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Welcome to the beautiful neighborhood of Crecent Court, a middle class coldesac where the children can play and laugh. There lived nine families (Can add more if needed) who loved the neighborhood they can live and enjoy raising their kids. Real pictures only! Animals added as wanted also! nothing is ever as it seems so, while the neighborhood seems perfect and all those people living in it, a lot of them are dealing with drama of their own!

Newspaper October 18th, 2023
6:50 AM

kids gone missing in nearby neighborhood

some kids were just outside playing like normal kids when suddenly they were taken apparently by an unknown assailant, this is definitely been a shakeup for the neighborhood. We tried to interview with the parents, but unfortunately they are definitely too distraught to even consider answering our questions. the neighborhood is up in arms wanting to know where these kids went and who took them, a lot of them will not stop until they get answers. while we don't have a whole lot of information on this story, we do intend to follow it until the very ends if we have to. We need to keep our kids safe!


after getting some amazing rain last night, I am happy to announce that it looks like it will be sunshine for the rest of the day. The rain last night had caused a lot of problems on the road, probably a few people out there have noticed and some even complained that the few days of rain was just too much. There is a lot of flooding out there, so be careful when you're driving this morning to drop your kids office school or even if they're just walking to school. Also be careful letting your pets out, one angry citizen has been hollering about how their dog got into the mud and they don't have time to give them a bath. While the rain can definitely be nice, sometimes it's just a pain!

1. αвѕσℓυтєℓу иσ σиє ℓιиєяѕ
2. иσ gσ∂ мσ∂ιиg
3. ιf ѕσмєвσ∂у тєℓℓѕ уσυ тнєу'яє υи¢σмfσятαвℓє ωιтн ѕσмєтнιиg, ѕтσρ
4. ιи ¢нαяα¢тєя ∂яαмα ιѕ єи¢συяαgє∂, συт σf ¢нαяα¢тєя ∂яαмα ∂ιѕ¢συяαgє∂
5. ραу αттєитισи тσ ρєσρℓє'ѕ яєѕρσиѕєѕ, єѕρє¢ιαℓℓу ιf ιт ιи¢ℓυ∂єѕ уσυ​
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Hyun Kyeong;
Waking up at his usual time, around 5 am for a good workout.
From there he headed straight to the police station, dawning his uniform and heading with the patrol car to block one of the flooded roads, redirecting people to alternate routes.
He stood by his car, smiling at oncomers and curious lookers; pointing at the flooded road ahead.
He ate the breakfest his lovely wife had packed for him, nibbling on it while leaning on the car.
"Yes ma'am, I recommend taking the exit to my left, follow it up to 72." He waved to the passing lady, looking at his watch already wondering what Dae has for his lunch.
Cool Text - Casey Ginger Rosales 436122887599926.png
ωнєяє: their parent's bedroom
ωιтн: her sister,daddy 1 ( twinkie twinkie ) , daddy 2 ( Frittercrittern Frittercrittern )

Ginger was always an early riser, she always had something on her mind or planned. While she was very energetic and often times hard to get to sleep, she was also up early and ready to go pretty much immediately. She slept in her own room, while Casey needed to sleep in their parents room and had a small toddler sized bed in their room. She also had a bed in Ginger's room as they were supposed to share a room, but that normally didn't happen. As Ginger woke up, she rubbed her small eyes and just sat there for a minute, finally she got out of her bed and began to wander around. It was too quiet, she didn't like that and of course she always wanted there to be chaos rather than silence.

Ginger snuck quietly into her dads bedroom, she peaked in the room and noticed Casey sleeping with her pacifier. She looked really peaceful, for some reason the toddler didn't understand why but she didn't like that. She walked over to her sister, staring at her for a moment and then proceeded to take the pacifier out of her mouth and for no apparent reason just decided to keep that. Casey woke up startled and began to cry, making a very loud sound as she proceeded to try and get it back. Ginger didn't like this, so she tried to walk away and Casey was not one for confrontation or fighting just sat in her bed and began to wail.
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞: Home
𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡: No one?
𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬: Cathy ( PixieDust PixieDust ) Lucas ( Bambiholic Bambiholic ) Sammy ( Peanut145 Peanut145 )

“What do you mean you lost the big account? I told you what we needed to do, you should have listened to me.” Lydia was in the kitchen attempting to make breakfast, she was hardly home at this time and was normally at the office for many hours already. She worked from four in the morning usually, until late in the evening. People often times would wonder if she ever slept, not only was she a business owner but she was also a lawyer. Frustrated she proceeded to raise her voice at the person on the other end of the phone, shaking her head and probably burning the egg she was cooking all because she couldn’t just pay attention to making breakfast for her boys. Lydia is a single mom, things just did not work with the boys father, she was only 18 when she had her oldest.

