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Fantasy Guild of Heroes: Eye of the Storm

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Shugon Ragsdale
Zao's office; Interactions: Silver Wolf Silver Wolf Birdsie Birdsie Mentions: Zao's selected students.

Fascinating was the word that inhabited Shugon's mind. A findross draining rope that also constricts when resistance is met, Shugon should make a note later to inquire about where or how Zao had managed to acquire such a rope. This is the first time that he has ever heard of such a thing, he's a marine biologist, not a rope-maker or enchanter. When Azariel pursued the knowledge about Zao's selected students, Shugon decided not to interfere with Zao's plans. "An interesting selection as always, although I do wish they didn't take themselves so seriously." A hint of concern laced the booming voice.

Normally Shugon would shrug off Azariel's request as the professor had a busy schedule yet Azariel was in luck since this is one of the rare times where Shugon had enough free time to be bored, so why not take up the proposal. "It seems a deity of fortune has smiled upon you and partially me as well, I'll assist since my agenda is barren presently. Plus I'll have the opportunity to see this findross leech with my own eyes." He replied while looking down at Azariel, her reversed verticality puzzled the octopus.

"Zao, lest I forget and before I depart, I wanted to inform you that a fortnight from now, I shall venture from the academy to retrieve specimens for my classes." It wasn't a request that much was obvious but out of respect and wisdom, Shugon decided to inform his colleague and superior.
William finished stretching as he awaited his would-be partner's reply. His heart jumped as the man readied himself for battle. it's pace quickened and William stood up, turning to reach directly behind him and grab a wooden javelin from the mounted rack they rested on. He began to smile with the anticipation of the game about to take place.

Kidd tossed the throwing spear in his hand twice, checking it's weight. Seemingly satisfied he picked up another, and then another. When he turned back around, a mysterious smile which one might describe as a terrible poker face was on his lips. He grinned like a child whom had done something naughty and was being questioned. He gripped two of them in his left hand, and hoisted the one in his right above his shoulder, poised for launch. He looked Solomon in the eyes, an almost crazed look in Kidd's own as he spoke to the warrior.

"I don't have any fancy trainin' like you, mate, so forgive me if I'm a bit clumsy with the weaponry." and with the last word, William's shoulders twisted, and he activated his "Hammer Throw" charm. This charm allowed the thin-aerodynamic projectile to escape Kidd's hands with such force a gust of wind erupted behind the thing, waving the small trees and shrubbery within the training grounds.

The pirate's medium length hair was pushed backwards as a result, and he closed his eyes so as not to be blinded by the residual dust the attack knocked up. It would travel with inhuman speed and strength, so much so that it would be sure to leave a nasty bruise upon one's bones, or dent their armor if it were normal plate. If it met wood such as itself, both objects would likely splinter. If the assassin should dodge, and it meet the stone wall behind him, it would surely shatter. After this attack Kidd would transfer one of the two javelins he still had to his right hand in one motion and snap back to a stance which would allow him to launch another.

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The God-Emperor of Mankind
"Zao, lest I forget and before I depart, I wanted to inform you that a fortnight from now, I shall venture from the academy to retrieve specimens for my classes." It wasn't a request that much was obvious but out of respect and wisdom, Shugon decided to inform his colleague and superior.
"Hn." Zao didn't address the information with anything more than a rough grunt.

The Headmaster turned around to address the goddess-librarian. "The animated rope is nothing to be feared. It will be a new feature of the library, rather than a bug. It'll act as... security," the Headmaster clarified. "A method for preventing annoying goddesses from irritating me."

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Ayralis Ragnavin Kutherylle
Location: Reception Hall

The issue, if it truly was one, was resolved quickly without the need for Ayralis to move. One of the students yanked the boy away from her with chains before the other one could reach and most likely brutally enact her plan to the arrogant lad. An exchange was held between the three, but mostly it was simply the one with the chains and the boy.

Ayralis would have left quickly without a word, but there was a little something that vexed her.

"My name is Ayralis Ragnavin Kutherylle. Not Arya, nor is it any other name you think of. If you cannot even say such a simple name properly, then I suggest that you go leave now and find a school that would be a better fit for your primitive literacy."

She turned.

"And don't ever drag me down to share the blame with your actions. If you do something stupid, deal with its consequences yourself. 'Strong' people don't put the blame on others, pathetic ones do. Perhaps you should begin to rethink exactly where in the food chain you belong to."

And with that, she left the scene and headed out for the nearest 'outdoor' area, where she could freely light a cigarette and smoke away this festering flame that had unwittingly sparked within her. Such fits of emotions are undesirable in the field of pursuing the truth, after all.

Interaction/s: Theodore Zhang ( Xlos Xlos ), Maravetia ( Silver Wolf Silver Wolf ), Fáidh ( Swiftshots Swiftshots )

Silver Wolf

Something Random
Location: Reception Hall ---->Dorms
Interactions: Xlos Xlos (Theodore), Swiftshots Swiftshots (Faidh), Noble Scion Noble Scion (Luna)
Mentioned/Nearby: Reinhardt Reinhardt (Ayralis)

Before she could grab the violent child by his neck, Marie felt her wrist yanked and a mild stinging sensation she didn't recognize. She looked to see chains wrapped around her wrist and leading back to Faidh. Her words struck some truth. Maravetia suddenly remembered where she was. She wasn't with the Seadogs, she was at Stormcrest Naval Academy. She looked at her hands for a moment to process what had just happened, rather blankly. When she looked up, Theodore was speaking. Hearing him speak, she suddenly felt...odd. Like his words carried much more weight or her gut was telling her to 'listen to him' which almost seemed inadvisable, but very very strong. That was broken quite quickly when Ayralis started speaking. That's when the former mercenary remembered something.

