, Scratching the back of his head. But he was eager to change the focus away from himself. Anything else. Thus he was looking to Gaheris. Saying. "Uh- What about you. Are there any girls you've been chasing? " They could focus on Gaheris's love life. Though Chris wasn't sure Gaheris had much to tell. He seemed to be atleast a bit friendly with Ruth from time to time. But Chris knew that relationship wasn't the best.

Maybe Chris could introduce Gaheris to someone, Not that he knew many ladies that would be interested. But it might be worth a try. It wouldn't be too much longer before the group reached the castle, Then after getting his leg checked. He could probable ask the other knights for a bit of help finding someone. They could set him up on a date. Chris thus then said. "You know, I've heard rumors there going to be a masquerade soon. Maybe you try and see if you can get a date to take? "

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(Theyre gonna need someone to talk their feelings out with so they don’t cross that line again. Arthur is there for Caroline and I guess Lance too and Lance will have the assassin and Caleb.
Things are gonna get rowdy between them. I feel Agravain is going to get frustrated that people see him as tame and when he was first with Caleb he was more aggressive and wild but since the fort he toned it down a bit so he didn’t scare her or anything but he won’t be thinking about that When she’s in his way to Lance)

Caleb might be struggling but she hadn’t talked about it too much with Agravain. He knew of course that she didn’t like the way the knights looked at her but she didn’t mention if she was…sad or upset. He’d have to ask her Once he got home how she was doing. If Ruth was going to train though then that might help things snd if she was actually back fighting more knights might see her as a ‘brother’ again. The thought of a knight being pregnant though was a bit unusual and he could understand why some were maybe unsure how to react to her.

”no girl’ll have you?” Agravain teased Chris gruffly. He hadnt heard much pestering from Caleb about Chris’ crush but he guessed Chris wasn’t so serious as to want children with the girl he was pining over. Well, kids weren’t for everyone anyway. Gaheris gave them a sour doleful look as he was brought into thr conversation. He didn’t really want to talk about girls with his brother. “I’m too busy to be chasing girls” he decided to answer even though that wasn’t really the case, there just wasn’t anyone for him to chase, Ruth was a lot cause and he’d not really spent much time with ladies besides at the pub but waitresses Didn’t much count when they were paid to Smile.

“that’s a good idea” Agravain agreed. ”Gavin might know some single ladies” he suggested, aware that Gaheris was closer to their sister as of late. He didn’t really wish his pushy brother upon anyone but maybe if he dated someone then it’d solve even more of his behaviour issues, a lot of them seemed to stem from loneliness or believing he wasn’t loved or wanted. “You should both go” Agravain suggested. “Ask that girl you’ve been harping on about, or stubbornly not, Chris” Agravain said, “you and Gaheris can practice dancing together” that seemed to amuse him a little. “Finally give me and Caleb some peace, if you can somehow convince Melodias to go as well then that’ll be even better. I like the man but sometimes I need him to make himself busy just so I can have some alone time with Caleb” Melodias wasn’t too bad though, he seemed to respect that they’d want time alone. The palace was in sight now and Agravain kicked his mare to pick up the pace slightly, at least Chris seemed to be doing okay, he didn’t seem too affected by the blood loss so far but he imagine he might struggle getting down from the horse. Getting up was one thing but all that sudden weight whilst dismounting might make rhe injury worse, he may need assistance.

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(Yeah, Things def gonna be intense. The two's poor kids are gonna probable struggle with who to side with as well. There might be a bit of a split in the family! )

Chris rolled his eyes at Agravain's little comment. Focusing on Gaheris. Which well... Chris couldn't help but disbelieve him. What could Gaheris possibly be busy doing? It wasn't like he was questing or anything! Agravain seemed to think Gavin could be of some help for Gaheris. She did seem to have plenty of connections. Chris then mused. "I'm afraid I'll have to sit that out. Dancing isn't much for me. " He didn't really intend to even go to the masquerade. Though he decided quickly that he wasn't going to hang around Caleb and Agravain around that time, He seriously did not want to walk in on anything. Once more finding himself a little red as Agravain kept talking. Luckily, it seemed he'd be able to get out of the conversation soon enough. The castle was in sight and Agravain was hurrying ahead. "Hey, Wait up! " He squeaked, Before also hurrying to keep pace with the man.

