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Fandom Final Fantasy: The Zodiac

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I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine
Not to be confused with the Zodiac Ages of FFXII.

See rules below, then go on to look at the plot details. There is a code in the rules.

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play both genders, and play multiple roles. Your main character(s) may be just male or just female, but I expect all the side characters and NPCs to have life and flavor, too. Doubling IS a requirement, I get bored when it isn't happening.

3. On the note of characters: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. With that said, I usually also always play one male character, and I do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings.

4. I only RP on threads, (or GDocs in rare cases), so no PM, kik, discord, e-mail, or other rps with me. So that I know you’ve read the rules this far, please tell me about your favorite food!

5. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me. I have tried to do “simple” RPs, but I end up not feeling motivated to respond or continue the RP. I will need you to be able to write a paragraph or two, each post, at least.

6. PM if you are interested. The only reason for you not to PM me is if you cannot do so due to the fact you haven't reached 24 hours/10 posts.


1. I do not like to be hassled for posts. Especially if I have already posted that day or the day before. Do not bother me for posts until at least two days have passed. Otherwise, I will start to resent our RP and lose interest in it.

2. I enjoy OOC talk, however I will not respond to "hi" or "-poke-" or equivalents. Have substance to the chatter, even if it just asking "How are you?".

3. Do not bump our thread if I have not posted. I will not post out of spite. I have a problem with this, I acknowledge it, I'm not fixing it.

4. On that matter, please keep OOC to PMs and not on our IC thread. IC is for posting. If you have a question, concern, or comment, just shoot me a PM.

5. In general, I do not enjoy immediate romances or "slice-of-life" RPs, so do not come to me expecting I'll do either. I may make rare exceptions.

Okay, now that that's out of the way: Hello! I'm an old-school Final Fantasy fan, I've played FF1, FF2, FF4, FF Tactics, FF7 (And Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, and of course, Advent Children film), FF8, FF9, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, and unfortunately, FFXIII.

FFXIII is where my passion for the series died, and everything I've heard and read about FFXV has not made me want to continue.

So, what I'm looking for here is someone interested in worldbuilding within the general scope of "Final Fantasy", including elements like summons, chocobos and moogles, and a "save the world" kind of plot, with maybe a card game or two. I mean, that meteor is clearly going to be hanging in the air for a while, right?

The theme of this, to help guide us, is "Zodiac" -- not like the ones in FFXII or Tactics, or even the ones mentioned periodically throughout the series, but taking inspiration from that. What this also means is you WILL be expected to juggle 6-7 characters, mixed villains and heroes, because I do want the main cast to be inspired by the Zodiac -- which may or may not include Ophiuchus.


As mentioned in FFIX, there is a story about the various Zodiacs pursuing the heart of Virgo -- Scorpio gets it in the end. If we went by this inspiration, this would likely be a love story at its core, with the role of Virgo also being something "special", like Terra or Aerith, so that they were sought after by many within the story, for good or for evil. We can consider together what things would be best for this kind of plot, and how to fit the tales of each Zodiac into it!


The summons in the games in Ivalice seem to be involved in some sort of coup against the God(s), or at least, in FFXII, that seems to be the case. So let's make an epic coup-story! Perhaps a greater power (Ophiuchus?) is trying to subdue the mortals for some reason. A Chosen Few (perhaps literally chosen, perhaps reincarnations?) find themselves involved in the fight to wrest themselves free of such control -- although I'd love it if this took a route similar to FFXII and there were two parties going about this...one just happens to be doing it in a seemingly "evil" way, aka Vayne Solidor. I will die on the hill that Vayne Solidor wasn't evil and had the greater good at heart in his plans with Venat!


I admit I don't have many ideas, so if you have an idea you think would fit with the Western Zodiac, bring it to me!

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