"You speak of obediance, but there is a fine line between orders and aggression. A situation can change on a dime, and out on the ocean, no one will come to save you. Much less so if you're someone like Steven. A repulsive man who did nothing but blame others for his shortfallings, order around those he brought in line with him in an uncaring manner, and ultimately a trader no one saved. After all, when he turned on us in favor of pirates and shot one of his own lackeys dead, it was no surprise to any of us that he had become on poor terms with the pirates he sided with quickly. When we finally found their hideout, we all had a front row seat to the pirates out in the middle of the bay, strapping his legs to a canonball with chains. They gave him one chance to have someone vouch for him or volunteer to take him back, and as he looked to his lackeys, they all turned their gazes. Perhaps his bones still sit at the bottom of the sea to this day, chained and forgotten," Marie said with little emotion straight to Theodore. She then shut her eyes and finished, "So be careful of your actions. The Seadogs used to let traitors off with branding or mutilation, but I doubt the navy will be so kind to those who inflict harm in the name of the enemy. If we are indeed equal, don't forget that there's always a bigger fish."

Marie turned around and looked at Faidh, "Thanks for stopping me, I wasn't myself a moment ago."

Finally, with her piece said she walked off the stage, watching the hallways pass with a mindless stare. She needed to be more careful with her actions. She was practically seeing red back there, and it could've been much more serious had she actually ended up acting upon her actions. Marie hoped she could find something, anything to show her some hope. Ever since she killed the leviathan, she had wondered what she should do. Thankfully, that answer was provided for her, and here she was. As she sunk further into the recesses of her mind, her surroundings became a blur until she approached a door. With a sigh, she opened it and looked inside.

The bunk beds were empty, save for one which had a noticeable bulge under the blankets. She would've left it alone if she hadn't heard a small little giggle ever so faintly. Marie slowly approached the pile and stared curiously, soft whispering surfacing from the bedsheets. She found herself rather curious, who was under there, and what would they be talking to?

She felt compelled to poke it.

Maravetia extended her arm slowly and made its way to a tiny little bulge on the back towards the pillow. It was small, and she had no idea what part of the person this would be (it was Luna's tail/butt). Her mind became consumed with one thought. One thought alone was screaming and it led her to pressing her finger onto the spot. Ever so slightly, she thought to herself, "Boop"


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Solomon the Executioner
Sparring Ground​

The moment he hoisted the javelin, Solomon knew it was about to fly in his direction. Analyzing his movements with pristine precision, he jumped out of the way right before he threw it, making it hit the stone wall behind him. Feeling the wind on his face, he knew William used a Charm when he threw it. "Hmmmm." Looking at the javelin impaled in the wall, Solomon realized that an honorable sparring match wasn't a possibility since William just took that cheap shot. Luckily, he didn't expect it in the first place.

Solomon's main charm was Stillpiercer, and given that William gave off none of the cues, it wasn't that he just used. That meant it was either a charm that affected momentum, or one that affected his strength. Given that he wasn't exactly archer though (telling by his lack of bow), Solomon came to the conclusion that it was a strength charm. Fun. Displays of extreme conditioning in one burst. Someone not expecting much from him would've been impaled had it been a normal javelin, but Solomon, having been trained in all sorts of body cues, could see it. "This ends if one is dealt what would be a lethal blow." Solomon said

So many possibilities were going on in Solomon's mind. If William could give himself a burst of strength, he knew William was versatile at close range. Telling him he didn't fancy weaponry AND that strength charm at his disposal, Solomon could conclude that William was either a striker or a grappler with a huge advantage in doing it. Good, because Solomon was thoroughly trained in both. One grab from William could potentially crush his arm and then he be next through the stone wall. However..........

Solomon decided to grab a shield and then charge. Since shields had no difference in use between sparring and real battles, this was a real deal strong shield made of thick sturdy steel, one that wouldn't be destroyed by a wooden javelin.

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"There's a spring in this one's step eh?" Said William commenting on the way Solomon could easily turn away from the projectile. He gazed on as the training spear lodged itself in between some stones in the wall and vibrated out it's leftover momentum. William watched his opponent with a grin as he equipped a shield and made for a charge. This made Kidd smile madly at the brazen attempt at rushing his guard.

"I'll give you points for effort mate, that's for sure." Said the swashbuckler abandoning both his other spears and dropping into a very low stance with his arms out ready to meet the shield charge head on. William's grace, Aegis, would activate on contact causing any momentum Solomon had built up to all but disappear. He also activated another of his charms, Weight of the World. This one caused his weight to increase by double, meaning as Solomon collided with him it would be like slamming into a 340 pound man locking him in place when Kidd gripped onto the shield. This meant the only injuries Kidd was likely to sustain were some scrapes to his hands while gripping the rough sides of the shield and bracing it against his body. His heels would also likely dig into the dirt behind him from the emense weight of the two struggling after the initial clash.

Kidd hoped the robbing of Solomon's momentum when the two came into contact, and the pirate's unexpected mass would be enough to disorient the more experienced warrior as he then twisted his body, and grabbed his left sleeve. He swept one foot behind the attacking man's leg. With a firm grip on the shield, the man's jacket, and thus the executioners equilibrium, taking out his base foot should allow William to throw him down with his grip on the shield and his left sleeve. Following the man to the ground then, Kidd would bring all of his now 340 pound body on top of Solomon when the two hit the earth, sandwiching him between the grass and his shield, hopefully pinning his arm as well. The dirt in the courtyard was soft, so despite William's unbelievable weight in such a small size Solomon would likely not recieve any lasting injuries. Were this on stone or a harder wood surface, the aftermath may be as bad as a broken bone, but certainly not fatal.

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Solomon the Executioner
Sparring Ground​

Solomon wasn't dumb. The moment he saw William abandon his spear and drop into a low stance, he knew William was about to activate some trickery. A grappler, Solomon thought. Foolish to give away many of his tricks this early on. Half the battle was knowing the opponent. The other half was exploiting the information. He kept on a poker face. William was brash and reckless. No armor, standing there waiting in an obvious grappler stance. Matching that energy would allow him to hide his actual intentions.........and then destroy his plan

Solomon stopped just short of contact with William, robbing him of his ability to brace for impact, and dipped to give his training blade leverage. He then transferred all of his momentum into an expertly aimed thrust right at what would be William's chest. Right before thrusting, Solomon activated Stillpiercer. While Solomon would've activated Stillpiercer anyways, he grinned when he felt it shatter William's Aegis shield. He made the right call in using the move anyways. If William didn't want to wear armor for this battle, Solomon could safely assume he had another way to guard. Stillpiercer was designed to shatter armor and shields. That included magic-induced shields like Aegis. His shield ran through, the blunt wooden blade slammed into William's chest and splintered, and Solomon felt what was another charm, one that turned this scrawny boy into an absolute unit. A charm turned someone he could toss with one hand into someone he would break a sweat to get off the ground.

