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Fantasy Guild of Heroes: Eye of the Storm

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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Fáidh Ceangailte Aigéan

Fáidh continued to inspect the hound as Marie responded, judging by the way she spoke and the way the beast was disfigured it was no exaggeration to say this girl wielded enhanced strength. But the question remained, was enhanced strength her grace or did she naturally wield such monstrous strength. Either way, the beast had been felled in one motion and although it was a weaker creature such a thing could not be overlooked. What exactly would have happened to that boy from yesterday if Fáidh hadn't stopped her? After a short prayer, Fáidh rose to her feet and greeted Kidd, shaking his hand after Marie had done the same "Fáidh, it's a pleasure to meet you. School can be difficult if you need any tutoring do not be afraid to ask for my assistance. The god of knowledge wishes to enlighten all and I'm her humble servant." Following her offer, Fáidh smiled softly at the man before retracting her hand. He seemed like a well-mannered man, with a pretty face and well-sculpted body. If he hadn't been schooled before now his physical abilities must have been what merited his admittance to the class. Interesting.

Fáidh was about to ask Kidd his name when a sudden aura made her skin crawl, turning with great speed, Fáidh slammed her spear base against the floor and a loud echoing thump resonated through the hall, like thunder it roared and bounced. The aura in question was being released from a battle-ready Marie and the foe she had set her eyes upon was no other than the abyssal abomination known as Shugon Ragsdale. With Marie's emittance of Abyssal energies and Shugon Ragsdale close proximity, Fáidh was on full guard. Her spear remained upright but her body was poised to move with a seconds notice, her face stone cold and eyes filled with disgust. Ignoring Shugon Fáidh responded only to Marie, her voice seeping with venom "The abyssal abomination: Shugon Ragsdale. That is who and what 'it' is. A creature raised from the depths, dressed up to look like a human and given a job by Zao. A disgrace to our nation and a stain on Zao's good name, that is what this thing is! But tell me now and quick, what are you Maravetia?"
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Shugon Ragsdale
Zao's office. Interactions: Swiftshots Swiftshots Silver Wolf Silver Wolf Mentions: Other present students.

The professor had begun to blithely close the distance between him and the students. He noticed too late that one of the students, Maravetia, had a violent reaction. It had caught the aged octopus by surprise. Such a display of obliviousness is rare for him. Subconsciously Shugon assumed that this was the result of his time here at the academy, it blunted him, took the edge off, and made him comfortable. That will not happen again, he internally proclaimed. The sight of Maravetia's tensed body and fear-plagued eyes made the tentacles who were once so full of fervor, drop-dead instantly and became lifeless as they drooped over the suit. His shoulders slouched, the cephalopod anguished that his appearance alone had managed to stir the trauma of a student. It jettisoned his mind back to an older time. When young Shugon was just barely over the one-hundred-year threshold. He met a man that had been stricken with this similar sickness upon his soul. At the time, the sea-dweller was ignorant and callous to the world around him. He did not truly grasp what it meant for one to suffer as that man had suffered, so he mocked the man for an apparent weakness. Looking back that was quite foolish of himself. The professor wished to introduce himself albeit in a lower voice as to not startle the already alerted Maravetia.

"I'm--" Not one word in and another person decided to rudely interrupt him. It was that paladin student. The toxic words that leaked from her mouth narrowed Shugon's dark eyes towards her. Not with hatred but of disappointment. When the little miss had concluded her spiel about him, she turned her word daggers towards Maravetia. She too had noticed the abyssal that emanated from Maravetia when she was frightened. That reinvigorated the Cthuloid's tentacles, they began to coil each other like snakes in a death-ball then froze when he counted to ten. "I am Shugon Ragsdale, professor and marine biologist at this Academy." The octopus stated plainly without even a shift in his tone. "If you, Miss Fáidh, wish to demean me then go ahead. Speak ill of me and the content of my character as if I wasn't even here, I do not care for such petty things. But do switch your focus on me and not the innocent here. Your devotion to the paladin code is admirable but as with any belief, do try not to become a dogmatic fanatic." The professor then turned to Marie. "Miss Maravetia." The octopus bowed his head, tentacles dangled for a brief moment before he looked at her again. "I apologize. Dearly. For any grief that my appearance had caused you." A fine day two, the octopus thought to himself.


Scifi Commando

The Artificer looked on in disgust at the Paladin, his patron's grace shrouding him from everyone's view as he listened to the young woman speak with such vitriol before turning her attention on the Sea Dog. He was about to speak up, and teach this zealot a lesson in humility, when the Cthuloid spoke up. Once the Professor was finished with his small speech, Eberron decided now would be a good time to chastise the paladin and make his presence known.

