Roleplay Theory Good or Evil, which do you feel more comfortable with?

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  1. As in, which kind of alignment do you feel more comfortable using for a character?

    I find it easy for me to come up with villains and 'enter' in-character whenever using them for a roleplay. Feels kind of easy to me, while I may have some trouble coming up with a decent "Good" character.
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    It all depends on one's definition of either term, of course. 'Good' and 'evil' don't always mean the same thing. But if we're sticking to the better known/understood meanings, I'd go with evil. It doesn't happen on purpose. My characters just seem to value their loved ones so much that they always fuck up somewhere along the way and cave in to pressure - usually, that means 'accidental' murder.

    Really, it's quite something when you sit back and re-evaluate after a few months, then discover that you've been playing the bad guy all along.
  3. I love doing both, as long as I'm over-acting as I type or actually act it out. I just love using characters I can go full ham with.

    Of course, as a GM, I prefer playing villains, and as an actual player I prefer being a hero.
  4. I always come up with a reason as to why my villain characters do things, why do they do it? I don't want my characters to be nothing but a Doomsday rip-off.
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    I could probably do a hero, but it feels easier to do a villain. You aren't confined in any way, and you could, hypothetically, do whatever you want with no punishment and with no actual motive. Now, are those the best or coolest villains, of course not. But as a villain, you always have that option. You also have the option of not. You can pretend to be a hero, therefore getting to play as a hero as well, and then betray the actual hero, having a serious impact on the story.

    Plus manipulative is kind of fun. Since I'm not very in actuality, it's fun to think out how to be.
  6. I pretty much set up real estate in happy sugary camp landia. Nothing makes me happier than playing one of those over the top silver age type "good guys" or just in general easy going happy go lucky people.

    I find it easier to keep this kind of positivy through writing and I think done right they make a good foil to your more common angst machine or edge lord.
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  7. I prefer both, really. I only have one character who is really evil, but I am always game for more.
  8. I guess I like characters who are trying to be good even if they are failing, maybe especially if they are failing. I mean if it was easy the world would probably be in better shape right?
  9. I find it easiest to play morally Sound and righteous characters because I am lawful good incarnate I real life. When I play villains or antiheroes, that is when I have to be creative and soul search to find motivations.
  10. Chaotic Neutral because I can't think of a character motivation to save my life and rely on being "random"

    No but really though, probably somewhere inbetween since I really enjoy playing the big dumb character, like orcs, ogres, trolls, etc. and that leaves me with a lot of options as I'm usually just on my own side instead of having to save the day or whatnot.
  11. I like the morally grey ones.
  12. I find villains--particularly the manipulative Loki-ish characters--to be easiest to write. Super innocent characters are hardest for me. I think this is because many of the threads I participate in take place in settings where it's hard not to see the grim side of things.

    That being said, I have a fun time writing across the entire moral spectrum.
  13. It's easier to align my characters with morally right motives or instincts since writing conflict isn't preferable for me. Though, basing a character around malicious intentions or motives would probably seem more comfortable to me. It's easier to act out as something you aren't or have no prior knowledge of since in my opinion, it leaves room for creativity. I'd probably go with evil.
  14. I get more attached to my villains for some reason, so evil or neutral probably!
  15. Historically my characters lean towards evil but mostly neutral with a heavy anti-hero flare like the Punisher. This whole Batman-esque of beating the crap out of the villain then send them off to jail are for millionaire spelunkers. Just terminate the problem permanently and be done with it.
  16. Despite being a good natured person irl, I am most suited for playing villains, or if moral ambiguity is in play, the type of character that does things for the luls.
  17. I enjoy both, but probably villains a little bit more. I like to make my villains powerful, forcing others to work together to even have a chance at defeating me. Meet me in single combat? I'll scoff and laugh at you as I crush you under my boot :P

    I love heroes though too. I really enjoy balancing strength with weakness, though it's nice to kind of throw weakness out the window with a villain, and force other character to try and find a way to win >:)
  18. Probably the hardest type of character for me to write is a hero/good type. I personally am more comfortable writing as an anti-hero, villain, or simply neutral character. They just feel so much more natural.
  19. First and foremost, to those that commented above me, while there is a lot of grey, morality is not as subjective as you think. If anyone disagrees with this notion, I welcome them to try and discuss it with me, cause I can prove that it cannot be, and nomatter how many opinions there are, that means NOTHING as to whether something is subjective or not.

    That said, I usually play characters on a neutral scale. Their aspirations aren´t usually good or evil in the sense that they don´t seek to neither harm nor do good for anyone around them, except maybe a few close ones, but hardly are sacrifices taken into too much account. I do this on purpose to create conflict later.
    However, I do make more "Good characters" than bad ones, because I need to interact with people, and my experience with playing bad guys is that you encounter way too much metagaming

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