Solomon quickly found himself on the ground with a man far heavier than he looked on top of him. The executioner found himself taken aback at how quickly William took out his stance and got him on the ground. That's why he was a grappler. A charm for immense strength, another to alter his weight, a grace that guards him from damage. When given training, William would be an indomitable force in unarmed combat. He just needed to know how to not give away too much information about himself, because in a real life/death battle, William would've been impaled.

But with the battle won, Solomon let out a hearty laugh despite William being on top of him. "While you got me on the ground, I've won this battle. Both you and I know if I used a real blade, you'd have been ran through the heart. Impressive skill nonetheless." The reminder of William's defeat was the intense chest pain along with the chest bruise. If Solomon wasn't trained in this, William would've ended him with that Javelin alone.

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Theodore Zhang
Interestingly, my original target didn't seem to care as much about the fact that I had attacked her as the fact that I pronounced her name wrong. Perhaps my charm had worked to some extent, and perhaps that was just a reliable way to anger her. Good information. Normally I would consider pursuit after insult, but at least one thing she said was true. The way the food chain worked here was different than my old school. The strength of people here was difficult analyze by sight, and beating them up randomly might end up in me getting defeated. Though I hated Fáidh for publicly embarrassing me, it may have been lucky for me that she was there. I would need more information before I started acting rashly, and to that extent I would need to do research on on them. The school library might have some books about the new students, and Maravetia had just given me a hint to look into the Seadogs. Along with a story about a failure of a man. His friends turned away from him in the end because of his bad actions - but would anything have changed if he hadn't made those bad actions? He made a choice of the person with control of his life - the seadogs, or the pirates. I suppose the moral of the story is for weaklings. Don't betray for another side if you don't have control over the other side. Acquire trust in the side you like. But for me, that wasn't possible. Trust was a recipe for failure, with my abilities.

I left to do some reading in the library, for today.

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Noble Scion

Lover of Lewd and Space
Eleonora Luna - Dormitory
bunny girl.png
Luna was just in the middle of a fascinating little segment on her journey to the school and how strange it had been to travel via carriage when she was suddenly interrupted by a crude finger poking at her behind, causing an embarrassed squeak from the rabbit-girl as she practically slammed herself forward for cover underneath the bed clothes.

Pushing the covers off her head, she pouted angrily with a glowing pink face at her assailant.

"You shoul- Ahem- y-you should watch what you're doing, person!" she blubbered, clearly unused to this brand new emotion of embarrassment flittering through her mind and forcing herself to move from her normal soft voice to a more audible one, and with that, she threw herself back under the bed-clothes and shut her eyes, wishing for them to go away as she hid from her 'problem'.
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"Check again. You didn't even scuff my jacket, mate." Said William, whom would drive his chest and shoulder down into Soloman's neck after falling on top of him successfully. This would choke his opponent as well as put more pressure on his body to hold him down. In this position he could also control his opponent's sword arm and, spinning and stepping over his opponent's body to wrap it up he laid back into an armbar ending the match finally.

"I'll give you that, I was exposed and broadcast I was going for a takedown. My grace makes it so that any attack suddenly don't have no power, y'know what I mean? Worst I woulda gotten was a little nick on my chest before you hit the deck 'eh? Then I break your sword arm at the elbow and take it from you." He extended a hand down to the man on the grass and smiled.

"Why don't we go check out the new digs, yeah?" Said Kidd, turning and placing his hands in his trouser pockets and sauntering away, seemingly lost in thought about what just happened. He's completely right, though. I shouldn't be so quick to give away my plan. If he hadn't let me take him down with such a brash attack and simply played the outfighter, I'd have been at a loss. Death by a thousand cuts doesn't sound fun. Maybe I should hit the library tomorrow, see what kind of secrets this place really has to offer.

After a while William began to hum to himself "Randy Dandy O" as he roamed the halls. The amber afternoon light which trickled through the fog-glass windows of the school's corridors relaxed Kidd after the entertaining exertion he had experienced, which he felt set a good precedent for the year. Once he made it to the boys dorm the several soft blue comfortors around the room nearly brought a tear to his eye. He had known nothing but beach sand and hammocks as beds since he was twelve, and the swashbuckler collapsed into the nearest one by the door without a care more in the world.

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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Fáidh remained quiet for the most part, keeping her chains at the ready should further fighting erupt or should the small man try any further underhanded tricks. Fortunately, the situation de-escalated promptly and no further measures needed to be taken by the paladin. As each of the members involved dispersed Fáidh was left standing upon the stage on her lonesome and she remained there until everyone had left the auditorium and she truly was left all alone. Moving to the podium Fáidh carefully gripped its edges and stood upright as if to imitate the great Zao. Something Theodore had said had made a greater impact than she originally would have thought 'Fáidh. Jumping into everyone's else's business is going to make you disappear very fast.'.

Fáidh had, of course, heard these words several times before from townsfolk across the nation during her deployments, so why now did such a commonplace phrase impact her so? Not everyone wanted to be saved, not everyone wanted to be helped in their time of need. This much Fáidh knew, but it was her duty to help those in need as well as to save the damned from themselves. She had taken an oath to do so and swore to uphold said oath with her very life. From what Zao had said earlier this training was going to be intense and would very likely put her faith through the wringer. Fáidh was the first of the Paladin order to be accepted into Stormcrest and the future acceptance of others from the order solely depended on her success here. Fáidh also felt a strong connection to this choice and failing the gods on top of the order would be a faith far worse than death.

Standing at the podium the Paladin took back up her spear and after a swift spin gripped the weapon tightly with a sigh "I won't fail, I will not disappear. I will always strive to protect the weak and help whenever I can. I, will, succeed, no matter, the cost." And with that Fáidh left the stage and sought out the dorms. After entering the dorms she quickly noticed one of the girls from the stage, the very one who had thanked her. The girl seemed busy with something and Fáidh wasn't one to pry so she quietly made her way further into the room and proceed to ready herself for bed following her silent prayers.