“Just leave it, I will take care of it when I get into the office. No, he’s done enough damage and unless you want me to fire you, I would just drop it.” She looked at the food, letting out a sigh as she was definitely not doing a good job as a mother. “ at least I’m not a worrywart like that Cathy….. “ Lydia was not a fan of one of her neighbors, after all the two of them were constantly at odds and she felt the woman worried about her only daughter way too much. Although, deep down inside she knew that she was failing her boys and she did feel guilty about it. Every time the guilty feeling would come, she would try to pretend it didn’t exist.
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₩ł₮₶: Roxie, her mom ( BloopNoodle BloopNoodle )
₼€₦₮łᏫ₦$: her daddy ( Kikimura Kikimura )
₩₶€₹€: Kitchen
Nami Lee had been sleeping in her parents bedroom for the most part, except for last night she ended up staying all night in her bed. The rain definitely help as it helped calm her down so she was able to get some rest. Unfortunately, the dog, Roxie came in and started to lick her face, causing the little girl to and let out a giggle. “Okay…. Roxie…. I will help mommy, I will feed you!” she got out of her bed as she made her way towards the kitchen, she had seen her mom feed the dog many times and by now father was already at work. She didn’t like waking up in her daddy wasn’t home, she liked when her whole family was together and happy.

The dog food was in the laundry room and was pretty high up, she had to crawl on the washer and dryer as she tried to reach it. Luckily she didn’t fall or get hurt, but she did not the whole thing of dog food down onto the ground. “Mommy is going to be so proud of me!” she took what was left in the bag, which was way too much and put it in the dog bowl. She was carrying it to go set it down, but then he remembered that she had to put some of the wet food in there. So she went to the cupboard, ended up knocking a jar of something over and it smashed all over the floor. “ Oops!” still, the girl did not stop going for what she is trying to.

Finally she got can open, but unfortunately as she was pouring it into the dog dish it managed to get more on the floor then in the dish itself. She reached to try to clean up the jar that fell, but she ended up getting a rather small cut, still this was enough for her to start wailing. “Mommy!”
Sammy Saunders

Sammy softly walked down the stairs to the room in the house. He moved toward the kitchen trying not to make a sound. He was fully dressed and ready for school. He brushed a piece of hair out of his. He was uncomfortable having someone cook breakfast for him, he usually just had cereal for breakfast. “Don’t you have work?” His Os always sounded like E, he hated it. He cringed it sounded mean.
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» Lucas Saunders

Lucas walked down the stairs nonchalantly, ready to leave the house with his skateboard in hand - no school bag in sight. “Hey little man, what’s that-” he began asking Sammy, but the sight of his mom in the kitchen caused him to trail the end of his sentence off in surprise. On most days his mom would leave for work before he’d even woken up, and he’d make sure his little brother had everything he needed for school before - on some occasions - skating right to the rec centre near Crescent Court, or wherever he felt like hanging out that day. Today, was was quite obviously one of those occasions. He did go to school most days, but admittedly, he hardly ever stayed there for long. Other times he’d show up late at the beginning of lunch, like on Wednesdays when the only classes he had after lunch were art and music. Today, his first class would’ve been math. Yuck. The math teacher no doubt hated Lucas even more than Lucas hated math class, but that's a story for another time.