It wasn't long before the castle walls were nearing. Brief relief came over Chris. Except Chris was soon to notice a certain... Tension in the air. He swore he could make out a few worried expressions from some of the servants as they passed. Slowing down, Chris soon took note of a servant quickly approaching the group. A servant. "Sir Agravain! Your finally here. You should hurry! " He began. Which wasn't really a explanation. Thus Chris soon asked. "Whats going on? " Beginning to climb off his horse. Which well, Turned out to be more difficult then expected. Gritting his teeth, He managed to keep any noise back as he reached the ground. Using the horse to help steady himself.

The servant only spared him a brief glance. Soon focusing on Agravain. "Lady Morgan has had the baby. Your sisters been trying to find you. They are currently in lady Morgan's room " He expressed. That caused Chris to focus even more. Frowning. He then looked between Gaheris and Agravain. Saying. "You should both go check things out... Be careful. " He urged, He knew Morgan could be a pain to deal with. Hopefully this child would be a girl. It would certainly make everything a lot easier.

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(Oh my goodness I didn’t even think of the kids, yeah. Do you think Agravain will be the main caregiver in the end? He’ll quite happily look after them, knows it wasn’t what Caleb particularly dreamed of and if so that might sway some of the children to his side)

Arriving at the palace it was clear that something was up. Agravain had not expected it to be his business but his mother always had had a way of surprising him. She’d had the baby? that was vague, no word of it was a boy or girl, if it was doing well or even how Morgan was. He could apprehension in his gut, like he was on a tipping point or a cliff edge, the point of no return for once he went and saw that baby there was no going back. He glanced at Chris and his encouragement, Agravain was not overly eager to bring Gaheris with him, his brother did not need to be around Morgan but hopefully she’d be too exhausted to antagonise Gaheris much. He nodded at Chris, trusting that he would be able to get help now that they were at the castle and set off to Morgan’s rooms Gaheris in tow.

”Maybe we’ve gotten lucky and mother had died in childbirth” Gaheris commented, as casual as if discussing the weather. “I would’ve thought spite would keep her alive longer than any of us” Agravain muttered in reply Although he figured it would be handy had she passed, it meant she wouldn’t control a future heir, would cause less problems for all of them. Even better if it was a girl. Agravain didn’t figure they were that lucky though and was soon at Morgan’s rooms. “Do not engage with her” Agravain warned Gaheris. ”we’re here to check on the baby and little more” Agravain insisted before going to march Into the rooms.

The castle as of late had been busy with the birth of Malia’s newest child, Darius or Dari for short, a sort of bright energy in the air at a true heir and of Alexander’s obvious pride and pleasure in having another son. The atmosphere was likely to change now though, Morgan was not one to be outdone and would likely be happy to steal the baby thunder from Malia. Agravain did not want to be around when the two women met again.

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(Hmm... I imagine they probably mostly take turns, But also I think Agravain would be a bit more involved in the care. Like Caleb would love her kids of course, But she'd also have a lot of focus on her work. )

It did not take long before Gaheris and Agravain reached Morgan's room. Servants knew better then to get in there way. And thus soon the door was pushed open. One would easily be able to tell that things had gone smoothly judging by the grim look on Gavin's face. Looking towards Agravain and Gaheris for only a moment. Before her focus was going back to the bed. There, Morgan was laying. Looking exhausted and a bit dazed, But clearly pleased judging by the smile on her face. Her gaze flickering up briefly as the men entered. Soon saying softly. "Agravain, Gaheris, Here to visit your new brother? " Before looking down to the bundle in her arms. So it seemed the child was a boy.

Gavin then spoke up. "You look tired, Why don't you get some rest and we'll take him. " Gavin urged. Morgan was dangerous, Gavin couldn't help but want her claws off the child as quickly as possible. But Morgan was not so eager. Holding the baby closer to herself. She then tsked. "Nonsense. What kind of mother would I be if I made you take care of him. " She said. Causing Gavin to just stare at her. Huh, Where was that sentiment when it came to raising all her other kids? Gavin brushed the thought off though. Morgan was just trying to get under their skins.

Morgan then was looking down at the baby. Purring. "His names Mordred. " Seemed she hadn't stuck with G names this time. She then tiredly told. "I think he's got some curls like Arthur. " She hummed in thought. More to herself then anything else. At that point. Gavin looked to Agravain. Uncertain and tense.

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(Yeah whilst Agravain is already an established knight, he still wants to work and go on quests but he doesn’t feel he has to focus on it as much, but they will have family to help babysit the kid(s).
Quickly back to Gavin and Lance, do you reckon they’d have a boy or girl? I quite like the idea of Galahad being the only boy to single him out as unique but then that’s quite a few girls! I can see the assassin’s daughter being taught how to fight but maybe if Gavin had a girl she’d be more ladylike)

“we can’t just come visit our mother?” Agravain said grimly in reply but they all knew they were here to see the baby and he knew it’d be just their luck that she gave birth to a boy. Gavin was eager to take the child off Morgan but that wouldn’t solve everything and he was sure their mother would get her grips on the bot again, no this was more of a long game. He was surprised by the name, he supposed if was foolish to think she might stick with their naming convention, no this child was special to her so got a name with a G, although technically Agravain’s name started with an A so maybe that was telling in of itself.