Silver Wolf

Something Random
Location: Dorms ---> Somewhere
Interactions: Noble Scion Noble Scion (Luna)
Mentioned/Nearby: Swiftshots Swiftshots (Faidh)​

The squeek caught Marie by an ounce of surprise. The sudden movement of the figure finally gave Maravetia the knowledge of what part of the person she just poked. In an instant, Luna appeared from the bedding, face pink in embarrassment and at first speaking in a volume so low that Marie couldn't understand it. After lowering her finger she began formulating the words of apology, but before she could say anything, Luna dived back under the covers. The same little bump that had made Maravetia curious appeared once more. Her thoughts became consumed at the sight of the little tail tent being pitched.

At first, Marie raised her hand again, but then lowered it and gave a small cough. She then uttered a simple apology, "Sorry...that was unbecoming of me."

Maravetia once again looked around the dorm, and noticed that Faidh was in the dorms now. The girl was praying in her bed, and Marie decided to walk to her own. She looked outside the window, noticing the dim orange glow, and decided to go to her luggage under the bed. After sifting through what few belongings she had, she pulled out a spear, a net, and a fishing rod in that order. She also took a small wooden box beside her main trunk.

Hopefully the pier was still open, if not, there was still the rest of the coastline. Hopefully she could find a good spot and have a quick meal by the time nightfall finished.
Time Skip, Day 2, 06:00

"Mmmmm" Groaned Kidd as the first whispering rays of light trickled in through the porthole-like window of the shared dorm he had slinked into the night before. William awoke with a dull pain in his sternum, which he rubbed absentmindedly in a state of half sleep. "That stab from Solomon must have been heavier than I'd thought. Perhaps he was right, I shouldn't be so quick to rely entirely on my grace. Who knows if I'd have shaken off his blow so easily if he'd had a power-based grace and not simply been using a charm." William spoke aloud to himself often, and his new roommate would likely be able to hear him if he himself were awake by now.

Though Kidd had started the night simply sprawled across the blue comforter of his double bed he had claimed, he somehow was now buried beneath it with the pillow over his head. Despite this somehow he knew it was morning, and reluctantly he shook off the clutches of his dream world and rose to sit up and gaze out the window at the dreary clouds gathering in the young morning sky.

"Lovely," He remarked. "We'll hope professor Ragsdale hadn't planned a nature walk." As if in response to his quip the slightest hint of thunder could be heard rumbling far in the distance. He shucked off the covers and continued nursing his chest gingerly, examining the sizable yellowish bruise which had formed overnight from his excursion the day before. He picked up the shirt which he had discarded to the floor during the night and let it fall over his head, before retrieving his red bandana as well and using it to push his brown curls from his face. He counted the money in his pockets he had won in the game of dice in the great hall, and when he found it all there he tossed his glance to the man in the bed on the other side of the room.

"Well at least we know you're not the greedy sort, eh lad?" He said, low and more to himself than to Eberron. William let his eyes flow over the man's belongings near his bed and dresser. What looked to be machine parts the likes of which William had never seen were piled together or boxed up. They were strange shapes and had several markings William vaguely recognized as runes and sigils from his travels as a privateer. William knew nothing of magic, but he knew that here in his room was a man who might know something of it himself.

The pirate plodded barefoot over to the small stove that the suite they resided afforded them. He lit the burner and filled the teapot with water before placing it over the flame. He scoured the cabinets and found what he was looking for; tea. Perfect to start the morning. He grabbed down two mugs and placed them on the counter by the faucet. He leaned against the counter and gazed out the window once more as he waited for the water to boil, humming "Randy Dandy O'" To himself quietly and solemnly, rubbing sleep from his eye in the process.

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Lan Xiang Huang
Location: Faculty Lounge (No. ???) → Lobby

The moon has faded away, and the sun rose - as its radiance brought upon new dawn. Another morning has started. Another day has begun.

And yet, the one known as Lan Xiang Huang remained still with her eyes slightly opened. A part of her body was sunk beneath a layer of pillows and silk, and another lay exposed under the crawling sunlight. The place where she rested was one of the many faculty lounges that she spearheaded the creation of, which caused headaches to those who were concerned about the costs, simply due to the nature of her idea. Nevertheless, it went well, and one could easily think such rooms were only a privilege for those worthy - yet, on the contrary, even the staff lowest within the hierarchy are given free use of such facilities.

The door opened without noise, but the footsteps of the one who had entered sounded loud and clear enough to be recognized by the ears of Lan. The window's curtains were laid aside, and the sun beheld its own glory before Lan's drowsy sight.

"I believe it is time to wake up, Lan.", the voice said, which came from a figure that was way too familiar for Lan to not recognize - a frame to behold, a shape to envy, an image to be burned in one's mind for eternity.

After all, who wouldn't recognize themself?

"I want to sleep, Lan.", she said.

"I don't think you want to, though.", the other Lan replied.

A groan left the mouth of the one that laid beneath pillows and silk.

"Very well. Suit yourself.", the standing figure continued. "I, for sure, wouldn't let the morning routines go by without the populace being graced by my presence."

A smirk emerged on Lan's face. "I hate you."

The other gazed at her. "No, you don't."

"That's true. I'm just that likable.", she rose from the bed and began to fix herself up. "Help me get ready. I shouldn't let them wait long."

The other approached Lan. And so the preparations began, which didn't take that much time. Minutes before the morning bell could ring and alert everyone of the morning practices, Lan had already left the lounge she was previously in.

Assembled at the school's lobby, was a large group that could easily fill a courtyard. Students from various years and fields were gathered - those with seniority handled themselves appropriately, organized by class and year level. The fresh ones, however, were a bit of a mess - understandable to most, but intolerable to the Headmaster. While it would be better to help the new ones out, Lan decided it would be better to let them figure it out themselves.