Removing a spent casing from one of the pouches on his belt, he flicked the piece of brass and steel towards Fáidh. There was a Soft ka-tink as the casing impacted and deflected off the woman's armour, before settling at her feet. "How very typical of your kind. Always first to jump to conclusions before ever trying to gain any information on the subject. It isn't human, and therefore must be an abomination and deserving of your scorn? But I suppose that is the case for most of your kind. [Whispered Secrets Grace Activated] And correct me if I am wrong, but were you not to endeavor to become the First Seafaring Paladin? And after trying so hard to convince your pope to allow it. If so, you are off to a marvelous start, insulting a teacher due to his Abyssal nature. It's not like he has the power to fail you and utterly destroy such aspirations for you and your church." He said mockingly, going so far as to even use another one of the gifts his own patron has bestowed upon him to further chastise and possibly demoralize her.

Disengaging his cloak, the shadows and mind muffling effects faded away, revealing the Inventor and his little golem, standing beside the professor. "I suggest you apologize to Professor Ragsdale Paladin." He added in full view of the group.

"Can I shoot her father?" The little adorable golem asked, her twin rotary guns spinning up and aimed at Fáidh.

"Sadly, that is up to the professor little one."

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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Fáidh Ceangailte Aigéan
Fáidh's disgust with the situation only grew that much more intense when the professor spoke directly to her, the ordeal made her sick to her stomach and the only think that held her spear grounded was the fact any action against the man was strictly forbidden by the emperor himself. Was the creature stronger than Fáidh? Undoubtidly but still it would have been nice to even so much as scratch his monsterous appreance given the opputunity. Gripping her spear tightly and not budging from her position Fáidh once again ignored the professor and continued to stare daggers at Marie as she awaited a responce from the girl.

That was until a brass casing bounced off her chest and drew her attention to the floor where it landed. The casing was then accompanied by verbal mockery that seemed to be delivered from both everywhere and no where at the one time. But something wasn't right about it, something aside from the obvious lack of source. Ah yes... of course that was what was so off about it yet another dark magic was seeping into the air around the office. A dark magic that was neither infernal nor abyssal in nature, something far more twisted and ancient. When the verbal onslaught had stopped and the source had reveiled itself Fáidh's eyes narrowed and with a swift movement of her foot she sent the casing hurtling past the sources face, planting it firmly in the wall a few meters behind him. " 'it' will not recieve an appology from me. 'it' is an abomination and has been a target of the church for decades. Due to diplomatic reasons I'm unable to act against this 'thing' and likewise nor is 'it' able to act against myself. Also if you must know I do have those aspirations and I will see them come true by my merit alone. In fact knowing what I know now my path and why I was put on it has been made all the clearer."

Turning back to face the door to Zao's office Fáidh eased her grip upon her spear.She retained her cold facial expression and her voice changed from venomous to a matching cold "I was infromed I'd be in close proximity with only one montrosity, I offer my appologies to the remainder of the class. I was just physically disgusted to find it would in fact be three. I'll refrain from acting on my instincts, it is against the schools code of conduct to fight against other students outside of specified locations afterall. Even if those students are.... 'things'."

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Something Random
Location: Outside Zao's Office
Interactions: Swiftshots Swiftshots (Faidh), Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian (Shugon)
Mentioned/Nearby: Kobe Nathan Wade Kobe Nathan Wade (Kidd), HighSanguinaryPriest HighSanguinaryPriest (Eberron)
It took Marie time to fully grasp the situation. Visions she would rather have buried began surfacing as she thought of all the sea monsters she had slain, all the atrocities she had seen committed by the wild creatures. Trying to make some sense of it, she kept her eyes to Shugon, even as Faidh spoke. What little thoughts were flowing through her head were interrupted when Faidh addressed her. Her voice leaking some form of disgust that made Marie grip her sword ever so slightly tighter. She deactivated her grace once she deemed Shugon a non-threat. Upon that she stared at Faidh, and she had a sort of revelation. She had rarely interacted with clergy, but she always noticed people at sea had varying opinions of them. Some saw them as control freaks, others saw them as innocent, and some would see them as wholly virtuous. The latter was the rarest of opinions. As Maravetia stared at Faidh, she looked to the hound she had killed. She had no obligation to kill it and could have left it to chase that random student to his death. Looking at it, she felt something boil over when the word 'monstrosity' was used to describe her.