Agravain peered at the baby curiously before going to sit down in a chair beside her bed whilst Gaheris hung beside Gavin, watching the baby but keeping his eyes off Morgan As best he could. ”I take it the medic’s looked him over, given him the all clear?” Agravain asked the room, sure this Baby could spell the downfall of their kingdom but it was also his baby brother. Oh…that meant Gareth wasn’t the baby anymore, that was weird to think about but this Child wasn’t in line with the rest of his siblings, he didn’t know how much input they’d get since he was an heir and Arthur’s child.

“let’s hope your mothering skills haven’t gone rusty” Agravain said deadpan “if you ever had any” he muttered afterwards. Morgan claimed she had loved her first few children but well love didn’t make you a good mother alone. He wondered if Morgan would abuse this child like she had them but he supposed she’d want this child to like her so she would probably actually be a good mother. It didn’t mean she loved the baby though and that did have Agravain curious, would she love this child? Truly, or just pretend? “Well I suppose at least Loth isn’t around to murder this one” he added on, watching Morgan, wondering if she’d still be disturbed by the mention of her late husband and dead child.

”You know you won’t be able to hold onto him forever” Agravain said. “You look tired, you’ll have to sleep soon and it'll be easy to take him then” he pointed out calmly, but he imagined not too many people wanted to separate mother and child, many would be celebrating this birth. “But you’ve had ages to think up a reason, tell me why i shouldn't hold you down right now and let Gavin take that baby?” Agravain was stronger than his mother, could force the two physically apart even though he knew it wouldn’t solve the problem, just separating them whenever the got the chance might help out, get Mordred to bond with the siblings rather than Morgan. But he knew they couldn’t physically separate the two forever, not by themselves and not without a greater plan.

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(Oh, I like the idea of them all being girls! Especially if they all grow up to be rather beautiful. So Lance gets to constantly worry about them seeing guys. I could also imagine one of them being very much a romantic like Lance. Being very quick to fall in love. And Lance just being like. "Honey, You've only known him for a week. Maybe slow down a bit? " )

Morgan couldn't help but look amused at Agravain's words. Yeah, No. Morgan knew very well they were only here to see the baby. She didn't worry to much as Agravain peered at the child. Who was currently sleeping. The baby perhaps looked a bit more like Morgan then Arthur right now. The little bit of hair he had so far being a black color. Agravain seemed to want to make sure he was okay. Causing Morgan to muse gently. "Of course, He's been all looked over. He's perfectly healthy. " She explained. Which while that might be a relief to the siblings. Others might not be as pleased by the news.

Agravain seemed to doubt Morgan's mothering skills! Agravain just had to bring up Loth, It did make Morgan briefly tense. But she soon said. "Oh, Do not worry so much. I'm sure him being a heir will ensure he's well protected." Arthur didn't have any other sons after all. Atleast for the moment. Besides, Not all were pleased with Arthur marrying Caroline. Even should he have a heir with her. Morgan thought she'd be able to get her son accepted as the rightful heir.

Agravain was soon moving to threats. He was right, Morgan was exhausted. She couldn't stay up forever. A laugh came from Morgan at Agravain's words. "Oh, Dear. You would traumatize a mother and child by separating them? Well. I don't know what I would do. I'd be so upset. Who knows what would come out my mouth? What I might reveal? " She spoke. Her gaze flickering towards Gavin. Causing Gavin to tense up. The threat was easy to understand. If they did anything, Morgan would likely reveal Gavin's childs parentage. But she wasn't the only one Morgan threated. For Morgan was soon looking to Gaheris, Grinning at him.