Besides, the morning routine is incomplete without Zao going all nuts about some otherwise negligible matter. As Lan entered the area, many of the students, along with the staff, immediately diverted their gaze to her. Of course, she flaunted her glory as she walked to the clustered group of teachers. There, she would learn about the unusual absence of the punctual Headmaster - which sadly, drove her to steal the empty spotlight of the podium.

The bell had rung. Every student had been alerted. The morning practices shall now commence.


Silence began to emerge amongst the chaos of the growing crowd. Was it done out of fear? Incorrect. It was done out of respect. Honor. Adoration. Of course, there were still those that spoke and whispered, especially among the newcomers.

"Hey, who's that? Isn't the headmaster supposed to be the one to start the morning practices?"
"How do you not know her? That's Lan Xiang Huang!"
"Oh! I heard she was one of the most known teachers in Stormcrest!"

"Man, I wish we get her as a teacher. The seniors said she has the best sessions."
"Agreed, my brother. But fate may have other plans for us."
"I think she doesn't conform to the system and chooses her own classes."
"What? No way."

And other such gossips.


A hundred, no, a thousand eyes followed the figure that climbed the steps of the podium. They tracked every movement of the person, every unnecessary sway of her garb, every swing of the strands of her hair, even the very pointless fiddling of her fingertips.


Once the center was reached, the figure stopped walking. The sound of the final step was akin to that of a droplet falling into calm waters - a quick disturbance, and then order. Everyone's eyes were on the stage. Everyone's ears were directed to the podium. Attention was all on the figure before them all.

"Your esteemed Headmaster seems to be quite occupied at the moment. So, I'm starting the morning routine.", there was nothing but complete authority resonating from her voice. It was not forceful, neither was it hesitant. It seemed absolutely right, just like the exact feeling one would get talking to a respected figure of power.

She shifted her gaze to the west, nodding with her head slightly as a signal. With that noises began to emanate from around the lobby - sounds familiar to all but none. The anthem of the Realm has begun to play.

"Let us sing the Realm's anthem. Proudly and with vigor, everybody.", she said as she turned to face the Realm's flag that was being raised on the stage.

A few minutes in, and the song was finished. The sounds had halted, and she had turned to face the gathered once more.

"Before I begin the announcements, is there anyone who wants to ask anything?", she said. "Raise your hand if you want to ask something. I may or may not pick you, but be honored at the fact that you tried."

"What are you doing? Stick to the routine.", several of the staff gestured and softly yelled to her. "The Headmaster's not going to like this. She's going to put everything off-schedule again."

She gestured with an ok sign to reply to them. "Don't worry, I got this.", she mouthed such words and sent a proud smirk to the concerned staff.

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Shugon Ragsdale
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A new day, a new beginning, and new possibilities. I wonder what my students are up to? Pondered the cephalopodic professor as he began to tie his signature, spiral-patterned tie. The whistle of a kettle, as well as a stream of steam, sprawled into the room. A quick wave of his hand brushed aside the puffs of vapor while the kettle was lifted from its' heating source. "Ah, old friend. You've served me faithfully alas it seems you're reaching the end of your long life." The professor spoke to the inanimate object. He continued his tea-making process and as he was finished, a peculiar message caught his eye. An assembly was to be held in the lobby? Curious, didn't they have one yesterday? Well, he must plus he could gather his students for his class along the way. But he will depart with his cup of tea.

Due to his preoccupated morning, Shugon had managed to arrive at the apex of the anthem. The man stood at the back waiting for the song's conclusion with one hand in a pocket and the other holding the cup by its' handle, taking periodic sips. His tentacles moved rhythmically with the tune of the song, it had reminded him of the underwater chants of his civilization during their monthly prayer to their ancient God.

Once the song ceased, Shugon tried as best as he could to move onto the platform discreetly although partially longing for the days when his figure was less imposing and smaller. His revered colleague, Professor Lan had decided to take over the absent Headmaster but it seems as though that the other staff had their reservations about this stunt of hers.

"Let her finish, our salvation will come quicker." The whisper from Shugon spread amongst the faculty as he sipped his tea gently, not to reveal the gaping maw that acts as his mouth.


The God-Emperor of Mankind
The morning announcements were happening downstairs without the Headmaster's presence. He'd left it in the hands of one of the more eccentric faculty members.

The Headmaster was occupied with other things.

Headmaster Lung Feng Zao, the Dragon of the Eastern Wind was sitting in the private workshop adjacent to his personal chambers. It was a small but elegant room with a decorated silken rug on the floor, the walls adorned in soft paper lanterns and oriental incense holders which burned with strips of light gray smoke. The aroma of exotic herbs permeated the room with a thick fragrance. It was an environment well-conductive to spiritual communion and meditation.

The Headmaster was kneeling in front of a shrine of the Maidens of Fate. The old man dipped his brush in the ink lying to his right and then continued apace with his calligraphy.

The Limitless produces the un-limited, and this is the Absolute.

From the Absolute spring the two forms, which are named Yin and Yang.

The two forms produce four phenomena, and they are named lesser Yin, greater Ying, lesser Yang, greater Yang.

The four phenomena act on the eight trigrams; eight eights are sixty-four hexagrams.

A stroke of the brush produced the last of the lines on the delicate paper strip. Without a moment of ado, the Headmaster picked up the item and unsealed its power. The prayer strip's lower end exploded in a holy purple flame, which burned upward with frustrating slowness.

Zao closed his eyes, breathed in the incense. He stood up and turned around, then kicked his foot down, lightning circling from his heel and lancing forward, seeking the student list on the wall. Zao opened his eyes.

The previous names had been struck once again - except for Kutherylle, he'd make sure to send her a letter of dismissal - but some new ones had been marked, as well. Zao memorized them with a glance and then put out the prayer strip as he went downstairs.


The Headmaster appeared on the stage in a flash of thunder-streaks and blinding white light, causing most of the audience and faculty to wince. "There won't be any questions. That's enough, thank you, Lan." Once the woman stepped to the side, the Headmaster meandered up to the podium.

