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Lore Grand Duchy


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The Grand Duchy of Roran, an advanced nation of less than a million humans, beastmen, fae, and constructs, stands as a marvel of magic-infused technology in a medieval world. It boasts towering vertical cities navigable by flight, teleportation, and various modes of transport, with a sophisticated magical network facilitating information exchange and currency transactions. Known for its mighty magical academy, the Ethereal Luminary, Roran has become a beacon of magical research and development. Its capital, Aslan, is a fortified port city that uses magic to bar entry to criminals and monsters. Despite its advanced state, the duchy's natural landscape consists of temperate forests and plains, with rainforests near the Continental Lake, and encroaching desertification at its western borders. Governed by a council of high-level mages, Roran leans towards political neutrality but opposes slavery, although struggles with recognizing constructs as more than magical creations. Its society is deeply rooted in religious beliefs, particularly those connected to magic and sorcery, originating from the western empire.

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Country - The Grand Duchy
The Grand Duchy of Roran is situated next to the Continental Lake on the 2nd continent. The region's climate varies from the lush rainforests near the lake to temperate forests and grassy plains around its western borders, to an encroaching desert on its westernmost edges. This variation in ecosystems provides an abundant source of both magical and natural resources.


Population < 1,000,000

The nation is inhabited by a blend of races including humans, beastmen, fae, and constructs, resulting in a population of fewer than one million. It's a cosmopolitan population with diverse needs and aspirations, united by the shared goal of preserving their independence and pursuing magical advancements. Beastmen are surprisingly one of the more numerous in the region despite the typical struggle beastmen have with attaining great levels of magic.

Capital - Aslan

The capital city, Aslan, is a marvel of magical architecture, with structures reaching skyward, surpassing what would be typically possible in a non-magical society. It is a bustling port with a magical barrier that effectively wards off any ill-intent individuals or monsters, allowing only the law-abiding to pass through. It is the go to place for magical pursuits and magically enhanced diversions.


The Duchy's security is maintained through the widespread use of sophisticated magical barriers that detect criminal or monstrous intent, making it one of the safest nations to reside in. They have a well-organized system of checks and balances that maintain peace, both within their borders and at their frontier, constantly warding off the West Empire and other potential threats.


The Duchy's advanced magical technology extends to its transportation systems. A mixture of flight, teleportation, and a variety of magically-aided land, air, and sea carriages are used for getting around, making for efficient and interesting travel experiences.

  • Nobles: The noble class, a class of high ranking mages, in the Grand Duchy, of Roran holds a unique place due to their intricate knowledge and command over complex magical spells, allowing them to establish their settlements into awe-inspiring vertical architectures. Their influence extends to areas of cultural preservation and setting societal norms, with many nobles serving as patrons to the magical arts. Their political power, however, is balanced by the other factions to prevent any undue concentration of control.

  • Merchants: The Merchant's Guild is the lifeline of the Duchy's economy. They have perfected the art of negotiating with other nations for resources, particularly mithril, a vital component for their magical research and advances. Additionally, they manage the innovative magic-to-ryke currency exchange, facilitating trade with less magically inclined nations. Despite their commercial interests, the Guild's influence is limited in political matters, ensuring a balance of power.

  • Church: The Church of Magical Enlightenment isn't merely a religious institution; it serves as a moral compass in a nation where magic can potentially override ethics. They endorse deities associated with magic, encouraging ethical use and advancing knowledge about magical arts. Their influence extends to education, as they run many institutions teaching about magic, faith, and their interconnectedness.

  • Adventurer's Guild: The Adventurer's Guild in Roran is not just about exploration and monster hunting. They serve as scouts, intelligence agents, and often diplomats handling relations with the neighboring Beastmen Republic and Fae See. They provide early warning for any encroachments from the West Empire, making them an essential component of the Duchy's security.

  • Criminal Factions: Even with the sophisticated magical barriers, some criminal factions operate within the Duchy. However, their scope is significantly different, primarily focused on magical contraband and information brokering. The Roran Council keeps them in check, often using their networks for intelligence, resulting in a complex, begrudging symbiosis.

In the Duchy, the primary religion is a complex belief system centered around magic. The Church of Magical Enlightenment worships various deities associated with different aspects of magic and magical creatures. A prevalent deity is Zephyrus, the Ascendant Mage, symbolizing the ideal balance between magical prowess and wisdom. Religious practices often involve meditation, magical incantations, and celestial observations, reflecting their mystical, intellectual culture.


The Duchy's economy is magically infused, using a magical currency tracked via a magical network. Internally, this allows for efficient, fraud-free transactions. For external trade, they have developed a unique system that converts magical currency into a common trade currency, rykes. The Duchy's primary import is mithril, a crucial element in magical research, in exchange for controlled exports of their magical innovations. Careful not to destabilize the world or lose their advantage, they maintain a meticulous balance in their foreign trade. Additionally, sectors like illusion-based entertainment and vertical architecture contribute significantly to their GDP, providing unique economic dimensions.

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Construct - Living Books
What is better used to guide people through expansive libraries than a book? Nothing. Hence the Duchy uses magic book [constructs] as guides. Found most common in the capital, Aslan.
Artist - Katrin Minko | Contributed by Elvario
Location - Amaru's Bathhouse of Miracles
A magical bathhouse located in the city of Aslan, in the Grand Duchy. Its proprietor, a snake woman by the name of Amaru, uses magic to customise each guest's experience, altering the scenery, scents, and temperature.
Artist - ??? | Contributed by Elvario Elvario
Location - Wise Owl Library
Located in the center of Aslan proper, it is one of the biggest libraries in the Grand Duchy. It is heavily secure with multiple checkpoints before entry and contains many restricted sections beyond even that. Guests are often met by Flying Book [Constructs] that guide them through the library's many labyrinthine shelves and departments.

Artist - Kaitan | Contributed by Elvario Elvario

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