“Oh, hey mom.” Lucas greeted her with a forced smile, trying not to look like he’d been caught off guard. “How’s.. How’s it going?” he asked, hoping she wouldn’t notice that he didn’t look ready for school in the slightest. Lucas glanced down at what his mom had been looking at before he entered the room and raised his eyebrows a little, impressed at the sight. “Damn”, he muttered quietly under his breath. That certainly wasn’t what he was expecting to see that morning.
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Sammy Saunders

He smiled as his old brother walked down the stairs. He was always like the familiar sight of his older brother in the morning, Sammy would never say it out loud but some days Lucas felt more like a parent than either his mom or dad. When Lucas noticed their mother Sammy felt like he could cut his discomfort with a knife. He fidgeted in his seat, he felt like his skin was on backwards.

Sammy didn’t know where to turn his gaze so he looked out the window. He stared outside trying not to look at anything else. Outside he spotted Passer Domesticus, or a common House Sparrow. Identifying birds always calmed him down especially when he could remember their true scientific names.
𝒲𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒: Home
𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒽: no one
ℳ𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝓈: Mom ( PixieDust PixieDust ) Dad ( Sistros Sistros )

Amelia, usually called Amy by anyone close to her, woke up rather slowly. Last night she had slept better than she had in a long, in fact normally it was so much easier for her to wake up. She did stay up late finishing some homework that wasn’t even do this week, she did work on some math as that is the area she struggles the most. Amy doesn’t like to talk to her parents about her struggles, mom worries too much and her dad just isn’t much. She secretly really admired father for the work he does, but she doesn’t know how to express that admiration at 15 years old. As for her mother, the two of them just seemed heads a lot and her mom worked a lot as well, but she admired her mom to a certain extent as well and there was no way she was about to tell her that.

Amelia went into the bathroom that was her own private bathroom, she washed her face and fixed herself up. She was not one spent hours on her makeup, but she did like to look nice and she was hoping that someday she would catch the eye of a certain somebody. Finally she got herself dressed, making her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. She flipped on the TV, watching the news as talking about the missing children. Amelia wasn’t all that scared, after all her dad was police chief and she knew that he would probably try to find her. She looked down for a moment, wondering if maybe he wouldn’t, what if she was too much trouble?

After she poured her cereal, she went over sitting down on the couch and slowly ate her food. She probably should have been watching cartoons or something, but Amy was a little more responsible than that. It was at that moment, a commercial for the local animal shelter came on, maybe this was her chance to convince her mom to let her have an animal. Especially a dog, a dog would keep her safe and she could train it.
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞: Home
𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡: Lucas ( Bambiholic Bambiholic ) Sammy ( Peanut145 Peanut145 )
𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬: n/a

Lydia got off the phone as soon as she saw her youngest entering the kitchen,she had heard about the kidnappings and was attempting to be a better parent. She never meant to be neglectful, but at the same time she never expected to be a single parent. After her husband left her, she didn’t have much left to give emotionally and she let her feelings control her. It was hard because Lucas reminded her so much of her husband, she didn’t want him to grow up and abandoned his family as well. So she started to work more, the feelings were not something she wanted and she tried to hide them.

She smiled at Sammy, he was a little bit easier to love and she felt that pang of guilt for feeling like that. She smiled at him, going up and kissing him on the top of his head. “Good morning Bud, I was attempting to make some breakfast for you and your brother…. Although…. “ she let out a sigh as she looked over the burnt food, she couldn’t even make a decent meal. She was a failure of a mother, was there any way of getting better? Probably, but it would require her to stop emotionally distancing herself.

When her oldest came down, she eyed him very carefully and Lydia was smart but at the same time she didn’t know how to suddenly become a parent. “Oh hey Lucas, I was just telling your brother that I was attempting to make breakfast for you guys….. I…. I am not very good at cooking…. “ she sat down at a counter stool, she looked pretty defeated and then looked over at him. “Lucas, where is your backpack? Please don’t tell me that you’re not going to school, also the school’s been calling me…. I think that we need to talk…. “ she didn’t know how he was going to handle that, but she couldn’t ignore some of the things she heard. Her phone started to ring, she was struggling to decide if she should pick it up or not.

Catherine thought it would have been nice for once, if people on her team would take their own initiative so she wouldn't have to pick up their slack at ungodly hours of the morning. Maybe then she would get to spend a morning with her husband and daughter every once in a while.