"We are beginning the first day of education at Stormcrest Naval Academy," Zao dryly said. "For announcements, Ayaka Azai, William Kidd, and Eberron the Inventor are going to join my personal class this morning. In seven days, the satrap of Seacrown is coming over for an inspection. That's about it. Now get to class - the bloodhounds will be loosed from their cages in the dungeons in five minutes, anyone found wandering the halls after that is responsible for their own self-defense and I am not responsible for any corpses that appear in the halls at this time. Any questions?"

"Bloodhounds?" Someone raised a hand, clearly in fear.

"Good," Zao said, pretending there were no questions. The students with no aptitude for combat began screaming at once and scrambled in various directions like spiders escaping from under a rock that had been lifted, others seemed nonplussed and indifferent in equal measure.

The Headmaster turned to address Shugon Ragsdale. "Shugon, if I remember, you don't have any classes for the morning? Good. You and Lan will accompany the Head Class to my office, and you'll act as assistant teachers during the lesson. I'll need extra hands for saving drowning people and you're both useful for that. I'll be there shortly after you."

With those words, the Headmaster slammed his palms together and disappeared in a bolt of lightning.

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Something Random
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In the dorm, a lone bed sat with its covers in complete disarray with only a bare foot pointing out of the pile. Unkown to her, Marie usually vocalized in her sleep. Names, grunts, and mournful moans could occasionally be heard as the young mercenary tossed violently in her bed. By the time morning arose and the sky began transitioning from a pitch black to a deep blue, her head popped out on schedule. Hair a complete mess and red eyes half closed with minor bags that would disappear in record time. Bedding was haphazardly tossed towards the wall and Marie sat up, looking around with a blank stare before popping her feet onto the floor and pulling her uniform out from her bed. She rummaged through her luggage and pulled out a simple brush before departing the dorms.

By the time the sky was turning a small haze of purple on the horizon, Marie was finally buttoning her uniform jacket. She began pulling a button ever so slightly harder as she began buttoning the jacket over her chest. With a small sound of annoyance, she finally got the final button on and then looked herself over. "...Tight" the first word of the day she uttered as she stretched a little. Indeed, the jacket was a tight fit above the waist. From under the bed, a large case, roughly as wide as she was tall was pulled out. After clicking it open, she pulled out a massive double edged great sword. Soon, it was casually sheathed behind her back in a leather strap. After donning her hat, Maravetia left the dorms and began walking to the training grounds when the assembly was called. Confused, she made her way to the lobby and waited.

Marie made it in a little bit delayed, but still there nonetheless. The more senior students talking about the lady currently on the stage were ignored, and Marie stared off into the distance as the anthem was played, not knowing the lyrics. Zao's sudden appearance, as well as his announcement caught Marie's attention a little. More students? Well, whatever. Marie began walking towards Zao's office rather casually as others rushed around. Casually, she kept an eye on the time, and she found herself in front of Zao's office, after all wasn't she supposed to be there? Not much time would be thought about it as a student ran by screaming and from the corner he emerged, a bloodhound did as well.

Without a second thought, the great sword was drawn and in one motion it was brought down full force upon the stray doggo. A mixture of bone cracks and flesh tearing could be heard as the great sword slammed into its skull, shattering it in one slam and leaving plenty of momentum to spare for piercing some neck flesh and slamming into the ground with a heavy thud, leaving a small dent and crack in the floor. Needless to say, the creature's skull was beyond recognition and was merely a pile of bone, mouth, and grey matter with a heavy dent in the center.

The sword was sheathed, gore and blood flicked off to the walls. Then Marie turned her attention back to staring at Zao's door expectantly.
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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Fáidh always rose well before dawn, as a Paladin such things were painstakingly driven into her during her training and it took great effort to sleep in even an extra ten minutes. Looking around the room Fáidh noted she was the first to rise and as such went to great lengths not to awaken those around her with her actions. Fáidh first moved to dress, her uniform had officially arrived last night and was somewhat different from the regular uniform students were provided. The change was subtle but Fáidh's uniform bore gold crosses for buttons and a small paladin insignia could be found hiding beneath the collar of her shirt. Fáidh was personally no fan of special treatment but the uniform situation was above her head and more a political move between the higher powers and Fáidh wasn't going to get in the way of internal affairs. None the less Fáidh took a brief moment to inspect herself in the dorm mirror before taking her leave with a somber smile. Thoughts of yesterday still bearing heavily on her mind for some inexplicable reason. Her spear and chains left behind for save of waking others with their clanking.

after leaving the dorms Fáidh made for the docks, the night mist still heavy upon the water's surface. Walking to the very edge of the wooden jetty Fáidh stood in silent prayer for around ten minutes before another student spoke out to her and jolted the young paladin from her tranquil state of mind.

"Oi, you! Your hogging the Jetty! I want to catch something and have it cooked before morning announcements ya galley slave, go on get!" The man who called out to Fáidh was quite short in stature but seemed to be in peak physical condition. The kind of condition one would expect a war hammer user to be in bar there was no physical way such a small man could swing a large weapon such as that. None the less he was clearly not a first-year student and was agitated Fáidh was standing upon the jetty.

Turning to face the approaching man Fáidh smiled softly "Surely this jetty is big enough for the two of us no?"

The approaching man's facial expression quickly turned sour at the mere mention of such a thing and the fishing rod he held quickly became somewhat of a pointer as he angrily exclaimed "Oi lass, are you calling me small! You of the impression I don't take up too much room eh! Get off me jetty before I crack ya upside the head and use ya as BAIT FOR ME BREKY!"

Letting out a soft sigh Fáidh gave in to the fact this man could not be reasoned with and that any further debate would merely be a waste of her time. And so Faidh quietly moved off the jetty and resumed her prayer down by the shoreline adjacent to the jetty.

Another ten minutes passed before once again the small man resumed shouting at the paladin, this time from the jetty he so proudly stood upon. "Lass, you're having me on! I've been fishing here for the past year and I always get a bite before long! Now you show up and I canni get a bit to save me life! You're standing there all silent and weird like, you're freaking out the fish! Go way wouldya and gimme peace!"

Looking up at the man Fáidh once again let out a soft sigh before smiling softly back at the man "I'm praying, I assure you my silent activity has nothing to do with the fact you cannot seem to hook a fish."

