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Elm's Gate (open)


A Lost Undead
Hello there human! This plot is kinda complex, so bare with me here, and you might find a plot to your liking!

Imagine if you could visit another realm, just like that? Is that a leap you would take?

Deep within the mountains of Formenor, there is a cavern. Legend says that there is a gate made of pure steel, so tall it could fit an army, residing in that cavern. That gate is the Elm's Gate. Those who pass through the gate never return. Those who look through see the horrors of the night waiting to be summoned. Some have even gone mad at the sight of it.

However, no matter how many times the gate is opened, nothing comes through it: only those who enter are those who pass. Still it sits, its massive doors closed, waiting to be opened; waiting to consume the next unfortunate victim.

The kingdom of Fenrir was a prosperous one, home to warriors, merchants, scholars, alchemists, men and women from all walks of life, from all races, mythical or otherwise. The people were happy, for the most part, with their lives.

That all changed 20 years ago.

Somewhere, somehow, the Elm's Gate opened. Somehow, the beings of the night escaped their confines. Someone, somehow, freed the apocalypse from the gate. Ever since then, the people of Fenrir live in constant threat of raids from these night terrors, suffer droughts and famine, and watch as their glorious home is reduced to nothing more than a mere memory.

Now, 20 years after the great calamity, handfuls of people all across the world simply struggle to survive.

At least, most of them did.

One man in particular didn't necessarily enjoy the idea of living in a perpetual hell. One man rallied people together to try and fight back. One man stood above the rest, when all else failed.

That man, known only as Saith, founded the Titan's Hand. The Titan's Hand, the largest military group determined to fight off the calamity since the old days of Fenrir, now stands as civilizations last hope for peace.

Go forth, unto the caverns! Have no fear! Smite thy enemy! Prove your name in the Titan's Hand! Seal Elm's Gate!


Bit dramatic, but hopefully I covered everything.

Anyway, in this RP, all characters belong to the guild Titan's Hand. As long as it is Fantasy and not stupidly overpowered, pretty much all characters are welcome! This RP includes:
-probability for romance, but it is not mandatory
Have questions? Want in? Comment below!
This RP will be a group PM.

EDIT: This RP, as of literally 5 seconds ago, will now be a THREAD BASED RP. In order to apply, send a character via PM with a matching title so I can check it off. I'm not too strict, but I'm just making sure.
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A Lost Undead
I'm interested. This sounds quite cool.

Would this all be happening in the caverns? Like this was a huge dungeon?
Initially, all characters would get together at some kind of hideout, then yes, onto the caverns. They're rather huge, so brace for a long, winding adventure.


I'm very interested! I used a site called Figment to do all my roleplays but it shut down and this is my first time using this site so I hope you can put up with my inexperience. How do join?


A Lost Undead
I'm very interested! I used a site called Figment to do all my roleplays but it shut down and this is my first time using this site so I hope you can put up with my inexperience. How do join?
It's pretty easy: just PM a character sheet to me for approval, and I'll let you know when the thread for RP, OOC, and maybe lore are up.


A Lost Undead
Alrighty, everybody! The threads for Lore, Character Sheets, OOC and the main thread are all up! I'll have a starter post on the Main thread by tomorrow. In the meantime, post your characters in the Character section and introduce yourselves! Have a good one!

Main Thread: (Has links to the others)
Elm's Gate (In Character)

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