'Todd, did I not suggest to you to send out a query email to her talent agent?' she sighed deeply as she now stood in her ensuite bathroom, getting ready for the day whilst lecturing her assistant on a phone call. He was lucky he couldn't see how frazzled she looked. 'This girl has a quarter of a million Instragram followers, she would have been perfect for the brand....yes I know it was just a suggestion, but when I suggest someone, I figured you'd realise by now I mean take my advice...Todd did you even scope her profile?'

I might as well do all of this myself, Cathy thought to herself as she finished up in the bathroom, passing through the bedroom once more as she made her way downstairs. Mike was still asleep, although she knew it wouldn't be for long. She glanced over at him with a wistful half-smile. So much for having even a brief conversation this morning...

Cathy was surprised to spot her daughter Amy already sat on the couch with a bowl of cereal. It was pretty early still, and Cathy had hoped she might actually be able to make breakfast for her today. That is until Todd called.

The redhead shot a distracted smile over at her daughter and mouthed a 'good morning sweetheart' as Todd continued attempting to explain his incompetence. Though she was distracted, she couldn't help but notice how Amelia seemed as though she might be wearing a little more make up for school today. She wondered who it was she might be trying to impress, but, well, she and Amy never really talked about things like that together...

'Okay, you know what Todd, I have to go right now so we will continue this conversation in the meeting later.' With that she hung up and let out an obviously relieved sigh.

'Hi sweetie, what are you watching? You're up early today, I was gonna make some pancakes.' She briefly stroked the top of Amy's hair before hurrying into the kitchen, her heels clicking slightly on the tiles. There wasn't much time anymore. Sometimes she wondered why she even bothered with the centring yoga in the mornings these days.

cathy jones

career mom

amy, mike (mentioned)

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Dae Kyeong
Mentions : Reiia silver Reiia silver Kikimura Kikimura
A loud crash jostled Dae from her sleep. Her alarm never went off, and so now she was blinking awake with no context as to what just happened. The woman had stayed awake a little later than she meant too, packing her husbands lunch for the next day: an excellent lasagna with a side salad, and a few other snacks he could have throughout the day. She’s swinging her legs off the side of her bed when she hears her daughter wail for her, stiffening immediately and rushing to get out of the room and downstairs.

“Nami!” She’s imagining the worst due to how loud the cry it, but when she sees the mess she pauses. Not exactly what she was expecting. She turns to her daughter and looks her over, sighing in relief when it’s just a tiny baby cut. “Oh sweet little. Thank you for trying to help me, but maybe we should start with smaller jobs before you try to feed the dog yourself.” She’s very gentle about it, picking Nami up and walking over to the sink while avoiding the glass. She washes off the wound while humming to her daughter in an attempt to sooth her. “Do you want to go play in your playroom while I clean this up?”

In the opinion of Greta Hollander, there was no nicer feeling than being wrapped up in a warm, thick blanket on a chilly Autumn morning. For the first time in a while, she had managed to sleep without dwelling on all of her possible faults and all she was aware of throughout her blissful slumber was a faintly annoying buzzing sound next to her.

Without thought nor opening her eyes, Greta reached over to her phone on the bedside table and tried her best to silence the thing, only for it to end up tumbling to the floor and buzzing even louder. There came a muffled curse from her pillow and the young woman rose from her bed to pick it up.

'So much for a good snooze' she yawned, her eyes widening when she realised the time. Bugger! Only half an hour before she needed to start her shift at the animal shelter.
'Oh bugger, bugger, bugger!' she murmured as she began the mad dash around her room in search of all she would need for the day. A freshen up and a few mismatched clothes later she stood looking somewhat presentable in the middle of the room. Not even time for a cup of tea...

Her phone buzzed again, this time with a call. It was Ivan, her twin brother that appeared on the other end looking far more awake and far less harried than herself.
'You didn't bother to check so I took the liberty for you,' he said, plainly. Greta stared at him in confusion.
'There's been flooding in Crescent Court. Thought it might affect your journey to work, and you don't ever account for those things. Also, brush you hair for god's sake.' He had an amused half-smile on his face as Greta looked down at her own appearance in the little video window and flattened her hair down.

'Right,' she nodded, 'Thanks dad, what would I do without you?'

'Probably set your house alight by burning water. Talk later, Greta.' With that, he signed off with a brief salute and Greta continued her mad dash until she was finally ready to leave with ten minutes to spare.

