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Futuristic Galaxy


One Thousand Club
in the year 2120 Humanity went to war against it self. the result of the war was a barley habitable planet. This caused the great exodus as eight ships left the planet carrying just over two million people. The seven kingdoms put their differences aside as they searched for a new planet to colonize. They found a habitable planet in the 40 Eridani A solar system. Though they do have star drives that allow them to travel faster than the speed of light it will still take them a good hundred years to get there. As such they must be put into stasis for the bulk of the journey.

After a problem occurs they wake up only ninety years into the voyage. Now they must fight not only each other but the great unknown in order to arrive at 40 Eridani A.

The seven kingdoms as they are known are the seven powers that make up earth.

The united Coalition of America (UCA)

which includes Continental United States, Canada, Mexico, the Carrabin, the Philippines, and most of central America, they pride themselves on being a capitalistic (which has led to big buisnesses being in charge,) democratic country (though mostly the average Joes don't really have a say in their government).

The South American confederation (SAC)

Made up of Panama, all of south America, and the islands that sourround them. They are a socialistic society believing in trying to help everyone ( Though in the end the people suffer from lack of jobs and inflation)

The Royal Empire of Britain.

In the year 2050 King Charles decided against the will of parliament to restart the Britain Empire. He gained support from the radicals of his country quickly taking over the united kingdom. After a bloody three year war he dismantled the EU and took control of Europe (except Russia) as well as India . Though countries tried to fight back they were unable to defeat Empire's power. unlike the great generals/ dictators before him he chose not to invade Russia. The government has been different depending on which ruler they had. Some where considered fair and just while others where known as monsters.


After the constant failures in Russia a radical group brought the country back to it's communism roots. as such they spread their beliefs throughout Asia like it once did. The main powers in Warsaw are the Soviet Union, China, and Korea ( both north and south), and most of the middle east ( Afganistan, and Iran)

The Republic of Africa.

After many years of in fighting Africa became united under one flag.

The Pacific Island Nations (PIN)

a group of Islands in the pacific that share common interests. These include Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, and Hawaii

New Judea

After a failed attack by Warsaw against Israel which some believed Yahwey was responsible for their complete victory against Warsaw. As such Israel became a stronger power in the world. Egypt, Babylon ( Iraq) and Saudi Arabia joined them seeing the great power that the small nation had

Each ship plays apart in the fleet. losing one will damage the rest. Also each ship has an AI on board.

The ships

Aries a military vessel that has tech from every kingdom. It acts as their defense and diplomatic area.

Yorktown: The United Collation of America's colony ship. It's considered the most luxiourus of the ships acting as a place for other colonist to relax. though not everything is as perfect as it seems

Excalibur: The Royal Empire of Britain's ships. before it's departure it accumulated plants and animal life. The ship acts as a natural food disperser amongst the colonist ships.

Poseidon The PIN's ship. While they have the less amount of people they've found a way to use resuable water.

Stalingrad the Warsaw ship. they for the most part have the resources to create fuel for the other ships.

The Amazon: The south America alliance's ship. While they don't have a specific role they have created a form of currency (Because money is something that will never change) for the fleet becoming the fleet's bank

The Anansi: The Republic of Africa's ship. They help replenish ammunition and create new weapons.

Archangel: The New Judaeh's ship. While they don't help create things they take part as a religious vessel allowing everyone to worship whichever god they might believe in. Whenever something happens they do what is needed to back up the fleet.

The AIs
The AIs were not fully machine. they use the brains of people who decided to donate their bodies to science. their brains are converted into computers. Each have a personality of their own.
I'm interested - though a quick question how are they traveling between one ship to the other?

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