Morgan then hummed gently. "But I think we all can play nice? Yes? Because I know none of you would harm him. So I'll keep my mouth shut. While none of you overstep. Agreed? " Gavin didn't know how far Morgan considered overstepping. Morgan didn't bother to explain further. Instead, She was saying. "You are right though, And I need to rest. So take him for the moment. I trust you'll return him when I ask for him. " Morgan mused, Gesturing for Gavin to approach. And Gavin hated the way Morgan smiled at her. Because Morgan knew that atleast Gavin's hands were tied. Moving closer. She carefully took the boy from Morgan. The child whining slightly at being moved. But quickly falling back asleep. Gavin then looked towards Morgan. Huffing. "Your plan will fail in the end. I hope you know that. " But Morgan just smiled up at her. Tilting her head and saying. "We will see. "

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(Yeah, and it’s not like Lance can really judge. He’s going to be tearing his hair out with his children’s nd trying to scare boys away)

The baby seemed content and Agravain was settled somewhat by the news that he was healthy. Mordred looked happy in Morgan’s arms and he had to wonder if any of them had ever looked like that, if so probably not for long. The baby did look rather like Morgan but that wasn’t to say that he didn’t look like Arthur although they did share some of the same genes. The atmosphere turned more tense as talk moved towards threats.

Agravain expected as much, Morgan had dirt on his siblings and wouldn’t mind revealing it, but it was always good to test the water. Gavin may think that he had betrayed her but he wouldn’t risk her and her daughter’s reputation or trust by fighting Morgan on this, he wouldn’t harm his family. And it wasn’t just Gavin. Gaheris narrowed his eyes and drew away as Morgan switched her gaze to him, uncomfortable snd defensive. Agravain knew what she was threatening but they had not told Gavin and Gaheris preferred it to stay that way. Agravain smiled in fake benevolence at her “oh I wouldn’t dream of it, I’d hate to upset you so” but Morgan was agreeing to hand over the baby at least which was something, even if it was smug.

He imagined Morgan would be having sweet dreams tonight. Someone had to send a letter to inform Arthur which he assumed Alexander would do but he planned to send one to Gawain himself to let him know. “I imagine Alexander will want to see his new grandchild” Agravain said and he wouldn’t be happy but they could hardly keep the child from him. He didn’t think it was wise to just take him straight to Alexander though without approval from Morgan, she’d likely want to be there and Agravain didn’t want to be accused of overstepping. He was surprised Alexander had come a,ready, unless he’d been before they’d arrived but maybe he was too angry to make an appearance just yet. “Will you write to Arthur let him know the good news?” He inquired to Morgan, again wanting to test the waters. He’d heard from Lance snd Gaheris that Arthur was not under her spell anymore but did she know that and if so did she believe she could trap him again?

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(Lol, I think most men are going to be intimidated away by Lance. )

For now, It seemed the siblings would just have to bide there time. Morgan had to much she could use to hurt them for them to really get in her way. Agravain was soon bringing up a good point. Alexander would likely want to see the child. But Morgan simply shook her head. Musing. "I'm sure he will come and see him eventually. I'm far more interested if Malia will come. This is her grandchild after all. " She had no doubt both Malia and Alexander were furious. A thought that Morgan found delightful. Alexander could not really afford to ignore the child. That would be letting Morgan have far too much control.

Morgan then hummed. "Of course, I imagine he'll be excited to return and meet his son. " Would he rush back? Or maybe he'd be anxious and try to avoid such as long as possible. Morgan supposed she'd just have to wait and see. Gavin huffed. Glancing away in thought for a moment. Before deciding perhaps it would be best for them to leave Morgan be, Give themselves a chance to discuss the situation. Thus Gavin then said. "Well, We'll let you rest. " Holding Mordred close. She then gave a strained smile. "We'll make sure to keep Mordred safe. " She promised.

Morgan then said. "Ah, I know you will. Try not to go to far. Its not good for a mother to be too far away from her baby. " She expressed. Threat still heavy in the air. Morgan was tired though. She had just had a baby and knew she needed to rest. Trusted Gavin and Agravain would be smart enough not to let anything happen to Mordred. Nor would they leave with him. Gavin narrowed her eyes for a moment before nodding. Turning a walking out of the room. Figured Gaheris and Agravain would be right behind her.

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(most men but I think a few will be cocky enough to think they can take him or not care which will annoy Lance. I can see him trying to put them in their place or trying to duel them if they’re knights and his daughters just complaining that he’s embarrassing them. The assassin will probably be quite relaxed about them dating, try to help Galahad and encourage her daughter to have fun because she’s not very traditional which Lance will complain about and she’ll tell him to relax.
how did you think Gavin will react to her daughter dating?)

Ah yes Malia and her long standing rivalry with Morgan. Agravain didn't expect her to make, she was likely busy with her own baby and she hated Morgan but this was also Arthur’s firstborn. Would she recognise the child as such or ignore it? She did like children but this was extreme circumstances. Morgan just wanted to rub it in Malia’s face that much was clear. “i don’t recall you being that interested in your own grandchild” Agravain murmured but didn’t push it as he got to his feet.