Absolutely no one was surprised when she turned up trying to look as though she was not frantic. Even though she had not been in the neighbourhood long, her colleagues had become used to her eccentricities.

'You're on feeding duty for the puppies, Greta.'

'Right, on it. Puppies, here I come!'


the new girl in town



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Sammy Saunders

He scrunched up his nose when his mom kissed him, he felt too old to be kissed by his mom. He scratched the back of his neck trying to think of how to make his mom feel better noticing that she didn’t seem very happy. He picked his favorite purple bowl and a spoon. He scooped some of the burnt breakfast into the bowl. He sat back down and started eating.

He chewed trying to not look disgusted. The burnt food went down his throat. He turned to his mom and put on his biggest fake smile. His hand with the spoon shaking.

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    Sean woke up at the crack of dawn, but he knew how his children worked. They always liked to be up fairly late, so this time, he took it upon himself to stay in his room and try to rest for as long as possible. However, his alarm finally went off and he stood up, stretching out his back before heading downstairs. He figured that they might appreciate a nice breakfast, so he started whipping up some pancakes.

    "Isolde! Esther! Come on, you both have school!" He called out once he started plating their food. Since their schools weren't too far from where they lived, he didn't have to drive them anywhere, but with the news recently about kids going missing in a nearby neighbourhood, he didn't want to take any chances. "Come on, girls! I have to drive you!" He didn't want to be late for work again.

    Where: At home, in the kitchen
    With: N/A
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» Lucas Saunders

Lucas propped his skateboard up against the wall in the corridor outside before walking further into the room, leaning against the kitchen counter and glancing over at his brother who initially seemed to have shifted his attention towards the window, before watching the interaction between Sammy and his mom. After that, Lucas turned his gaze towards his mom whose expression was kind of giving it away that there was more on her mind than usual. “I mean, can’t be much worse than last time, right..?” he tried to joke, as if that would make her feel any better. He made his way over to the cabinet where they kept the glasses and got three out before getting some orange juice out of the fridge, pouring some in all three and carefully placing the first one next to where his brother was sitting, pulling an impressed face at his bravery for being the first to try some.

“My bag?” He asked, putting the second cup down on the counter beside his mom before backing away and rubbing his neck. “You know, I was actually just about to grab that.” he lied, pointing his thumb back towards the door as the ploy to get out of there as fast as possible left his mouth. Maybe he was going to have to start turning up for a week just to avoid being interrogated in conversations like these ones. To his delight, he heard his mom’s phone begin to ring not long afterwards. ‘Thank the Lord’ he thought to himself, despite being so far from religious. “Maybe you should grab that too. Wouldn’t wanna get in the way of your work, mom.” He said, using the one thing that he disliked the most about her to his advantage for once. He couldn’t remember the last time they’d spent genuine quality time as a family together, but he was used to it by now. “Talk to you guys later?”
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𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞: Home
𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡: Lucas ( Bambiholic Bambiholic ) Sammy ( Peanut145 Peanut145 )
𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬: n/a
𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠: Rushed
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠: "Is it too late to gain my son's love again?"

Lydia nearly stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at her younger boy eating her burnt food. This caused her to end up being so surprised that she didn’t answer her phone for the first time, she let it keep ringing, before letting it go to voicemail. She would have made him non burnt food, granted she may have to pick it up on the way from fast food. She was simply shocked and wondering why he would do that, she felt like a worse mother at this point. “Sammy….” She began, but if she was not careful her oldest would get out of the house before she can speak to him. “You just hold on right there, Lucas…. I want to have a small chat with you…. “ she turned to her youngest son as she quickly took the plate of burnt food away from him. “Sweetheart, get a pop tart…. This is not edible!”

Finally after dealing with Sammy she turned to her oldest and shook her head as she crossed her arms. “Do I look like I was born yesterday?” she started on, granted she may not be the best of mothers but she had to at least try. “Honestly, did you think I wouldn’t know about you missing some classes? They called me, I have been hesitant to say anything but this is getting out of control….. “ she was worried about her son, for the first time probably in his life she was actually putting him over her job. She always felt justified in doing her work over being a mother as her job put food on the table and gave them a pretty nice house.
Sammy Saunders

As soon as Sammy’s mother looked away he went over to the sink and started to wash his tongue with water. He desperately tried to get the taste of burnt food out of his mouth. He spit into the sink and wiped his face. He threw the burnt food and washed the dish quickly before setting it back on the table.

