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Fantasy Fantasy Adventure Still Needs New Players


Hi, I decided to make a new ad due to still needing new players and players keep leaving. RPG hasn't even started yet. Anyway, this rpg is a Fantasy Adventure. Romance is option but will be encouraged. Here's the synopsis and setting of the RPG-

In the world of Rhindeval, there were many kingdoms ruled by good kings and queens. Each had either a prince or a princess. The princes and princesses all knew each other, but one day their whole world would change. When they were still very young (ages range from 5 to 12) an evil enchantress infiltrated the birthday party of one of the princes and killed all of the rulers and captured their children. She blocks the memories of the children before banishing the princesses as well as her sister, a good sorceress, to Earth and taking in the princes as her servants. Over the years she acquired the lands of the other kingdoms using her dark magic. Rebels have tried overthrowing her, but to no avail. Only the kingdom of Traumet remains untouched due to the Queen of Fairies putting a seal around the entire kingdom due to her living there. She also placed seals around the palaces and nearby towns of other kingdoms in order to protect the ancient magic resting underneath them. She also placed a seal around an enchanted forest in the kingdom of Lostein (the same kingdom the Queen rules from). The people in these sealed areas were put under of an enchanted sleep so time stands still for them (think Sleeping beauty). The Queen hasn't be able to bring these seals down. Only palace and its town she has control of is Lostein, but she hasn't been able to access the ancient magic underneath it yet.

Meanwhile the princesses are adopted on Earth. With no memory of their original home, the princesses live out normal lives while the princes, being brainwashed too, grow up being loyal to the Enchantress, who is now the new Queen of Rhindeval. The only reminder the girls have of their home are pendants they wear and are never parted from them.

Years pass and the princesses are now attending the same local college in modern times of the USA. All the princes and princesses have aliases, without knowledge of their real names. Soon though the princesses will start remembering Rhindeval with the help of the Good Sorceress, who has finally found all of them. The sorceress knows that the princesses are destined to return to Rhindeval, save the princes and defeat her sister. And she'll do that with just a little bit of magic.[/SIZE]


It has been 13 years since the Evil Enchantress took over. Princes and Princesses are ages from 18 to 25 now. The princes are currently serving the Queen's bidding. It'll be up to ya'll to decide what their duties are. They can be a member of the royal guard, to an assassin, to anything you want. However all of them do report to the Queen at some point when she summons them. The queen herself hasn't age a day or at least hasn't appeared to have age. She uses dark magic make sure of that by stealing the life force of young women throughout the kingdoms. The princes have no memories of being royal and all believe they have served the queen all their lives. The Queen gave the princes new names in order for them not to remember their true names. It should be noted the princes have 2 spells over them, one that keeps their memories sealed, and the other that keeps them brainwashed. The Queen makes sure of this.

The Good Sorceress is making preparations to unlocks the memories of the princesses. They are currently living out normal college lives. The college they all attend is located in a fictional town in the Pacific Northwest, in the state of Oregon. The girls will all be attending a local spring festival in town. All of them will be familiar with the Good Sorceress for she is an English Professor at the college, so all of them had to have taken a course by her at some point. All of the princesses have aliases too. It should be noted, the Good Sorceress did still with the princesses long enough at the orphanage they were at when they first arrived on Earth. She wanted to make sure they all found good homes since she knew she couldn't keep them all together with her. So it's possible any of the princesses might remember her from the orphanage. The pendants they have are all precious stones that they wear as necklaces. Each is different and unique. Keep that in mind if you reserve a princess. Oh the princes will get their own magical items, but that'll come later. RPG will briefly start in two places- Rhindeval and Earth, but once the girls are back to their original home, it'll stay exclusively in Rhindeval. Plans are to travel through the various kingdoms; hence the adventure aspect of this RPG. All princesses and princes will develop magical powers. Each will be different. If they had been raised normally in Rhindeval, they would have come into their powers in their early teens (13+), but due to their memories being blocked, it's affected their ability for their powers to surface. Each prince and princess can only have 2 powers max, one initially and another down the line. You don't have to come up with an ability right off the bat.

There is Discord group for this RPG. You aren't required to join it, but it'll be highly encouraged.

I have plans for 6 to 7 princes/princesses each, with a total of 12 or 14. Minimum of 5 each at least. Here how things stand-
5 princesses (4 taken, 1 reserved), there is a 6th one, but the player never made a reservation, still need to make one for me to accept their char. They got until Friday (12/1/23) to make that reservation.
4 princes (3 taken, 1 reserved)

So I really need just one more prince, but if things don't work out, I'll be down to 4 princesses.
Even when all slots are filled, I am open to more chars showing up, but only from Rhindeval since the girls won't be on Earth for long.
If this RPG interests you here's the link to the Main Page- Fantasy - Fractured Kingdoms

Please read the rules carefully before making your reservation (the rules will tell you where to make your reservation). I'll be updating this page when I have to. Please join if this RPG legitimately interests you and you have time for it.
Update- Still looking for a player to play a Prince. Also I did delete that 6th princess profile due to that player never contacting me and not following the rules. I am very lenient though.

So here how things stand-

5 princesses (4 taken, 1 reserved)- the one in reservation might get cancelled if the player doesn't reply back to me by Sunday (12/3/23)
4 princes (3 taken, 1 reserved)

Also as so I get one more prince reserved I plan on starting the RPG. I will still except 2 more princes and princesses though since the max is 7 each. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask me okay? Thanks.
Update- I've canceled one of the princess reservations, so I have 2 open slots now.

4 princesses
4 princes

I'd like 5 of each with a max of 7 each.
Update- We have a new prince, so I just really need one more princess, and then I'll start the RPG once we get a princess reservation. Here's how things stand-

4 princesses
5 princes (4 taken, 1 reserved)

I will still allow up to 7 each max.
If you are open to a prince being roleplayed still that would interest me, I am very interested in roleplaying with fantasy involved in the story.
If you are open to a prince being roleplayed still that would interest me, I am very interested in roleplaying with fantasy involved in the story.

You can join as a prince if you want. That would me I'd want 2 more princesses too though because I like having even line-up.
I can join as one of the princesses
I can join as one of the princesses

Hey feel free if you really want to. Go to the link I provided (it's the Main Page), read the rules CAREFULLY, and then make your reservation in the OOC thread (there's a link to it). Thanks for your interest!

We have 5 princes/5 princesses, so I will be starting the RPG soon. However, I will accept 2 of each more, but bear in mind I want to keep an even amount of princesses and princes okay? So if anyone is still interested, you can still reserve a prince and princess okay?

6 princesses (4 taken, 2 reserved)
5 princes (all taken)

I would like one more prince. to keep things even. And please be sure you are wanting to join if the story interests you okay?

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