Monster, her? Something about that set her off. Triggered something she couldn't identify. Perhaps it was her experience, fighting real monsters who would destroy any living thing in horrible ways without a second thought. Monsters that were birthed from the wretched god that had gifted her a grace. Monsters that would kill and devour anything in their path, a true enemy of all sentient life. She felt her lower jaw tighten. Why was she, someone who spent her whole life fighting such creatures assigned their label? When Faidh turned her head to the door, Marie finally understood why the opinions were so varied.

"Monstrosities? An ironic thing to assign to one of your own kin," she looked at Faidh in the eye whether the paladin returned her gaze or not, her vision swelling with water. "You would call one of your own something akin to a savage, twisted creature that would happily make a meal of all of us. Creatures that should be destroyed until the oceans are red with blood and thick with chum! I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to making sure those things don't rip apart innocents. Creatures, spawned from that wretched god who gave me this damned power too late! You may not like my power, you may hate it more than I do, but I will make sure that Avngruund regrets giving me this power. I will use it to rip apart all of his disgraceful spawn until they cannot harm anyone again!"

Marie looked to the dog corpse and pointed at it as she said, "If your efforts are wasted on assigning labels of evil to people over creatures that would joyfully rip apart our intestines from the still living bodies of every man, woman, and child they can find, then why call yourself a knight at all? Do the gods really care that little for us or is your church just sham?"


The Swiftest Shot In The West

Fáidh Ceangailte Aigéan
Fáidh didn't imagine the conversation would continue on as it did, she had, of course, expected the 'professor' to shed a few words on the scene followed then by perhaps a few comments from the others amassed but ultimately Fáidh had expected the whole ordeal to deescalate. Instead, she was met with the complete opposite, an obvious escalation of the situation sparked by none other than Marie who was now standing teary-eyed and spouting words of discourse everyone knew would only spark further action from the parties involved. Side glancing at the girl with a look of disgust Fáidh clicked her tongue loudly before speaking coldly once again, her temper being tested to its uppermost limits "Could you not point toward that poor hound, even it is closer to the heavens then you three.". Looking back to the door out of disrespect Fáidh continued "Let's get one thing straight, you are not my kin. Perhaps, at one stage you were, but now. Now you are tainted, sick, disgusting even. You are a monstrosity, abyssal in nature. No matter how many of your kin you slay that fact will not change, that is unless by some miracle your 'god' is slain and your grace is thus removed in a miraculous string of events but alas I wouldn't hold out hope, hope is reserved for those who haven't been tainted by the evils of this world."

Raising her collar Fáidh displayed the Paladin orders symbol to Marie without paying them any attention herself. "You say monsters and creatures joyfully go around slaughtering the innocent while Paladins such as myself waste our time. Such a statement is absurd and shows you truly know nothing of the empire and its populace. But again what was I to expect of an abyssal whos never strayed from her fishbowl. The Navy is not the only force that keeps this nation safe from monsters, the paladins protect the nation from infernals. Infernals are the truest form of evil one could imagine, Abyssals slaughter, infernals are not so merciful. Day in and day out Paladins give their lives to protect our borders from such beasts and I myself have slaughtered enough infernals to stain entire field red with blood. Are abyssal to be overlooked, of course not as both are evil incarnate. But you should at least know of what the order does before you slander its good name."

Gripping her spear once again Fáidh glanced to the girl "and while we're on the topic, cease your crying, its unbecoming to do so in public. Especially so for a monster, it's revolting really."


Scifi Commando
"And yet you find yourself surrounded by Abominations. I believe it would be in your best interest to play nice. Who knows. Maybe one day you will owe your life towards one aligned with the Abyss or Eldritch. Although, with your attitude and hateful remarks, i more see you being left to die alone. Or even killed by your own crew." Eberron mused as he and Sweetie approached the group, taking up ranks beside the Seadog and fellow Pariah in a show of support. "May your gods have mercy on you should the headmaster partner you with one of us. My goodness, you would have to not only cooperate, but also work with an enemy of your church! What would your pope think?! The Scandal! The shame!" he mocked, yet raising some questions for the paladin. "I wonder if they would have you excommunicated for even staying in the same dorm as an abyssal." The artificer added, just to piss her off even more.

Turning towards the former merc, and paladin's target of verbal abuse, Eberron placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "It is people like them that should be pitied. feel not anger or hatred for the poor paladin, whom's mind had been warped and stripped of free thought.

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The God-Emperor of Mankind

Headmaster Zao appeared once more, seemingly out of thin air when no one was observing that particular spot in the corridor. His arms were folded as he regarded the bickering duo with something as close to an indifferent sneer as a human being could possibly manage. "I had expected much more. Alas, it appears the quality of the students I was blessed with isn't quite as high as I'd hoped for, but just about what I expected: Disappointing."