He then reach into the cupboard and grabbed a box of cereal, he didn’t tell his mother he didn’t like pop tarts nor did they currently have any. He put the cereal into the bowl that he previously used for the slightly crispy food. He went to the fridge got some milk and pour that in too.

Sammy eavesdropped on the conversation. He was somewhat surprised with what he heard, he was used to his brother making funny excuses as usual but he wasn’t used to his mom noticing. It might him feel happy, not happy that his brother was in trouble but happy that she cared.
₩ł₮₶: Roxie, her mom ( BloopNoodle BloopNoodle )
₼€₦₮łᏫ₦$: her daddy ( Kikimura Kikimura )
₩₶€₹€: Kitchen > Living room
Nami was really glad when her mother came into the room, she reached her small arms up as she was picked up and brought to the sink. She loved how sweet her mother was, even though the poor woman had not seen a lot of the mess yet. She was starting to think her mother was right though, that was a bit of a big job for someone so little. She cringed a little bit as the water hit her cut, it did not feel pleasant at all and she wished so much that her daddy was there. He would always give her small boo-boos a kiss, he was so good about distracting her from it to.

“Mommy! Don’t forget to kiss it!” she would put her finger out for the woman to give it a kiss, before waiting to be set down and as soon as she was she would stare at her mom for a minute. “ I sorry mommy…. I really wanted to help you…. I wish I was bigger!” Nami didn’t like to be so small, her parents always were helping her out and taking care of her, so she wanted to take care of them as well. Typical of a four-year-old, she quickly changes the subject with the snap of a finger. “When does daddy get home? Go for ice cream today?” Then as quick as she asked those questions, Roxie distracted her and she was running off before her mom had a chance to answer the question.
𝔚𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢: Home
𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔥: Dad ( twinkie twinkie )
𝔐𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰: Her sister ( BloopNoodle BloopNoodle )

Esther had fallen asleep at her desk, this happened quite often as she was working on subjects she struggled in. When she didn’t have schoolwork to work on, she made a pallet in her older sister’s room and would sleep there. She was very close to her sister and even her father, especially since their mother had left some years ago.

Esther heard her father’s voice and quickly realized she had slept way too long, she got up from her desk and began to get herself dressed. She wasn’t really paying attention to what outfit she was putting on, all she knew was that she didn’t want to be late for school. She hated being late for school, so she quickly began to run down the stairs looking really groggy. “I’m going to grab something quickly for breakfast!” she said as she ran into the kitchen, she looked for something that would be quick and ended up just smearing peanut butter on some bread before she walked towards her father.

“Can I have some money for lunch at school today? Please?” she pleaded with him, but she also had a mouthful of bread and peanut butter. Even though she gave him a closed mouth smile, trying to look very sweet at him.
🇼🇭🇪🇷🇪‌: Living room
🇼🇮🇹🇭‌: Caden
🇲🇪🇳🇹🇮🇴🇳🇸‌: Blake ( PixieDust PixieDust )

Rachel sat on the couch with her small son, he was sitting on her lap calmly watching the cartoons she had put on for him. They definitely did not have the most traditional household, they had her husband’s underage sister living with them, an adopted child is a decided to help out, then they had their first child when they were about 20 years old, Caden was 2 and she was expecting their third child. She wondered how her family was going to take the news, especially Blake as she was really trying to get close to her sister in law. She knew how important Blake was to the family and to her husband, but it was hard because she felt like the girl would never open up to her.

With a soft sigh she snuggled her baby, as she held on tightly to him. She every so often is able to close her eyes for a moment, but the problem is she was also fighting morning sickness. Why did this have to happen now? She didn’t have time for another baby moment she didn’t want everything in her family to get ruined. At the same time, she had always wanted a large family and she was, guiltily, excited about having another baby in the house. “BB?” Caden looked at his mother, who gently smiled at her son before answering him. “Blake is probably sleeping, you wake up way too early!” she let out a chuckle, giving him small tickle before they went back to watching his show.