Morgan knew how to grate on all of their nerves and the atmosphere was anxious with the birth of Mordred so Agravain was happy to follow his sister out of the room. “Are we just going to let her get away with that?” Gaheris complained, crossing his arms over his chest “someone must have a plan to deal with her” Agravain shook his head in disagreement with his brother. “She’s slippery, I’m sure Alexander is trying but it’s not that simple. She has too much blackmail as well” Agravain said pointedly and Gaheris grew at bit meeker at the second reminder of that.

”listen I know she’s a terrible human being, one of the worst but she will look after this child, I’m sure of it” Agravain said, “she can’t afford not to, she wants Mordred to grow up thinking that she loves him so she can control him as best she can” maybe there’d be some manipulation to but he couldn’t imagine it to the extent that they received. “besides that it might be best to let Alexander deal with her. We can’t really make a move against her. Maybe if she was a real threat to Mordred then the story might be different but it might be best to just watch out for him and wait for Gawain to return“ Alexander had formulated one plan that revolved around revealing how unfit of a mother she was but that required Gawain to come forward. It might just be most practical and least harmful to babysit Mordred where they could for now. He was only young, there wasn’t too much she could do at the moment that would affect the throne he would’ve thought. As a knight he was concerned with his mother’s reach for the throne but he figured it’d be a long war, not a quick battle. Better to gather their troops against her. Plus, and this was likely just to him, she wasn’t always that bad. Obviously this was a horrible manipulation of Arthur and she couldn’t be allowed to get away with it but he was interested to see what her full plan was. She was a genius, if twisted.
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(Lance just gonna make scaring off boys a hobby. Lmao. I think Gavin will probable be pretty hesitant about letting her daughters date. Wouldn't really stop her, But would be fretting a good bit. Probable would do a large background check on any guy that tries to be with her daughters. )

It didn't take long before Gaheris was voicing his frustration with Morgan. Gavin couldn't bring herself to blame him. Sadly Morgan wasn't so easily dealt with. Something that Agravain was soon explaining. His words were right, They couldn't make a move on Morgan, Not without putting themselves in danger. Besides, Mordred was to valuable to her for her to harm. She wanted to keep the boy wrapped around her finger. Looking down, The baby seemed to be fast asleep and Gavin's frustration grew. Morgan would not love this child. He was just a pawn. But did hardly cared for any of them. So Gavin looked towards the door. Quiet for a few moments.

Gavin then said quietly, More to herself then anyone else. "I could kill her. Now would be the time. Claim it was complications during childbirth. " The words came from her easily enough. But Gavin knew it would not be so easy. A knife would be obvious. While poison... If it wasn't done correctly could simply cause more trouble. If anything got traced back to her, Gavin could be executed. Who'd take care of her daughter then? Frustration showed on Gavin's face. She then looked up towards Agravain. It had been a while since they had spoken. Even longer since the conversation had been civil.

Gavin then said softly. "Here, Why don't you hold him? " She urged. Moving closer so that Agravain could take him. Despite everything she figured he would want to. Gavin then said, Voice strained. "I agree, We need to be patient. She won't hurt him for now. " That didn't mean she wouldn't harm him somehow in the future. It was a thought Gavin didn't want to think about. She then looked towards Gaheris. frowning for a moment. Because while her focus had been mostly on her own secrets. She had of course noticed the effect Morgan seemed to have on Gaheris. For now she decided it best not to question it. But it might be a topic to ask about later. Once everything had calmed.

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(Oh I think it’s going to be really cute. They won’t be a conventional family but Lance will be there to look out for his children and Gabriel and Galahad will have three different women he can go to with his problems and a horde of sisters)

All the siblings at one point in their life had probably thought about killing Morgan but Agravain looked at Gavin in reproach. Too many things could go wrong and too much was at stake. He wouldn’t be surprised if Morgan was immune to most poisons and her hatred probably made her stab proof. Really what they needed was Gawain to return, declare her an unfit mother and for Arthur to agree and take the baby off of her to care for himself. His cousin would be more reasonable and if not, easier to manipulate than Morgan. They just had to wait for now, see if she slipped up and also, as much as Agravain wanted Alexander to remove their mother from the situation, he also knew the king was a threat himself. Alexander did not want this heir around, Mordred was at least safe until Caroline gave birth, until Arthur had an heir legitimately but Agravain knew that for the interests if the kingdom that Alexander would not want Mordred around. He chose not mention that to the group though, wasn’t sure his siblings were aware of what lengths Alexander might and could go to. Agravain took Mordred when passed him and Gaheris leaned in to get a better look: “Theo’s cuter” he insisted which had Agravain smirking, if slightly bittersweetly, Gaheris would say that but Mordred was pretty cute. Agravain wondered if his eyes would stay blue or change to match Arthur’s brown. “Let’s focus on keeping Mordred happy and he’althy first and worry about removing mother from the equation later” Agravain decided, even though she was a threat to Mordred, not in that way, he should be okay for now.

