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Fandom Harry Potter/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi partner?


Forever Bored
Hello there good sir or madame. If you are reading this section i have no doubt in my mind that you would like to know more about me, and my history as a roleplayer. First of all: I have been roleplaying for seven consecutive years. Well seven consecutive years with the same person - but what does that matter! It is still roleplay is it not? Recently I have been finding myself bored by the roleplays I have had with this person. I had started sending long, paragraph messages and only receiving a sentence in response! So I have decided to spread out, and search for other roleplayers like myself. I would say I am a literate roleplayer. I love to read and write, and creating stories is one of the highlights of my life. That being said I also missed the entire section of school where they teach you grammar and punctuation - so while I do enjoy writing I tend to have many a errors when doing so. Despite my lack of knowledge in the grammatical and structural compartment of writing, I love to create winding stories with others. Stories that I can sit back and read later on with a smile on my face, knowing that two people truly created an intriguing, comical, and all together wonderful story together. And that is a brief about me and my history in roleplaying. If you have read this entire paragraph kudos to you! And thank you, I truly do appreciate it.

If you are not the type to read long winding paragraphs of whimsical and… never mind I know that it was not truly that interesting. I would recommend that you read it though! It tells you a bit about me!

However, if you didn’t want to spend your valuable time reading all of that here is a quick synopsis: I am looking for someone who wants to do an enjoyable and interesting roleplay with me, someone who would like to invest the time and effort into creating a winding story of epic proportions!

I do not roleplay cannon characters! You can though!

Now this part is a bit different from my other searches, I’m being a bit more specific and narrowed in my search.


- Sci-Fi

- Fantasy


- Harry Potter

I am open to any types of plots! I typically scheme up a plot with the person I am roleplaying with.

I don’t mind doubling, or even playing just a plethora of characters… It’s fun! I do not expect you to do that though!

Romance is on the table, I don't mind it at all. However I am a female and I prefer to play a female character in romance situations (FxM)/MxF... however you write that.) I am open to negotiation though!

Typically my choices are much more extensive than this, but I have found that these are the only things I want to roleplay at the moment, or the only ones I have time to do.

Other Important Information you Actually Need to know:

  • I have been breathing on my own for 17 years, if my age is a problem then I suggest you walk away now.
  • I have no age preferences, although at least 15 would be nice
  • I am a senior in High School, there are times where I will be so busy that I won’t reply for some time. I will try to let you know if this happens but be warned, sometimes it might not, and I am not just ignoring you for the hell of it.
  • I have Lupus: this is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks healthy cell tissues, typically in the organs and joints, and can cause extreme amounts of fatigue, the medicine taken for it can also weaken the body’s strength in fighting off aliments, so I get sick easier. This means that I might be OOC (out of commission) for an undetermined amount of time. I will try to let you know if this happens ASAP!
  • My time zone is EST
  • I am usually available from 6:30AM - 10:30PM on weekdays, and at scattered times during the weekends.
  • I always reply as soon as I can, although it can take me a while as I like to sound good when I reply.

Please feel free to message me if you want to rp! Or if you just want to chat about whatever, I am also fine with that!

If you want to negotiate on anything don't be shy, I am a flexible and open person.

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