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Fantasy ᒪᗴ丅'ᔕ Ǥᗴ丅 ᗰᗩᖇᖇIᗴᗪ! ᗩᑎǤᗴᒪᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗪᗴᗰᗝᑎ ᐯᗴᖇᔕIᗝᑎ! ➤ Interest Check

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In this world there is the god of the over-world and they god of the underworld. The god of the over-world is in charge of everything that is beautiful and has angels who are there to help when things get really busy.

First we have the angels
There is the angel of life, they are in charge of helping bringing people to the world and helping babies be born, as they help them find their place in the world.
Then there is the angel of death, they are there to help guide souls to heaven and make sure they know their way.
Then there is the angel which is a messenger from the heavens, to hell and anywhere in between.
There is the angel of earth, who is there to just help make sure that people are protected from the demons.
Then there is the angel of reduced temptation, they are simply whispering in people’s ears and trying to bring them away from the temptations that they might feel.
There is the angel of solitude in tears, the one who is pretty much just trying make somebody better and helps keep them company in lonely times.
The angel of mercy is exactly that, showing people what mercy is really like.
Then there is the angel keeper of secrets, you know the secrets you have deep inside your head well this angel is there to keep it organized and just help you through it.

Then there are the demons

the demon of addiction, is a sly demon who constantly spends his time attempting those to become addicts whether it be from a substance or from something else.
The demon of sorrow, love because any kind of sorrow he can, mostly breaking lovers up or splitting up families.
The demon of pain, loves to cause physical pain to any human being that he can and gets a joy out of it.
The demon of destruction, he leaves a path of destruction in his wake and laughs as he does so.
The demon of war, cannot function if people are not fighting against each other, usually countries after countries.
The demon of greed, he makes sure that humans put money and wealth before anything else.
The demon of possession, he is eager to possess people whether it is simply walking into a wall or something more dangerous.
Then there is the demon of fire, he has no problem burning down anything he sees fit and he like the others is not happy unless something is going wrong.

Now, all the heavens and all of hell have to work together because-- there is a greater power than both of them put together, threatening to strike them all down where they stand. But who is this greater power? A demon who was neither accepted by heaven nor hell managed to make his own doing and because of that he feels he can get away with it. While the god of the over-world and the god of the underworld knew that they would have to work together, problem is getting the Angels and the demons to work together as they are sworn enemies. The thing is they came up with an odd way of getting them together….. An arranged marriage! This can’t possibly go wrong, can it? This is an arrangement between angels and demons, it is a unique take on the whole arranged marriage thing and I hope people will share my interest on it.

✿ Must be able to reply at least twice a week
✿ I must approve the profiles that are posted in the CS
✿ People who apply for a character will get the character as long as I like the CS
✿ Be able to reply with at least a paragraph, may be more
✿ Must be 17+ because of some of the subject matter
✿ anime face-claims only!

✿ Please send me writiing samples before I reserve the spot for you
✿ follow the TOS!

Angels ( females)
Angel of life ✿ Reiia silver Reiia silver
Angel of death ✿ orpheus. orpheus.
Messenger Angel ✿ SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles
Angel of earth ✿ Open
Angel of reduced temptation ✿ lethemosyne lethemosyne
Angel of solitude and tears ✿ x_Tasia_X x_Tasia_X
Angel of mercy ✿ Open
Angel of secrets ✿ Stitches and Patchwork Stitches and Patchwork

demons ( males)
demon of addiction ✿ Open
Demon of sorrow ✿ Reiia silver Reiia silver
Demon of pain ✿ Open
Demon of destruction ✿ Open
Demon of war ✿ Alisutte Alisutte
Demon of greed ✿ lethemosyne lethemosyne
Demon of possession ✿ Open
demon of fire ✿ eyclore eyclore

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I’m def interest in the Angel of solitude and tears, are the roles apply based or first come first serve?
(Point and laugh everyone, my tendency to skim has made a fool of me /j)
x_Tasia_X x_Tasia_X it is mostly first-come first-serve, I will mark it down as yours, even though I do have to approve the CS and I am going to be asking for small sample of work just make sure people can at least do a good paragraph.
Interested in the Messenger Angel. Does the writing sample need to be of the character we're applying for or just a writing sample in general?
Hmm, this does sound entertaining. I am looking for the demon of war

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