Speaking of Arthur, he was finding himself having to get ready again for yet another ball. Arthur swore that at home there had never been this many balls but he guessed there hadn’t been something as big as a royal wedding or pregnancy to celebrate. He was running out of fancy clothes to wear, he’d need to go shopping to try and pick something up soon enough, not that Rayner was keen for them to leave the castle grounds yet. He figured Caroline would probably like clothes shopping, she might be able to offer him some advice on what looked good and pick up some dresses for herself, he’d have to ask when he got the chance although maybe Silas would like to tag along too.

Arthur had continued to stick close to Silas, hardly surprising, and had kept up with cleaning and redressing his wounds. As horrible as it was, it had almost become a ritual and Arthur found something soothing in knowing that Silas was being looked after. Things had been slightly awkward though, not that they’d been trying to be but it was hard not to think about the kiss when he was laying next to Silas at night or to Stop his hand lingering just a little Longer than necessary when touching him And he really couldn’t stop the occasional wondering dream. It wasn’t that he wanted to forget the kiss even, or that he wasn’t interested in silas, that’s what made it so difficult. He liked Silas, he really did, but he also liked him as a friend and didn’t want to mess that up or completely ruin things with Caroline either. So, for the most part Arthur felt things between them had been good, although maybe Silas felt differently, it was just sometimes that the awkwardness peeked through their friendship. And as for Caroline, Arthur always made sure to check on her regularly, tried to spend time with her since she was his wife but she had more friends here than him so she didn’t often Need his company but he had found that he didn’t mind spending time with her and her friends when she let him join. “I think your father is throwing so many balls to punish me” Arthur murmured, he wouldn’t put it past Rayner. “My feet still hurt from dancing at the last one. I’m going to need to drink just so they go numb” he complained.
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Soon enough Mordred was in Agravain's arm. And something about the scene reminded Gavin very much of when she had been small. Agravain holding Gareth. It felt like a long time ago and Gavin was aware very much of all they had lost. There was many bridges Gavin wasn't sure how she could ever repair. But she could do her best to make sure atleast Mordred stayed safe, Try to keep her other siblings out of harm. So she gave Agravain a small nod as he spoke.

Things between Arthur and Silas were... Strange. The two obviously found comfort in each other. But since the kiss, A awkward tension seemed to always linger. Yet it was something never addressed. Something that had only made Silas's feelings more difficult. But Silas did not intend to push the issue. Thus he had stayed quiet.
It was strange, Arthur seemed to be with Silas more often then he was not. Sure, Caroline spent time with him from time to time. But she had her own friend groups and family she wished to spend time with while at home. Silas's injury also had ment he'd needed Arthur's help much of the time. Yet those wounds were not as fresh. Still, Sometimes if Silas wasn't careful he might feel some pain. But for the most part they were healing well enough. He could walk and pester those around him once again. Yet still, Arthur seemed to spend most of his nights with Silas. Not that Silas planned to complain. He... Enjoyed his company.

Arthur had spent so much time in his room in fact, That Silas had some servants store some of Arthur's clothing in his room. Of course, More fancier clothes were stored in Arthur's own room. And thus he stood, Waiting outside Arthur's door for him to dress. Snickering as he heard Arthur's voice inside the room. "The big knight in shining armor is getting tired from a little dancing? " Silas spoke teasingly. But well, He couldn't blame Arthur. Silas then pointed out gently. "Atleast when you're dancing you ain't got to talk to others as much. " Other then ones dance partner of course.

Lately Caroline had been managing to make it to the balls. Silas had heard she'd already gone downstairs. More to mingle with some of the other noble ladies. But well, Silas did not know if she'd stay the whole night. He knew the pregnancy was leaving her a bit sick. Thus she'd likely retire early to rest. A shame. But Silas then asked curiously. "Will any of your knights be there this time? " Would perhaps give Arthur a few more allies around. Not all the nobles disliked Arthur. But the ones that did? Well, They could be rather vocal and spiteful. Often seemed to try and get under his skin.

