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    "Are the demons still outside?" Sarah didn't want to leave the cabin until she knew that it was safe to go. Especially since there are demons outside.
  2. Zalirs head hung long she was so unsure now on why side she really should have been fighting on the whole time. As Alice walked toward the building Zalir turned and began to walk. Her tail and wings dragged along the floor before she glanced back slightly. “My son will be with the leader of the guild. Look after him for me.” Her feet began to move again before she pushed off from the ground into flight. She had only one idea o where o go so she flew there.

    Landing on a snowy surface she gazed around seeing the first door she had encountered on her journey with those she once called friends. With the door opened before she was there she entered the cavern curious to what Kai had seen before. “Hello?”

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    Jugo looked back at the girl and nodded as he slowly walked to the door. "Now how in the world will I find our way out? Maybe walking straight from the cabin like we did to get here huh?" Jugo said jokingly, he heard the demons footsteps from a far as he then got serious again walking away from the door. It was as if the demons were waiting for them to walk out the door. "We're going to have to get out of here or we'll be erased. We only allowed to be in here for 30 minutes, and for what it feels we have 10 minutes left." Jugo looked back at the girl with a worried expression. "These demons seem smarter then they look."

    Alice Ai
    "I'm sure my sister will take care of your offspring." She said walking off once the beast walked off. "Yes of course that was an interesting encounter I can write that in my book of life."
    Once Zalir stepped foot into the empty structure she could feel the cold and yet ominous feel it gave off. It was like an unpleasant welcoming to those of corruption, as if the very ground she stepped on was meant to hurt her. With nothing in the cave to respond to the dragoness she was left with an empty adventure to hopefully find herself and redeem one self.
  4. Zalir sighed as she walked out from the cave. Her head hung low feeling more lost than she had before. Thinking so hard about where she needed to go was beginning to cause her stress. She’d been left by who she counted as friends, her son couldn’t be near her and her last kin was who knows where.
    She began to wonder through the snow without little care, she didn’t know where she was going to go but she’s make her way there somehow she supposed.
  5. Syndraxia's gaze looked moderately annoyed at the question this drunkard had spouted. Everyone was wondering what she was thinking, but she didn't feel the need to justify herself to this drunk of all people. So she remained silent, and just looked dully ahead.

    Once Kazuto arrived she turned her gaze to him, wondering where he had come from. She decided not to question it and proceeded to follow him towards the portal.

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    "What should we do Jugo?" This was looking bad for both of them. Since they have a time limit and the demons doesn't makes it even worse. They need a plan and fast.
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    Once the three went through the portal they arrived in the meeting room. “So now the meeting can proceed.” Kazuto sat down in his chair across from Yhorm. “I’m sure everyone been asking because it’s been quite strange thst you switched sides. Do you believe we will win? What’s the reason you think of this? You don’t believe in..” he cleared his throat before talking again. “Kai Takeshi?” Kazuto looked through his mask towards Syndraxia who obviously would sit with Genju. “Also Black how much time you got here?”
    “Three more days.”
    “Wait you’re leaving us?!” It seemed like she was about to start crying.
    Black nodded at Coco. “This ring only allows me a week but the necklace allowed a near month of me invading another timeline till i am pulled back.”
    “So we’re attacking either now or tomorrow.” She said with a serious tone in voice she didn’t seem like she was in her care free mood anymore.
    “It would be wise to destroy the World Trade Center in the heart of the desert. That way they’ll be low on resources. We take what we take and move forward.” Yhorm held his hand together as the person he brought stayed quiet and seemed weird to the others.
    “You’re not using your powers, a good plan but the defenses up there are insane they also specifically have a beacon energy absorber. Plus mages reside their. Our best shot is to have my ursa’s lead a frey of mindless demons. Now there’s four fronts before you reach the heart of Councils location which is in the heart of Asgard. This attack alone seems rushed. We won’t truly attack till the day before Blacks departure. Back to my statement. The northern front which lays that rich guild and the island guild we destroyed and obviously took over. Now the eastern front is quite annoying.. Darkzul rest there, and I’m sure Hades is livid fron Vale. So we’ll have to send our two drafons to darzul to keep Hades detained. The Southern front is guarded by a strange guild that doesn’t involve itself to much and it guards.. vale. Vale is gone so just destroy the fader guilds. Now my main target... “Dragon Heart, the Western Front.” Kazuto stated it loud and clear. I’m sure us leaders will have a good fight; Dragon, Demi God kin against a man who can fight the gods. A battle the world is waiting patiently.” Kazuto chuckled a bit. “So Xenon and Yoko North, Dragons East, Coco and Tobi south, and Tobi with Black on the West. Now that Hakai knows their positioning. We can dive into deeper matters.”
    Genju Fullbring
    Listening in he was surprised to hear Kazuto this was the first time he witnessed Kazuto’s brain going full motion. The positioning made sense because each group had something against the certain guild. Who would’ve thought Kazuto was this smart, he even out smarted Yhorm who’s been around longer.
    Looking back at the girl he waved his hand for her to come towards him. They were going to make a run for it. “Don’t scream or you’ll attract the faster demons.”
  8. Sarah quickly walked to Jugo and grabbed his hand. "Okay..." She hoped they could leave without being seen. However if they gave them fight she'll make sure to use her buffs spells.
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