“I hope I can get through to her…. “ Rachel silently said as she loved each and every child that lived in their house and she would never give up on any of them.​
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All the songs made it seem like walking around in a dreamlike haze was a good thing; like it was supposed to be euphoric or like floating on air. All Blake felt was numb...can people even feel numb? She was pretty sure it wasn't even a sensation...

The blonde had been walking for hours, thinking about her mom and dad; so long in fact, that the sun was beginning to make its way back up into the sky. Crap, had she really been out that long? She doubted if her brother Isaiah or his wife Rachel even noticed she had gone. They hardly ever did. It was Caden she worried about, he always noticed her absence.

The thought of her sweet little nephew brought a small smile to her face. Blake quickened her steps, being fairly confident that she could sneak back into the house through the front door without anyone noticing. It's not like anyone would be awake literally at the crack of dawn in that house.

Or so she thought. She was surprised to hear the murmur of cartoons coming from the TV in the living room as she silently slipped through the door.
'Crap,' she muttered. It would be obvious how long she had been walking, after all she had gotten caught in the rain last night and she was still damp. Nevertheless, she kept it casual as she strode in to find Rachel sitting there with Caden.

'Hey!' she said, keeping it high energy, though anyone could tell her eyes were tired. 'You guys are awake early. I was just..uh, out for a morning stroll, you know?' Blake ran her fingers through her damp ponytail nervously, before distracting from the moment by heading over to Caden.
'Hey Little Ewok, what's up?" she stretched her arms out for a hug.

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» Lucas Saunders

Lucas rolled his eyes in defeat, realising that he wasn’t getting out of the situation as easily as he thought. He painstakingly listened to his mother’s lecture about his attendance (or lack thereof), closing his eyes as it went on and wishing he could, at that moment, teleport to an entirely different location. He fully expected his mom to have picked up the phone and gotten distracted like she usually would, but it seemed he wouldn’t be that lucky this time. “Yeah, it’s some classes, mom, not all of them..” he said, trying to defend his case a little. He didn’t really know what to tell her - the truth was, there wasn’t a good enough excuse he could come up with even if he spent hours thinking of one. School just wasn't a place he enjoyed being at. His teachers' threats didn’t scare him, he figured he’d probably end up dropping out anyway and.. I don’t know, starting a sick band and getting famous.

Even if the school’s complaints didn't bother him all that much, he figured there was no point in arguing with his mom when Sammy was around. He remembered what it had been like before Dad left when he was younger - the constant tension and arguing that was always hard to ignore. He still wasn’t anywhere close to realising that his mom’s constant nagging wasn’t her trying to argue with him and actually came from a place of caring. As far as he knew, it was just plain annoying. She never nagged at Sammy all the time, but then again, Sammy was a good kid, and Lucas wasn’t. Not anymore, anyway. “Look, I’ll start going to classes again, I swear.” He said after sighing. It wasn’t technically a lie. He figured he’d only need to start turning up long enough for the teachers to finally get off his ass, and then he’d be free to do what he wanted for a little while until the next time.
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Kikimura Kikimura (Hyun) BloopNoodle BloopNoodle (Dae) and Reiia silver Reiia silver ( Nami Lee)

A man could be seen wandering around the Kyeong house, a person jogging the neighborhood who knows who lives in the house, doesn’t recognize the man. He’s definitely suspicious, with everything that is currently going on it makes the jogger a little nervous and now Hyun had given him his number if he ever needed some help or anything like that. The man was jogging quickly calls the police department, letting the person at the front know that there is somebody really suspicious wandering around his house and that they should probably send somebody to check it out. The guy did not notice the jogger and at this point was looking in where Nami Lee was playing with her dog and being really a silly little girl.​
Hyun Kyeong
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Hearing the dispatch on the radio, Hyun rushed to his car and stepped on the gas. He hoped nobody wanders into the flooded road, but his family goes before some possible car stuck up the road. Unfortunately held captive by his lawfulness, he could not speed past red lights like in cop shows.
Making it to his street in about eight or so minutes, Hyun parked far enough not to alert the (possible) perpetrator and made his way calmly, yet swiftly, toward his home.

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