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Realistic or Modern Guy.exe (M x F) or (M x M)


Rose tea tastes good sometimes
Roleplay Type(s)
"Seriously? Why don't you try and get a partner? Your situation isn't all that bad. It could be a change of pace that you need."

How long has it been since your character has had a lover? Perhaps their previous relationship left a sour taste in their mouth or perhaps they have no experience in being in a relationship. Regardless of their situation, the stormy sky will soon clear and they would need to make their choice.

Soft, but eventful encounters with Neoma Ballard, a retired competitive racer (whose job and further background can be discussed <3)


From random small bumps in the supermarket, or picking up the same book in the library that leads to hearts thumping and blood rushing up to one's cheeks. To rescues in dark alleyway, coat around the shoulders and words of reassurance spoken with no space between their skins. How much longer can they stay silent until 'Go out with me.' spills out?

Even then, how will this relationship blanketed with questions and mysterious yet loving man hold up?

Misunderstandings are unavoidable even though the heart yearns for that boundless love he had shown. Thoughts of 'why me?' when insecurities spills out.

Akin to having wished for someone to love (your character) forever and it became true. Is this fate or simply coincidence, have they wished upon a falling star before?


Neoma's eyes and heart had fixated themselves onto (your character).

"You're my everything, don't you know that? Dummy."

Yeah I yoink that title from a song, it's a banger and fits the theme.

But I also want a casual, fluff, domestic with some action roleplay going on, we could start off with them as strangers and hitting it off but we can also start with them newly dating.

I don't do well with edgy or overly rambunctious characters since I envision this roleplay to be on quite the lovely side, sunshine partner for Neoma, with minimal misunderstanding and ABSOLUTELY NO love triangles. (I will ignore any ideas regarding love triangles, cheating and bitchy characters that tries to mess with the relationship thank you very much. You're paying for my high blood pressure treatment if you try and bring that up. Just kidding, or am I? 🧐)

Third person view and a decent amount of words per reply, quality over quantity to make sure we both have sufficient replies to keep our ideas flowing and the roleplay going. No need a wall-of-maria each time when nothing is going on and they're just quietly spending time together.

Play side characters, npcs, and interact with the world regardless of how miniscule it may seem to you, it adds ambiance.

I am a face-connoisseur 👀 lovely pics always have my interest. BUT, please at least try and match, be decent. No picrew or stickman doodles or over the top.

I think that's it? Feel free to DM me, I don't bite. Because my tooth is hurting.

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