And again the man's expression turned sour as did his fishing rod become a pointer once again "Are ya trying to say I lack the skill to fish in these waters eh! You've some nerve little lady! I've half a mind to feed ya to the fishes right here and now! You and yer voodoo shite! Go way! Go way! Go way!"

And with that Fáidh left the docks all together not wanting to have anything escalate should she decide to silently pray in the small man vicinity for the third time. Instead, Fáidh returned to the dorms and retrieved her spear and chains. While in the dorms she finished her morning prayers and made for the auditorium where she assisted in wiping down the statues before the whole ordeal was brought to an end by Zao.

Of course following the end of the announcements, Fáidh made her way to Zao's office where she once again met the girl from yesterday. A corpse of a bloodhound lay decimated at her feet and the wall was stained with, presumably, its blood. Kneeling to examine the corpse Fáidh spoke softly "We meet again. Were you attacked by this beast, I take it you're not harmed are you"

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The sound of whirring servos and pistons quietly working were covered up by the sound of a kettle being heated over a fire as the small golem awoke at the foot of her creator's bed. The sound of movement and humming had awoken the mechanical lifeform. Her eyes roved over the dorm searching for the source as the child like golem quietly got up from the bed with a soft clank of metal on wood. After a quick scan of her surroundings she spotted the source of the humming. It appeared the other human inhabitant was awake. "It is considered rude to wake up others." She said, making her presence known to the strange human that was sharing a dorm room with her father.

"And it is also rude to not introduce yourself and act impolite to our roommate... Sweetie..." Her master said with a groan as he sat up in his bed. With a languid stretch, several joints and vertebrae popped and cracked sickeningly loud, followed by a grunt.

The small mechanical unicorn looked down in embarrassment, pawing at the floor before looking back up at William. "Sorry sir. My name is Sweetie, it is nice to meet you Mr." She said, back to being chipper and childlike as if she hadn't been scolded by Eberron.

"If you would be so kind dear, as to pour us some tea, that would be greatly appreciated." He said to the small golem, whom happily trotted over to the stove and Telekinetically grasped the kettle before lifting the tea and teapot in the same grasp. With all three objects hovering in the air, the golem proceeded to fill the pot with black tea and hot water.



Watching his creation go to work, the Artificer quickly got up from his bed and set about donning his gear and custom vest and longcoat. Turning towards his roommate he gave his best polite smile which felt unnatural to him, but nonetheless succeeded in it. "I apologize for Sweetie's rudeness. Eberron the Inventor at your service. Do ignore the parts strewn about my side of the dorm." He said with a slight bow, causing his back to pop more.

While he had accomplished getting Sweetie upgraded, it had taken quite a bit out of him. Standing up straight, he spotted the mechanical minion trotting over happily, levitating two steaming cups of tea before depositing one of them before Kidd. "While i would love to stay and chat, we have to be in the main hall soon" He said before downing the steaming contents in one go, before heading out the door with Sweetie in tow.


What utter nonsense this is... wasting time singing our supposed allegiance to his country. My time could be better utilized learning than spouting empty words. He thought with disdain as the Headmaster arrived, most spectacularly. His foul mood was quickly dissipated when news of one of his students being removed, and his selection along with his roommate to replace her. Even the threat of Bloodhounds didn't dampen his mood, in fact, the panicking of the non-combatant students filled him with a sense of sadistic glee. Wasting no time, he and his golem set off to find the Headmaster/instructor.

It wasn't long before the Duo were putting down hounds, the sounds of rapid gunfire, Sweetie's giggles, and pained whimpers filling the halls as the two left a trail of gore, corpses, and spent brass. All in all, a very good way to start the day.

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"Thankyou, ah, Sweetie?" Remarked Kidd to the Golemn, not sure if he was supposed to be talking to it. "I'm William. It can't be helped mate, I'll be right behind you. I could use some advice on that sort of thing," Said William, motioning at the floating cup as it landed on the counter beside him. "Perhaps tonight when we get in? Looking to broaden my horizons a bit. Cheers." Kidd lifted his tea mug which had been so kindly telekinetically serviced in Eberron's direction just as he twirled around to leave. Then again William was left with his sleepy thoughts as he sipped his tea. He didn't think he had been taking that long, but it was only mere moments until the singing from the hall reached him through the corridors. He sighed, rubbing his eyes once more and began sauntering out the door, closing it on his way out.

A few moments later just before he entered the main hall he heard the singing stop and Zao began his own speech, not much different the one before. William sipped his tea more and listened to the announcements, and he nearly spit out his sip when he heard Zao speak his name. His heart skipped a beat and he grinned excitedly.

"Well well, looks like the ol' dragon changed his mind on me. I wonder why?" Mumbled Kidd to himself, going back to enjoying his hot treat. Zao mentioned bloodhounds and William's face didn't change much, however people began rushing around to make it to their classes and the skinny man whom William had played dice with at the opening ceremony yesterday bumped into him in a panic, which splashed tea on Kidd's chin and caused him to gasp. "OI I'm uncultured!" Said the pirate, but the thin man kept walking hurriedly without looking back, as if some past trauma was pushing him to ignore the consequences of his actions. The hounds must be a tradition. Thought Kidd.

The swashbuckler shrugged before following Eberron down the hallway he practically skipped down with joy, slaughtering hounds with reckless abandon. Kidd winced a bit at the needless violence, but was thankful to Eberron silently for allowing him to conserve his own energy. He had lost sight of the Artificer without realizing, and his concentration on walking and drinking tea was interrupted by a low growl. A hound had avoided Eberron's path of destruction, and was cowering beneath a bench in the hall. He was warning Kidd not to approach closer, and Kidd gave him a wide birth.

"Don't worry, doggie, I'll just be on my way." He said, beginning to whistle as he turned a corner. When he did, two women came into view. Wait, I know I saw that steel-worker come this way. Strange. "Hello, ladies! It's nice to meet you, I assume we're classmates. It's me first time goin' to school, so you'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit behind." William gave a wry grin which did not denote whether or not he was joking, and extended his hand that was not holding a tea mug for a handshake.

