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Fantasy Hero school (Still accepting)

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Action, Adventure, Mystery, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers

aja maji

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Check lore to see how many slots are still open

Rp will be closing soon any newcomers will have to have there character made accepted and approved ASAP (reform slots are being open momentarily, pm me first)

Hero Academy is the most prestigious gifted ability schools in the world. There are a total of 15 ability based schools located around the globe, Hero Academy is the only school who can turn you into a Hero. Whether you have worked hard to earn your position, or removed from villainous parents custody, every student has the ability to work with members of the Hero Force in hopes that they too can walk among legends. Hero Academy is not what you expected though. The cliques behaved more like rival gangs, and friendships are forged for survival more than anything else. Some are starting to question if the school intentions are what they say they are, backstabbing and aggression are almost forced amongst the students. If that didn’t raise any red flags the assistant principal is a former villain who was suppose to be locked away for good and the headmaster doesn’t seem to be all the way there. Your characters moral compass will be put to the test as they decide how far they are willing to go to call themselves a hero.

This is an old rp I pulled from the shelves and decided to star all over. This rp is yours as much as it it mine, I encourage you all to theorize and come up with ideas. The plot is simple you all were previous students of whatever superpower school located around the world learning how to use your powers. Majority of kids like you grow up to be super soldiers, spies, mercenaries, or agents of some sorts. Very few people have what it takes to be a hero, and you got whatever it is. Hero Academy is just a starting point, competition is stiff and only the elite students are able to go on to being sidekicks to some of the greatest heroes the world has known. You will learn that being a hero takes a lot more than raw power and a cool costume. Because you are all coming from other schools located across the world I encourage diversity. Also feel free to create existing relationships with each other, maybe you were in the same class, maybe you were rivals , it's up to you. I'm also opening up two slots for reform students, children of former villains who are forced to go to the school as some sort of reform program. First come first serve, also understand that as a reform student your role play experience will be very different from the heroes in training.
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aja maji

say you love me

cs is up and running if you have any questions i'll be making an occ in a few moments

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aja maji

say you love me
I’ll have the main posted later in today, but we are not starting up. Still have room for a reform student if anyone is interested


Mistress of the Elements
I’ll have the main posted later in today, but we are not starting up. Still have room for a reform student if anyone is interested
yo how many characters can we have, can I be an elite, and honestly if nobody wants that reform slot I'll take it. (sorry for playing twenty questions)


Shadow Cursed
I’ll have the main posted later in today, but we are not starting up. Still have room for a reform student if anyone is interested
I'm interested. And a reform student? You mean like one that has been brought in to turn them down the path of righteousness after starting towards being a villain?

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