Frustratingly, the man didn't explain what he found so disappointing, and whether he was referring to both Fáidh and Eberron, or just one of them.

The Headmaster looked around, checking attendance in the middle of the corridor. The check was interrupted when a bloodhound crossed the nearby corner, but the Headmaster killed it by firing a lightning bolt from between his fingers without even looking away from the students and the assistant professor.

When Zao spoke again, it was in the tone of an educator: a teacher, rather than a stoic and distant figure of legend. However, the rough and almost hostile quality never left his voice.

"Since it's the first day, we'll start off easy. I'll merely test to see if you possess the most essential of skills to become sailors, and we'll build on from there accordingly," the Headmaster said. He then stepped forward and raised both of his hands above his head, before slamming them back down in a fast move and concluding in a swooping motion to the side. Everyone stumbled as the cool hallway of Stormcrest was replaced with the unsteady rocking deck of a ship, the musty air with the open scent of sea-breeze in the late morning. They were surrounded on all sides by nothing but the sea, with a clear horizon that showed no land.

Without acknowledging the sudden act of teleportation, Zao gently hopped behind the steering wheel of the vessel and started lecturing.

"The sea. It's one of the world's greatest mysteries. Its depths are vast, but unexplored; its ends allegedly far but likewise unknown. Who made it and why? Where does it begin? Where does it end? Does it end?" Zao paused there, taking in a breath. "There is only one certainty. The sea has no fucks to give for any of you."

"I have selected this location for the particular qualities of its waters," Zao said, motioning overboard. "While it's stable enough that a brig of this size only sways, even a somewhat exceptional human will be unable to swim without a boat. Furthermore, the oceanic drift patterns in this area are circular, meaning if one of you dies, it'll be relatively easy for Professor Ragsdale to recover the body without it being thrown against rocks. The comfort of an assured funeral is a cold one in the face of such a beginning, I am sure, but it's more than most sailors get."

With that being done, Zao pointed out a number of boats in various makes and styles, hanging off the sides of the brig on hooked platforms, standing there instead of cannons.

"Everyone picks one vessel. The last vessel to remain afloat wins, and I'll tutor the winning party with double the attention, ensuring nothing less than an additional Coalescence by next week." Zao fired a bolt of lightning from his finger as a signal. "Go!"

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William raised his eyebrows at the incredulous display from his newly met classmates, particularly Faidh. He was confused at this reaction from Maravetia, but even more so bewildered at the over the top nature of the Paladin's insults and questions. He was unable to sense any magical energy nearby, or at all for that matter, abyssal kind or otherwise. Thus he was plunged even deeper into his confusion when Faidh became suddenly hostile toward the mercenary girl as well.

"Alright now, ladies. I don't know what's the issue but Mr. Ragsdale seems alright t' me. All he's done so far is drink his tea and say hello. I'm sure he's right handsome by cephalopod standards too, eh Professor?" William tried to eas the tension, and poked Shugon in the ribs with his elbow to accentuate the fact that he was likely a friendly guy. He was the only teacher to even introduce himself to the class so far, and not just tell them they'd all die immediately after. Kidd's efforts were thwarted, however, when Eberron emerged from the void out of the corner of the pirate's eye. He began throwing around rebuttals and after no time at all there was an argument taking place. William gave up his pursuit of peace and sipped his own mug, downing the last of it's contents with a gulp. When he lowered the mug from in front of his face, Zao had appeared behind the girls. William's heart skipped a beat as the man came closer.

The headmaster berated the two verbal competitors and before William had finished smirking suddenly the image of the crowd gathered in a hallway changed, making him reel. A familiar sight, however, graced his eyes and made him smile.

"Well hello beauty," He said to the open ocean. His sea legs afforded him no drawbacks from the now tossing and shifting floor beneath him, however sudden it was. He listened to Zao intently, and studied the boats hanging off the larger vessel. They were all more or less similar, maybe one being a bit bulkier or one a tad sleeker. He chose his mark quickly, and with the crack of Zao's bolt he pushed off to dash towards one. He practically flew over the side of the boat and into position at the ropes securing the dingy in place. He then turned to face the rest of the crowd who had not beaten him to their own boats. He raised his coffee mug in the air over his shoulder, and flung it at the next person to reach a boat. It would likely hit them in the face and shatter, or perhaps if dodged slow their advance into the water.

Immediately after the cup left William's hands, he would release the rope and let his dingy plunge into the water. Just like riding a bike, his hands moved automatically pulling ropes and lowering sails, just as he'd done since he was a boy.

Interactions: Whoever reaches the boats just after William.

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