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Realistic or Modern ~ Forever Young: A 1990s Youth Club RP [Temporarily Closed] ~


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I'm a 25 (nearly 26 year old!) female worker who gets overly invested in 80s/90s/00s obscure TV shows and movies that few people wish to RP with~

It's the 1990s - the era of boy bands, radical hairstyles, giant mobile phones, Walkmans and so much more~!

For teenagers living in the British city of Newcastle, there really wasn't much to do when school was over for the day, or at weekends.

That all changed, however, when Byker Grove Youth Club opened. The tower building and surrounding grounds became their playground where they could do whatever they wanted, watched over by the staff - headed by Geoff the owner/manager, complete with his trademark moustache.

There was so much to do! Learning new skills, playing sports, hanging out with your friends and so much more. Plus, with so many teens messing around at the Grove, friendships were formed, life lessons were learned and romances were found and lost.

Welcome to Byker Grove Youth Club. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Rules (Please Read)
~ Heavily inspired by the British 90s teen TV show Byker Grove. If you have watched Byker Grove, PM me as I would love to do a BK-focused fandom RP! <3
~ Looking for a romantic/dramatic/platonic friendship small group RP with a heavy 90s theme - I'm a sucker for cheesy romance, but I adore friendships, bromances, angst and real-life dilemmas too, give me all you've got!
~ This will be featuring the lives, friendships and loves of the teenagers (and staff members) that frequent the Byker Grove Youth Club.
~ Teens will be between 12 and 18 years old.
~ Adults in this RP can be staff members, volunteers, or family members of the teens (or others related to the plot).
~ No one-liners - I write in what I can describe as in a semi-detailed fashion, but can write more if inspired.
~ Have proper grammar - kind of self-explanatory.
~ Ditch friendly - we all have lives.
~ Feel free to PM me or reply below if interested~



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