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Realistic or Modern Growing idea- Hopeful return to RP

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The Silent Z

The Aging Millennial/Retiring Rper
Miss out on the Next gen release day with all the site crashes and mad rush for getting a next gen console whether it’s Xbox series X or S or PS5 Disc or digital? Ticked off at the hoarders buying multiples and reselling at more then double the price? Weary of scams and the like? Well me too.

So while I wait for another opportunity and look to rid myself of boredom while wanting to return to something more creative and fun. A return to rp possibly. I’ve been pondering a idea set in a semi historical (Not exact to the last detail/So AU on a small scale maybe?) yet also realistic, rarely done genre of rp (imo) western based plot. No Sci-Fi, sorry, it’s nice but not quite my idea here. No aliens. No cars. No phones. Just old fashioned gunslingers, cattle Barron’s, gangs and posses and the like. Horses too.

Rp Rules rather standard and basic stuff. I’d imagine by now most of us know the rules, right?
Gm-laxing, deceny expecting, collaborative writing kind of rp group desiring sort here.

Simple summary:
Set somewhere in the 1880’s focusing on a fictional town of Silver Springs, Arkansas. A town that ten years prior was victim to a cattle Barron and his gang of thieves, bank robbers, guns for hire and other typical low lives to do his bidding. The cattle Barron’s name was Lester Hines, a small man with big plans, little care for others and a town slowly becoming more under his control by the day as the terror on the townsfolk grew. A random gathering of strangers formed a small but formidable group that eventually through much hardship, loss and fighting brought him down with some help from the town’s people brave enough to join in and fight back. Now ten years later, this very group is set to return for a drink and a reunion of sorts as the town looks to celebrate a near decade of relative peace and prosperity. Only issue is fate is rather strange.... While the town may not be the target this time, it’s about to be caught up within a new fight as revenge is the dish aimed to be served on all those strangers that came together ten years ago. Question remains; Who’s the name behind the sought after vengeance? Lester Hines died years ago with many of his crew that rode with him. No known kin as none were ever spoke of and no big time partners if memory serves. One could as if this was all coincidental or planned after years of keeping track of each individual still living from that fight years ago?


“Together we is a fart, apart we is a butt.”

Here’s the character I’ll be playing.

Name: Alice Murphy
Age: 25
DOB: March 6th, 1863
Relationship status: Married
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 167 cm/5’6”
Weight: 52 kg/115 lbs
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The Silent Z

The Aging Millennial/Retiring Rper
I’m interested.
this could be dope! interested.
Ooh, this sounds interesting!
Awesome! Thanks for the interest. If MarieK MarieK is still on board then I’ll consider starting up threads. Or I’ll wait for atleast a 6th person. one or the other.

Just for info about post expectations; Not expecting novels for length or lengthy posts every time out. But least a paragraph or two per post I think is reasonable, though more is always welcome. The main goal is making/telling a good story and having fun within a genre that’s kinda rare imo.

The Silent Z

The Aging Millennial/Retiring Rper
I'm interested! I've been on the lookout for a group western game to join. :)

I'd love an excuse to play my prospector if you think he could fit: Elmer Stroud
Sorry for the late reply! Work has been in OT with the holidays and setting up for it all. Just saw these replies, any how, Awesome! Thanks for the interest. I’d say he should be a fit for the rp. ^^

I'm totally interested!
Awesome! Thanks for the interest and apologies on the lateness of my response.

Ok folks, appears we could have a group together now, if ya’ll are still interested. How about it? Superfly47 Superfly47 Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed Kendal. Kendal. MarieK MarieK If everyone here in this post (Tag & Quoted) are still in and committed. I’ll begin the next phase.

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