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Fantasy Gambling For Your Dreams...And Powers!!!

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Magical, Mystery, Super Powers


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I didn't have value to my family, my friends, my lover, and myself. I cried one night once that thought really hit me. I didn't look into a mirror because I needed to tell myself that I'll become valuable to myself, at least. That's when I won my gamble with L̢͖̻̭̹̬ͅa̛̞̰͚̰͕ͅḑ͉͚y̶̲̺ ҉̯̤̰̩͍̱̱L̫u̦̠͔͟ͅc͎͙k͕̫̲̼͇̣̺͠ .
Euler Casino, is the last and best resort for your dreams. It was made in ancient times as a gift from L̢͖̻̭̹̬ͅa̛̞̰͚̰͕ͅḑ͉͚y̶̲̺ ҉̯̤̰̩͍̱̱L̫u̦̠͔͟ͅc͎͙k͕̫̲̼͇̣̺͠ for The First Great Gambler Euler. The casino has survived the Ancient Times and stands bold in today's modern society. Pray to the goddess L̢͖̻̭̹̬ͅa̛̞̰͚̰͕ͅḑ͉͚y̶̲̺ ҉̯̤̰̩͍̱̱L̫u̦̠͔͟ͅc͎͙k͕̫̲̼͇̣̺͠ , yes! Because she took all the magic from the land long ago. Pray to the goddess L̢͖̻̭̹̬ͅa̛̞̰͚̰͕ͅḑ͉͚y̶̲̺ ҉̯̤̰̩͍̱̱L̫u̦̠͔͟ͅc͎͙k͕̫̲̼͇̣̺͠ , yes! She may give you the knowledge to pass with flying colors on your next exam.

If you have big dreams
though if you want to relieve a sadness that has chained you for years, if you want to finally be rich beyond others, if you want to learn to be content - then you need to give your all to the goddess. You can offer all of your luck, in exchange for a ticket that will appear before your praying knees. The ticket will allow you inside the Euler Casino, where if you can become a
Great Gambler, then you will achieve what you want. If you fail though, all your luck will be gone, and you will live the most atrocious life known to man.

This will be a relatively detailed RP. Your character will begin as s/he has decided to bet all his/her life's luck to gain entrance into Euler Casino. You will go on an adventure against various antagonists through various gambling games that will make use of your character's unique powers. Think of it as No Game No Life-esque games and betting, just this isn't whole nations going against each other.

Also with an added bonus of a power system. The Euler Casino is also where all the magic and knowledge of the world is kept when entering people regain the magic and/or abilites that would have been passed down to them from their ancestors.

For short we'll call them your Heritage. Heritage have levels of strength!
Base Strength: - What you Heritage starts at.

Mid Strength:

High Strength:

Dangerous Strength:

The cool thing about your Heritage is that it can strengthen with two ways!

1) Money you win will strengthen or change your Heritage, because the money in the Casino has absorbed magic and knowledge just like the casino. Any power-ups from Money is permanent as long as you have the needed amount.

2) Unique Currency is something that you can count or collect which is a unique requirement for your Heritage. For example, to activate your Heritage that allows you to grow plants, you need 1,000 peanuts. Any power-ups from Unique Currency is used up aka short term.

You will decide how much Unique Currency is needed for Heritage

Base Strength: Requires 0 Money and Unique Currency

Mid Strength: 10,000 Money or ??? Unique Currency

High Strength: 100,000 Money or ???? Unique Currency

Dangerous Strength: 1,000,000 Money or ????? Unique Currency

Example Heritage:

"Great Grandfather's Song"
User hums a tune that came from his Great Grandfather

Unique Currency: Harmonicas

Base Strength: Any in earshot of the tune slowdown; in addition, anyone with beyond normal speed will begin to move at normal human movements. Cost: 0

Mid Strength: Two random people in earshot of the tune fall asleep. All the animals fall asleep. Cost: 10,000 Money or 100 Harmonicas

High Strength: Two random people in earshot of the tune fall asleep. One targeted person will fall asleep. Cost: 100,000 Money or 1,000 Harmonicas

Dangerous Strength: All in earshot, except for the user, fall asleep. All asleep will share the same deep nightmare. Cost: 1,000,000 Money or 10,000 Harmonicas

...So-Post below if you want to join a crazy and unique adventure!
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@Wickedkent @Ekko @Yuu Vee Rays @MsPolite

Alright, I'm ready to get this moving.

@sly-eyed-lyra saw your like, wondering if you are down still too.

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