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Fandom Happy sugar life. [Fandom planning]

Goddess Hestia

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So if theres anyone interested please dm me! As u can see by the title i need people who have watched happy sugar life otherwise you wont understand the characters and such..

Im a minor. But i know how to write, as its a passion of mine. Im always willing to learn aswell- so if ur more experienced, id gladly take advice from you.

Watching happy sugar life is VERY important. And to let you know im not a weirdo for the people who has watched it. Im not.. like satou, or taiyo, no i just think the concept of the atory was really creepy and the ending had me messed up for weeks.


I can easily do supporting characters + oc's.
Im mostly looking for someone else to play the yandere-ic role as im not good at it.

I can do male x male
Girl x girl
Or girl × male

Any is fine. Aslong as it isnt too weird♡ so i hope someones interested☆

Plot wise it will probably follow the same plot with shio and satou. However since this can be canon x oc or oc x oc things can be changed and of course lead to bigger plot.

However ifbyour someone who needs plot beforehand we can talk it over!
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