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Fantasy Hearthrobbers of Hell | Fantasy | Open

Hearthrobbers of Hell

2/4 Spots Available

Romance - LGTBQ+ - Fantasy - Action - Realistic

  • Basically, four characters, who are from different backgrounds, are set on a destined path to stop the world from ending. Who or what is going to destroy the world? Well, there are the demons that sought to conquer the world. We have the pirates attacking and awakening sea monsters for drunken laughs-upsetting the literal goddess of the sea. The mythical races (elves, fairies, etc.) are close to declaring war on each other: with some joining forces with the demons. There are mages attacking templars, with a few templars and mages jumping to the demon's side. The general of the royal army has a contract with one of the demon lords and converted his men into corrupted soldiers. However, the four aren't too focused on the missions. Instead, the main priority is towards, ahem, each other. For the four heroes, saving the world comes second, while romanticizing with each other comes first. What happens if you put four of the most flirtatious and promiscuous people together on a mission? Well, let's say that comedy and utter chaos would ensue.
Be aware that this is my first time using BB Code. So, if their's any issues, then let me know.​
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I'm interested, I've got a character I played in dnd that fits the bill pretty well but im curious what rating this rp is so know how far i should tone him down.

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