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Fandom goose's craving list! (open!! looking 4 bsd!)

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Anime, LGTBQ Friendly

Gus Gus Goose

things are happening but im just vibing
hello again!

ive returned to make another thread but this time narrowed down to certain fandom/s!

this'll be my "craving" thread, basically.

what it means!

basically, this thread is made for all of my current cravings for rps!
ill update this every now and then
depending on what changes!
this is always open! it'll never be closed unless specified.
there'll be more than one fandom at one time.
you may comment on this thread!

comments will be cleared when i find time, probably every two weeks or smth.

about me

i am a minor but ill be 18 in September, so soon-
i have small phases of no inspiration/motivation or tiny blurbs of anxiety/panic attacks so at times ill go poof to handle w that stuff but only for like an hour or a day.
if anything comes up in which i might not reply for more than three days, i will notify you!
i am always willing to double!
if you made it this far, i dunno, who's ur favorite bungo stray dogs character?? mine's ranpo ngl, or atsushi. dazai too-
i am very open to ooc chitter! i can give my discord tag to do rps or to just chat ooc there! (i have more experience w discord rp ngl)

the fun things

my current craving: bungo stray dogs
(please- it's a comfort fandom and i'd really like a dazai x one of my ocs! i can double!!)

second preferred fandom: haikyuu!!

and that's really it? that's all this is going to be, so if it interests you, go on and comment or send me a PM!
side note: i write in lower case solely for aesthetic, i swear my rp style is so much better
side side note: i tend to write 2-3 paragraphs and would absolutely love if you returned my length, i adore long posts dshsdf

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