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So by Disney, do you mean Disney/Pixar in general, or just a few of their works? I'm actually dying to do an RP from either one of them 🙏
I can probably do pokemon or Digimon myself and can try a plot.
Hello, so I'm new here and I'm hoping I'm doing this right.If not please offer me advice so I can formate things correctly.
I have been roleplaying on and off for about maybe six years now, I discovered my first love of roleplaying on Gaia online which may have fallen into a ghost town now. I love fandoms which I'll list below once I finish telling you about myself.
I also make ceramic pottery outside of my day job which deals with retail so its a give and take life I'm dealing with currently.

So I suppose I should post rules?
No abuse, like physical abuse or mental abuse
Please do not disappear, I understand if you are busy but please message me or something letting me know what is going on.
Not sure what else to say here....
I tend to do canon pairings, the characters can have semi oc personalities but I am not the best at being a oc.

Avatar the airbender
Code Lyoko
Fruits Basket
Harry Potter( craving)
Naruto( craving)
Pokemon( anthro/furry)
I think that is all I have regarding fandoms.

If anyone is interested, please contact me. I also have discord if that makes things easier for people.
I'd love to roleplay Harry Potter or Fruits Basket, were you hoping to do a CC x CC or OC x CC?
Hey! I’d love to do a roleplay… is there anything in specific for Disney you’re looking for? I’m mostly into Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures (I’d love to be Varian :ghostl:) or Descendants (I can do LITERALLY anyone from there!

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