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The issue of Arthur sleeping in Silas’ room was a peculiar one, there wasn’t really much need for Arthur to stay with him anymore at night but he felt it’d be rude to just move out all of a sudden and to broach the subject felt quite awkward, more importantly, Arthur enjoyed sleeping by Silas, even if sometimes his thoughts lingered too much, it was comforting. He didn’t know if Caroline wished him back or not but he figured until someone said otherwise he would keep Silas company, he wasn’t hurting anyone after all.

Arthur pouted, even though Silas couldn’t see it, at the teasing. To be fair, dancing was good exercise but it was not the sort of stretching and moving that Arthur was used to, and the stiffness of the arms sometimes when dancing with someone was not enjoyable. Silas did make a good point though, less talking to strangers who hated him and when Caroline did attend, as she had done recently, he enjoyed getting to spend some time almost alone with her. He didn’t actually know if she enjoyed dancing but it was what they’d were expected to do. He tried to avoid too many twirls though so she didn’t feel too sick. Arthur checked himself over in the mirror one more time, applied some cologne and made his way to the door, talking to Silas as he stepped through. “Percival and Galehaut were maybes but I believe Gawain should be there” he said “as well as some other knights you don’t really know, said they wanted to see what the women were like here” Most knights tended to be noblemen but not all as well known or high up as Gawain and Percival.

”what do you think?” Arthur asked, gesturing at his clothes. “I think Caroline is going to have to take me shopping, I feel she knows far more about fashion than I do” he said. He gave Silas a once over, even though he’d been watching him before, he let himself take him in a bit better and smiled at him “you suit being dressed up” The fancy clothes were a far better fit on Silas than on Arthur in his opinion. “Must be that fair skin. I bet your mother loved dressing you up like a doll when you were little” he murmured softly and with an enamoured grin. Did Silas feel comfortable in those clothes? Because Arthur felt like he wearing a different skin. He actually didn’t understand how people enjoyed balls, the gossiping and uncomfortable clothes and too much dancing, at least Caroline seemed to enjoy wearing pretty dresses he guessed so she was already a step ahead of him.

”anyone interesting I should watch out for at this party?” Arthur asked as he started leading them towards the ballroom. Maybe Silas would say there was someone really nice there, unlikely, or maybe he’d say there someone that Arthur knew, which again was unlikely but it could be one of Caroline’s friends. More possibly it would be that there was someone he should avoid or deal with carefully. Maybe Vere’s family would show up? Arthur didn’t know if that’d be good or bad. Might help him to see their opinion on him and thus what his starting point with them was.”I don’t know how you deal with the politics of this place Silas, it’s so tiring” he commented, obviously there was politics back home but he felt people were more straightforward in his kingdom, said what they meant more. Maybe that was just his naivety though.

(So Arthur’s gonna get a bit drunk, maybe go off to find Ethan but I was just thinking what if Silas’ cousin is at this ball, the one that he said he slept with ages ago, and that is what makes Arthur drink quite a bit and go off to see Ethan, feeling a bit jealous even if he knows he shouldn’t. I feel like Arthur has hinted at jealousy before with Kay and the lady and also wondering if Galehaut and Ethan got together but he’s not really succumb to it properly before, might be interesting but feel free to say no)

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(Ooh, I'm liking that idea. Like maybe the cousin is really flirty and hitting on Silas a lot? Then he could go look for Ethan and just find Ethan chatting with Galehaut? Which might make things even worse. Would you like to play the cousin? Or shall I? I don't mind ether way. )

Silas leaned against the nearby wall. Listening as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Turning his gaze as he saw the door open. Out stepping Arthur, All dressed up and fancy, Once more Silas could not help but think such did not fit him. No, Arthur always seemed the handsomest when he was dressed more casually, Ready to spar. Or perhaps he simply seemed happier during such times. Silas couldn't help but tsk a bit at the news. Silas did not want to see Gawain, But it could not be helped. Galehaut he was unsure about. The man had seen his wounds, It left a awkward feeling in Silas's chest and he decided quickly he was another face to avoid.

Standing up straighter, Silas approached. Gently straightening out Arthur's clothes a bit. He then mused. "I can't say it suits you. But It'll have to do. " He complained. But, Perhaps if they went shopping they could find something a bit better. Silas soon was finding his expression turning more amused as Arthur talked. "I look fabulous in anything. " He said jokingly, Placing his hand on his chest. But Arthur was right, Silas seemed to fit the more prim and proper look. With a soft voice and delicate features. He was certainly a handsome sight.

