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a roleplay by reiia

crescent court

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ♡


#romance #Mystery #Family #Friendship

trouble in paradise

the crests, johnny maestro

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    Welcome to the beautiful neighborhood of Crescent Court, a middle-class coldesac where the children can play and laugh. There lived five families (Can add more if needed) who loved the neighborhood they can live and enjoy raising their kids. There is also some mysteries going on in this small area! Can they figure them out? Real pictures only! Animals added as wanted also! We can add drama or anything we would like to, so come to in the fun!you never know what is going on behind closed doors and in the seemingly peaceful neighborhood, what could possibly be going on.

    This may seem like a rather peaceful neighborhood, a neighborhood in a normal city and yet it shrouded in mystery. There has been quite a few kidnappings in the neighborhoods surrounding Crescent Court, causing the parents to be extra cautious with their children. This is causing the teenagers to be wanting more freedom, while the parents are extra paranoid.

    Will they be able to find out who is doing the kidnapping? Will the neighborhood ever be at peace or are they doomed to have to wonder if their children are next?

    There will be lots of twists and turns, romance, unlikely friendships and random events. Join us for a fun filled story that will keep you entertained!




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Either the henderson mother or the single dad, and I would like to have a single or two

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