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Fantasy Gaea's Rage. Fight as a god among Mortals



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Gaea, the earth itself, slumbers deeply. It was once the home of all the souls that resided on, but then came Brahma, with his creations Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma and his creations went about gaining energy from the prayers of the mortals that where in their presence, pieces of mortal soul that Brahma labeled Karma. Shiva and Vishnu used the Karma to creat the Deva and the Asura, mortals reborn into blessed beings that attained great powers. The Deva stole the powers of Gaea from Vlitra, Lightning, Fire, Light, Rock, etc. Those that had no powers from Vlitra, took on aspects from humanity and turned into embodiments of human aspects like rage, war, love, passion, envy, etc. The Deva labeled themselves lords over the earth and said it was their duty to oversee it and commanded the mortals to continue their prayer, taking the souls of those mortals that died to "heaven". The Asura, those who had been transformed through the power of Karma but not turned into Deva, where considered half-gods, and considered the earthly hands of the Deva. Things where peacful, though the Asura debated their role. Then 4000 years after their creation, Gaea had finally roused enough to form a retaliation against the arrogant Deva in the form of armies of monsters, trying to reclaim Karma and human souls to take back to Neraka, their earthly home. Now the Asura are the Deva's high warriors against this threat, and the Deva's lead by Vishnu and Shiva, Brahma had left only 2000 years ago for untold reasons. You are now one of the powerful Asura, and your mission is to fight the monsters of Gaea, or maybe you would see it more fit to question your Deva lords? The outcome of this world is for you to decide.


What if all of the ancient Hindu mythology came from real origins? This is what! All of the ancient gods from Hindu, Shinto, and Buddhist myth are here, and they are a part of a civilization of advanced and enlightened beings that where once human, they are the Deva. You get to be a lesser member of the immortal army in the form of an Asura, and gain holy powers. These powers however come from the prayers of the primitive mortals that you are tasked with looking over, this power is called Karma, and it is made with portions of the mortal's souls that they offer in prayer to further empower the Deva and Asura. In the last few thousand years the Deva have been "saving" the souls of mortals and preventing their travel to Naraka, their original home within the Earth. Now the Earth itself is angered at the arrogant Deva, and seeks the Karma stolen from it by sending horrifying armies of monsters to attack the Deva and their worshipers. Eventually Gaea, the living body of the Earth will awaken and start the ultimate battle, but the war before that will determine the outcome. What say you? Are you satisfied serving the Deva as your holy lords? Do you believe the Earths claim to human souls is just, and it's monstrous murder of mortal worshipers is just? What will you decide as a mighty Asura in this great war, and how will you stand your ground?

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