It seemed it was time to go, Arthur was soon leading the way. Asking questions and Silas hummed in thought. "Things I expect will be a bit easier tonight. Caroline has her friends joining. Part of the reason she herself will be there. " Caroline had not felt that well lately. Dealing with the nobles could be difficult and no one wanted to stress her to much. But with her friends there, Well... They were less likely to cause her problems. Silas then mused. "A few more distant relatives might be showing up. Last I spoke with them things were friendly. But I cannot say how they will react to you. " Just because things had been civil with Silas and them on previous occasions, -One he'd even been rather friendly with- That didn't mean such would still be the case. They also might not approve of Arthur.

Silas then expressed. "I doubt things will be relaxing. But it should be a easier night then others have been. " These balls always seemed to be stressful, Arthur's words caused a small laugh to come from Silas. Shaking his head as he said. "Simply try not to get a headache. " Silas could not blame Arthur at all. It was tiring dealing with the nobility around. But one did not have a choice much of the time. The most they could do was try and flee a bit early when given the chance. Walking along, Silas gently nudged Arthur's arm and said softly. "Don't worry, Me and Caroline will be there. Just... Tell me if anything gets to much and we'll slip away for a breather. " They likely would have to return. But it would give a bit of a break. Looking forward, It seemed they were soon reaching the door to the ball room. Thus, Silas took a moment to brace himself before pushing open the door. Already things were busy on the inside. Music played and Silas could smell good food. Things were busy, Silas could see plenty of nobility had arrived and Silas tried to scan around quickly to try and take note of those around. It didn't take long before he spotted his sister, She was sitting at a table. A couple ladies Silas knew to be her friends sitting with her. The group seeming to be casually chatting. Silas briefly caught her eye. The girl sending him a smile before returning to her conversation.

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(I figure for Arthur to get jealous then Silas has to be at least partially receptive to it, I mean he doesn’t actually have to like it but maybe appears that way, or is playful with the cousin. I like the idea with Galehaut but I figured that Arthur would probably stay the night with Ethan, or at least attempt to, which in turn might make Silas jealous. It might be better if you play the cousin so Arthur can react to him. You can even have him hang around for a few days after the ball if you want. I know Silas has calmed down but he could always end up sleeping with him again since he figures that’s what Arthur has already assumed and to help get out any loneliness, frustration and jealously, so Arthur essentially caused what he didn’t want to happen. Just an idea)

Well it was encouraging to hear things might be easier, although asking for enjoyable was probably a bit too much. At least he had Caroline and Silas there, made him feel a bit less alone. “Which side of the family?” Arthur asked, he couldn’t help but hope it was their mother’s side as Rayner had not made him want to meet any of his other family. Sure they probably weren’t all like him but Arthur didn’t want to find out. Not to mention that family was far more fickle: Silas was friendly now but when they’d first met he hadn’t seemed to really like Arthur because of the marriage.

”Thanks“ he murmured at the offer to help him take a breather, he might need one. The ball was already bustling and Arthur hoped that meant it’d end earlier. He also spotted Caroline and was glad to see her fairly relaxed. As her husband maybe he should’ve gone over, given her a kiss, said hi to her friends, but he didn’t really want to disturb her, he could catch up with her in a bit. Instead, Arthur snagged some drinks from a passing servant and handed one to Silas. ”For luck” he insisted before downing it quickly, wincing at the taste And soon passing his glass off again. The alcohol still burnt his throat and the flavour did not appeal to him but drinks certainly went down easier than they used to, which wasn’t to say his tolerance was much better but it had only been one drink so far! He’d be alright for the moment and he’d needed it to tackle the night. “I’ll let you pick the first interrogator of the night” Arthur offered. “Then I’ll see if Caroline wants a dance” Even if she said no, at the very least he’d get to say hello to her friends, and if he then came across some frustrating people then he could search out a knight, such as Gawain, to talk to briefly.

The ballroom was certainly bustling which worked in the favour of some people, made it easier to blend in and meant there were more people to act as targets. With all the distractions from the lights and the noise and the people, it was oh so easy to take a lady’s fancy bracelet or some other expensive item, especially when the men weren’t looking at your hands. So, a thief was amongst their midst but you couldn’t tell from the looks of her. Dressed in a luxurious green dress and her fiery hair pinned up with a matching emerald so that it fell just short of her shoulders at the back of her head in a cascade of loose curls. Two strands were left to frame her face though and help contrast her mesmerising green eyes. To be honest, it probably wasn’t a face you’d forget but not many people actually got to see it and know whose was at the same time. Usually she wore a full face mask that was shaped like a Fox, giving her the nickname of ‘The Vixen’, or at least that’s what all the wanted posters said and the name sort of stuck.

(I’m thinking if maybe Sienna or Amber for her name or maybe Mila or Florence. I was planning on naming their daughter Valencia so I sorta wanted a name to match that.)

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