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Multiple Settings Flynns Original plots! {Updated 9/27}


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Hello! I am Flynn, I go be he/xe/they pronouns and am currently a college student! I am tossing up all these original plots in hopes someone will be open. I have some fandoms I like to do as well but I think I have plenty of fandom rps for now.

Im fairly active as of right now, I can pretty much get on daily but I do have my days where it takes a day or two to reply.


Please be 16+, 18+ for mature themes. I am okay roleplaying with minors so long as its not leaning into anything mature with them.

Please write more then a paragraph. I tend to write 3+ and need more then scraps to work off of. Also please dont use ** on actions.

Reply at least once a week. I know we all get busy but if I dont have replies every now and again I will lose intrest. That being said, if you let me know youre busy and cant reply I'm happy waiting!

Please chatter with me. Its not really required but I love getting to know my rp partners as much as getting to know the characters.

Be okay with LGBTQIA+ I have a lot of queer characters as I'm queer myself.


On that note as well, I would prefer if we avoid cancer topics please.
If you dont know much about the disorder or illness dont rp it with me. Its frustrating to see people portraying others disabilities wrong. (Of course unless its your own made up illness then go crazy ig-)

No controling my character. I can understand like picking them up and carrying them or something similar but their actions and words should be made by me and me alone. I wont do this to you so please dont do it to me.

Bold means craving
Italics means getting worn out on

-Villains doing villain stuff-
Platonic or Romantic
Angst, drama, fluff, randomness
Basically two villains who work together and do whatever they please. It could be a platonic bond is built or romantic I dont mind.

-Corrupt agency-
Platonic or Romantic
Angst, comfort, taking care of each other
The villain and hero have had a rivalry for years, and the villains pretty good at telling when something is wrong with hero, whether it just be the heros frustrated for spilling their coffee, or when something bigger happens. Now of course they're used to hero showing up to fights every now and again bruised up from other villains, but when the occurances happen more and more and less and less of hero is seen they start to worry. Then one day while out on a run they find hero laying bloody in an alleyway barely holding on to life. Now they're going to get to the bottom of this.

-The Monsters Child-
Guess that depends on what we do with this-
Basically theres a big scary monster that everyone except one child fears and that child becomes the sole reciver of the monsters attention and protection.

-Mafia's pet-
(18+ as it does handle darker themes)
Angst, drama, romantic or platonic, darker themes
Muse A is brought into the mafia to become a members pet due to not repaying debts fast enough. Muse B is who they end up with.

Hero x Villain
Villain x Villain
Hero x Hero

Demon x Angel
Monster x Human
Monster x Hunter
Mute x Talkative
Loudmouth x Loudmouth
Childhood friends
Scary being and Tiny child (Platonic only)


Xen and Nic
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