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Lan Xiang Huang
Location: Lobby (1), "Counseling" Station (2)

"Ah, shame.", Lan(1) said, as she stepped aside and left the spotlight to the Headmaster. She went to the spot where the rest of the teaching staff was gathered, where she received a few reprimands about her unexpected intermission on the morning routine. As expected, such words merely flew in from one ear and exited out of the other - it had always been one of her quirks to act as she desired.

After listening to the Headmaster's announcement, her eyes immediately scanned the area, looking for the person that was mentioned alongside her name - Shugon, the resident tentacle-adorned gentleman of the faculty. Though the staff is diverse as it could get, it didn't take much effort to find him. Once she had spotted him, she would swiftly wave her hand as a greeting, then disappear along with the crowd to head exactly where the Headmaster wanted them to - his office.

Although she, along with Shugon, had been told to accompany Zao's class to his office, she simply left the tentacled gentleman to handle a presumably rowdy group of new recruits.

Lan(2), on the other hand, stood in front of what seems to be a room used to contain someone. The door had three separate locks, each using a different mechanism. The window was clearly not dimmed and was obstructed by black paint instead, preventing anyone outside from seeing what was inside, and vice-versa.

Before her, stood another staff wearing some protective apparel. This person had just finished telling her of the results of the "counseling" that had been done in the room.

"I see.", she responded, ticking off something from a list - that was merely one of many more lists that could be found in the paper stuck on the clipboard that she held. "Then it should be time to send them to the Headmaster's office."

The staff asked her if she would personally facilitate the release of the "counseled", to which she responded with, "No. I'll have to take care of other matters. Just make sure you take a route where there are fewer hounds, so the student won't get agitated, then everything should be fine."

She immediately left after that, leaving the staff with a look of worry slowly emerging on his face. With a sigh, the staff shrugged off his worry and took out a set of keys from one of his pockets. He headed towards the locked door and began to undo the locking mechanisms one by one.

Click. Click. Click.

Eventually, the door was unlocked and opened. The staff spoke to the others inside the "counseling" room and notified them of their new task. A white-haired figure, promptly restrained and latched in chains, was brought out.

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Shugon Ragsdale
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Although the arrival of the Headmaster was not unexpected, it certainly did disappoint the tentacled faced professor that he did not get to see Lan's shenanigans. You win some battles, you lose others. Shugon remained quiet throughout Zao's primer, cautiously sipping his herbal tea. Ah, the threats of the bloodhounds. The way the students' faces recoiled and paled with fear made Shugon partially shake his head, his tentacles moving briefly. On one hand, Zao is in his right to threaten the students since it would teach them discipline and punctuality. On the other, he really should get them neutered so they don't hurt the students too badly, losing lives here when they could still be useful in the future would be wasteful, at least in the professor's eyes. He would do the deed himself but that would get him in trouble with Zao so his hands are tied.

The Headmaster then turned to both him and Lan. An assistant in the lesson? Excellent, he'd get to know the students better! "If you so wish." The octopus replied before taking another sip. Then he departed from the stage, in a bolt of lightning. Ah, dramatic as always, old friend.

Shugon took off, walking at a brisk pace to Zao's office. In his head, Shugon began to count down the time remaining before the hounds were set forth. By his estimates, he'll be fighting off a hound or two because he'll be a minute late.

As he turned a corner, a loud growl emanated from a furball with teeth. Shugon sighed, lamenting that he would have to delay his tea drinking. The beast's bloodthirsty eyes stared at him, not understanding that it was the prey, not the predator now. The hound charged at Shugon with ferocious speed. The octopus did not flinch and merely stood still, waiting for the charging hound. The hound got within arms of Shugon. He sidestepped the ravenous thing as it tried to lunge at him. As the hound flew past Shugon, he grabbed the thing's hind leg with his free hand. It bit its' tongue at the sudden deceleration. The professor did not wish to exert himself, resulting to simply crush the hound's hind leg beneath his grip. Crunch, crunch as bone broke and the hound whined with pain. It slinked away with a limp, crying at the pain.

With that matter resolved, Shugon continued his journey to Zao's office. When he arrived, he was delighted to find that the students had also arrived."Ah, hello students!" The octopus replied cheerfully and in his usual booming voice. "It is good to see you have arrived safely and importantly before me." The octopus commented before taking another sip.

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Something Random
Location: Dorms--->Assembly Lobby--->Zao's Office
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The only motion Marie made was a turn of her head to look at Faidh when she asked. Her attention turned back to Zao's door shortly, silently waiting. She did answer Faidh though.

"A simple beast. I was not its initial target, but the actions of ravenous beasts are fairly typical. With its eyes locked on my throat or legs, bringing its life to a swift end was simple."

It didn't take long for yet another person to show up. Marie assumed it was one of the new attendees since she didn't remember his face from the opening assembly. He seemed cheerful and rather chipper. He didn't brag or stand himself above the rest, a comrade of potential. It was often those who didn't prop their own ego or hide away truth from themselves that became good at what they did. Being rash and unagreeable was always a liability. Thankfully, those people rarely lived past their first major battle. When he reached his hand out, Marie took a look at his other and made her conclusion.

She grabbed Kidd's outstretched hand and gave one firm shake, "Maravetia." That was the end of her greeting to Kidd. It was short lived as she heard another set of footsteps and looked over towards a sight that led her to immediately jump before her classmates, eyes wide and alert with a swirl of emotion. Almost immediately she drew her sword and held it at the ready, grace activating with a noticeable pulse of abyssal energy noticeable for those attuned to magical energies.

As for what caused the sight, it was a cepholopod creature in a suit casually holding a mug of tea. Even though said creature had cheerfully greeted them. It was clear that something about his appearance had triggered a full fight or flight response from Marie. She had never seen such a sight. What was this creature? Could these creatures be sentient? What was it doing here? What were its abilities? These questions were storming her mind as a wide eyed Maravetia showed clear hostility to Shugon. Within a moment of finally registering that it had spoke, she calmed down slightly. Her stance eased, but her sword was still at the ready and grace active. Her expression and stance still showed she was completely combat ready. With a struggling and deeply disturbed voice combined with an elevated breathing level bordering some form of panic, she uttered one question to the tentacle faced creature, "What are you?"

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