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Fantasy ETH: [OOC] The Last Bar of All Things Comprehensible



Edgy time over, now for ice cream
Welcome to the OOC thread of the rp End Time Heroes.
The thread name is a pun.

-Respect the gm and your fellow players.
-No godmodding or power play, please.
-I am thinking of fitting up to 5~6 players into this rp, as I am unsure about juggling a large amount of players with this plot.
-The minimum posting length would be a decently sized paragraph or two, definitely not a one-liner. One post a week would be a preferred minimum posting speed, unless things happen in real life(in which case, notifying the group would be helpful).
-The world lore for this rp (at the point of its beginning, at least) is vague and open to additions by players.
-Combat will not use a specific dice system, but rather a semi turn based order where the players state their actions and I post out the results.

-Let's keep conversation related to real life/politics to a minimum, unless it is a related subject(i.e. related to the details of this universe).
-If you are to make a suggestion to the GM, use formal language. Approach with any sarcastic/offensive tone is not appreciated.
-Please tone down on the talk about extreme subjects such as gore, torture. If a player asks you to stop, stop. I will not give many verbal warnings related to this behavior.

-Please do not edit your character sheet and/or lore entries without permission from the GM once they've been approved.
-If the reference image for your character(or lore entry, or anything in general) includes a symbol that may be regarded as offensive(such as the nazi symbol) or anything that resembles such thing, your character sheet will not be accepted and you will be kicked out of the rp. You will be given a chance to defend yourself(simply changing the reference picture will not clear your name.).
-Any detail(items, skills, connections and such) not aforementioned in the cs will be either denied, or applied with an additional penalty. Please be sure to discuss with the gm beforehand.

2023-01-23 Cleared out a bit of descriptions regarding the last two sections regarding offensive symbols on reference images and not aforementioned details.

The Catch

Our story starts at the Serpent's End, a kingdom resting at Nine Beauties' Land, gathered by a bizarre sage who claims to hold the secret to ending the war, but decided to approach all of you personally instead of officially declaring so.
Serpent's End stands between the Archipelago Union of Starfalls and the Reign of the Seven Lords, making an ideal point of conflict for two sides to invade one another from. This status marked the history of Serpent's End with countless wars both with and without bloodshed. Deities with the nature of good, bad and the inbetween all dwelled in this kingdom in a treacherous atmosphere, but at the brink of extinction they have all allied together to protect their home.
The Serpent's End is a battle hardened kingdom, its people strong and tough to crack-sometimes coming off as a bit too selfish for outsiders. But once you earn their trust you will be given a warm welcome.
Your characters are heroes of the region, or heroes from faraway lands that have arrived here seeking alliance and/or a place to rest in.
Serpent's End.png
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