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Fantasy A Phantom of the Opera-esque roleplay


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Greetings! I am Red, and I am searching for a specific roleplay idea. A little about me first, to help you decide if we're a good match.
-I am 33 years old
-I tend to post around 400-600 words per post, though I mostly match what my partner gives me.
-I roleplay through pms, and rarely will I give out my discord. Sorry, I just prefer to keep things on site.
-I roleplay strictly fxf for main characters. I don't mind throwing in side characters of different genders and orientations, in fact I encourage it! But for the main characters, I strictly wish for female x female.
-If you have any other questions, please do pm me!

The idea is a sort of Phantom of the Opera with a character being a mysterious benefactor for a musician or artist who generally corresponds by letter. However, she becomes so enamored with the woman she's been a patron for that she is compelled to meet the artist/musician rather than remain in the shadows. I intended on there being a supernatural element with the distant benefactor being a vampire. This could be set either in the Victorian or Modern era, both have a great deal of potential.
Hi yea I love phantom of the opera. I am super down for this!
I can pm you or you can pm me.

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