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Realistic or Modern End of the Line - Action on the Shinkansen


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Tokyo, Japan

A dynamic, worldly city an home to millions of people. No matter who you are, there is always work available in Tokyo for those who are looking for it.


Tokyo Station

Some might say it's the beating heart of Japan, Tokyo Station is the primary inter-city rail terminal and the busiest train station in Japan. Tokyo Station connects Tokyo to the rest of Japan via the JR and Shinkansen networks, serving more than 4,000 trains and 500,000 passengers daily.


Tokaido Shinkansen

Going from Tokyo Station to Osaka, and further on to Kobe, the Tokaido could be considered the spine of Japan. It connects the largest urban areas of Japan to each other, going between Tokyo and Osaka in about three hours.

A roleplay based on Bullet Train, Snowpiercer, and John Wick about people in the dark who must do what's necessary.

You are a member of the underground, the dark side of the world. You may be a member of a criminal organization, you might be a member of an international intelligence agency such as the CIA or FSB, or you may have simply gotten in too deep into something you can't get out of, either way, you're here now. You have made your way to Tokyo. This may be temporarily, or it may be that you have made it your base of operations. You also happen to be given a job to do.

Your work has placed you at Tokyo Station on this particular day. Through some twist of fate, or perhaps bad luck, others like you have also found themselves here. Each person has their own agenda or reason for being there. For example, Player A might have the goal to take a set of documents from a coin locker at the station and then deliver those documents to a dead drop in Osaka. Player C's goal might be to find and destroy those documents before they can reach the dead drop. This may conflict with Player B whose goal is to kill Player C's character.

Each character will be given a goal that in some way conflicts with another character’s goal on the train. I would want this to be small, about four or five dedicated people.​
I love bullet train, this is satisfying an itch I didn’t know I had

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