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Futuristic Hero's And Villains - Villain wanted! | (OCxOC)


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This rp allows for fluff/romance!
I would prefer if your character was the villain!

PLOT A - Day Job ,Villain finds out hero's secret identify

Your character walks into a coffee shop to find the barista looks somewhat familiar- wait is that your archnemisis? What will you do?.

PLOT B - Dating the enemy
In a twist of events your character discovers their newest relationship partner is also their superhero nemesis. Shenanigains and possible angst ensue.

PLOT C - Bug.
(horror rp only, no romance.) Loosely based off the movie the fly. This ones for those who enjoy spooky body horror shenanigans

you, a villain stumble across your nemesis hero, only. . . somethings wrong, Terribly wrong...it seems a terrible incident has occured and if you dont fix it who's going to be your nemisis!!! The market for that thing is low these days! You'd never find a replacement as good as them!. Or maybe this could be a victory for you...
(WILL CONTAIN Body horror, very loosely inspired by 'the fly'. If you choose this one... pick between: Moth, Centipede and Spider)
hey! id be interested in plot c or a, DM me if your interested! i can give a bit about myself first:

- i write 2 to 3 paragraph responses, itd be appreciated if my partner did similar length of response (dosent have to be exact, and usually my rp starters are 4-5)
- 3rd person roleplayer
- im a minor so i would like SFW roleplays (no sensual scenes, sexual basically, romance is fine though)
- i usually respond once per day depending on how much time or motivation i have that day, i may be gone due to writers block for random intervals of time, but thats ok, i will respond
- i have 3 years of experience i roleplaying atleast,
feel free to DM me if your up for it <3

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